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"Interrupted Battle" glitch

Okay, farther up on the page you'll see people describing how to get a Mew from that kid with the Slowpoke. You can actually use the technique of walking down and hitting start to get a variety of Pokemon at level 7, including Gengar, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Pinsir, Lapras, Magmar, and a lot more. I had a few written down, but I don't remember where... Anyway, just find a good place to start the glitch and keep experimenting with different trainers! You're bound to find something good!
Verified by: cheesykirby, matthew spy Submitted by: way too bored on February 22, 2005

$ $ $

If you want lots of money, try this:

- Train Mewtwo up to lv. 100 and teach it Pay Day. Then go through the Elite Four using only Pay day.

- Multiply Nuggests using the MissingNo and Coffee guy trick. Then sell.
Verified by: Jdogtoocool, enet top Submitted by: Boontz_Lottie on December 04, 2004

Cancel Rage

It is possible to stop the Rage attack after starting it. To do this, the battle style must be set to "SHIFT". Order a Pokémon to use Rage and wait for it to defeat the opposing Pokémon. When the message appears telling you which Pokémon your opponent is going to send out next, the game will ask you if you wish to switch Pokémon. Switch to any Pokémon in your party. Then, when the opponent's Pokémon and your new Pokémon are both on the battlefield, switch back to the Pokémon who was using Rage before. You can now select all the options.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Galacticdramon on June 26, 2008

Credits Skip

Press Select + Start + A + B while the credits are displayed to restart the game. Since the game saves at the end of the Hall of Fame this allows you to reload and be at Pallet Town with no lost data.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: PokemonCodeGirl on September 30, 2011

Duplicate Pokemon

You need a link cable, 2 pokemon games, and 2 gameboys for this trick. On 1 gameboy, have a strong pokemon that you both want. On the other, have a weak pokemon that your willing to give up for the other one. Enter Trade mode and trade pokemon. On gameboy 1 (the one with the good pokemon), turn off the gameboy right before it says ''Trade Complete!''. The 2nd GB should say ''Trade Complete!'' on it. If done correctly, the bad pokemon on GB 2 should be deleted and replaced with the good pokemon. The good pokemon on GB 1 should still be there.
Verified by: silverslugger111 Submitted by: Sintaku on September 02, 2004

Easy Way To Catch Mewtwo

Firstly when you get to mewtwo make sure you save the game before you battle him. Then make sure you have a high level pokemon with either ice beam or blizzard. When you go to battle his freeze mewtwo with ice beam or blizzard, weaken it down to a low health and then you will beable to catch it easily with only 1 or 2 ultra balls.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: theboywithnoface on May 03, 2008

Go on cycling road without a bicycle

First, deposit your bike in the PC or just don't pick it up. Go to a cycling road entrance and talk to the guard. He'll say you can't go on, but just keep pressing B. When you're through talking, you'll go back. Go talk to him again. Keep pressing B,and you should go through him this time. Hold down left and you will go out. You will be on a "rental" bike.
Verified by: Dream eater, Runescape124 Submitted by: Glitchglitch on March 03, 2006

Gym Leaders

Here are the 8 Gym leaders



Pewter City-


Cerulean City-


Vermillion City-

Lt. Surge-Electric

Celadon City-


Fucisha City-


Saffron City-


Cinnibar Island-


Viridan City-

Verified by: dukereece Submitted by: moocoweatsfire on December 07, 2004

Gym leaders weakness.

Right, listen up if u want 2 know the gymleaders weakness.
1. Brock has rock pokemon, so use either grass/water/psychic/bug pokemon against him.
2. Misty has water pokemon, so use a grass/electric/psychic pokemon against her.
3. Lt.Surge has elactric pokemon, so use rock pokemon for maximum effectiveness.
4. Erika has grass pokemon, so use psychic/fire/bug pokemon against her.
5. Koga has sludge pokemon, so use psychic pokemon for maximum effectiveness.
6. Sabrina has psychic pokemon, so use other psychic pokemon against her.
7. Blaine has fire pokemon, so use water pokemon against him.
8. Giovanni has rock/ground pokemon so use bird/water pokemon against him.
Verified by: iamallyours Submitted by: Pegasus on April 04, 2006

How to beat Lt. Surge VERY EASY

Go to the Diglet's gave and catch a Diglett or a Dugtrio. Then beat up Surge by using Dig!!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on February 10, 2009

how to get a diglet

You need a pokemon that knows cut when you see a small cave cut the tree down and go inside go down the lader and keep on walking and you will get a battle with a diglet or with its evolution.
Verified by: randomrules Submitted by: james on January 05, 2006

how to get a L100 kashangan

first you must catch a M.If you have a rare candy then use it on it then it will envole.before you catch a M make sure you have only 5 pokemon.if you dont have a rare candy then battle a pokemon let it win and it will envole it to a L100 kashangan
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on April 30, 2008

How to get Eevee

To get Eevee, you have to enter through the back entrance of the Pokemon Mansion, and continously walk upstairs until you reach the roof, once you reach the roof. Enter the room here, there should be a Pokeball on the table, pick it up and you'll have obtained a level 25 Eevee! Yay!
Verified by: z0mbi3xxc0r3 Submitted by: FFXFREAK on March 24, 2008

How to Get Raichu

To get a Raichu get a pikachu from the forest on the last three rows (you will not get a battle with a pikachu sraight away) once you have a pikachu fly or walk or ride to celadon go to the dept store and on the 4th floor I think it's the 4th buy a thunder stone and your pikachu will evolve!
Verified by: Beelzeboss Submitted by: james on January 05, 2006

Invisible PC

In Celedon city, there is a hotel in the bottom right-hand corner of the city. In the hotel go to the northern-most portion on the right-hand side, take two steps back then one step up and you will be able to access the pc.
Verified by: Silent_Scope89, Aruka Shinuro Submitted by: Sintaku on September 02, 2004

Pokémon Tower Without the Silph Scope

To save yourself having to run through the Rocket HQ and defeat Giovanni to obtain the Silph Scope, buy a Poké Doll and head to Pokémon Tower. You won't be able to fight the wild Pokémon, but you can run from them. When you reach the stairs to the final floor you have to battle the ghost Marowak to reach the floor with Mr. Fuji. Without the Silph Scope, you cannot visibly identify her. However, use the Poké Doll and the battle will end as if you had defeated her.
Verified by: silverslugger111 Submitted by: Galacticdramon on June 26, 2008


If your trying to save up coins for Porygon, all you have to do is save up the money you need, then buy the coins. Playing in the casino can be too expensive.
Verified by: enet top Submitted by: Zen The Wanderer on October 13, 2004

Rare Candy Trick in Lavender

To do the Rare Candy trick in Lavender,get a Rare Candy and put in the Sixth slot in your pack, have an Abra in your party, and have already fought your rival in the tower. Go West of Lavender to the gambler facing North, don't get in his sight. Instead walk up into the building and walk back out. take another step down, then press start. Teleport back to the Pokémon Center in Lavander. Walk to the tower and go to the third floor. Follow the Map below
S: Stairs
C: Channelers
"": Tombstone
(C): Channeler to battle
P: Character
|: Footpath

"" """"
"" (C)"""" ""
S P "" """" "" S
| "" ""
| "" | ""
| "" | """""""""" """"
|_________| C
"""" """"

Beat her and use Dig to get out of there. Walk West as if you were heading back to the Gambler and the Start menu will pop up. Press B and you will fight Missingno. run away or catch him(I'd suggest running away because he messes up your graphics, and does not evolve into Kangaskahn, thats 'M') Now look in your Pack and you will have 126 Rare Candies!!! Yeah
Verified by: enet top Submitted by: Pacman683 on September 04, 2004

rare candys

ok people #1 never use a rare candy. it makes your pokemon weak in the long run. as prof of this my friend got his level 5 charmander to a level 100 charzard useing rare candies. I trained my bulbasaur to level 100 the hard way. i defeated him im 3 hits and i only lost 35 hp. and this is through his entire set because he cloned his charzard. and as for missingo or what ever the name it y even bother with a pokemon that will screw up your game? if u chech it by accadent like if u were going a potion but accadently clicked master ball and cought it, it might make your game so that u cannot save or reload witch as we all know would suck
Verified by: enet top Submitted by: bob on October 14, 2005

red version pokemon in blue version

in blue version, you can get red version pokemon without trading. use the trick you use to get mew with the guy left of nugget bridge but instead of the slowpoke guy fly to lavender and go to the left. fight the super nerd (the third trainer on the way to saffron) who is facing up. fly back to cerulean city and go up. the start button will pop up. this will get you a level 7 scyther. it is easier if you use the duplicate items trick on your masterballs. another pokemon from red you can get is gambler by underground tunnel from lavender to celadon. hit start before he battles you and fly to lavender. go up and to the left of the exit of rock tunnel. fight the hiker fly back to lavender and go left. the start button will pop up and hit b and you will fight a level 7 arcanine. there are most likely more just go to those two trainers and hit start and use fly/teleport before they battle you go to a different route battle fly back to lavender or cerulean and go left (in lavender) or up (in cerulean). you can complete the pokedex like this just keep battling different trainers and before long your pokedex will be completed.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: mewtricks1234 on February 25, 2008

Safari Zone tip

Having trouble catching Pokemon in the Safari Zone because of limited steps? Well there is a way!:

Go into a patch of grass, and lightly tap the D-pad in any direction. If done correctly, you should only turn around. Keep doing this and wild Pokemon will appear, and this won't take away your steps!
Verified by: z0mbi3xxc0r3 Submitted by: Feisar on January 27, 2008

Starting Out

This is a Tip for making a well-rounded team of pokemon in the long run.I've been through this game many times with all three starters, so this is talking from experience. Regardless of who you get, I suggest you get a good normal pokemon such as Pidgey or Nidoran and train it at the beginning. Also, getting a Pikachu in Veridian Forest is always helpfull against all those Pidgeys and Zubats out there, as well as all those water pokemon. And you can also train up a Geodude if you feel so inclined, or just leave it in the daycare until you need it.

If you get Squirtle, he is neutral. I don't suggest getting Squirtle, because you can get a Gyarados early on, and that is a stronger water pokemon. But, if you do get Squirtle, I strongly suggest that you search the Veridian Forest for Pikachu. This is rare, and may take up to 20 min to find one, but they are there. This will help you when you have to face Misty's water pokemon. It really isn't neccessary in this case to get Gyarados, since you have a water pokemon already, and just about everybody sticks with their starting pokemon at least through the majority of the game.

Suggested ending list:

Getting Bulbasaur is very good for starting, but as you go through the game, there are grass pokemon coming out the wazoo, so yours becomes redundant. Train him below Pewter until he reaches Lv. 13 and he will get Vine Whip, which will blast right through Brock and Misty. In this case, I suggest you get a Magikarp from the man at the PokeCenter next to Mt. Moon for 500. It may seem useless, but you put it at the front of your list through Mt. Moon, so that it gets good exp. It gets Tackle at Lv. 15, then you can have it fight Gary's Abra (only has Teleport) in Cerulean, and before long, it will be Gyarados (evolves at Lv. 20), in my opinion, the strongest water pokemon.

Suggested ending list:

In my experience, this has been the best choice in the long run. Throughout the game, good fire pokemon are hard to come by, so Charizard is a strong and rare commodity. Now, Charmander is hard to start with, because it's not effective against the first two gym leaders (rock and water), so you'll need to train really hard to beat Brock, and I suggest you get a Pikachu from Veridian Forest to help you out with Misty. Once again, I suggest you follow the instructions above in the "Bulbasaur" heading for obtaining and training Magikarp into Gyarados.

Suggested ending list:
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: dukereece on August 02, 2005

The Ditto Trick

The Ditto Trick is a VERY weird thing that can happen to your little ol' Ditto. Here's how you do it. First, you gotta get into a battle with any Pokémon that has more than one move. You also gotta use Ditto. Next, use the Select button to switch the first move with any of the others. When you win the battle, your Ditto will have a nameless move with the Type, "Cooltraner (female symbol)." The move hardly ever hits, and it is also EXTREMELY glitchy, so be very careful.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Life-Boy on December 26, 2005

the real way to get mewtwo!

If you want mewtwo you have to beat the elite four and the cave in cerulean city which was blocked before will be open, surf your way to it and solve the maze inside it, you should see a pokemon, it says "mew" but it is mewtwo, it is lvl.70 and VERY powerful. It is quite easy to catch from my experienece.
Verified by: nazario17, Beelzeboss Submitted by: Mew&two on September 11, 2005

tm precaution

when you receive or found a tm like thunderbolt thunder fire blast hyper beam solar beam softboiled mimic or others save it to use it on some goods pokemons because you will not teach on a pikachu lvl 10 thunderbolt wile you can catch a zapdos lvl 50 and teach it thunderbolt!the same happens with fire blast in a vulpix wile you can use it on a moltres or the solar beam in a bellsprout wile you can use it on a venusaur!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Pokemaster_G on April 07, 2009

Vermilion Gym - The Easy Way

This method allows you to locate the second switch in Surge's Gym more easily. Activate the first switch as usual, then before checking another bin, save the game. Check one of the bins next to the bin with the first switch. If it doesn't contain the second switch, reset the game and try another. It can only be one of up to four bins, so it shouldn't be too difficult. When you find the second switch, the door leading to the Leader opens.
Verified by: Phantom002 Submitted by: Galacticdramon on July 03, 2008


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Additional 'Mew' encountering method

As some may know the mew trick in celadon , and also a similar trick in lavendar ( look it up ) I found there is also a method of encountering randomized pokemon in fuchsia. Go south in fuschia surf and try to stay out of the middle of the water base, ie go to left or right first. Before the path of water leads left there will be a formation of swimmers like this:


The O is our target, avoid encountering any of them for now. surf to the left of the trainer markes as O . now go up until he vanishes off the screen. move one unit right and save. Now move down and immediately push start. fly to any location you like that you can access a trainer to fight. NOTE: during this period you cannot push start, so do not expect to use dig,cut,surf, etc. fight a trainer and dont lose cause its sad and then you will have start menu again for your use-age. time to fly back to fuschia! once you arrive at the pokemon center travel south and just before you hit the 3 ledges that are parralell go to the left lower corner above it. Woooo start men pops up. Maybe this is familiar to a few? push b and your in a battle.

When i did this i fought the cerulean trainer used for mew. And i encountered rhydon. yay. dont use that trainer tho, he can have his uses. If you already used up all the trainers on mainland you will have to wait for cinnabar island to fight trainers. Hope this helps you.
Verified by: Glitchlover24 Submitted by: reallytalldude on September 17, 2008

Cable Club escape glitch

To perform this glitch, you need to poison one of your Pokemon, then link with another person. Initiate a trade or battle with that person to copy their roster into the game's memory, then press cancel. Walk around to make the poisoned Pokemon faint. You'll black out normally, but the game will think you are still linked with that person. You will now be unable to open the Bag, as you can't use items when linked, and the Save button is replaced by the reset button, preventing a save under normal circumstances. Now to fully activate the glitch, start a battle with a trainer. Their party will be the one stored in the game when linked with the player, and they will have your battle sprite. However, as you're not linked anymore, their name will be blank. The behaviour of the player depends on the trainer class you battled. However, if you did not battle or trade the player but simply copied their party into the game's memory, a glitch trainer with glitch Pokemon will be triggered instead. To fix the glitch, go back to the Cable Club. You will be taken out due to inactivity, restoring the save button and bag.

An alternative method of doing this is to do the <a href="http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/cheats/GBC/pokemon_blue.html#c45667" target="_blank" class="wikianchor">Glitch City</a> cheat up to the point of flying out to Cinnabar Island. From here enter the cable club and continue with the steps, but without poison the player simply uses up the steps of the Safari Game instead. To avoid dealing with glitch city a player simply re-enteres the Safari Zone and uses Dig.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Castlewars on October 17, 2011

fight gary with totaly glitched pokemon

go to viridian city talk to the old guy then say no then fly to cinnabar island then surf on the east coast until you see a missingno.defeat it then fly to viridian city talk with the old guy again and say no then fly to cinnabar island and surf on the east coast again and you will see a gary with 6 pokemons totaly glitched and when you start the battle will be playng a weird music. The pokemons that gary got are: a pokemon totaly glitched, a nidorino with a strange name, a missingno, another pokemon totaly glitched, a flareon and another nidorino with a strange name (note: when you are battling a nidorino with the strange name you will have to press A twice times to select a move)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Pokemaster_G on April 07, 2009

Fuschia City/ Glitch City

Go to the Safari Zone in Fuschia City and you'll get stopped by the guy at the desk. He asks if you wanna go in, . Say yes and go in, DO NOT take a step and exit the Safari, you'll then be asked if you're leaving early, say no, and go back in, once again, DONT WALK ANYWHERE. Now, save your game, turn the game off and then back on. Go back out of the Safari Zone and the guy will greet you as if you just walked from the other way "Welcome, etc." He once again asks if you wanna go into the Safari, this time say NO. Get out of the building and fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf the right hand coast, and you can then catch Safari Pokemon (but you can attack, use any type of ball, etc). That's not all! Surf until it says 'Ding-dong! Time to come back!' You'll end up in the Safari Zone building! Walk out into Fuschia City, and it'll be totally glitched, with buildings made of numbers and stuff. When you bring up your menu (Pokedex, Pokemon, Items, etc) your image will show you standing in the middle of water! Turns out you're somewhere to the right of Cinnabar Island. Go figure!
Verified by: 7HE USED B3RTH, BabyBubble Submitted by: Hideko on August 27, 2006

Key item is glued to the bag.

You know the item duplication glitch, right? Put a key item (an item with no count number) as the 6th item and do the item duplication glitch. Even if it looks like nothing happened, you may notice that the key item is (seemingly) glued to the bag when you try to deposit it. It will stay in the bag, but it will still be deposited in the pc, showing you that the item is actually cloned. Good if you wanna get loads of aerodactyl's and kabuto/omanyte's from duplicated fossils.

Note: This is not fake. I've tried on my real GBA and it works, so you can try it yourself. If it doesn't work for you... well... then it looks like it works only on a German Pokemon Blue, since I own only that one.
Verified by: Glitchlover24 Submitted by: Blaze_Gamer on June 09, 2011

Lift Key glitch

To do this glitch, you need to go to the Rocket Hideout and defeat the grunt holding the Lift Key. After defeating him, stand to the left of the grunt and talk to him. He will drop the key. When you walk down, the key will appear where you were standing as if you were standing on it.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Castlewars on October 27, 2011

Skipping the Pewter Gym

This glitch only works in North American versions of the game. This glitch allows you to enter Route 3 without defeating Brock.

To do it, just before you walk in front of the trainer that leads you to the Pewter Gym, open the menu and move the cursor to "Save" but don't select it. Close the menu and walk in front of the trainer that leads you back to the Pewter Gym and close the dialogs with B (not A, or the glitch won't work). But straight after he has finished talking, open the menu and save the game. You will automatically walk to the Pewter Gym, and the Youngster will say something and walk off. SR the game. The dialogs will happen again and you will walk to the Pewter Gym automatically. Return to the spot where the Youngster once stood. He will not be there, and you can walk to Route 3 without having to collect the Boulder Badge!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Castlewars on December 14, 2011

Small, but existant cheat

there is a swimmer on route between fuschia and seafoam islands, whoo is on the left lower part of the route and behind a trainer like so

..... not sure how many spots away though =/ .

walk directly behind the top one and it will attract the bottom ones attention. When you defeat him, you may surf on top of him if you like - just move one cell downward. You may have to do it quickly, although i took my time. Try it if your on your way to seafoam.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: reallytalldude on September 18, 2008

Surfing on a Sailor

This glitch can be done by trading in a Pokemon that knows Surf and going to the SS Anne dock (before it's set sail). Stand in front of the sailor, and look right. Now hold right on the D-Pad and press Start without letting go of the D-Pad. Save the game and then SR (still, do not let go of the D-Pad).
When you load up the game again, you will be facing the direction you were originally facing after you saved. Now try and surf. You will automatically surf on top of the sailor, and you can now surf over to the truck (but, sorry, no Mew).
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Castlewars on December 12, 2011

Easter eggs

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walk through walls

to do this start by depositing all of your pokemon except one pokemon that is poisened and knows fly. Activate the glitch city/safari zone cheat. You have to carefully count your steps up to 500.
The trick is that your 500th step must be hopping off a ledge. After this you'll be transformed back into the safari zone entrance. if you walk around you can walk through anything. If you leave than you will be back in the normal game not glitch city. however walk around untill your poisened pokemon faints. when it does you'll be transported back into the pokemon center and can use the walk through walls cheat anywhere in the game. If you walk around enough you'll enter a glithy area similar to glitch city. if you see this LEAVE IMMIDEIANTLY LEAVE. Simply fly away or restart your game.
Note- Bring healing items to heal your pokemon when using up your 500 steps
hope it helps
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on February 03, 2010


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A Weird Symbol

If you have used the cheat where you can find
Ponyta, Golbat, Zubat, Missingo.,  'M , Mew, and Psyduck in the water On the Coastline of
Cinnabar Island. Great! Kay This is a weird one..
All you have to do is swimm and run into as many
Missingo.'s or  'M 's as you can, but you have
to defeat the pokémon Ponyta and Zubat only. If they pop up defeat them. If Missingo. or  'M 
pops up.. run from them. Do this about 4-5 times
Dont forget about the items in the 6th spot. You need it. After you have been through that about
4-5 times.. check you item list. You will notice that There is a square. use them until it starts
after 0 again. Then you will see a different Symbol
and a 9 beside it. Its weird because it moves.
I used it on Duduo..and it evolved. And then i used it on Omanyte. It evolved. Its cool. Make sure you do it right.
Verified by: matthew spy Submitted by: MsPokemon on August 28, 2005

Bike Glitch

With a bike in your inventory, go to Seafoam islands. Get on your bike and drop in any one of the black holes. When you drop down, you will be on foot but the bike music will still be playing. This isn't a very useful cheat, but its kinda cool.

(P.S. If you surf, get on and off your bike, drop in another hole, or leave the room, the music will stop)
Verified by: matthew spy Submitted by: PKMN Ruler on January 11, 2007

Catching Magikarp in a statue

This cheat only works in the Viridian City Gym. You stand in front of the left statue in the viridian gym and use your old rod and you will get a bite and it will be a Magikarp at level 5 but this only works for a old rod. This cheat really works!
Verified by: matthew spy Submitted by: cheater666 on January 04, 2007

Choosing Your Starter

Here are some tips for choosing your starter pokemon.

Squirtle - If you get Squirtle he will learn the move bubble which will dominate Brock, the first gym leader. But when you get to Cerultean City, it will be a little difficult to defeat Misty unless you have Pikachu or a pokemon that knows a grass type move.

Bulbasaur - This pokemon will defeat Brock and Misty easily but you have to train it hard to make it learn vine whip. But as you move on in the game, grass pokemon will be everywhere so your bulbasaur will be very common.

Charmander - Charmander is weak against Brock's and Misty's pokemon, but fire pokemon will be hard to get later on in the game. Charmander will grow to be very powerful, just make sure you have other powerful pokemon early in the game.
Verified by: dukereece, matthew spy Submitted by: sunflower75 on February 20, 2005

Find pokmeon from the last city you've bin to last

Go to any city and find a pokemon in the grassy area then fly to viridan city and talk to the old and and answer him 'no' then fly to cinnabar island then surf on the right side coast then surf half on land and water then surf up and down while on land and water and you will find the pokemon from the last city you've bin to.

Note:Half of this cheat is like my other cheat i made.
Verified by: randomrules Submitted by: Okona_Sasoke on August 31, 2005

Get a flying Kangaskhan

Do the Missingno(the M with the weird symbols) but before you go battle it only have 5 pokemon with you. Do the glitch but instead of deafeating it capture it (dont unless its over level0) Then teach it fly and whatevr else. Then just let it gain 1 level and it should evolve into Kangaskhan. Link it to Pokemon Stadium for a small laugh.
Verified by: solidson Submitted by: Delmana on June 02, 2007

Get Kangaskhan Without the Messy Graphics

Follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have 5 or less pokemon in your party, and at least 2 master balls.

2. Do the Missingno cheat, but this time catch Missingno.

3. Use a rare candy on Missingno if you have one. If you don't, let Missingno fight a pokemon(make sure he wins!) and he will immediately grow to lvl. 100, and will evolve into Kangaskhan.

4. Here's the neat part; deposit Kangaskhan into Bill's PC (don't worry it won't mess up) and then release Kangaskhan. The good news is that Kangaskhan is now recorded in your Pokedex and your graphics are not messed up, but the bad news is that you will no longer have Kangaskhan in your party or PC.

Verified by: dukereece Submitted by: sunflower75 on November 06, 2004

Glich City

Glich City is a place where everything looks like a glich. To get this, go to the saffari zone and talk to the clerk and get in. Do not take any steps out there (you should have 500 steps still). Anyway walk out and the clerk will say "leaving early" say no and go back in, save the game, Turn off the game,then turn it on and walk out of the saffari zone and walk to the clerk and he'll say welcome to the Saffari zone...... say no and fly to Cynaber Island and surf along the east coast and you'll fight saffari zone pokemon! Keep doing that until it goes Ding Dong and you'll be back at the safari zone. Walk out of the Saffari zone and Fusha City is now Glith city! I swear on my mothers grave, it works!
Verified by: yugiohmaster 13, broncoboy007 Submitted by: Cameron Galante on November 27, 2004

glitch all pokemon

ok this is a sort of cheat but any way u can see lots mabe all pokemon just do the 'm' cheat and go into a poke store and go on the pc then go on pkmn luage and keep pressing a u wil see lots of different 'm' and other pokemon
Verified by: ShadowSceptile, Glitchlover24 Submitted by: Tayler on March 17, 2007

Glitch way to cut but not cut trees

You need a pokemon that knows cut.

Do the Glitch City glitch then when you see a plant and try to cut it it will say: a very strange thing saying "hack", there are many mote things you can do, like entering an endless sea and more!
Verified by: thelastlocust Submitted by: Twilight Sorcerr on June 25, 2007

How to get Mew with 1 badge!

ok so heres how to get mew with one badge

Step 1. Right before you go into mount moon catch a Jigglypuff and make sure you keep its SING ability level it up to where it has at least 25 speed for me it was a 13-15 Wigglytuff
Step 2. When you get to Cerulean beat all the people on the bridge and go into the grass at the left DO NOT BEAT THE TRAINER you will need him for later and cath an abra and make sure it knows teleport
3. Go up to the kinda bush maze thing and stay at the top and beat the first 2 i said 2 trainers DO NOT BEAT THE GUY WITH THE SLOWPOKE you will need him later
3. Now for the glitch go over to the trainer in the grass where you caught the abra and stand one space above him where he cant see you walk down to where he can see you and and soon and you walk hit start and teleport if it works you will see the "!" above his head and you will teleport to the Cerulean pokemon center once this happens your start button should be disabled YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN now go up and beat the third trainer with the lvl 16-17 slowpoke make sure he has to walk to you to battle you or else your game will freeze Once you beat him tekeport again. When you get back to the Pkmn center make sure you have 10+ pokeballs now walk up to the bridge and keep walking till you find Mew he should be lvl 5 use sing and put him to sleep and catch him and...TAA DAA you have a mew with only one badge!

make sure you save right before you do this and after you CATCH mew so if you mess up you can try again
Verified by: Tank_maphisto, nlights Submitted by: anonymous on July 31, 2007

Missingno - Multiple Items

First, go to Viridian City and talk to the old guy that taught you how to catch pokemon. Say no and he'll do his demonstration. Now fly to Cinnabar Island and surf along the east cost until you see Missingno. Don't be surprised when you see Pokemon over level 100! Anyway defeat Missingno but never, ever catch it. It can screw up your game (like messing up the Hall of Fame or in the worse case messing up important game files). Once you defeat it, in the sixth slot of your items you will have a lot of that item. If you see a blue box or a box that is colorful next to a low number that means you have a lot of it. You can multiply any item such as master balls or rare candies.

Note: You have to listen to the old man's demonstration in order for this cheat to work.
Verified by: dukereece, Dream eater Submitted by: Cameron Galante on November 27, 2004

Multiple Mews

Almost everyone knows the get mew trick. To get a second Mew, get a pokemon in your party with 21 as it's special stat. start the glitch on the gambler or the kid by nugget bridge (i like the kid by the nugget bridge best) then fly to fuscha and battle a random trainer on the route to the right of Fuscha then in the wild grass above, look for a ditto, if you find one, before it transforms, switch to you pokemon with 21 special. Ditto will transform to it and ditto will have 21 special so run from it or kill it, then fly to Cerulean or Lavander. Walk to the route and the menu will come up ect..I had six mews with this trick. Happy Mew Hunting!
Verified by: PokemonMaster5000 Submitted by: anonymous on July 02, 2007

OLD man on cinnabar gyms roof

for this to work fight a missing no. or 'm on cinnabar island east coast. then come back to shore just by the front of the gym and walk to the door it will say its locked. then before you press a look on top of cinnabar gym and an old man will be standing there. (the door to the gym has to be locked so you can't have the scret key.)
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I have found that you can find trainers on the side of cinnibar. I have found out why too. It matters on your 2nd 4th and 6th slot of your name! running into pokemon matters on this too. If you have a symbol like the poke or the , in you 6 4 or 2 slot you will run into trainers. All they have are glitchy guys. DANGER!!!!! these trainers can crash your game but with a stroke of safty, they will not corrupt your file so you can still continue.

hope it helps
Verified by: matthew spy Submitted by: Television on November 14, 2005

Walk On Trees

Find a spot where a tree is. Cut the tree,step up, down and then up again to where the tree was. Save and turn off your gameboy. Turn it back on and you will be on the tree! Its cool cuz you dont have 2 battle anyone.
Verified by: pokemon blue wizard, matthew spy Submitted by: MsPokemon on August 28, 2005

wasting a masterball

mewtwo is very easy to catch with a ultraball, weaken him to half or more his HP and simply bring three ultraballs with you, his catch rate varies, don't forget to save the game before you chalenge him,and DO NOT WASTE YOUR ONLY MASTERBALL
Verified by: nazario17, diegoibarra602 Submitted by: princesspokemon on September 13, 2005