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Mega Man Xtreme Cheats

Mega Man Xtreme cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.

Mega Man Xtreme Tips

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Extra lives
If you run out of lives, you can turn off the game and turn it back on, or hit return to title screen, either way go to continue and you will get to load you're auto save data and won't have to start at the begining of the level.
Submitted by: Gold Falcon on July 12, 2004
Unlocking Hard Mode
When you beat Normal Mode, Hard Mode (with different bosses, weapons, stages, and capsules) will be unlocked.
Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 17, 2003
Unlocking Xtreme Mode
Beat Hard Mode to unlock Xtreme Mode.
Xtreme Mode does away with just about all story elements, but combines all the bosses, weapons, capsules, etc. from Normal and Hard Mode.
Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 17, 2003