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All Picture Locations

In the picture shop talk to the owner while by yourself (i.e. no Bow-Bow, Marin, or Flying Rooster). It is a picture of Link giving a peace sign. When you agree to have your picture taken, keep answering "No" to all of the photographers offers for it to be a picture of Link sitting on the ground with a dazed look.

When Marin is with you go to the bluff at the beach. It is a picture of Marin and Link looking out at the ocean.

When Marin is with you jump into the well one screen north of the Library. It is a picture of Marin falling on Link.

When Marin is with you stand in front of the chicken statue in Mabe Village. It is a picture of Marin, Tarin, and Link posing in front of the chicken statue.

Look in the right window of Ulrira's house. It is a picture of Ulrira talking and laughing on the phone.

Walk beside Bow-Bow's post where he is chained. It is a picture of Link getting chased by Bow-Bow.

Steal from the Shop in Mabe Village. It is a picture of Link stealing from the Shop.

After getting the magnifying lens go back to where you got the necklace and get in the boat and talk to the fisherman. It is a picture of the fisherman splashing around in the water.

Go into the house in the upper right corner of the Animal Village and walk into the pool of water after getting the magnifying lens. It is a picture of Link and a Zora posing together.

Talk to Richard, then go to the front of the castle when the gates are still closed. It is a picture of Link and Richard posing in front of the castle gates.

When the ghost is following you take it back to the empty house on the bay, then take it to the single grave west of the cemetery. After doing that return to the grave. It is a picture of Link and the ghost posing at the gravestone.

In the mountains go east all the way from the house with all the chickens in it, then walk to the middle of the bridge. It is a picture taken just as the photographer falls off of the bridge.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game without using any continues. Then during the ending sequence, Marin will fly across the screen with wings.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Attack of the flying chickens!!!!

Ok this cheat is very easy to do all you have to do is go to the house where you started and attack the chicken outside and corner it and keep hitting it with your sword and soon waves of flying angry chickens will come and attack to stop this exit the screen or get killed by the chickens (How embarrassing).

Never Ever Underestimate the power of the chickens!
Verified by: bloo2555 Submitted by: star fox 1 on August 14, 2007

Beach Passage!

Ok, on Toronbo Shores go near the the very end near that monkey thing. Throw a bomb at the spot that looks like it is a passage and tada. I don't know what is in it though I went in and there was nothing.

Mod Edit: Once you obtain the Magnifying Lens, the final item in the trading game, there will be a moblin in the cave. He'll ask for the item in your B-Slot. If you put the shovel in there, he'll trade you for your Boomerang. The Boomerang in this game is actually a very powerful weapon, and a decent replacement for your shovel, since its useless once you've gotten the prize for 20 Secret Seashells.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: Dakota on February 14, 2006

Better Sword

We all know that if you get a lot of secret seashells something good is bound to happen, but they don't tell how good of a thing. If you get 20 of these shells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion they will give you the second sword. And a neat thing about this sword is if you have full life you can shoot with it.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Euphoric on May 13, 2008

Bonus Seashells

Find exactly five secret seashells, then go to the Seashell Mansion. Enter, then walk right until finding the water flowing up a big pipe. Another bonus shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells.

Note: Return to the Seashell Mansion with twenty seashells to obtain a level two power sword. This sword can shoot when your character's life is full.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Check Walls

Use the sword to stab at the walls. If a hollow clank is heard, a bomb may be used to open the wall.
Verified by: J_man92, TOAST22 Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Crane Mini-Game

Position the crane on the top left side of the screen, with the shadow over the left moving conveyer belt. Wait until the desired item in the bottom right corner before dropping the crane.
Verified by: yugiRULER, Insanity Prevails Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Easy Money

In level three, the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never find him. To get infinite rupies, get to the Boss, but do not ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the screen for easy money.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Exploding arrows!

First equip the arrows and bombs. Then press the button that the bomb is equiped to. Then very quick after, press the button that the arrows are equiped too. Then an arrow will be flying with a bomb on top of it. It'll explode when it hits something. These are very powerful. So try it!!!
Verified by: naruto_679, TOAST22 Submitted by: BZF on April 12, 2006

Free Money

In the shop in the first village if you dont want to buy the items and you dont have enough money for example the arrows are 980 rubees. Who would want to pay for that! So pick the arrows up and bring them over to the store clerk but do not go in front of him and do not talk to him. Go on the side closest to the board of items and wait until he looks at you and imediatley run to the door. If you are fast enough then you get the item for free but if you are not you have to do it again. Once you get out, the game will say that you just got something for free are you proud of your self! When you go back in he will have his back to the item board and will zap you when you go in and will kill you but you will still have the item you stole!

Mod Note: Also note, that once you do this, you will be called "THIEF" wheverer your name was supposed to be used for the remainder of the game.
Verified by: TOAST22 Submitted by: yugiRULER on June 17, 2005

Heart Piece Locations

Refer to the game map as a grid with 1 to 16 going left to right and A to Z going up and down. The heart pieces are located at the following coordinates:

1: 1-K
2: 2-I
3: 5-E
4: 3-G
5: 15-M
6: 9-H
7: 15-C
8: 14-M
9: 7-H
10: 8-A
11: 2-A
12: 7-I
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Inexhaustible Resources

You know that empty house in the upper-right (northeast) corner of Animal Village? After you get the Magnifying Glass (in the Trading Game) a Zora will appear in the house. Pick up pots and throw them at it: You always get 1 Rupee. Cool huh?
Verified by: DQ Maniac Submitted by: brainiac256 on May 26, 2003

Infinite Rupees

You do not need to do anything special for this cheat apart from gain access to the DX Dungeon.

Go inside, and in the room with the FOUR statues you have to change colors, there is a hollow space in the sout wall. Poke the wall with your sword untill you hear a clanking noise. Bomb that part, and go through the hole. There will be a room filled with green Rupees. These are worth five regular Rupees.
Once you get all the Rupees, exit the dungeon. Go back inside, go to the green Rupee room, and the Rupees will be there again! Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of cash.
Verified by: MysticalTemptress Submitted by: J_man92 on January 03, 2007

Mad Batter Locations

There are three places where the Mad Batter is located. The first location is in the Mysterious Forest. Go to the fairy in the Mysterious Forest and move left one screen. Lift the rock to reveal a secret stairway. Descend and sprinkle magic powder on the well. The second location is two screens to the right of the ghost's house. Blow up the bushes with explosive arrows. Jump the pit and enter, then move across the cave and swim through the water with your flippers. After leaving the water, move left and walk down the stairway. Again, sprinkle magic powder on the well. The final location is at Tal Tal Heights. Go to the Hen House and move left one screen. A lone bush will eventually appear after a couple of screens. Cut it to reveal another stairway. Go across the cave and get out. Keep moving left and up the mountain, then move left again. A lone rock should appear. Pick it up and walk down the stairways. Sprinkle magic powder again. Link should get 60 Arrows, 60 Bombs, and 40 Magic Powder.
Verified by: J_man92 Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Save Your Money

If you're going to buy an expensive item, get it from the counter and go pay for it. As your money is being taken away press Start + Select + A + B at the same time. Choose SAVE AND QUIT then reload the game. If you were fast enough you'll have the item and most of the money you would have spent.
Verified by: MysticalTemptress Submitted by: Euphoric on May 13, 2008

Second Power Bracelet

You can get the second power braclet by going to animal village. In animal village you go down to the walrus and then go up two screens and you will find a secret cave. Blow up the cave entrance so you can go in. Then go to the far left of the screen but don't go to the next screen. Then use the screen warp and press left on the control pad and you will end up on a roof with cracks. Don't make the cracked blocks fall or this could ruin the trick. Now go to the top left and go up, there you should find a chest get the chest and you will have the second power braclet.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Euphoric on May 13, 2008

Secret Armor(Red or Blue)

This is a great secret! Okay, first, make sure you have the Pegasus shoes. Go inside the library in Mabe Village, and look on top of the northernmost book shelf. On top is a book! Simply dash into the shelf using your pegasus shoes to knock it down. Walk to it when it's on the ground, and press "A." The game will ask you how it got there (or something like that). press "A" again. The book will give you directions below:

3 4 5
2 1

(The 1 has a south-pointing arrow, 2 has an east-pointing arrow, 3 is north-pointing, 4 is pointing west, and 5 is pointing north)
These are grave-pushing directions. Go to the cemetery, locating somewhere southeast of the Witch's Hut. Find the screen where there's five gravestones. Kill all the ghosts here, then stand behind the lower-right gravestone. Push it down. Now, stand on the left side of the lower-middle stone, and push it east. Go up to the upper-left one, and push it north. Go to the upper-middle one, and push it left. Push the upper-right stone north. Stairs leading down will appear. Go down them to enter a secret dungeon! Beat this dungeon to pick either red or blue clothes (blue doubles your defense, while red doubles your attacking power). Sorry I couldn't give directions on how to beat the dungeon.
Verified by: xoa209 Submitted by: Clark Beyer on April 22, 2004


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Always have Marin

Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower. Use the teleport hole to travel to the animal village. Move to the left, then press Select just when you are about to enter the next screen. Your character should move across the screen. Marin will now remain in your party for the duration of the game.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Bow wow forever!! yay!!

We all want to keep Bow wow, right? Well I'll tell you how. You only have to skip to the third dungeon, easy right? No not easy, so I'll tell you how to do it. O.K. you know the hole in the first dungeon in the boss room? Well fall in it. ( you must have bow wow when you do this) when your character just enters the pit and is falling use the roc's feather. You must have great timing. If you time it right, you will be in this crazy world. In the world, wander around long enough and you will eventually fall into one of the dungeons. When you fall into the third dungeon, beat it. When you beat the third dungeon, you will still have bow wow and not have to give him back to madame meow meow. To get the magnifying lens just give the stick to tarrin. However you do not have the stick? Yes you do. When you beat the third dungeon you will get an invisible stick so you can continue the trading process. hope this cheat works .
Verified by: iamallyours, lucy luvar Submitted by: lucy luvar on January 29, 2007

Cheaper Purchases

Select an expensive item from the counter, and begin payment. As your character's rupees are being deducted, quickly press A + B + Start + Select, then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and most of the rupees used to purchase it.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

different Music

when starting a new game type in ZELDA(all Caps). The screen where you select which file to play will have a different Music playing. It will only play until you get the sword.
Verified by: Kyogre10000, Epsalon X Submitted by: Inuyasha64 on March 05, 2003


Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them.
Verified by: Epsalon X Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 09, 2004

Glitch: Kill the Final Shadow in one hit!

To kill that blasted last form of the shadow just hit him with your boomerang and he will die!
Verified by: Xanato Submitted by: Spawnlevel120 on May 20, 2006


Once you start up your game boy, hit b up, or a up, or b left, or a left (ect) and the color will change! Play the game with the changed color then save and turn it off. If you do this enough times a lot of stuff will be invisible for around a week or 2. note: it is annoying if your trying to beat the game when you have stuff invisible.
Verified by: TOAST22 Submitted by: lucy luvar on January 25, 2007