Harvest Moon 2 Cheats

Harvest Moon 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Cancel a Bad Weather
First in the morning when you check your TV and there will be a storm,rain,snow,etc. Quickly go to the carpenter shop and ask the guy to build something or for an estimate and answer yes, no matter what the news says there will be no storms or rains
Faster Crops
If you catch a fish a throw it on a crop that you planted, it will grow faster than normal. Where the fish lands is only where it will help grow faster. The bigger the fish the faster it grows. Make sure the plant you throw it on is atleast 1 day old. The best fish is the "Snkhead", it will help your crop grow 3x faster than normal. For example if a plant takes 9 days regularly to grow, then just throw a Snkhead on it, and it will grow in 6 days.
Free Money
When you use a "Hoe" to dig the dirt, you may find a golden coin, everytime you find that golden coin you get free money.
GET 1000g!!!
In your house, next to the bed, there is a little dresser/cabinet. It you go up to it and press the action button, it will give you 1000g!
Get 3000 through fishing
First get fishing rod and a horse and a sadle then build a bridge in the river(ken do the bridge) the put a fence in the exit of the bridge then put the horse you can jump on the fence then go fishing and put it in the horse i got 3000 in that.
Get more money in winter
If you have a fishing rod, after the buyer comes, keep fishing and every time you catch a fish, put it in the pool to the left of your fields. In the winter, you can take these fish out and put them in the bin.
Golden Chickens
To get a Golden Chicken find a freind that also has Harvest Moon 2 and go to the library. Link up in the trade centre, and send him or her one of your chickens. Then both leave the trade centre and re-enter it again. Get your friend to send back your chicken and if you have done it correctly then it will be a Golden Chicken.

+ Golden Chickens lay Golden Eggs which are worth 500G each.
+ If you put a Golden Egg into the incubator it will hatch into a chick which will grow up to be a Golden Chicken.
+ You can sell a Golden Chicken to Chet for 10000G.
have twin cows!
go to the hot spring, and get an ore and throw it in the spring, then go to sleep and the nest morning your pregant cow will have had twins calves, but you have to have been asleep by noon. Good Luck!
Healthy Cows
On your first cow, start the name with a symbol, like a heart, music note, or paw pirint (hearts work yhe best, and your cow will grow up faster, and be healthier than the other cows. Also, most of the time the cow has a bigger love level.
How to get good money in the early days!!!
You've just started but have no cash? Here is a little tip to get you heading in the right direction. First, you'll start your second day, you should talk to the cabinet so you should have 2000g. Then, go to Will and Bill's invention shop and buy the fishing rod. Go down to your river and fish, fish, FISH!!! Fish until the buyer comes and you CAN get over 3000g if you try every single day. Run straight down to Daisy's seed shop and buy as much grass as possible. If you've cleared the back field for the chickens, plant it all there. If you carry on like this, you should be ble to have chickens and cows by the end of the first spring!
More Food Supplies
When you use your "Hoe" to dig up dirt, you may find a sack. Everytime you find that sack you get more food supplies for your house.
More Money In Winter
To get more money In winter, install a hothouse and you can harvest flowers and herbs all winter long!
Secret Garden
The Secret Garden shows you how many Power Berries you have found.

Power Berries make your farmer have a lot more stamina so they do not become tired quite so quickly. There are 10 to collect in all. They are not in any particular place around your farm; just keep tilling the earth and soon you will find them!

The Secret Garden has one flower for every Power Berry you currently have.


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Warp trick
Looking for a quick way to get back to your farm? Go to the area below the Hot Springs and run into the second tree (from above). You will now warp back to your farm. This trick is very useful for carrying back berries, etc.