Harvest Moon (GBC) Cheats

Harvest Moon cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Become harvest master.
To take the title you must have 4 cows, 4 chickens, hoed over 1600 squares, shipped 4500 pieces of produce, own an ultra deluxe house, have over 6 power berries, score over 65,536 GP, and a happiness rating of 250 or over.
free lumber
all around your farm is a fence. if you pick up the dark collored fence it turns into wood that you can use for house upgrades
Free Seeds
When you start a new game, choose a girl and make sure her name starts with a heart. Pick a cat as a pet and start it's name with a heart too.
You will start with one bag of grass, one bag of turnips, and a watering can.
Get more buck for your egg.
To sell eggs at chicken prices, grab an egg that one of your chickens has laid and put it in an incubator. Then walk to the animal shop and select "Sell a Chicken", but highlight your egg. The shop owner will pay chicken prices for your egg!
Get more egg $
First go to your chickens collect all eggs, then turn the game off, then go to the chicken coop and there will be more eggs do this how many times you like to get rich!
Got Milk?
When you get your first cow start it's name with a heart symbol and it will give good milk and grow up alot faster.
Infinite Eggs
Obtain a watering can and water an egg that is near the shipping box. It will turn into a fence. Pick up the fence and it will change into an egg. However, the fence will remain allowing unlimited eggs to be obtained.
Money for a rainy day
When you first start the game, go into the cupboard, there is $1,000 in there. It is your grandpa's rainy day money. Cha ching!
More eggys
To get more eggs, you must first buy a chicken. Then, during that same year, go into the barn and grab the egg your chicken has laid. Throw it against the wall. (The egg will be in the wall!) Cut the egg out with your sickle and put it in a shipping box. Extract another egg the same way. You should have nearly 100 eggs in the box before it finally comes off the wall!
put your pet in the exsact spot outside where you come back from town. go to town and come back and you will be stuck until you pickyp your pet.
The incredable edible egg
Wait til one of your chickens lays an egg directly above the shipping box. Water the egg and it will turn into a block. Now pick up the "egg", and you will have infinite eggs, and lots of money!
£200 every day!!!
Go to your tool shed and leave through the back door. pick the mushrooms that you find in the cave there and stick them into the box. Do this everyday to make yourself rich.


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To start with, water your crops then when you go to sleep as soon as the screen turns white turn off your gameboy. When you turn on your gameboy again look at your crops, they're all watered.
Penuts, carrots, or both?
Capitalize the first letter of your name to grow eggplants and carrots. Leave the first letter of your name lowercase to grow peanuts and broccoli. To grow all of the above, make the first letter of your name begin with a symbol, such as a !.