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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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defeating Aragog
To defeat aragog, you must be level 50 or higher, have the broom doom and summon umbrella card combos, incendio duo or tria (becoz incendio defeats some common spiders in a one hit KO attack) and lots of revive potions to revive one of them (Harry or Ron).
Aragog (the spider)
To damage the spider in the forbidden forest, use the card combo "summon umbrella" to get a 60 or higher damage.
Aragog the Spider
People are saying you need to be at level 50 or a have a bunch of revive potions (which are not cheep). While this may help, it's not entirely necessary. I beat him at level 40 and didn't have to use a revive potion once.

The things that you need to have are:
-The card combo that shows an enemy's weak point.
-Mucus Adnauseam
-Petrificus Totalus
-Any spell will do something AS LONG AS YOU USED THE CARD COMBO FIRST!
-Stock up on Pepper Up and Wiggenweld potions.

Extra: Since Ron is the one with the broken wand, get him to cast the Petrificus Totalus spell.

Extra extra: Switch between the Petrificus Totalus spell and drinking a Pepper Up potion to give you more MP. Doing this keeps Aragog from doing his web attack and his "bite."

If you need to cast a spell, be careful. It'll break the Petrificus Totalus spell and the first thing that Aragog will do is his Web Attack followed by his bite that can take up to 80 SP away.
Beating Malfoy
Most spells only deal 1 damage on Malfoy, unless you alternate between petrificus totalus and mucus adnausium tria.
Dangerous Glitch!
When doing the trading sequence for the Dragon Skin Cloak, you will talk to the kid in the Music room. After that, however, DO NOT TALK TO HIM AGAIN! He might reply, but he also "teleports" to other areas of the room, and even freezes your game! He's not useful, so it's best to just ignore him after getting the whistle.
Defeating The Basilisk
Keep plenty of antidote on hand. Also make sure you buy plenty of cards and Wiggenweld Potion before you go down. Use Poison Immunity on yourself, then use card combos on the basilisk until you run out. Don't worry about keeping Fawkes alive, worry about yourself. This should get you to a point where you can kill the basilisk, but if you faint, fight all the other monsters in the Chamber maze to gain levels.
Do quick damage to the Giant Spider in the Forbidden Forest:
To do a quick 45 damage to the Giant Spider, use the Broom Of Doom card combo.
endless berry bott beans
when you get to hogwarts the go to george and freds shop buy the bean bag. now when you leave the griffindoff tower you will see a thing on the right hit it with filpendo and walk away come back and do it again repeat this process and it will give you 3 beans each time
extremely rare wizards and witches card
sell your dragon skin cloak. (get it from buy quiddich stuff for ron, then he'll give you a footballer card, then give the card to the guy in the trading card room and he'll give you a misprint pic, then give the mis print card to a picture that is on the six floor(a corridor) then you'll get a spider, then give the spider to hagrid and hagrid will give you a collar, then give the collar to flinch, then you'll get a picture of loghurt, then give the pic to the girl at the corner at 3rd floor, then you get a torch light, then give the torch light to the muggle study classroom and you will get a flute, then give the flute to music class room and you'll get a whistle, then give the whistle to prof bin, then you will get the cloak)

after you get the cloak, you sell it to get 15000sickle, then buy wizard cards 250 a time at different time, e.g. buy it when you are goig to quddich, buy it when you are going to fight loghurt.... then you will get all the cards very soon, and you don't need to search all around for cards wasting you time.
Getting out of the Forbidden Forest
If you go off on any of the wrong paths in the forbidden forest you will be unable to get out. If you cannot get out, you will have to restart the game and go back into the forest. So, save the game before you go into the forest or right when you first get in. After you find the unicorn follow these paths: Go up to get out of the 6th level clearing. Take the first Left. When you come to a place where you can choose up or down: choose Down. You will pass an up and a down: don't take either one. Take the next Up. Go to the end and take another up. When you come to a place where you can choose Left or Right:choose Left. You will come to another place where you can choose Left or Right: Choose Left again. You will come to a place where you can choose Left or Up, choose: Up. When you come to a place where you can choose Left or Right, choose Right. Keep going Right until you are out of the forest.

If it doesn't work, you probably made a wrong turn. Don't save the game. Turn it off without saving and retry.</p>
Hint: Get past Giant Spider in the Forbidden Forest:
To pass the Giant Spider in the Forbidden Forest, be at level 32 or higher and use the Vermillous Tria spell. Or try to buy lots of Revive Potions then when Ron or Harry get knocked out, revive him.
Hint: Secret passages:
A secret passage can be found on the first floor. It is one of the statues. Press A and go through it. It will take you to a silver door on the fourth floor next to the Hospital Wing. There is another secret passage on the sixth floor. It is the Golden Statue furthest north in the hall. It will take you to the Dungeon. You can also go backwards through the passages.

P.S. Found By netboy724.
When going to give Filch the spiked collar you got from Hagrid check on Filch's desk there will be a kwikspell book which teaches you the spell skurge, and after talking to Filch he gives you a pair of gloves so long as you don't tell anyone.
Leveling Up
When you need to level up real easy, go to the hospital wing and go to the Benpan Room. (It's on the east side when you enter the hospital wing) and win battles, you will get at least 80- 120 Exp. points and you will level up on almost every battle.
Look in the radar at the bottom right side of the screen. Once you have seen the Snitch in the radar, search for it in the match. Press A to speed up. Press it repeatedly. Once you have sighted it, press B repeatedly to make sure you get it.
Show yourself where you are!
If you get lost and don't know where you are, press select and a screen will pop up. It will say things like "You are in the Forbidden Forest".
Skip battles with mini clouds
Just prez start and save the game when your about to hit a little cloud.(This cheat doesnt work with the big boss clouds).
Uncommon Witch's And Wizard Card locations:
Queen Maeve:
Slytherin Common Room. Go down into the dungeon and you will run into Snape. Once he is finished, go straight ahead and you will find Malfoy outside the Common Room. Go to rate beside Malfoy and press A or B while facing the table to get the Queen Maeve card. Note: This is the only place to get it.

Godric Gryffindor:
Go to the Womping Willow tree and move one screen down, to your left, and to the second path. Look by the base of the tree inside the bottom right corner of the map to find the card.

Lord Stoddard Withers:
Go to where you found the Godric Gryffindor card. Next, go back to the path and down to the next area. In this area go straight down into the tree (not the pointy one). At the base of this tree is the card.
Witch's and Wizard cards list:
1. Hesper Starkey
2. Parcelsus
3. Archibald Alderton
4. Elladora Ketteridge
5. Gaspard Shingleton
6. Glover Hipworth
7. Gregory the Smarmy
8. Laverne DeMontmorency
9. Ignatia Wildsmith
10. Sacharissa Tugwood

11. Gianmore Peakes
12. Balfour Blane
13. Felix Summerbee
14. Greta Catchlove
15. Honouria Nutcombe
16. Gifford Ollerton
17. Jocunda Sykes
18. Quong Po
19. Dorcas Wellbeloved

20. Merwyn the Malicious
21. Morgan le Fay
22. Crispin Cronk
23. Etheired the Ever-Ready
24. Beatrix Bloxam
25. Alberta Toothill
26. Xavier Rastrick
27. Yardley Platt
28. Dymphna Furmage

29. Fulbert the Fearful
30. Wendelin the Weird
31. Tilly Toke
32. Carlotta Pinkstone
33. Edgar Stroulger
34. Havelock Sweeting
35. Flavius Belby
36. Justus Pilliwickle
37. Norvel Twonk
38. Oswald Beamish

39. Cornelius Agrippa
40. Gulliver Pokeby
41. Newt Scamander
42. Gienda Chittock
43. Adalbert Waffling
44. Perpetua Fancourt
45. Cassandra Vablatsky
46. Mopsus
47. Blenheim Stalk
48. Alberic Grunnion

49. Merlin
50. Elfrida Clagg
51. Grogan Stump
52. Burdock Muldoon
53. Almerick Sawbridge
54. Artemisa Lufkin
55. Gondoline Oliphant
56. Montague Knightley
57. Harry Potter

58. Derwent Shimpling
59. Gunhilda of Gorsemoor
60. Cliodne
61. Beaumont Marjoribanks
62. Chauncey Oldridge
63. Mungo Bonham
64. Wilfred Elphick

65. Bridget Wenlock
66. Godric Gryffindor
67. Miranda Goshawk
68. Salazar Slytherin
69. Queen Maeve
70. Helga Hufflepuff
71. Rowena Ravenclaw
72. Hengist of Woodcroft
73. Daisy Dodderidge
74. Albus Dumbledore

75. Donaghan Tremlett
76. Mudsidora Barkwith
77. Gideon Crumb
78. Herman Wintringham
79. Kirley Duke
80. Myron Wagtail
81. Orsino Thurston
82. Celestina Warbeck
83. Heathcote Barbary
84. Merton Graves

85. Bowman Wright
86. Joscelind Wadcock
87. Gweong Jones
88. Cyprian Youdle
89. Devlin Whitehorn
90. Dunbar Oglethorbe
91. Leopldina Smethwyck
92. Roderick Plumpton
93. Roland Kegg

94. Herpo the Foul
95. Andros the Invincible
96. Ulrich the Oddball
97. Lord Stoddard Withers
98. Circe
99. Mirabella Plunkett
100. Bertie Bott
101. Thaddeus Thurkell

Easter eggs

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Earn 16 sickles in Knockturn Alley
When you're walking around outside Knockturn Alley, talk to the witch wearing green who's near the building with the cobwebs. Keep talking to her until she says something along the lines of "Oh look, a street urchin. Now get out of my sight." She will give you 16 sickles.


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when you play the game again after you have beaten the basilisk, in a fight, use the "Conjure Mana" card combo to get (almost) all the spells to level TRIA.
A Quick Way to Get Money FAST
Want to be able to buy things for your party members, but don't have the money? Well, one good way is to find and sell a dragon skin cloak. The way to do this is through a long trading sequence. You begin by buying a Chudley Cannons jersey for Ron in Diagon Alley. He'll give you a football card. After that, follow these steps: (I won't list the items, because it's not too important.)
1. Talk to the kid in the card shop in Diagon Alley.
2. Talk to the portrait in the storage room passageway on the right right side of the sixth floor.
3. Talk to Hagrid.
4. Talk to Filch. (You can leave, then come back and inspect the desk for a new spell. Filch will come in. Leave again, come back, and keep talking to him until he gives you gloves.)
5. Talk to the girl in the upper left corner of the third floor. She isn't always there, so if you don't see her come back another time.
6. Talk to the kid in the Non-Magical Studies classroom.
7. Talk to the kid in the Music classroom. Do NOT talk to him again, he has been known to freeze the game.
8. Talk to professor Binns. Congrats! You have your cloak. Sell it, because there's a way you can get another one, although I can't remember where you get it.
Hermione Infinite Magic, Ron Infinite Magic, Infinite Exp., Hermione Infinite Stamina, Infinite Mone
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
Hermione Infinite Magic

Ron Infinite Magic

Infinite Exp.

Hermione Infinite Stamina

Infinite Money

Ron Infinite Stamina


kill all tasks
To kill all all you halft to do isRESS:up,left,and b