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Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Unlock Chibi Trunks
Simply lose in Story 22
Beat Trunks as Burter
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chibi TrunksDefeat Trunks with Burter
Chibi TrunksLose in Story 22
Unlock(Chibi) Little TrunksUnlock Majin Vegeta
Unlock Hero Characters
All these Z Warriors,
UnlockableHow to unlock
GohanAutomatically unlocked on Story 1
SSJ GohanAutomatically unlocked in Story 17
SSJ2 GohanAutomatically unlocked in Story 18
GokuAutomatically unlocked in Story 3
SSJ GokuAutomatically unlocked in Story 10
SSJ2 GokuLose to Majin Vegeta once and continue, SSJ2 Goku will be unlocked
PiccoloAutomatically unlocked on Story 9
Piccolo KamiLose to Cell once and continue, Piccolo Kami will be unlocked
Evil King PiccoloBeat Ex. Trunks stories ONLY with SSJ Trunks then beat the game
KrillinAutomatically unlocked in Story 2 or Story 5
VegetaOn Story 13 (on the map), talk to Vegeta twice then speak to Tien
SSJ VegetaAutomatically unlocked with Vegeta
Majin VegetaLose to Majin Vegeta once and win
SSJ Gohan (Buu Saga)Automatically unlocked on Story 21
SSJ2 Gohan (Buu Saga)Beat Evil Buu with only SSJ Gohan (Buu Saga) (Only Story 27)
Mystic GohanAutomatically unlocked on Story 27
Future TrunksAfter unlocking Vegeta, he will be unlocked on Story 17
SSJ Future TrunksAutomatically unlocked when you get Future Trunks
GotenWin on Story 22 with Goten
SSJ3 GokuMust have unlocked all these above besides Evil King Piccolo
SSJ GotenAutomatically unlocked on Story 24
Kid TrunksLose on Story 22 with Goten
SSJ Kid TrunksWin on Story 22 with SSJ Goten
SSJ GotenksFinish Story 30 including Ex. Trunks Story and you reach to the Goku's Family picture, press start rapidly (Must have SSJ Goten and SSJ Kid Trunks)
SSJ3 GotenksAutomatically unlocked with SSJ Gotenks
SSJ VegitoFinish Story 30 including Ex. Trunks Story and you reach to the Goku's Family picture, press start rapidly (Must have SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta)
Unlock Nappa (2 ways)
Use Piccolo or Goku (any form) and Nappa will be unlocked
UnlockableHow to unlock
NappaUse Piccolo or Goku (Any form)
NappaVegeta, goku, piccolo.(any form) }
Unlock Villain Characters
All the villains,
UnlockableHow to unlock
NappaBeat with Goku, Vegeta or Piccolo
GuldoBeat with Krillin
RecoomeBeat with Goku
JeiceBeat with Goku
BurterBeat with Goku
GinyuBeat with Vegeta
Ginyu GokuBeat Goku with Ginyu
FriezaBeat with SSJ Adult Trunks
No. 16Beat with SSJ Goku (SSJ Goku MUST be in first slot when facing No. 16 and No. 18)
No. 17Beat with No. 20
No. 18Beat with Krillin (Krillin MUST be in first slot when facing No. 16 and No. 18)
No. 19Beat with SSJ Vegeta
No. 20Beat with No. 19
CellBeat with Piccolo Kami
Cell 2ndBeat No. 17 with Cell
Perfect CellBeat with Cell 2nd (Cell 2nd MUST be in first slot when facing No. 16 and No. 18)
Cell Jr.Beat with Perfect Cell
Fat BuuBeat with SSJ Chibi Trunks
Evil BuuBeat with Fat Buu
Evil Buu (Gotenks)Beat with SSJ Gotenks
Evil Buu (Gohan)Beat with SSJ Adult Gohan
Kid BuuBeat with Fat Buu or SSJ Vegeta
Unlocking SSJ Chibi Trunks
Simply defeat Trunks in story 22 as SSJ Goten and SSJ Trunks will be unlocking when you reach to the story 25
UnlockableHow to unlock
SSJ Chibi TrunksDefeat him as SSJ Goten and SSJ Trunks will be unlocked in Story 25 against Adult Trunks


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2 ways to get 2 after image
First:in the place you search for stone piccolo and krillin,first find them, then talk to trunks and do not say yes say no then go back to the start of the map and then you will see Videl talk to her and she will give an after image.

2:when Vegeta chases you go to that place that are rocks and you will see land.go next to the land and press A.
Alternate way to Unlock Frieza
On story ten, the second time through, once you unlock all of the Ginyu characters, beat Frieza with regular Captain Ginyu. You'll get a join note when you get him.
Halve the damage you take from Beam attacks!
Just when the beam hits your character (not before, not after; right when it hits), press the A button. If successful, your character will put his arms in front of him, making an 'X', and will block the worst of the attack; you will then only take half damage.
How to block attacks easly
You must have as many "AfterImage Avoid lvl up"s
in your deck as you can for this to work all the timewhen your in attack position and the enemy is gathering power use it and go tho the dmage gard or beam gard gard pwr up position to block their super move automaticlly of dodge it.
This works 97% of the time
How to get Kid Buu and how to defeate him.
Use SS vegeta in story 30 and defeate him without dying. You can defeate buu easy er if you have 3 enduraces and 3 avoiding. He will not use crasher buu all the time. ALso have all player at a level 3 or high to have a better chance of defeting him.
how to unlock gotenks and vegitto at the same time
when you play the ex. stories help all the men you see(3 of them)then read about how you can unlock the ginyu force then when you ands no. 17 and 18 use ssj goku in the first position and ssj vegeta in the second position when you defeat them in ex.1 you will now go to ex.story 2 and fight cell use ssj future trunks to defeat him then beat the game when you reach goku's family press start rapidly and it will say you now have gotenks and after gotenks it will say you unlocked vegeto i hope this helps
Piccolo gets attacked by Android 20
When you are playing as Gohan and searching for Android 20 in the mountains, talk to Krillin, then to Piccolo, then to Vegeta. Then return to where Krillin is, and when you stand in front of him, Piccolo will yell for help and you will fight Android 20. Do not find Tien in the mountain or this will not work.
Unlock Vegeta and Kami Piccolo alternatively
First, choose defeat type deck. Then, when Goku get's beat by Vegeta, Beat Vegeta2 with Goku(He should be able to fight) Play the rest of the game normally until you reach a map looking for No.20.Talk to Krillin multiple times, and then talk to vegeta multiple times and then talk to Tien(In a mountain) He should be unlocked. Kamiccolo should be unlocked before you fight Cell
using powerfull attack's without gathering power.
instead of putting your special attacks[s.kameha,big bang]in limited deck,put them in your joint deck so you can use them quicker.
How to unlock Vegeta first time trough the game in story 8: At the begin for the battle with Piccolo you have to choose decks. Choose the beam decks or else this won't work.
Than at Namek when the namekian attacks you choose right!!!

If you do this right you will unlock Vegeta in story 8 the first time trough the game


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unlock SS chibi Trunks
Beat him in story 22 with SS Goten and the SS form will be unlocked.
Alternate way to get No.17 and 18
In extra story 1 use Android #20 in first position and #19 in second position and defeat No.17 and 18.
Alternate way to unlock Kami Piccolo
If you have a hard time loosing then on your first time through Talk to Bulma then Trunks in story 14 and right before you battle save it and you'll have Kami Piccolo.
Another way to unlock 16 and 18 at the same time
Put Krillen in the first position then Goku ss2 in the secend position.
Another way to unlock all of the Cell's forms
In extra story one beat No.17 and 18 with Cell.

Note you cannot put someone in second position or you else will only unlock Imp Cell.
Cell Jr.
Another way to get Cell Jr. is to defeat him with ssj Gotenks if you don't have Perfect Cell.
DBZ hints and goods
.Dabura will mostly hit your opponent in battle mode
.Make sure to use Feint/Lock on/Reading ki(2 of 'em)in your deck or during battle before using Dabura
.Do not hit your opponent with a beam in the air or Damage on ground.(It is ok if you for instance use potpelly ATK in the air or rocket punch)
.Vegeta(Prince),and Buu(Gohan) will help a lot.
.If you want to get Ult. Kamehameha,V-ball crash,or special card,and you lose,Save when you first enter story 1.If your life drops,turn the gameboy off quickly.then turn back on.Do not save afterwards.

fat Buu's limit Evil buu's limit
1.Breath 1.Kamehameha
2.Sweat beam 2.Breath
3.crasher buu 3.Super kiball
Defeating Enimies
The best way to defeat an enemy is when they are on the ground, use a damage attack. If they are in the air, use a beam attack.
Defend large attack
With some enemies you can know when they are going to attack you with limited attacks (hurt alot!) When they gather power they don't wait to the next attack turn to use their attack but instead do it the next turn after.

With Kid Buu (the hardest enemy ever!) he doesn't have much limited attacks but still uses big attacks without having to gather power. You know when he is going to attack when he moves in his defence mode to the back row of the screen. He will usually do a certain attack (S.Kamehameha or Buu attack) when you are in a certain position. If you are on the ground he will usually do a damage attack and vice versa for beam attacks. (Ultimate Frieza does more damage attacks) Once you read this and know when they attack do the correct defences! E.g; Avoid beam, endurance guard, Taiyoken, teleport,shockwave etc.

Thankyou for reading this hint/guide and I hope it helps you!
From Vegito!
do aviod beam with out using c.c
gohan-press left ,right and b and a at the same time and do this really fast until beam hits.there's a 40% chance it will work
Easy battles
Choose either Goten or Chibi Trunks to battle in the battle mode. Have 3 of this cards in your deck qwk stop device, CC Fridge, Light vest and Yakon and battle and you'll battle andoids for all of your random battles.
Easy CC when gathering power
Put as one of your limits a 5 or 6 Stage Attack. When Gathering Power, instead of a 4 Stage Attack, use the 5 or 6 Stage Attack. That way, if you needed three more Card Costs, and your opponent will use a Mega Attack, you can defend, and will have enough C.C. to use you're Mega Attack.
Easy team battles
During Story 7, when you are fighting Jeice and Burter, switch characters every time you attack three times with the character you are currently using. Keep doing this until you defeat them. Note: This also works on other battles.
Evil King Piccolo
Complete the Future stages with Super Saiyan Future Trunks.
faster win
lets start if your faster then your opponent gather pawer.then move forword till your opponent is in frant of you and start hitting him. but if your opponent is faster then you move forwerd till your opponent is in front of you.
Future Stages
When you fight Cell after he returns after blowing up, use Super Saiyan Vegeta to fight him and you'll see a little conversation. After you defeat Cell, you will go to the extra stories of Future Stages.

future trunks
first when you are looking at cells shell talk to trunks alot.Until he starts talking bout the future.then in the hyperbolic time chamber Kee openning the bottemleft until you get trunks sword he will be unlocked later in the game (1st round)
Get Ginyu-Goku
In Story 11 after you beat the game once defeat Goku with Captain Ginyu. Ginyu-Goku will now be unlockable as a form for Captain Ginyu.
Get Guldo
In Story 5 after you beat the game once, defeat Guldo with Krillin.
Get Limit moves really easilly
Play the same character in every chapter. For example, if you were fighting Vegeta you will get one of his cards.
Getting Cards
To get a wide range of cards, beat the game. Then go to Battle and Beat many characters.
just beat the game with every one that you go against eg.if ur against goten use goten
how to get #16 and #18 at the same time (second time through)
the second time through when you fight #16 and #18 in the hyperbolic time chamber put krillen in the first position and gohan (ssj2) in the second position and when you defeat them it will say #16 now available then it seem like it goes back to the story but instead it will say #18 now available.
How to get all of Buu's forms
Majin Buu: Beat Majin Buu(Mr.Buu or Fat Buu)with either normal Chibi Trunks or normal Goten.

Evil Buu: Beat Evil Buu in story 27 with Fat Buu

Evil Buu (Gohan Absorbed): First unlock Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed), then use SSJ Gohan to defeat Evil Buu (Gohan Absorbed).

Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): First unlock Evil Buu, then use Gotenks to defeat Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed).

Pure Evil Buu: Once you have all of Evil Buu's forms beat Puer evil Buu with either Vegeta or Fat Buu.
how to get gotenks ss and ss3
when u get 2 trunks vs goten at the 15yrs or younger, win the fight. then when you r ss2 goku, lose ones then continue then win and you win have ss2 majin vegeta. then you need the suiside card (desprite atk) and kill majin buu(fat) with it. after u beat majin buu with it, you will get chibi trunks(young trunks). then when u beat the game, press start a lot when you see the picture of goku and his family at the end of the creidits and if u did it right, it will tell u u have him at ss(ss3 comes with ss).

P.S. u can also get vegeto the same way but u need ss2 goku and ss vegeta.
Infinite Cards in card list
First get nine of each cards. Next get nine of each card 3 more times. Third select a card and put the card in the joint deck. Then return to the card list and you'll see that you still have nine of each card.
Infinite HP
First you'll need a gameshark and then inout 01FFCECA
majin c.c
when your in story 23 play as ss2goku but vageta takes a long time becouse he dosent whant to hort u so take the time to get more c.c and then take him uuuuuooooottttt.
Majin Vegeta
On story 23 vs Majin Vegeta play as SS2 goku lose to Majin Vegeta once play again and win Majin Vegeta will be unlocked
Note:It will not say Majin vegeta unlocked but he is unlocked when you vs fat buu
Memos at future stages
When you are walking around in Trunks' extra story (before you fight the Androids), there will be a secret memo in a nook at the bottom of the screen. It will tell you how to acquire Guldo, Reccoome, Jeice, Burter, Ginyu, and Frieza.
Information in this section was contributed by Mike Donovan.

Move Enemy Forward
When you are forward, and enemy isn't, choose movement on defense. You can move even further, but next turn, opponent will have moved forward.
Cheat added by,
Majin Vegeta1990
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Play as character number 50the
This code will screw up your game but input 013201CC.
Play as User
input 013101CC this is going to screw up your game so advice you to not try this code.
Special Card
To get Special Card, choose defeat type deck and beat the game without losing. When the picture of Goku's family appears after the credits, press start until you hear a sound. A screen should appear and say that you got the card.
SS3 Goku
To get ss3 Goku Get every good person in the game. They are Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Goku, Vegeta,Gohan Adult, Future Trunks, Goten, Younger Trunks, Gotenks, and Vegito. Then get every form of them like ss2 Adult Gohan or Majin Vegeta. Then get up to story 30 in story mode. Check and you should have ss3 Goku.
Start new game without erasing data
Successfully complete the game. After the credits press Start(2), then press A. Your battle, new game, multiplayer, and continue will be saved.
Team battle mode modifier code
To modify team battle mode you first need a Gameshark. Next Input 0102BEC0.
Temporary superstats for Piccolo
First have Piccolo battle then put 9 recovery cards and power up and goto the front of the battle field. Second purposely get hit by an energy atk or damage atk then use the dende card or Medical Mach.cards and Regeration cards and keep doing this for about 9 turns and you'll have Temporary superstats.
The third way to get Trunks
This is the third way to get Trunks. On your first time through the game WIN in story22 with Goten (normal). Then on your second time through the game lose in story22 with Goten (normal), you will recive a join note when you get him.
Two Quick stop divices
Ok when you get to the ex.Story 1 you will automaticly get one from Bulma (Trunks' mom whith huge boobies =P) and beat the game.
On your 2nd,4th,6th and 8th time trough the game (if you go trhough that long) you will win another quik stop dvc when you beat 16&18 in the HyperbolikTymeChamber!

Pritty kewl Huh?
Unlock Adult Gohan
Successfully complete the game until story 21 and he'll be unlocked right before you fight Goten
Unlock all of the androids in second time through
First unlock Vegeta and unlock them in the order I wrote them and this cheat would work.
Unlock No.19: beat No.19 in story 12 with SS Vegeta
Unlock No.20: beat No.20 with 19 in story 13
Unlock No.16: beat him Imp Cell in story 16
Unlock Cell: First talk to Piccolo twice in story 13 then talk to Bulma and Trunks in story 14 and use Kami Piccolo against Cell
Unlock Imp Cell: beat No.17 in story 15 with Cell
Unlock Perfect Cell: beat No.16 and 18 with Imp Cell.
Unlock Cell Jr: beat Cell Jr with Perfect Cell
Unlock No.17 and No.18: In extra story one beat No.17 and No.18 with No.20 in first position and No.19 in second position.
Unlock Buu
Beat Buu with Chibi Trunks or Goten.
Unlock Evil King Piccolo
Steps to unlock evil king Piccolo
1) Make sure you have Kami Piccolo form
2) Make sure you have SS form of Mirai Trunks
3) Beat Cell with any form of Vegeta
4) Beat the extra stories with SS Mirai Trunks
5) Succesfully beat the whole game
6) When it restarts to story one talk to Piccolo and right before you fight Piccolo Select him and press left and you'll see Evil King form has been unlocked.
7) Save your game.
Unlock Frieza
After you have unlocked all of the Ginyu Force Defeat Frieza with Super Saiyan Future Trunks.
Unlock Goten
In story 22 win the Goten vs. chibi Trunks fight.
Unlock SS2 Adult Gohan
In story 27 beat Super Buu wii Super Saiyan Adult Gohan and you'll unlock this form
Unlock SS2 Goku
Succesfully complete the game till story 24 and SS2 form will be available.
Unlock Strongest Warrior Gohan
Beat Evil Buu in story 27 and you'll permanently have Mystic Gohan
Unlock Super Buu
In story 26 or 27 beat him with Fat Buu.
Unlock Trunks and Vegeta first time through
Beat story 16 with SS Goku in first position and Kid Gohan in second and after you defeated No.16 and 18 and right before you fight Cell they'll join you.
Unlocking Each Character
  • Android #16: Defeat Android #16 and Android #18 with Goku in first position.
  • Android #17: Use Android #20 to defeat Android #17.
  • Android #18: Defeat #16 and #18 with Krillin in first position.
  • Android #19: Defeat #19 as SSJ Vegeta.
  • Android #20: Defeat Android #20 as Android #19.
  • Burter and Jeice: Defeat Burter and Jeice with Goku.
  • Cell: Defeat Cell's first form as with Piccolo.
  • Cell 2: Play as Cell and defeat Android #17.
  • Cell Jr.: Defeat Cell Jr. with Perfect Cell.
  • Captain Ginyu: Defeat Ginyu-Goku and Jeice with Vegeta.
  • Evil Buu (Gohan Absorbed): First unlock Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed), then use SSJ Gohan to defeat Evil Buu (Gohan Absorbed).
  • Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): First unlock Evil Buu, then use Gotenks to defeat Evil Buu (Gotenks Absorbed).
  • Evil King Piccolo: Complete the Future stages with SSJ Future Trunks.
  • Fat Buu: Defeat Fat Buu with Young Trunks.
  • Frieza: Defeat Frieza with Super Saiyan Future Trunks.
  • Future Android #17 and #18: Use Android #19 and #20 to win the battle in EX Story 1.
  • Ginyu-Goku: Defeat Goku as Captain Ginyu.
  • Goten: Win the Goten vs. Trunks fight.
  • Guldo: Defeat Guldo with Krillin.
  • Hercule: You have to unlock all characters first. Once this is done, beat Turnks in Story 22 with the Ginyu Force (Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jeice and both Ginyu forms).
  • Nappa: Defeat Nappa with Piccolo.
  • Perfect Cell: Defeat Android #16 and #18 with Cell 2 in the first position of your team.
  • Pure Evil Buu: Unlock Evil Buu (Gohan Absorbed), then defeat Pure Evil Buu with SSJ Vegeta or Fat Buu.
  • Recoome: Defeat Recoome with Goku.
  • Trunks: Lose the battle of Goten versus Trunks.
  • vegeta and trunks
    for these characters u need to do this:

    in story 12-13 when u need to find no.20 talk to krillin once, then vegeta twice, then piccolo twice and go back to krillin. then u will see piccolo is in danger and no.20 will be at piccolo instead of tien. u will also get a nice card. then go farther and at the start of the cell games u well get both vegeta and trunks.