Blade Cheats

Blade cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for GBC.

Blade Passwords

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Level Passwords
Use these passwords to get the level you want.
PasswordWhat it does
WQSX4!VD!0CJBLevel 4
20X00646S8C3ZLevel 5
8!604?QJ!?CL5Level 6
9?!1MWGKT?C1CLevel 7
w1!1m60kt8c20Level 10
Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on December 28, 2008

Blade Tips

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Hidden Sequence
Wait until the end of the credits to view the end of the story.
Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 05, 2004

Blade Cheats

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see Ending

From the Main menu select Passwords and enter:

Submitted by: Smoke on December 26, 2002
Tenth level
Enter w1!1m60kt8c20 as your password.
Submitted by: Smoke on December 26, 2002