Azure Dreams Cheats

Azure Dreams cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.

Azure Dreams Tips

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Get Max (255) Defence/Attack.
After a certain way into the basement in the tower, the moster shop in Moisoba will start to sell Arachne and Alloyer monsters. These double your taemons attack and defence respectivly when fused.

Also fuse a Barong with a taemon to give the newly fused taemon the special ability "DoubleEXP"
Submitted by: Soul_Maester on April 20, 2004

Azure Dreams Cheats

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Kid egg
Defeat three special souvenears and find the bells. Get thm and bring them to the old man. Now you have to go on a ques and then return to the old man, and then he will give you a kidd egg.

Submitted by: bibbity on May 27, 2005
Rare Monster Capture
Use an Ovaseed to capture Guardians and Souvenirs. Throw it at the monsters to catch them.
Submitted by: Smoke on December 26, 2002
To skip the lesson
Just move the colour so it is not over the first monster and he will not say the lesson

Submitted by: bibbity on May 27, 2005