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Level Passwords

Use these passwords to obtain the wanted level.
PasswordWhat it does
M,N,J,D,I,H,A,B,A,H,I,H,I,H,I,H,I,H,I,FUnlocks Level 1
I,H,O,L,B,F,H,I,H,C,P,C,P,C,P,C,P,C,P,NUnlocks Level 2
I,H,F,E,M,F,H,I,H,G,C,P,C,P,P,P,C,P,C,LUnlocks Level 3
N,M,F,E,M,O,M,N,M,C,E,F,E,F,B,F,E,F,E,GUnlocks Level 4
A,B,P,C,O,O,B,A,B,H,A,B,O,L,K,E,F,E,F,LUnlocks Level 5
N,M,C,P,I,J,N,M,N,N,N,M,I,H,K,L,O,L,O,NUnlocks Level 6
H,I,F,E,M,N,I,H,I,N,B,A,H,I,I,D,J,D,J,HUnlocks Level 7
H,I,F,E,M,N,I,H,I,N,I,H,A,B,P,L,O,L,O,AUnlocks Level 8
H,I,K,G,D,A,J,N,M,G,E,F,L,O,D,O,L,O,L,CUnlocks Level 9
O,L,M,N,D,O,M,I,H,L,P,C,G,K,M,G,K,G,K,HUnlocks Level 10
O,L,J,D,I,J,A,M,N,F,D,L,N,M,P,G,K,G,K,HUnlocks Level 11
I,H,M,N,D,F,H,O,L,J,P,C,G,K,I,K,G,K,G,LUnlocks Level 12
O,L,N,M,K,L,C,L,O,A,F,E,K,G,D,A,B,A,B,FUnlocks Level 13
B,A,E,F,P,E,D,E,F,A,F,E,K,G,D,O,L,O,L,LUnlocks Level 14
O,L,A,B,E,P,E,G,K,A,F,E,K,G,D,A,B,A,B,HUnlocks Level 15
D,J,D,J,O,H,K,H,I,C,N,M,I,H,B,L,O,B,A,FUnlocks Level 16
D,J,N,M,K,N,I,I,H,A,F,E,K,G,D,N,M,I,H,FUnlocks Level 17
N,M,A,B,E,F,M,K,G,J,G,K,E,F,O,D,J,N,M,LUnlocks Level 18
I,H,F,E,M,C,B,G,K,G,J,D,D,J,E,C,P,P,C,NUnlocks Level 19
D,J,E,F,P,L,P,L,O,C,N,J,N,M,B,E,F,L,O,HUnlocks Level 26
I,H,K,G,D,I,N,M,N,F,A,H,A,B,M,G,K,E,F,LUnlocks Level 20
M,N,A,B,E,L,P,P,C,A,F,L,F,E,D,J,D,D,J,LUnlocks Level 21
M,N,O,L,B,O,J,N,M,C,N,J,N,M,B,K,G,C,P,HUnlocks Level 22
D,J,C,P,I,A,D,N,M,H,L,F,L,O,K,M,N,J,D,GUnlocks Level 23
M,N,K,G,D,F,M,A,B,J,G,C,G,K,O,A,B,O,L,JUnlocks Level 24
O,L,H,I,M,E,G,E,F,L,H,A,H,I,P,B,A,H,I,HUnlocks Level 25
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on December 28, 2008


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Explosion Glitch

As you proceed though the game, you will get Bonus Stages, in which you are invincible, if you have gotten the

Remote Bomb
Pass Through Bomb

icons through normal levels, set up as many bombs as you can in a Bonus Stage and set them off while standing on a bomb, being invincible, you will not die, constantly set a bomb over and over, the last bombs explosion will set the new bomb off, enabling you to let off multiple bombs at once even past your bomb limit. If you move while setting the bombs off, it only works for about 3 seconds, and then you have to start the chain again. This is a perfect way to rack your points.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: CrystalLaser on September 16, 2006