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Army Men: Air Combat (GBC) Cheats

Army Men: Air Combat cheats, and Codes for GBC.


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Various codes
At the Password screen, use the following icons to open the corresponding level of the game.

Level 2: Crate, Cross, Crate, Crate
Level 3: Missile, Missile, Missile, Cross
Level 4: Insignia, Missile, Crate, Crate
Level 5: Cross, Insignia, Cross, Missile
Level 6: Helmet, Missile, Insignia, Helmet
Level 7: Crate, Cross, Missile, Cross
Level 8: Missile, Insignia, Cross, Helmet Level 9: Insignia, Insignia, Missile, Missile Level 10: Cross, Helmet, Cross, Helmet Level 11: Helmet, Insignia, Cross, Helmet Level 12: Crate, Cross, Insignia, Insignia Level 13: Missile, Cross, Helmet, Helmet Level 14: Insignia, Crate, Cross, Insignia Level 15: Cross, Crate, Insignia, Helmet Level 16: Helmet, Cross, Missile, Insignia