Army Men 2 Cheats

Army Men 2 cheats, and Codes for GBC.

Army Men 2 Cheats

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From the main menu select Password and enter:

All field levels and Assualt levels can now be accessed.

Submitted by - ArmyManIsHere
Submitted by: Smoke on December 26, 2002
Level Cheats 29-31
Level 29- Chopper, Mortar, Chopper, Jeep

Level 30- Tank, Tank, Grenade, Mortar

Level 31- Chopper, Jeep, Grenade, Rifle
Submitted by: skittles07 on June 29, 2007
Level Passwords
1 Mortar, Tank, Mortar, Jeep
2 Jeep, Jeep, Mortar, Plane
3 Tank, Grenade, Tank, Mortar
4 Rifle, Mortar, Jeep, Plane
5 Mortar, Rifle, Plane, Jeep
6 Mortar, Grenade, Rifle, Chopper
7 Plane, Grenade, Rifle, Tank
8 Grenade, Mortar, Chopper, Mortar
9 Tank, Mortar, Rifle, Tank
10 Jeep, Chopper, Tank, Mortar
11 Rifle, Mortar, Grenade, Mortar
12 Jeep, Chopper, Grenade, Chopper
13 Plane, Plane, Grenade, Mortar
14 Plane, Rifle, Plane, Chopper
15 Rifle, Chopper, Chopper, Tank
16 Chopper, Chopper, Rifle, Grenade
17 Rifle, Tank, Plane, Mortar
18 Rifle, Rifle, Grenade, Jeep
19 Rifle, Jeep, Chopper, Grenade
20 Chopper, Grenade, Rifle, Jeep
21 Mortar, Grenade, Chopper, Jeep
22 Rifle, Tank, Chopper, Rifle
23 Plane, Jeep, Tank, Mortar
24 Chopper, Rifle, Jeep, Mortar
25 Tank, Grenade, Plane, Grenade
26 Plane, Tank, Rifle, Mortar
27 Tank, Tank, Jeep, Tank
28 Jeep, Tank, Jeep, Mortar
Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 05, 2004