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Glitch level

Type Salem, gem, Salem, gem as a password.Press start to be taken to the glitch level!You have 99 kids to rescue on this level, and be warned, this WILL NOT be easy.When you go through the transport near the start of this level, you can keep pressing left to go down a drop into another floor.

Keep walking.Don't try to jump too much into the darkness as the screen will go blank!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Crystal on February 12, 2005

Level Menu

go to password then on the first box go up: 2 go to the next box go up: 3 the next one:4 and the last one go up:5
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: luffyluffy on February 08, 2006

Levels, lots and lots of levels.

Level 1-2: Sabrina, Sabrina, Salem, Jem
Level 1-3: Sabrina, Salem, Salem, Red Head Boy
Level 1-4: Sabrina, Harvey, Salem, Harvey
Level 2-1: Salem, Cloey, Sabrina, Salem
Level 2-2: Harvey, Salem, Red Head Boy, Red Head Boy
Level 2-3: Harvey, Harvey, Red Head Boy, Sabrina
Level 2-4: Harvey, Cloey, Red Head Boy, Salem
Level 3-1: Cloey, Jem, Jem, Harvey
Level 3-2: Jem, Harvey, Cloey, Sabrina
Level 3-3: Jem, Cloey, Cloey, Salem
Level 3-4: Jem, Jem, Cloey, Salem
Level 4-1: Red Head Boy, Red Head Boy, Harvey, Cloey
Level 4-2: Sabrina, Cloey, Jem, Salem
Level 4-3: Sabrina, Jem, Jem, Harvey
Level 4-4: Sabrina, Red Head Boy, Jem, Cloey
Verified by: RikaNiriki Submitted by: Smoke on February 02, 2003