Force 21 Cheats

Force 21 cheats, Codes, Passwords, and Codes for GBC.

Force 21 Command codes

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Unlock Cheat Menu
Enter Left, B, Left, B, and A at the Main Menu.
Submitted by: anonymous on September 19, 2013

Force 21 Passwords

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Level Passwords
America - Mission 2LXCR
America - Mission 3PTKL
America - Mission 4LSGY
America - Mission 5DVSM
America - Mission 6DRCR
America - Mission 7TNNK
America - Mission 8VRLZ
China - Mission 2SMJN
China - Mission 3CHGG
China - Mission 4MRKB
China - Mission 5WYNL
China - Mission 6NTST
China - Mission 7JSTN
China - Mission 8SFFY
Submitted by: anonymous on December 27, 2002