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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap cheat codes.


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All the money you'll ever need
If you dig to the left of the door to Link's house you will find 20 Rupees. Go into the house and then go outside to find the rupees over and over again.
Another Way to make money
To do this dig around the outside of your house to find 20 rupees. It will always be there. Keep doing this until u have enough.
Attacking Cuccos
If you attack the Cucco's that Anja has they will soon swarm and try and kill you. To avoid dying run into a house.
Beat Darknuts in Record Time!
Just before you fight the final boss Vaati, you are required to defeat three Darknuts as quickly as possible before time runs out. This can be pretty difficult, but this tip will help.

Drop a Remote Bomb and use yourself as bait to make the Darknuts walk over it. This is very helpful as you decide when the Remote Bombs go off, and will stun the Darknuts for a brief half a second allowing you to get a few sword slashes in before they recuperate.

This is the quickest and easiest way to defeat them, and is great since you won\'t need Remote Bombs while fighting Vaati himself anyway.
Beating Vaati
Alright here's wat u need to know about how to beat Vaati:

First of Vaati has 3 stages you must defeat him in. He 'transforms' into the Vaati we know and hate in Four Swords at level 2.

1st Form: He's just going to float around with his 'minions' surrounding him. Kill the minions circling around him to expose his eye. Then slash away at it till it closes. Then comes the teleport. He will start teleporting around the room so you have to chase him. Then he gets rocks around his minions. Use the Gust Jar to suck them all up and slash away!

2nd Form: There's the Vaati that we are all to familiar with! Anyway you need to use the bow here. Shoot at the spheres covering his body to expose 4 eyes. Then split into 4 and slice and dice em. He has a few attacks:
1: He will shoot out dark spikes.
2: He will shoot a ball of lightning.
3: He will make rocks fall.
Nothing to dangerous. Slash the dark spikes for more arrows if you need them

3rd Form: Now he is mad. Before you head to the sanctuary to initiate this battle instead head to the room south of the sanctuary. There should be a few bottles there. Smash em for fairies, bombs, and arrows. This battle is somewhat long and annoying. First of all you gotta kill his hands. Use the Cane of Pacci to stun them, then shrink, then go inside the hand. Kill the monster with the glowing eye (not the ones with the gray ones) and the hand will collapse. Repeat this process for the other hand as well. Now comes the annoying part. You have to split into 4 and deflect back at the eyes their beams. This can be annoying because 1 shot can go amstray. Anywho, Mr. Vaati doesn't want to die and he will shoot an entire volley of lightning balls at you. Just deflect the beams and slash away. (Make sure to bring fairies and maybe a charm in this battle)
Blue link
Nayrues charm makes your clothes blue but beware the color blue red or purple from either din nayru or farore will go away after a sertan time
This are all the bottles you can get:

1. Buy one from a Deku Scrub in Trilby Highlands (must have this one to complete the Fire Element)

2. Get one from Stockwell by entering the roof of the store when small and then get the bottle from Stockwell with food in it. Then go to his house in Lake Hylia and feed the dog. Then you have the bottle.

3. Fuse kinstones with smith so there will be a chest. In the chest is a Bottle.

4. Have all the Gorons in the cave to get the last one.
Cucco Wrangling
White Cuccos never fly out of your hands if you grab them, but golden ones do. For golden Cuccos, catch them, walk a short distance, throw them, and repeat.
Different costumes for link
Red:Drink Din's charm inside of the cafe and get out of the cafe

Purple:Drink Farore's charm inside of the cafe and get out of the cafe

I am not so sure about Nayru

Note:you will stay in that costume when you save or switch off the GBA/Ds
easier walking on ice
take out your OCARINA OF WIND. when you go on ice and you go near a corner, play the ocarina and you will stop and not slip.
Extra Bottle
Once you have the cane of Pacci Shrink, go to Stockwell's. Then grow. On a crate you will see a bottle of dog food. Take it and feed his dog Fifi. You get to keep the bottle.
Extra whole life container
Items used/flippers or rocs cape
If you fuse kinstones with the forest minish 3 times(The one in the mushroom near the dock on the island can be fused 2or3 times) and a whole will apear next to the wind crest in lakeHylia.(if it dosnt apear then keep on fusing with the forest minish) Go in to the whole after you step in to minish mode and make your way across the cavern.(easier if you have rocs cape that way you could just jump over everyting ,thats how I did it)Go in to the mushroom and talk to the only guy in the room. He will then give to you his most cherished posetion, the heart container
Fusing Kinstones
make sure you fuse kinstones with someone A.S.A.P because if you dont, as soon as you meet them, they wont fuse with you later(i only need 4 more left).
P.S you can also fuse with:borken(stockwells dog),the deku scrub on mount crenal(i dont know which one), and the dog in romios house(opposite anju's house)
Golden Monsters
Golden Monsters will appear at various locations throughout Hyrule as a result of certain Kinstone fusions. They're much more aggressive than their regularly counterparts, and they can withstand a lot more damage. They'll usually cough up a big rupee if you can defeat them, thought.
Golden Tektites
I find that the easiest way to defeat Golden Tektites is to wildly swing your sword near you. You could also find its move limit (out of its boundary; I've only done this with one at Mt. Crenel).
Hidden Faries
You can dash onto a tree (try minish woods) to shake off fairies from it.
How To Get Rich
There are three ways to get rich quick:
(1)The Quickest: Play the Cuckoo game to get rich Quick
(2)The Slowest: Go To Mayor Hagen's office in Hyrule Town and go to the right you'll see 2 Masks Run With your Pegasus Boots and knock em down get the rupees and go Out and repeat untill you get rich
(3)The Hard Way Length: Fight Golden Monsters
Knowing any monster in disguise
Using your Gust Jar on rocks or weeds will show you the monsters hidingin the enviroment objects. Try to step away from any skulls because you might never know what is in it or they are shaking to hit you.
Max rupees at the beggining of the game.
okay when you start the game you can only hold 100 rupees in your wallet.You can buy a bigger wallet for 80rupees.
Step 1 for 100rupees: You have to get near the mine at Mt. Crenel.
Step 2: Go to the room where you have to throw the bomb at the switch to cross the bridge.
Step 3: Pick up the Right pot and throw it it holds 20 rupees.
Step 4: Leave room and enter again. Break pot and get 20more.
Step 5: Get 100

Go buy the bigger wallet. It allows you to hold 300 rupees. The next wallet allows you to hold 500. There is a fairy fountain in The Far NORTH part of Minish Woods. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. You have to have completed the fire element cave up to where you get the Cane of Pacci. You have to use Elzo to get across the water. Go through Lake Hylia and in to the the Tree. There will be a fairy spring. it asks you to throw all your rupees in there say yes. She will give you a bag that holds 500 rupees.

Go back to where you got the first 100, and get the next 500.

For the next one you have to have gotten a kinstone. you need a red Kinstone that looks like an E. Fuse kinstones with the mayor of hyrule an you can get the next wallet that holds max rupees. go back to Mt. Crenel and get the rest!

Now you can get that bigger bomb bag that you wanted. or a boomerang.

If you get the 500rupee wallet go buy a boomerang first because it makes getting the cane easier.

I recommend that you get the ocarina of wind first because it makes the travel easier.
Mirror shield
Once you have fused kinstones with 1 of the farmers and 5 mysterious walls witch you can find in caves there will be 6 gorons in a cave in LonLonRanch. If you have also fused the 4 elements with the sword you can fuse kinstones with the right most goron. If you fuse with him a huge goron will apear at the top of VeilFalls. If you talk with the biggoron he will say that you should come back after you have acomplished a great feat. Unfortunatly that big feat is beating the game. If you do what he says he will ask if he can eat your sheild. Let him and come back in about a half hour and talk to him. He will give your sheild back as a mirror sheild.
piece of heart easy
when u get the roc's cape jump through hyrule's bell it will ring and a piece of heart will fall out
Remote Bombs And Magical Boomerang
Remote Bombs:
Fuse kinstones with the minish elder, then walk out his house through the shortcut,(To the left) go into the minish house here, and talk to the minish. He's the same minish that gave you bombs earlier on in the game.

Magical Boomerang:
Fuse kinstones with Tingle,(South Hyrule field) *Knuckle,(Lon Lon Ranch) *Ankle,(Trilby Highlands) and David Jr.(Lake Hylia)
Enter the trees you opened in north hyrule field, open the chests and step on the switches in each. A ladder will appear inbetween the four trees; using it gets you to the chest with the magical boomerang.

* I may have mixed Ankle and Knuckle, but does it really matter?
Rupee or Rupee Like?
To tell if a Rupee is a Rupee or Rupee Like, you can throw your Boomerang (or Magic Boomerang) at it.
Short on kinstones?
If you ever need more kinstones (preferably after you beat the game, so you have less other things to do):
A. Get 800 rupees. (you can use the Link's House infinite rupee trick, which is detailed somewhere else on this page).
1. Go to Hyrule Town.
2. Buy four bottles of yellow picolyte.
3. Get to the Wind Ruins.
4. Drink one bottle of yellow picolyte.
5. Go to the one screen where you have the snakes and a bunch of long patches of grass.
6. Run over each long patch of grass with your pegasus boots. You should see a ton of kinstones pop up!
7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you're out of picolyte.
8. Get 800 rupees again.
9. Repeat steps 1-8 until you have all the kinstones you want.
The best way to make money
Once you get the biggest wallet and learn the great spin attack all you have to do is go into town and buy the yellow picolyte it costs 200 rupees. Then go to trilby highlands and kill all the enemys in the area so they wont get in your way. You should be in an area under a really miniature little waterfall that makes a puddle go to the part below there where theres a bunch of grass. When you use your yellow picolyte then use your great spin attack to cut all the grass you get nothing but red rupees out of the grass. then go buy more yellow picolyte and do it again and you show have 999 rupees now. The more you do it the better you'll get at it. I beat the game like ten times and i got everything even all kinstones fused and every figurine and this is surely the fastest way to get 999 rupees. I still need 1/4 a heart to get all hearts though and the only thing i haven't figured out is how to house all the girls i only can get two of them houses at a time.
The Everything you need to know about Figurine Eggs
You know how you go to Corlov's figurine place and you want to know knida what figurine your gonna get? Well, me being the wierdo I am decided to make that part easy for you. There are four colors of Eggs that the figurine's come in; Gold, Green, Blue, and Red. I have figured out what comes out of what color of egg, and it is the same basic thing every time so this should be easy!
Gold Eggs: Gold Eggs are Special characters that can only be aquired(character and figurine) after a kinfusion, they can also be Bosses and Minibosses.

Green Eggs: These eggs are always the basic run of the mill enemies.

Blue Eggs: Blue eggs are the basic caracters of the game(basically anyone you can talk to, besides the gold egg characters.)

Red Eggs: Red Eggs are always sets. Like the Peaceful Hyruls series, and the Lon Lon Ranch and the Spookter and Specter peices. You will notice that they are all sets.
The Tingle Trophy
You know when you go to Tingle & he tells you how many kinstones you have left to fuse. After you fuse with everyone go talk to Tingle & he will give you a trophy.
Underground monsters
To defeat Like Likes, Beetles, etc. in the underground areas (or areas that you need to dig) easily, attack them from behind a wall or wall of dirt (or cloud).
Unlimated mysterious shells
It's simple. just perform the infinite money cheat By digging on the first spot to the left out-side of link's house. Then go to the store and buy 30 mysterious shells for 200. Once your out of money just perform the money cheat again and again.
Unlockable: Picolyte Items, Rupees, and More.
In Hyrule Town, a man sells an item called Picolyte (3 more picolytes can be unlocked after helping the forest minish that experiments about his Pico bloom in Minish Village). Buy one of the picolytes and head for Trilby Highlands. Go to where you can find a field of grass. Use your picolyte (by drinking eat in your empty bottle) and charge your sword for a Great Spin Attack. Repeat pressing your sword in the field of grass for easy Items,Rupees, or etc. (Can only be unlocked by cleaning one of the stands in the right side of the vegetable store. Use your GUST JAR)
Wallet upgrades
You can buy the first wallet in the shop for 80 rupees witch enables you to carry 200 rupees. The great fairy in minish woods will expand your wallet to 500 rupees at a time. The last one is a kinstone fusion, you have to fuse with belari on the outskirts of minish village and a chest will apear next to the first wind temple in Wind ruins. P.S. You can only fuse with him if you have beaten the temple of Droplets.
When You Give A Shield For Goron To Eat
You have to warp around Hyrule for about 2:00 hours and you cant buy a new shield or you dont get the mirror shield
Zappers to Fairies
The skulls which electrucute you turn into fairies when you hit them with your boomerang.It might be only with your magic bommerang though.


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Dying on Water
In The Temple of Droplets, when your on a water lily and you come back from a place you need it for you go far from the place then commit suicide you will be dying on the water.


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Get the Swiftblade's Swordsman Newsletter
When you are around the Cave of Flames or Temple of Droplets area of the game, the postman will let you fuse with him. Just wait for him to come by, and walk in front of him. Once you have fused, a woman will appear at the post office. Go there, and she will ask you if you'd like a copy of the Swordsman Newsletter. You must pay 200 rupees, and wait for the post man to deliver the newsletter to the post office. He doesn't take long so you can receive your first copy. There are 8 to collect, and each costs 200 rupees. They are actually pretty helpful, and are written by Hyrule Town's Swiftblade.
6 more figures
When you go to Carlov's figurine shop, you will notice that there are around 130 figurines to collect. When you beat the game 6 more figurines will be made available.
become evil link
use din's charm in the cafe. note 1 this only works while in the cafe. note 2 you can only do this after you find din a home.
Carlove medal
If you get all figerinens you get a carlove medal
Continue Game
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to end. Save the game when prompted. Your cleared saved game file will be denoted by a triangle. When this file is loaded, you can continue playing, and defeat Vaati again if desired.
Easy Picolyte Items
To get the largest amount of items from Picolytes, buy the Picolyte that you need, then exit town through the top left corner. Go south of the exit and go down the stairs (you must have the rock pushed in the hole), head to the big field of grass is where the Poet used to live. Kill ALL the enemies in the area and enter a near by cave. Exit the cave and head to the big field again. With enemies out of the way, use the Picolyte and start chopping grass.

This is the most effective way to get the most of your Picolyte.
get 20 ruppies on south hyrule or more
Go to Smiths house don't go in side the house just stand in front of the door then turn left.
Then epuip the mole mitts then dig a hole then u will find 20 or 5 ruppies.
have all scrolls 82002b44
press L+a to shrink,L+b to normal size
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Mirror Shield
1st Beat the game and have the 6 gorons appear.
2nd Get a shield if eaten by Likelike.
3rd Fuse kinstones with the 6th goron from your left.
4th Goto Veil Falls and let Biggoron eat your shield.
5th Beat the game again.
Last go back to Veil Falls and talk to Biggoron to get the Mirror Shield.
Mt. Crenel Money
You need to learn the rock breaker and have an Ocarina of Wind. go to Mt Crenel and the part you need the boomerang hit the two pots after the bridge every time there will be a red rupee. Keep going in and out intil you have enough.
Save your health!
Before the final Vaati Boss you will come across a Mini-boss swinging a Chain thingy.

Just equipe your cape and jump over it!