The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Cheats

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Fairy Pond locations
Scattered throughout Hyrule are hidden ponds that house Fairies. Fairy Ponds are extremely valuable, and knowing where to find them can mean the difference between life and death while adventuring.

Below is a list of all the Fairy Ponds found in the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
Fairy PondLocation
Bomb Shop PondCharge toward the cluster of rocks located northwest of the Bomb Shop to open a passage to a Fairy Pond.
Desert of Mystery PondFound inside of a cave just before the entrance to the Desert of Mystery
Desert Palace PondLocated on B1F in the Desert Palace
Ganon's Tower PondBomb the north wall on B1F, in the room preceding the Armos minibosses, to find this pond.
Lake Hylia PondThe pond is inside of the cave that holds the Ice Rod, in the northeast corner of the lake.
Link's House PondCharge toward the cluster of rocks located northwest of Link's House to open a passage to a Fairy Pond.
Palace of Darkness PondLocated on B1F in the Palace of Darkness
Pond of HappinessBomb the east wall of the Pond of Happiness cave located near Lake Hylia
Swamp of Misery PondJust northeast of the entrance to Misery Mire is a doorway to a Fairy Pond.
Turtle Rock Pond #1Make your way to the large gray stone located just west of Turtle Rock, and lift it up to reveal a set of stairs. Proceed north from the entrance to the invisible pathway, and bomb the north wall. Bomb the north wall of the room containing the cross-shaped intersection to reveal a path to a Fairy Pond.
Turtle Rock Pond #2From Turtle Rock Pond #1, return to the cross-shaped intersection and bomb the west wall. Bomb the north wall in the next room to find this pond.


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Dashing into trees can earn you money, but it can also earn you bees! They'll pop out with around ten of 'em, so don't get stung!

Why this is useful:
+ Free bees!
+ Easy catch.

Why this is useless:
- Auch!
- No more treasure from that tree until returning from another screen.
Blind Spot In Tile Trap Rooms
In rooms with the poltregeist tiles, stand at the edge of the room and face the center of the room. The tiles will bounce harmlessly off the shield.
Boss Things
Name:Ball Chain Spiner
Minus Hearts:1/2
Weapon:Ball and Chain

Name:Aromos Knights
Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:1 Whole
Weapon:No Weapon

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:1 Whole
Attack:Sand Rocks

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:2 Wholes
Weapon:No Weapon

Minus Hearts:2/4
Attack:Electric Beams
Weapon:No Weapon
Name:Helmasur King
Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:2 Wholes
Attack:Fire Balls
Weapon:No Weapon

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:2 Wholes
Attack:Bubbles, Eyeball Jump
Weapon:No Weapon

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:3/2
Attack:Circle Lasers, Fly Attack
Weapon:No Weapon

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:1 Whole
Attack:Laser Beams, Fire Balls
Weapon:No Weapon

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:4 Wholes

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:2/2
Weapon:Eyeball Babies

Type:Big Boss
Minus Hearts:Four Quaters
Attack:Fire, Ice and Slither
Weapon:No Weapon

Minus Hearts:3/4
Attack:Ball Attack
Weapon:No Weapon

Minus Hearts:3 Wholes
Weapon:Three Headed Sythe

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Cool boomerang trick
Have your boomerang equipped. Then charge up your sword. You can aim you boomerang without turning. Just press the direction you want to throw the boomerang and throw it.
defeating trinnex, and get all the items.
when fighting trinnex in turtle rock, make sure you have alot of magic medicine(its good to carry some in a bottle, and a few fairies.

you must try and beat the ice-head first, because it freezes the ground making it hard to do this,use the fire rod and keep hitting him alot until he blows up.

then kill the fire-head. Use your ice rod and keep hitting him, (while doing this try and avoid the rock-head, it will try to stretch out its head and hit you). Keep hitting the fire head until it to blows up.

the rock head will then start slithering around, hit him in the red part of his body with the sword until he dies.

(the fire and ice rod takes up magic medicine, to get more you can collect the medicine when the fire-head breathes out fire,(it occasionally will give you medicine.)

now for the items (these are not all in order):

1. get sword and shield: find your uncle in hyrule castle, he will give them to you.

2.master sword: get three pendants and find it in the lost woods.

3.tempered sword: find the frog near the shooting shop in the dark world and take it to the sword smiths shop in the light world, they will temper your sword. sword: get a super bomb after defeating palace 5 and 6 in the dark world at the bomb shop.go to the pyrimid of power in the dark world and blow up the huge crack there, throw in your sword in the pond to get the gold sword. shielday 500 rupees at a shop in the dark world to buy the red shield.

6. mirror shield: find it in turtle rock palace in the dark world, after getting the big key in the palace(it is in the big chest.)

7. bottle 1: buy from the man in kakario village.
bottle 2: go through the back of the bar in kakario village.
bottle 3:keep going left towards the bridge of lake hylia, south of hyrule castle, see a man sleeping near a tent? talk to him and get a bottle.
bottle 4: in the dark world, take a blue chest , (you should find it in the broken house where the swordsmith's were) carry it into the swamp of evil and use the mirror to go into the light world. you should see a man sitting down lonely, talk to him and he will open the chest and give you the bottle.

ice rod: in the cave south east of hyrule castle, (near the corner of the map), blow up a crack in the wall near the cave and inside is the ice is in the light world.

fire rod: in skull woods palace, in the dark world, it is in the big chest which needs to be opened with the big key of the palace.

cape: in the grave yard, run into one of the graves and inside will be the cape. (i think its the grave on the far right.)

ether medallion:in the dark world, on death moutain go past ganons tower to the left and use the book of madora on the stone to get the ether medallion.

bombos medallion: go to the end of the swamp of evil in the dark world and use the mirror to get into the light world. you should be on higher ground if you transported in the right place, read the book of madora on the stone to get the bombos medallion

cane of sumaria:in misery mire, use the big key of the dungeon on the big chest in misery mire to get the cane of sumaria.

cane of bryna: on death moutain, drop down from the top(where there isnt a boundary to stop you, and go into the cave that you drop infront of, use the cape to get past the spikes and at the end of the cave you will find the cane of bryna.

magic mirror:in the light world, on death mountain save the old man you meat there and when youve brought him to his home on the higher level of death moutain he will give you the magic mirror.

lantern: you should find it in a chest in your house when you first start the game.

hammer: in the darkness palace, find the big key of the palce and open the big chest in the palace to get the is in the dark world.

hookshot:in the swamp palace,in the dark world.find the big key in the palace and open the big chest in the palace to get the hookshot.

zora flippers: at the tip of lake hylia, talk to the king zora there to get the flippers(somwhere around the east of hyrule castle in the light world.

power glove: in the second palace in the light world, get the big key of the palace and open the big chest to get the power glove.

titans mitt: in the thieves town palace in the dark world. get the big key of the palace and open the big chest in the palace to get the titans mitt.

quake medallion: throw a skull shaped rock into a circle of rocks floating in the is located east of the ice palace, when you throw it in, a monster will come out and give you the quake medallion. it is in the dark world.

moons pearl: in the death mountain palace in the light world, get the big key in the palace abd open the big chest in the palace to get the moons pearl.

boomerang, found in the light world, in hyrule castle.

magic boomerang:throw your boomerang into a magic pond to get the magic boomerang.

mushroom:found in lost woods in the light world.

magic powder:give the mushroom the the witch in the light world and go into the shop to find magic powder sitting beside het assisstant.

flute and shovel: go to the dark world and talk to the thing sitting on the stump. he will give you the shovel. then go to the light world and dig around the area with the shovel to find the flute.

bug catching net: talk to the boy lying in bed in kakario village in the light world, he will give you the bug catching net.

book of madora: found in the libary in the light world in kakario village, ram into the shelves with the pegases boots to get the book.

pegasus boots:found in a cave near the second palace, the old man there will give it to you after you defeat the second palace.

blue mail: found in the ice palace in the dark world, get the big key of the palace and open the big chest in the palace to get the blue mail.

red mail: in the dark world, in ganon's tower get the big key and open the big chest to get the red mail.

bombs: buy bombs anywhere in shops to gain acsess to them.

arrows: find the bow in the first palace to to gain acsess to arrows.
silver arrows: where you got the gold sword, but instead of throwing your sword into the pool, throw your bow.

green mail: these are given to you as soon as you start.
Drastic Dark World Shortcut
Upon entering Dark World and completing the first dungeon, Link can enter the Thieves' Den dungeon in the Village of Outcasts and upon completing it, he can use the Titan's Mitt to get the Dwarves to upgrade the Master Sword from L2 to L3.
Dumb Rupees
There's a cave under a big rock just before you enter the desert (in the western part of the Overworld) where a thief is surrounded by pots. If you enter the cave and smash the pots for rupees, you can get 50 rupees each time.
Easy Boss Defeat
Once you have the golden bee from the cave north of lake Hylia, show it to the person selling a golden bee in the village of outcasts, so you can get one anytime for 88gold. Trust me it's worth it. Anyway...

Once you have the golden bee in a jar, in ANY boss fight simply let it out of it's jar and watch as it beats up the boss. It's quite funny really.

Easy Hearts
Use your ram attack on a tree; some fruits should pop out. These restore 1 heart a piece.
Extra Max Bombs/Arrows
In the light world, simply go to Lake Hylia. Go to the center area of the lake were the small island is, and enter the cave. There should be a fairy well inside. Simply throw rupees into the well until you've thrown 100. The fairy will emerge and ask if you'd like to improve your maximum Bomb or Arrow count. You can do this repeatedly by tossing 100 rupees into the well. Be aware that the fairy will stop increasing the maximum bomb and arrow count when your bombs reach 50 and your arrows reach 70.
Filling the magic meter by freezing bad guys
If you freeze a soldier with the Ice Rod and then smash him with the Hammer he will most likely turn into a Magic Meter filler.
Four swords
Complete every level with a team score of 1000+. Beat Vaati for ending one and silver keys.

Complete every level with a team score of 3000+. Then beat Vaati for ending two and gold keys.

Complete every level with a team score of 5000+. Then beat Vaati for ending three and hero keys.
Getting the Weapons and Items
Wooden Sword and Wooden Shield
Get by passing your uncle on your way to the castle

Fire Shield
with the zora flippers swim into the waterfall throw in your shield and answer yes and you will get the fire shield

Boomerang Upgrade Same place where the upgraded was gotten just throw in the Boomerang

Lamp Locations:Link's House, Castle Underground or where Zelda is

Where you get a key in the castle

Hero's Bow
In the Eastern Palace

Power Glove:Lvl 2
In the Desert Palace

Magic Mirror
Help the old man in Death Mountain

Moon's Pearl
In the Mountain Tower fall from one floor to the one underneath.

Master Sword
In the lost woods that is in Kakariko Village

Magic Hammer
In the Dark Palace Which is the Dark Part of
East Palace

In the big Chest of the Swamp Palace

Fire Rod
In the Skull woods inside the big chest

Power Glove Lvl 3
In Thives' Town blocked by hings you need the magic hammer to bash down.

Ice rod
At southeast of hyrule there is a blocked entrance blow it up and you will get the ice rod.

Blue Tunic
In the Ice Palace find the big chest and open it

Cane of Somaria
inside the big chest of the Misery Mire

Mirror Shield
Inside the big chest of Turtle Rock Mountain.

Magic Cape
Inside one of the graves in the light world

Cane of Bynra
At the Dark side of Death Mountain off the part at the back enter the place and then pound down the things then turn invisible by using the magic cape get to the other side and you will get the cane of bynra

Lvl 3 Sword
Get your Sword Tempered at Smithery (The Dwarvens house)

Lvl 4 Sword
Open the crack on the pyramid with a super bomb

Silver Arrows
Same place where you got the Gloden Sword Just throw in the Bow and Arrows

Quake Meddlion
Go to the Dark Part near Zora's River

Ether Meddlion
Get to the top of Death Mountain use the Book of
MuDora to Get the item when you find the giant book use the book of MuDora and then you will get the Ether Meddlion

Bombos Meddlion
At the Dark Part near the Desert Use the Magic mirror then go to the left and use the book of MuDora then you will get it

Magic Bottle No.1
Pay 100 Ruppies in Kakariko Village

Magic Bottle No.2
Behind one of the Houses in Kakariko Village

Magic Bottle No.3
Find that thief in the light that put the chest in the Dark World

Magic Bottle No.4
Under the Bridge in the Light World

Magic Powder
Give that witch a mushroom leave that part come back then go into the shop Press R then you got the Magic Powder

Red Tunic
Get the big key in Ganon's Tower and open the big chest.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Gold Sword & Silver Arrows
This Is The Fourth Level For The Master Sword!!! To Get To This Level You Must Have Your Sword At Level 3! In Dark World After You Beat The 6th Monster Go To Your House (In Dark World) At The Bomb Shop There Will Be A Big Bomb For 100 Rupees. Take It And Carry It To The Pyrimid Where The Big Crack Is.. Walk Up To It And Dash Away Leaving The Bomb There. It will Blow Up And There Will Be A Fat Faerie! Throw Your Sword In Then Your Arrows! Youll Have The Gold Sword And The Silver Arrows!
golden sword
when you open the fairy cave at the end of the game with the super bomb , you have to get the silver arrows to beat gannon. But if you throw in your sword you will get the golden sword which dose 2x the damage as the master sword.
help in the 4th temple
first go to the top floor and were the light is shining throw a bomb there (drop a bomb pick it up with r and it will blow up)thin get the princess and take her to the boss room and make her stand in the light she will turn into the boss.

p.s. make its head come off 2 times then make the 3rd time and he will die
How to defeat the other bosses
Ok, so I finally figured the rest of them out. Here goes.


Get the hookshot on Link as soon as that annoying boss fight music starts. There's these little brown cottonballs stuck in a clump with tentacles hanging down. During this part of the battle all you need to do is shoot the hookshot at the balls, pull them to you, and kill them with the sword. But be careful; with every few balls removed the remaining ones will take off in a circle around the room and the best thing you can do here is get in a corner. Once you've got the balls off, they reveal a giant red eye trying to crush you. Just keep hitting him with the sword, and then collect your spoils when you win.


Giant moth in a medium sized room. Looks easy, right? Wrong. The floor is moving every which way, there are spikes moving across it, Mothula's flapping around shooting's chaos. Hopefully you've got fairies and potions. Hit Mothula with your fire rod to kill him faster, but considering he's always moving you'll run out of magic faster and still won't kill him. So I'd recommend forgetting the magic eating fire rod and using the sword. You're SUPPOSED to use the rod, but...this is easier for beginners. Once he's dead, get the loot and scoot.

Ok, this is a rather tough battle, but a not too lengthy explaination. Use a walkthrough if you need it to get to the woman in Blind's hideout. If it's a good walkthrough it'll tell you there's a hole you need to open up to activate the boss fight. But...I'll let the walkthroughs explain that. Anyway, when you bring the 'woman' to the light in the chamber, she'll spaz out and turn into Blind. And the fun begins. He pops all over the room for awhile shooting lasers you can't block, and then when you hit him long enough. Now you have a spinning head shooting fireballs. Eventually you're going to have three spinning heads with fireballs, and it's really crazy. Slash away at him until he's dead. If you die...well, keep trying. ^^

When you're in the room for the first part of the fight, all you need to do is get out your fire rod and hit the giant mound of ice three times while avoiding the ice chunks raining down on you. When the ice melts, out comes three eyeballs. Simply slash them to death with the sword and grab their presents. Best way to do this is to get either Link or the eyeballs into a corner, but don't let them gang up on you.


The makers of Zelda must hold a tribute to eyeballs or something. Huh. Anyway, this boss is so easy I could do it with my eyes closed. There's a giant eyeball surrounded by many more eyes sitting in a pile of glop and goo (that will take away some hearts if you touch it, so DON'T)and it starts releasing those small eyeballs at you. Have fun dicing them up with the sword. Then when there's only four left in the goo, the biggest eye, Vitty, will start to shoot lightning at you. You're probably still killing eyes at the moment, so worry about those while avoiding his lightning. When you have killed all the eyes, start on Vitty. Keep at it till he's dead. Easy.


My all time favorite boss. He's a dragon/turtle thing that has three heads at the beginning - a brown head, a red/orange head, and a blue head. Blue head shoots ice, red shoots fire, yada yada. MAKE SURE YOUR MAGIC METER'S FULL, as you've probably gone to town with magic in the hell known as Turtle Rock. Use the fire rod to stun the ice head first to avoid the slippery ground his breath makes, and slash him with the sword. Next use the ice rod on the fire head. He'll die fast. Now, the thing will move all over the room and you have to hit his weak spot in the middle a number of times to kill him. Phew.

.Aghanim Again.

Yep, he's back. With fighting skills no better than before. But this time he clones himself, and all of his attacks come from all three of him. The non-transparant Aggy is the real dude, so reflect the fireballs back at that one and then...get a snack, a nap, and a big bag of patience. You'll need it for the last boss.


First and foremost, fall through the bat shaped hole after the cut scene that comes after you kill Aggy. Ganon's a big blue boar or something with a staff. First he taunts Link, then he starts to throw his trident at you. It's like your boomerang, so it comes back to him, giving you time to get him with the sword. This part's easy. Next he twirls the trident, sending fire bats at you. Keep slashing. When he taunts Link again, now's your cue to be on your guard. He'll leap and jump, causing the floor to fall around the outside. When he's jumped, the screen pauses and you have to wait, so slash at him whenever you can. Then he'll taunt Link YET AGAIN. This time the room goes slightly dark and you can't see him. Light the two torches with the fire rod or the lamp and QUICKLY run up and slash him. He'll turn blue, and while he looks like ice get him with your silver arrows. Keep at it until the fourth arrow kills him. Sucess. (PLEASE have at least two potions before this battle! Fairies work too!)

how to destroy anoying monsters in desert palace
the requirements for this tip are...the bow and arrows oh and sertinly the ability to outsmart someone so find one of those monsters that suck you towards them if you go near them in desert palace then get nicley away from them but make sure they are still insight,
then whene they come out of the sand before they shoot tiny fireballs at you shoot an arrow at them.
if they shoot out a fireball while the arrow is on its way just prevent the fireballs until the arrow hits the monster so thats the easy way hope it works.....see ya.
Hurricane Blade.
Get 10 medals in four swords, and you can start the riddle quest with the lumberjack in Link to the past. Complete the riddle quest and you will get the Hurricane Blade move.
Hurricane Spin
Just achieve 999 points in the Four Swords Bossfight game.
Items and Unlockables
-LW- = Light World -DW- = Dark World

Sword: -LW-
Hyrule Castle

Master Sword: -LW-
The Lost Woods (Must Hold the Possession of the 3 Pendants)

Tempered Sword: -LW-
Kakario Village (Find The Other Blacksmith in The Darkworld, He Should be a frog)

Golden Sword: -DW-
Pyramid of Power

Shovel: -DW-
Haunted Grove or Borrow it at the digging game

Small Key:

Big Key:



Piece of Heart:

Heart Container:
After Bosses or hold 4 Pieces of Heart

Bow: -LW-
Eastern Palace

Silver Arrows: -DW-
Pyramid of Power (Need Super Bombs)

Ice Rod: -LW-
Lake Hylia

Fire Rod: -DW-
Skull Woods

Bombos: -LW-
Desert of Mystery

Quake: -DW-
Rock Circle

Ether: -LW-
Death Mountain (Must Have Master Sword)

Boomerang: -LW-
Hyrue Castle

Magic Boomerang: -LW-
Waterfall of Wishing

Hookshot: -DW-
Swamp Palace


Super Bombs: -DW-
Bomb Shop (Defeat At Least 6 Dark World Bosses)

Small Shield: -LW-
Secret Passage

Fire Shield: -LW/DW-
Waterall of Wishing -LW- or Purchase it for 500 Rupies -DW-

Mirror Shield: -DW-
Turtle Rock

Green Mail:
Start With It

Blue Mail: -DW-
Ice Lake

Red Mail: -DW-
Ganon's Tower

Power Gloves: -LW-
Desert Palace

Titan's Mitts: -DW-
Gargoyle Dungeon

Pegasus Boots: -LW-
Sahasrahla's Hideout

Zora's Flippers: -LW-
Zora's Domain, Purchase it From Zora by 500 Rupies

Moon Pearl: -LW-
Tower of Hera

Magic Cape: -LW-
Cemetary (Use The Magic Mirror in the Dark World or obtain Titan's Mitts)

Cane of Somoria: -DW-
Misery Mire

Cane of Bryna: -DW-
Death Mountain

Magic Hammer: -DW-
Dark Palace

Lamp: -LW-
Link's House, The Secret Passage, or Zelda's Prision

Mushroom: -LW-
The Lost Woods

Magic Powder: -LW-
The Magic Shop (Trade For Mushroom)

Flute: -DW-
Haunted Grove

Magic Mirror: -LW-
Death Mountain

Bug Catching Net: -LW-
Kakario Village

Bottle: -LW/DW-
Kakario Village, Lake Hylia, and Village of Outcasts

Book of Mudora: -LW-
House of Books (Need Pegasus Boots)

Basket: -LW-
Lumber Jack Riddle Quest (Get 10 Golden Medallions from the Four Swords Game)


Sword Beams:
Get The Master Sword (Activates When Full Hearts)

Riddle Quest:
Get 10 Golden Medallions from the Four Swords Game

Hurricane Blade:
Complete Riddle Quest

Palace of the 4 Sword:
Beat Vaati which is in the Four Swords Game
Palace of the Four Sword
The Palace of the Four Sword is a secret level that is only available on the GBA version of A Link to the Past. To unlock this level, you must defeat Ganon in A Link to the Past and you must defeat Vaati in the Silver Key quest in Four Swords.
Places to Find Fairies.
1. Mountain Tower
To get to this fairy cave, you need to go through the mountain tower until you get to the room directly before the boss fight. DO NOT STEP ON THE STAR PAD. Weave through the pits and the monsters until you find the smallest, narrowest hole at the north. Go ahead and fall in. You'll keep falling, through holes and pots and whatnot, until you land in a room with two fairies. Catch them and then go south to step on the yellow swirly pad. You'll be back in the boss room.

2. Link's house
Didn't know there was fairies back here, eh? Jump off of the hill that Link's house sits on from the LEFT. You'll see a stack of rocks that look like pale green cabbages. Ram into them with the Pegasus shoes. A staircase for you to walk down will be there. Catch the fairies and get out the same way.
There is an unlockable quest in A Link to the Past that must be triggered by Four Swords. This is called the Riddle Quest, which is a fun-filled side-quest to get you a new sword technique called the Hurrican Spin. There are a total of ten riddles you must answer to complete the Riddle Quest. Once you have gained ten Medallions of Courage in Four Swords you can visit the Lumberjack's House in A Link to the Past to find the Lumberjack man and a new quest. The man will hand you this basket...

You must use your Bug Catching Net to obtain ten different items one at a time and store them in this basket. Once you have caught something, bring it back to the Lumberjack to receive the clue for the next riddle. All of the answers can be found in the Light World.

Here is a list of all the clues given and all the answers!

Riddle #1
Answer: A Cucco.
The easiest place to locate a Cucco is in Kakariko Village. Simply head south until you find the boy with his two Cuccos dancing about. Even the women sweeping her front yard has at least five pecking away inside her house!

Riddle #2
"The scissors by the water..."
Answer: A Sand Crab.
These crabs can be most conveniently located at the entrance to the ice cave where you obtained the Ice Rod. This cave is located east of Lake Hylia but must be reached by a paths that starts below the Lake.

Riddle #3
"It's shiny and red."
Answer: A red Rupee.
Red rupees are dropped by most any enemy, however, since they are worth a lot, it is not very common. A good strategy is to teleport to the Dark World and slash enemies there, as those enemies have better chances of dropping high valued rupees.

Riddle #4
"It's moist and fresh..."
Answer: A Fish
Fish can be found in very few puddles in Hyrule. An easy way to obtain one is to go to the Swamp Draining pool west of Lake Hylia on the map. Once you get inside, drain the puddle and catch the fish that will be flapping to the left of the drain.

Riddle #5
"BOOOM! Skitter-scatter... What is it?"
Answer: An Octoballoon.
Octoballoons are big floating creatures that explode and split up into eight little monsters. Unfortunately, you must catch one of the fast moving small ones. Travel to point eight via your flute, or simply take the path to the ice cavern east of Lake Hylia to find one.

Riddle #6
"Sprinkle and watch it wobble..."
Answer: A Slime.
The easiest way to encounter one of these little blobs is to use Magic Powder on a Hylian Soldier. Once you sprinkle some on, a slime will appear in its place.

Riddle #7
"It munches on nuts..."
Answer: A Squirrel.
These care-free squirrels can only be found in one place. That place is the clearing in the Lost Woods where the Master Sword sleeps. Simply go to the clearing and swipe one before it gets away.

Riddle #8
"Pull it out, but... too bad!"
Answer: A fake Master Sword.
Head for the Lost Woods, once there you will see many swords in pedestals all over the place. Simply catch one of these fake Master Swords to complete the riddle.

Riddle #9
"It's red and sweet..."
Answer: An Apple.
In a few trees in Hyrule, there are apples that fall when you charge into them with your Pegasus Shoes. The easiest one to find is one screen down from the Lumberjack's residence. It is the lone tree in the bottom-right of the screen. Charge into it to get the ninth riddle.

Riddle #10
"A speculated wanderer..."
Answer: A Cukeman.
The goofy Cukeman can be found by sprinkling some Magic Powder on a regular Buzzblob. There are some in the Lost Woods and outside the Witch's Hut. Be careful not to get shocked in the process!
Running Man
The running man in Kakariko Village, that dashes away from you each time you approach, can actually be caught up to. To catch him, run towards him with the Pegasus Shoes. It'll take some practice, but you can catch up to him. Nothing useful happens though, he just tells you about some various things that aren't very important. Still, it's fun to be able to catch him. He's a fast little-
secret fairy room in hera tower place
Go to 5F just before you go to the boss.
The pit that is at the top right corner falls straight down into the giant lamp sort of thing on 4f, which leads to the next one on 3f and 2f until finally you get to 1f, where two fairies are always flying around. Use them for health, or capture them to bring you back to life when you die. Great for beating the boss. Also there is a teleport pad the brings you back to 5f.
Secret Places in LTTP
1. East Palace

Starting at the entrance to the East Palace, work your way through this first set of puzzles until you get to the part where you're being besieged by bowling balls. Move through them without getting hit, and you'll see two sets of stairs, one on each side, at the end. Go towards the LEFT set of stairs, but DON'T climb it. Instead, go down and keep going down until you see another set of stairs. Climb those, and then head to the right until you see a row of pots and a chest. The chest gives you free rupees! Collect the other goodies from the pots and go back the way you came.

2. Flute Boy

You need to find this place early so you won't have to hunt for it later in the game. In the Light World, start at the path that passes Link's house and go left. Keep going left, killing/avoiding enemies as you go. You'll soon see a large cluster of bushes between some trees. Hack through them and you'll be in a clearing. If you advance further in this clearing, you'll hear music and there will be a kid playing a flute surrounded by animals. Stay far enough away from them if you want to listen. When you get too close, the animals scatter and the boy disappears. Pretty helpful when you're near the Dark World levels.
Some Rupees
In Kakariko Village, not in the Dark World, go to one of the houses with a Mario picture. Pull on the picture, and rupees come out!
I think the house is one of the houses on the far right column of houses.
The Chickens Attack!
The Chickens found in Kakariko Village and other areas have a vendetta against you; that is, of course, if you attack them. Hit a chicken enough with your various weapons, whether it be sword, arrow, bomb, whatever, and the chickens will come from all directions to peck you! It's a storm of chickens! Not really a useful secret, but a good one none-the-less, wouldn't you say?
The Waterfall of Wishing
A fairly important secret, the Waterfall of Wishing provides Link the opportunity to upgrade two of his very important items, his Shield and his Boomerang. The Waterfall of Wishing is located at the end of the river in which you get the Flippers from Zora, but on the opposite end of the river. Pass by the Witch's Hut, move the green stone to gain access to the river, and you'll be in the general vicinity. You need the Flippers to access the Waterfall of Wishing, however. Read the signs in the area to find its location, and then jump into the water. Swim north into a waterfall and you'll be in a secret cave. Now, approach the pond in the cave and it'll ask you to throw an item into the water. Throw your Shield in the water to get the Red Shield back, and your Boomerang in the water to get the Magical Boomerang back, both free of charge! Pretty easy, eh?
Turtle Rupees
When you get to Turtle Rock pull on his foot to get 4 blue rupees. Its not much but its cool.
Wooden Sword-Get it from your uncle.
Master Sword-Go to Lost Woods after getting all three pendants and pull it out from the pedestal.
Reforged Master Sword-Get the Titan's Mitt and go to the place with the bouncing frog guy. Go to the village in dark world and then use your mirror. Make him go to the smithy and you get your sword reforged for 10 rupees.
Gold Sword-Throw your reforged master sword in the fountain in the pyramid and answer you dropped it.
Silver Arrows-Same as reforged master sword only throw bow and arrows.
Ways to defeat some of the bosses
These are methods I figured out myself, but there's only a few. Haven't figured out the others yet.

.Armos Knights.
Easiest boss to defeat. When they hop close to Link, slash away until they're across the room. Then start shooting arrows at them. But don't start shooting arrows like it's the National Arrow Fest - you'll run out fast. Use them when you know you can get a shot. The last knight turns red and starts to chase you and tries to splat you, so keep moving at all times. When he's on the ground for that second, turn and shoot him with an arrow. With practice the arrow will hit him just as he rises up again. Three strikes and he's out.

These huge worms shoot out of the ground at random places, spewing harmful dirt as they go. To kill them, you have to hit their heads. Considering there's no way to tell when they're in the air which end is which, stand at a crumbling hole and slash away. It takes awhile, but it's better than running around trying to catch them airborne.

I'll just say this right now - THIS BOSS IS FRIGGING ANNOYING. He's another worm, but this time he's even bigger then the Lanmolas and moves around like a snake. The most important thing though is the reddish swirly bit on the end of his tail. That's his weak spot, and you need to hit this to win. So while he's gyrating around like an idiot, TRY to stay away from the edge. Chase him if you want, whatever works for you, but AVOID THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE. It'll take you back to the room you started in directly before Moldy and you'll have to start the battle over. To effectively hit his tail, hold down the up button on your GBA and CHAAAARGE! THIS WILL NOT KEEP YOU FROM FALLING, but it'll hold you mostly in place when Moldorm knocks into you. Good luck!

Sheesh, this guy's easier than the Armos knights...anyway, since a lot of people may not know this, you go up and you slash at the northernmost curtian in back of the room after he makes Zelda disappear. Go in the hidden door, and the battle begins. Aggy shoots three different energies at you - magic bubbles, lightnihng, and a blue ball that breaks into many smaller balls. The lightning, and the ball are to be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Simply move to the side to avoid the lightning (you'll know when he stands at the top of the screen) and don't stop moving when he does the ball. As for the bubbles, reflect them back at him with your sword or your butterfly net. Doesn't take much effort, but keep some fairies just in case.

.King Helmasaur.
Adorable little monster, isn't he? He'd be a nice pet if he weren't so evil. Ok, so the first thing you need to do upon entering this level is to QUICKLY switch to the Hammer. Use the charge method you used on Moldorm and keep bashing his head with the hammerm avoiding the fireballs and his whiplash tail. Eventually the helmet will break completely. Once again, avoid the tail and the fireballs, and start loading arrows into his green gem on his forehead. Soon he'll be dead! Yay for you.
wooden statues
upon completing the lumberjack sidequest and geting the hurricane spin attack, you will also unlock statues of link, a cuccu, and zelda in your house.

try sprinkling them with magic powder. :-)


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Blue mirror sheild
This glitch, for a link to the past, requires the ether medalion and the mirror shield.
First go to a place that has a like like, one that steals your shield, then let one of the like like take your mirror shield. Before it jumps into the air and takes away your shield forever, freeze it with the ether medalion, and destroy it with your sword.
Then reclaim your mirror shield and it will be blue!
Ta da, that's the glitch.
Throwing your boomerang around the world
Go to Kakariko Village, to the place where the really fast boy is or used to be.

Walk to the right so that you can just see the water. Throw your boomerang. If it hits the ledge you are too close. Get as close as you can without the boomerang touching the ledge.

Now throw the boomerang to the right. Immediately start dashing to the opposite direction.

If you did it right, you'll see that you threw your boomerang all the way 'round the world and it'll fly to you from the other direction. you can do whatever you want but the boomerang will be leaving the screen on one side and leave it on the other over and over again, without Link being able to catch it.

The boomerang however will not be able to attack enemies: it will just fly trough them without doing harm. It will also try to reach Link but that's no use since Link can't catch it anyways: it's going way too fast!

Change screens to stop the glitch.

It is said that while performing the glitch you should not be hit by an enemy or the game will freeze. I do not know if this is true but you might want to try it.
Under- Underworld
Go to a place with both upper and lower levels, like for example Thieves Town. Jump down a ledge to the north and use the magic mirror to get to the entrance while in mid-air.
Wallmaster room change
Go into a room with wallmasters and a north door. Go through it when a wallmaster is going up after dropping to try and get you. If everything is alright you will also see the wallmaster going up in the room you are in right now.
weird colors for one eyed monsters in dark world
Right for this glitch you will need... the ether medalion.
First go to the dark world and find one of those one eyed monsters you know uh....... those cyclope guys that throw exploding bombs at you then freeze the cyclope with the ether medalion and then whene its frozen destroy it with your sword and then just before it explodes you will see other colors than the normal ones.
you can only witness these other colors for a second before they vanish with the monster.
so..thats the glitch.

Easter eggs

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A lot of ruppies!!!!
This cheat can get you 999 ruppies OK this how you do it go to the light world you know the one you begin at go to the dessert of mystery Go to 2 rocks that are gaurded by one soldier lift the one on the bottem there will be a hole go into it you will find a guy with pots a round him don't talk to him break all the pots under each one is a blue ruppie that costs 5 puppies go out and back in repeat by the time you have 999 ruppies you can buy anything and remember this always work!)
Fairy Ressurection
if you are in the middle of a battle or anything simliliar (besides a dungeon or boss battle), and you have a fairy in a bottle. Then when you would normally die, instead of going straight to the save & continue, save & quit screen, the fairy comes out and heals you and you keep on going.

Note: The reason i said it doesn't work on battles in dungeons, is because i havn't tried it yet. You may try it if you like to.
rupee party
in the light world go to the town
at the NEWS marker where the bird was and head directly east ant there is a purple/red roof house.
inside there is a mario painting that you can pull to get rupees.
to get them you need to defeat the guards.
1-2 guards = 4 green rupees
3-4 guards = 4 blue rupees
5+ guards = 4 red rupees
EASY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1 / 2 MP Consumption
When you get the Hammer and you go to the blacksmith's house the hole to the right side. If you jump down and go to the door to the top of the screen and sprinkle the statue inside a flying guy will appear and ZAP you reducing your MP Consumption by half.
[TIP] Have you ever wandered what's under the bridge?
Have you ever wondered what was under that BIG stone bridge in the game? Well here''s what''s under it: A man that is just DYING to give you a Bottle.
To get to him, you have to have Zora''s Flippers, so if you don't have 'em GO GET THEM! Once you have them jump into the nearest part of the river near the bridge adn swim under it. You will now see a man sleeping next to a tent. Talk to him and he will give you a Bottle free of charge!

Eh not great but hey....
[TIP] Throw Items
Link can pick up and throw many items, such as jars, bombs and stones. Press the R Button once to pick up an item, then press it again to throw. Thrown items deal out heavy damage.
A Pot for your Head (Four Swords)
In Four Swords, throw a pot onto another player's head. The Link will have the pot stuck on his head. If you look in the other player's screen, the screen will be totally black except for the Link with the pot on his head.
Dungeon in Pyramid
In the Dark World, there is an open wall outside of the Pyramid, which leads to a GBA-exclusive dungeon of Link To The past. To explore this exclusive dungeon, you must complete Four Swords. Then the dungeon will be avalible for exploration. There is a special item waiting for you at the end, so don't give up!
Early Dark World
Get into The Dark World before getting the Master Sword: This trick will only work if you have the Moon Pearl, but you do not need the third Pendant. At the top of the mountain in the Light World is a warp to the Dark World. Use this, then travel down to where the bridge would be. Squeeze very close to it, then use the Mirror to travel to the Light World. Do the lightest button-tap possible, then wait for the portal to bring you back. Do not move. Use the mirror again, and when you are in the Light World, walk into the fence. Facing the fence, charge your sword and slowly move back into the portal. You should now be on the edge of the cliff. Move right to jump off, then walk to where you see a lava break and a rock next to each other (at the bottom of the screen.) Move in between them and move down. The screen should move to you on a hill in the Dark World.
Easy Magic Medicine
First, get one or more empty bottles(from the bottle seller in the village or somewhere else), then, go to a Fairy Fountain that allows you to throw items in(not the Fountain that lets you throw ruppees in), then, throw in one of your EMPTY bottles. Then, a Fairy will come out and ask if you dropped your bottle in the fountain. Answer yes and the fairy will give it back to you with magic medicine in the bottle. You can do this with as many empty bottles as you want, as long as they're empty.
Easy trick for 2nd boss on Link to the Past
Ok for the 2nd boss ( desert one ) for when you get the second pendant a cheat is you should damage them all EQUALLY. That way the last one isnt hard
Fill up your magic meter
To fill up your magic meter easy, you first go to a Fairy Fountain where you throw stuff in. Then, throw in the lamp you got at the beginning of the game. Then, a fairy will come out and ask if you dropped your lamp in there. Answer yes and the fairy won't give you anything special in return, except your lamp back, but when you get it back, your magic meter will be full!
Get lots of gems
Go to the dark world and then go to the theves vilage there will be a bilding with a treasher cest on it. go in side of it. there will be lots of chests inside to the person inside of it. pay 30 rupis and pick 2 then leave and comback. keep doing that for awile and shure anouf you will get 999 rupis
Heck Yeah
Ok Here is a Boss List
Name;Ball And Chain Trooper
Type;Mini Boss
Weapon;Ball And Chain
Armor;Hyrule Armor
Defense;Ball And Chain
Location;Hyrule Castle (Light World)
Spoils;Big Key
F Tree;Mace Knight

Name;Armos Knights
Weapon;Hyrule Sword
Armor;Hyrule Armor
Defense;Hyrule Shield
Location;Eastern Palace (Light World)
Spoils;1 Heart Container&Pendant Of Courage
F Tree;Armos Knight

Location;Desert Palace (Light World)
Spoils;1 Heart Container&Pendant Of Power
F Tree;

Location;Tower Of Hera (Light World)
Spoils;1 Heart Container&Pendant Of Wisdom
F Tree;Moldorm

Attack;Fire Ball&Lightning Bolt
Location;Hyrule Castle Tower (Light World)
F Tree;N/A

Name;Helmasaur King
Attack;Tail Whip
WeakNess;Head Jewel
Location;Palace Of DarkNess (Dark World)
Spoils;1/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;Helmasaur

Defense;X13 Arrghi
Location;Flooded Palace (Dark World)
Spoils;2/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;Red Buri

Attack;X3 Energy Beam
Location;Skeleton Forest (Dark World)
Spoils;3/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;N/A

Attack;Clone X3 Head&Energy Beam
Location;Blind's HideOut (Dark World)
Spoils;4/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;N/A

Attack;Ram X3 Clone
Location;Ice Lake Cavern (Dark World)
Spoils;5/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;N/A

Defense;X13 EyeBall
Attack;Lightning Bolt&Bounce
Location;Misery Mire (Dark World)
Spoils;6/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;N/A

Defense;Fire&Ice Head
Attack;Ice Blast&Fire Breath&Ram
Location;Turtle Rock (Dark World)
Spoils;7/7 Crystal&1 Heart Container
F Tree;N/A

Attack;Lightning Bolt&Fire Ball
Location;Tower Of Ganon (Dark World)
F Tree;N/A

Defense;X12 Fire Bat
Attack;Trident Throw&DarkNess Room
Location;Pyramid Of Power (Dark World)
Spoils;Win Game
F Tree;N/A

Hidden cane
Once you have the magic hammer go back up the mountain to where you entered the dark world the first time. Enter the portal then drop off the nearest openingin the wall. Enter the doorway and hit the red things down. Make sure you have both meters full and at least one red potion. Dash as fast as you can along the spikes to the chest at the far end. This cane offers protection against anything but consumes magic rather quickly. Handy in boss battles.
Hint: Lower Magic Energy Cost
In the Village of Outcasts (Dark World Kakariko Village) Go to the where the blacksmith's house would be in the Light World. You should see a post (The kind that the hammer can be used to smash) on the side of the path right by the house. Smash the post and walk through the new path and leap off down into the pit to a new area. Go north up and you will see a strange green "shrine" sprinkle magic powder on the red area to cause a strange creature to emerge. He will cast a spell on you, causing him to think that he cut your magic in half, but he what he did was cut the cost of magic spells (items, accesories, medallions, etc...) in half. This will stay untill the end of the game, and is very usefull in almost every situation.
kill em fast
when your fighting a boss use the cape and they cant hit you

the cape is good for multipal enemies
Lumberjacks Riddle
Win 10 medals in Four Swords to play the mini quest in the Lumberjack's house by the mountain
LV: 3 Master Sword
Once you have the Titan's Mitts, go south off the Village of Outcasts. You'll find a frog. Talk to him. He will ask you to bing him to his partner. Use the Magic Mirror, and go east of Kakariko Village 'till you see the smith's workshop (it's a big red house with smoke coming out of the chimney).
Take the frog (who should be a shot guy now) inside.
Then ask the smith to refirge your sword. He gives you a discount, so you only have to pay ten rupees.
In Kakariko Village, there is a house that has a sick boy in bed, where you get the Bug-catching net. On the back wall, there is a painting of Mario.
Rupees for Free
There are several ways to get free rupees. When you get the pegusus shoes, ram in to the tree in the lower right corner of the village. Leave the screen and repeat this.
Go to the cave where you get the ice rod. Just outside are several boulders. Lift them up and under them is a secret stair case. Lift up the pots and you get 5 rupees for each pot.
Go in to the ice rod cave and use the pegusus shoes to ram in to the statue. Catch it with the bug catching net, put it in a bottle, then release it infront of the man who sells you bottles.
Shield Shop:
First warp to the Dark World and go to Link's house which is now a bomb shop from the bomb shop go around the forest on your right side. Then look on the map to see a house near the woods so try to get there. When your there your see a fence all around the house well go to the upper right side of the fence and your see a little space well walk down and Link will jump down over the fence. Then go inot the house when you get in there you can buy the Wooden Shield, Fire Shield, and if you lost your Mirror Shield you can buy it there too. The Wooden Shield is 50 rupees, and the Fire Shield is 500 rupees. P.S. or you can just go to the GraveYard in the Dark World and go dpwn to also get to the house.
swim on land
go to the waterfall of wishing and go to top edge of the shallow water the call the bird and press b, hold down when you land and get to land
the water fall
if you go to the water fall by the witches house and throw in your boomarang and sheild you get it grated
Unlock Sword Beam in Four Swords
Play Link to the Past and get the Master Sword in the Lost Woods (you will need all three amulets for this). Once you have the Master Sword, save your game. When you quit and start the game again, a message will confirm that you can now use the Sword Beam (when your heart meter is full) in Four Swords as well.
Woman sweeping the floor or....
Sprinkle the magic powder on the old woman sweeping the floor to get a small fairy that you can catch. This only applies early in the game.