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Turok: Evolution (GBA) Cheats

Turok: Evolution cheats, and Codes for GBA.


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Extra level
After you complete the last level, there is an extra bonus level. All you need to do is grab all the pickups you can.
level passwords
Inventory Password
Level 5 Inventory: t82kn-35823 code:7nr1
Level 6 Inventory: 88tnn-69587 code:vr05
Level 7 Inventory: 58252-955l6 code:2t74
Level 8 Inventory: k8t92-n958l code:39kv
Level 12 Inventory: 5rt53-39950 code:3678
Level 13 Inventory: krt57-nl47l code:lv15
Level 14 Inventory: ? code:3k21
Level 15 Inventory: kn287-9526k code:9v12
Level 16 Inventory: kn287-9526k code:tv7l
Level 17 Inventory: kn287-9526k code: 5rtv
Level 18 Inventory: kn287-9526k code: k69l
Level 19 Inventory: kn287-9526k code:758t
level 20 Inventory: kn287-9526k code:tk8n
Bonus level- After last level
Level Select

1-2 K8T87 NL46K 6T8K
1-3 K8T87 NL46K T7R3
1-4 K8T87 NL46K 4V2T
2-1 K8T87 NL46K 7NR1
2-2 K8977 N5408 VR0S
2-3 K8T77 NL42R 2T74
2-4 K8T77 NL42R 39KV
3-1 K8T77 NL42R KV41
3-2 55987 L5452 V052
3-3 5K987 V5452 3678
3-4 5K987 V5452 LV15
4-1 5K987 V5452 3K21
4-2 5K987 V5452 9VL2
4-3 KK987 V2457 TV7L
4-4 KK987 V2457 5RTV
5-1 KK987 V245T K69L
5-2 KK987 V245T 759T
5-3 KL987 NT465 364V
5-4 KL987 NT465 TK8N
Ultimate inventory password
On the main menu go to where it says one player then go to continue.then when it says Enter inventory pass write this inventory "5N287V5250" then enter any level password.When you`ve done the inventory password and the level password and pick your player and check you`ll see that you`ve got full health,full armor all guns and maximum Angel guardian that is 5 Angel guardians.
Now you can go through the levels!