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The Urbz: Sims in the City (GBA) Cheats

The Urbz: Sims in the City cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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club house streeties
club house streeties
if u want to get into the strreties club house in glasstown u have to do the following
1.seriously annoy daddy bigbucks (-50)
2.convince someone to join the streeties(i chose ewan watahmee)
3.get to the highest promotion in basket ball (i segest you fill up ur strenght skills to do this
hope all this helped:] good luck
UnlockableHow to unlock
Housewarming Gifts
If you invite someone to your house, and the person you invited likes it, you'll get a gift!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Python StatueBayou Boo
3-Card Monte StatusBerkeley Clodd
Music StandCannonball Coleman
Wall Mounted AlligatorCrawdad Clem
Magic LampCrystal
Key to the CityDaddy Bigbucks
Uncle Suede Shizzle's CaneDarius
SafeDet. Dan D. Mann
Burning Spoke SignDusty Hogg
Angel StatusEprham Earl
Traffic LightEwan Watahmee
Orange PedestalGiuseppi Mezzoalto
Soap BoxGramma Hattie
ThroneHarlan King
Golden Mop AwardKhris Thistle
Blind Justice StatueLily Gates
TypewriterLincoln Broadsheet
Lottie Cash StatusLottie Cash
'98 Adder BumperLuthor L. Bigbucks
Movie StandeeTheresa Bullhorn
Voodoo Dan DollMambo Loa
Periodic Table of ElementsMaximillian Moore
Miss Urbverse TrophyMisty Waters
Wall Mounted SwordfishOlde Salty
Lawn FlagingoPhoebe Twiddle
Khroniton ReactorPolly Nomial
Comedy & TragedyPritchard Locksley
Flaming HoopRoxanna Moxie
Velocirooster SkeletonSue Pirnova
Prehistoric FicusMokey


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Make Daddy B Hate On You
For the Streetie Goals, you have to get -50 on Daddy Bigbucks, because you don't see much of him during the game, you can go to Nutria Island once he's exiled, then you can probably get into the Streetie part of the Clubhouse.

* takin crystal out to town *
*First make sure that your motives are full.
*Then find Crystal(she'll follow you from now for 24 hours) take her to the club (not Xixxle) and buy a slice of pizza and give it to Crystal.
*Next it says to play a game so go and play on the dance mat and boogie down.
*She wants to go shopping so take her to the thrift store.
*Crystal wants something edgy from the street so buy her a mag or teddy (anything really) and give it to her.
If you have The VisualBoyAdvance,ECT. With the Full Relationship DO NOT PUT IT IN!!! If you do it will stuff up your game(You cant make Friends!!!)
1 Step Miracle Grow
When your plants die because you did'nt water them all you have to do is move them and they come back to life instantly. You can even move them in the same spot and then will turn green again.
3 day course
After you have unlocked the university and can take part in the lessons, it is a good idea to do the 3 day course. On on day you socialise to get your popularity up, on the next day play as many mini games as you can to raise money, and on the third go to the university to get your skill points up. this makes life easier later in the game.
A Tip for Beginners
When in side the king tower at the beginning of the game play the minigame lots of times so your money is around 1000/2000 simlions so you will have another money to by a house and some bits and bobs.
A Tip for King Tower
Until you leave King Tower, be sure that you have at least 250 simoleons and the bed, the shower, the sofa and the toilet. This makes your life easier.
I hope this tip helped you.
Artsies Goal 3-Collecting 100 Trash Piles
Before you even get the goal it is best to collect 100 trash piles before unlocking Glasstown. Once you unlock Glasstown, the trash piles in Urbania become scarce whereas when you live in Urbania without Glasstown unlocked. It is possible to get up to 8 trash piles everyday though that is not very likely.

Trash piles can be found:
-2 on the rooftop on the jail
-on the sidewalk near the university(where you may see Giuseppi Mezzoalto at times)
-2 on the street near where Gramma Hattie hangs out
-on the corner sidewalk acroos from the bushes outside the small brimstone house, also near park entrance
-2 in front of trash can in front of Phoebe Twiddle's store
Artsies Rep Goal

You can get the rep goal by getting 100% on Roxanna Moxie.

1. You get the recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu from Giuseppi Mezzoalto when you talk cooking with him.

2. Start picking up trash right away and don't throw any away.

3. Get all your Charisma & Creativity points and get really good at Comic Explosion.
Avoid Electrocution!
In order to avoid being electrocuted while trying to repair a broken phone, buy another phone and put it in your house. That way, if one phone breaks down, you can call a repairman on the other phone.
Baked Goods!
Ok, so if you are in need of some extra money, but happen to have a stove and a mixer, then here's the cheat for you. First, talk to some random people, and when cooking comes up on the conversation list, then click it, and most of them tell you a recipe made up of 3 ingredients. You can find ingredients such as apples and strawberries in the park, near the jail, hospital, and thrift store. so if you have the stove and mixer, then click the three 2 make a mix, and hold A when you press the button. Then, you turn out with a mix. After you have the mix, click on the stove and choose Bake a Mix. Click the mix from the choices, and press the button, but hold A. Now, you have a baked good! Sell it to the marketplace area where you buy ingredients also, and voila! MONEY!
Beggining of the game: good way to start!
When you are at the beggining of the game before you go to jail, make sure you you have 10 boy points, and ALOT of money, so more money you have and more skill, you have a easier game!!

You can have 100,000 simolions and 10 body points, so you don't need to worry over that skill and over money for a while!!!
At the beginning of the game [right before you break into the office] put everything that you have in the penthouse in your pockets. So that when you get hauled off to jail, And then you have to find a house. You won't have to buy any furniture!!!


Hope I help
Body Points!!!
When you get arrested at the start of the game or whenever don't leave the jail building, if you stay in you can exercise on the weight thingy all you want and when you need to rest, pee, shower, eat or whatever then go to the jail cell and restore yourself! You can easily fill up your body points!! Have fun be'in buff!!!
Buying a Crystal a present
Like Crystal says in the trift store, the trift store has lame junk. Go to the hobo guy on the blanket (Drifter Woods) and buy her a magazine.
Calling makes it a lot easier...
when you're having trouble finding someone, use the telephone and call a friend. the friend you called will then tell you where to find him / her. this will help you save a lot of time. try it!
get your relationship up to 100 with luthor l bigbucks and all of the other richies, then when you have doen the richies goals, luthor will give you a special chamber, which puts all of your mood levels up to full. (toilet, social, hunger, tiredness etc) its worth it, because the time still goes at the same rate (not twice as fast as when you are sleeping) It reallly is great
Club House for Richies
In Glasstown there is a building near the coffe place and the apartment building. To get in the Richies club house you need 10 rep with them.

1. Befriend Luthor (rel 100)
2. Befriend Lottie Cash
3. Befriend Lily Gates
4. Befriend Misty Waters
5. Give rep trophy to Luthor (found in the second floor of the Glasstown mall)
6. Complete Rep Mission
7. Get 10 charisma
8. Move to the Penthouse
9. Make Darius hate you (-5)
10. Have anyone except a Streetie move in with you (i suggest a Richie)
Collecting Items
When you find items like Trash, Aluminum Cans, License Plates, Bog Frogs, etc., save them until there's a good price, because it changes everyday.

Decorative Items You Can Make!!!!
Did you know that you can make your own decorations??? You can! You know when you make those Wood Carvings? Well, here's a secret I just found out that I would LOVE to share with you! OK, listen up, (well, in this case, read up. lol) If you buy a large Wood Carving Table, you can KEEP your decorations! I was just messing with my rowboat when all of a sudden, it let me use it as a decorative item! But, here's the catch. You can't keep the item if when you turned it into a block (small block, large block, you know what I mean) it was SMALL. It has to be a LARGE. If it is a small, then it will say to you: "YOU CAN USE THAT HERE" or it would say, "YOU CANNOT DROP THIS ITEM-LOOKS TOO IMPORTANT!" So when you make wood carvings, make sure you make large blacks so you can keep them. Another secret I have for you is that the LARGE wood carvings cost more than the SMALL ones.
Detective Dan. D. Mann's Questions

Here are the right answers to get you out of jail:

1. I wasn't even born.

2. The janitor told me I could stay.

3. Real food! I was tired of eating junk!

4. No he's finding legal ways to make people miserable

5. ( Doesn't matter )
Do this while in King Tower for a better future...
At the begening of the game when you're in King Tower, play Squeege Clean (it's on the roof)to get as much money as you can. It will take a couple of days so mean while, get your body skills up in the gym. You will later need the money and the skills. I went up to 10,000 simeleons and all ten of the body skills. It saved a lot of time!
Earn 1K Simoleons
Buy all the exhibits in the museum and you'll get 1K simoleons every time your bills come. So you need not worry about paying the rent.
Earn 3745 Simolians easily
When your on that island where the twin live at, take your fiddle out and presicely at 12 am the imp or what ever will appear in the woods,( he'll appear on the treestump in front of the cave where the gator was) get promoted to 4 and keep playing with him day afetr day, if u need sleep go sleep at the twins house, if at level 4 he'll give u 3745 for a perfect game,
Easy Energy Boost
You must be able to enter Sim Quarter before you can do this.

Go to Sim Quarter and enter the fortune tellers shop [where Moambo Loa is most of the time] and walk up to the crystal ball and hit 'Gaze'. You will now gaze into the ball and your energy and fun levels will rise.
Easy Money
Get Crystal to 100% then invite her to your house (make sure your house is nice so she likes it)If crystal likes your house she will give you a genie lamp witch can be sold for $600 so stock up and then sell i had over $10000from that
Easy Money
Once your able to roam in the cemetary,pick up those things that look like carpet thats rolled up.Buy a wood carving table,and just sculpture away!Once you've turned you wood into art,sell them to the guy wearing a blue jacket and a red shirt in glass town.
Also you can paint and sell them at the thrift store for a fair amount of money.Hope this helps.
easy money
when you finished cannonball's ticket ripper, he'll give you the golden fiddle. keep it until you are at the bayou's place. play with the red man then you will get extra simoleons. if your at the last level perfect it, you will get 6,000+ money. you'll get 7,000+ money if you have the livin' large xixle.
eating food and making itoe
NOPE! you can find a way to eat all day long without having to cook and make fire (witch can be a HUGE pain in the neck!) Well, first you must earn at least 200 dollars on the game. then, you must go to the pizza place next to the two townhouses. Then, but as many pizza SLICES as your pockets can hold. I request you but only slices because the corn dogs dont fill you up, the whole pizza is to much money, and the drink is worthless. Now you have all three meals in one run! hope this helped!
Exploite the microwave.
Before you get your house by a counter and microwave. The microwave will never start a fire so you don't have to wast money on fire alarms but when you make a late-night-snack you make a snack not a meal.
Food In Jail
When you are in jail and you are really hungry, all you have to do is find the food and start eating it. If you are going to be in there a while and you will get hungry again, before the food disappears press B and do that again. You will get an unlimited supply of food in jail.
Garbage can
Get 100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle to unlock the Garbage can (near entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown)
Gather Rubbish!
hi! from the start of the game please start collecting rubbish to complete the artsie rep goal! if you dont the rubbish will stop to appear and you wont be able to complete your goal!
please take this tip in mind!
i was gutted when i couldn`t complete it
hope i helped xx
Get your body up to full strength BEFORE you pick the office door!
Make the most of your time in the tower BEFORE you pick the office door, find the key and get arrested: build up your body points by exercising on the treadmill in the basement until you've built up your body points to maximum. It'll take a while, but it's worth it: when you graduate to living in the city, you'll be able to play the highest levels of the basketball game and earn a thousand-plus simoleons each day playing b-ball (You also get a rep point with the streeties for having a perfectly buffed bod).

While in the tower, use the TV on the lawyer's office level to keep your entertainment up, and get free food out of the snack machine in the lobby. Just don't search the lawyer's office until you have built you body up to maximum, because you'll be kicked out of the building after that.
Get Your Popularity Up!!
This is what you do when you have to get your popularity up to whatever.

1. Get your relationship up to 100% with Pheobe Twiddle to unlock the trash can next to Club Xizzle in Glasstown.

2. Get some cash (I suggest Heidi Shadows or a lot of mini-games) and buy a bed, shower, toilet, fridge (or stove...stove works best) and a TV or radio.

3. Put all of that furniture into the trash can I was talking about earlier.

4. Get all your motives up and go to Club Xizzle to talk to people. (the password for the club is "bucket") Get your relation up with them until one of your motives go down and go to the trash can again and repeat this step.
Getting a House
Befriend Ewan Watahmee (he's usually with dusty hogg in the garage) to 100% he will then say something like "for your kindness, i will build you a house of serenity under the docks of sim quarter" to get there, go to the docks (on your way to Salty's River boat) and go to the end of one of the docks where the game is.
Giant Chocolate Bunny.
You can make a giant chocolate bunny by using 3 chocolates.
Glitch and tips involving roommates
When you have talked a member in the town to move in with you, there are a few things to keep in mind. The good thing about room mates is that they will pay about half of your rent, and the only bad things are that they will not clean up after themselves if they make a mess or if something they used last had broke. Also, when talking to your roommate, there is a small glitch that affects all room mates. If you use a friendly interaction with your room mate (give a gift, ask for an errand, ask to move in/ ask to move out) whatever you do, do NOT ask for an errand! The glitch part of the game makes the game treat the reaction to "Ask for an errand" as it would if you asked them to move out, and doing so, they will move out plus lower their relationship with you by about 20.
Hedi Shadows
There are three places that I know of you can find her:

1.Get 100% with the detective and go through the secret tunnel

2.Go to paradice island when you get the boat and sleep in your genine lamp (givin by crystal when you invite her over and she likes your house) and come out at 5am

3.or the left side of the canranvile

Hope this helps!!!
Heidi Shadows
You can purchase money and extra skill points from Heidi Shadows. She can be located at the top left side of the carnival at 2am every day. If you miss her, she will also appear in the secret tunnel that links the jail (behind pin-up picture) with the bayou at 6.00am daily. You need 100 relationship with Det. Dan to access the secret tunnel.
Heidi's Drinks
These are the reactions for Heidi's drinks. (She can be found at 6am in the tunnel in the jail or from 2 am-5 am at the Carnival)

Rosebud= $2,222 (Cost: $100)
Silver-Tongue Smoothie= +1 Charisma Point (Cost: $999)
Gourmet Berry Smoothie= +1 Cooking Point (Cost: $999)
Clock Berry Smoothie= +1 Mechanical Point (Cost: $999)
Buff Berry Smoothie= +1 Body Point (Cost: $999)
Mind Berry Smoothie= +1 Logic Point (Cost: $999)
Da Vinci Berry Smoothie= +1 Creativity (Cost: $999)

***I don't know what the slip of paper does yet but it has the password of Club Xizzle and the recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu (Can also be found by talking cooking with Giuseppi Mezzoalto).

[Don't bother buying the slip of paper... it's a waste of money)
hints and tips for beginners!
here are just a few tips for you!

1. to unlock the broken down school bus near the thrift store, get a 100% relationship with guissupi mezzoalto and you just have to walk up the steps. you can put in your items in there too!

2. the password to club xizzle is bucket. i dont know if youll need it because i just clicked "enter club" and it just let me in without the password!

3.when youre in the king tower at the beggining play squeegee clean every day because later on in the game you will need to buy a house. i only played it once so it took me ages to get one!

4. when you buy the house dont get the one with the upstairs because it is a waste of money, the bills are higher and you are not going to have that many items anyway! also, because it is cheaper, when you get more money and when you unlock the next town there is a big townhouse so you can buy that and have as many items as you like!

hope these tips helped you!

p.s. if they are too easy for you please bear in mind that they are for beginners!
When you first get your house or apartment go to the upgrade housing and buy double paned windows and nite-ninja security for a total of $3,500. It really is worth it. DO NOT buy central heating and burglar alarm first because it is a waste of money.
I have beat the game 4 times. One of my keys to success is buying the House in Sim Quarter. It is about 195$ with a roomate, I recommend that you do the same.
How to beat dusty hogg
Go to the garage near the bus and go up to your motobike change the properties to chasis:heavy suspension:cruser engine:zipper Nitrous tank:large tires:racing accessory:N/A and get mechanical skills to the top. I hope this works.
How To Cure Boo
The only way u can cure Boo is to give him pure chocolate. First u need a mixer. You put three chocolates in there and make a giant chocolate bunny. Another way is too put in 2 chocolates plus a flour. It may take a few tries for both but its definitely worth it. After the mix is made go to ur oven and bake it I suggest u make alot so if one blows up u can make another. GOOD LUCK!
How To Get The Paradise Island Map
Man it took me almost a year(game year), go to the old saltys river boat and go upstairs, upstairs again, enter the room in the middle of the boat go upstairs after you enter the room, there is a piece of paper with a drawing of an island put it in your pocket and walla.
Information about what you get in your rep group!!!
Rep group; NERDIE
electric chair
gold and silver plaque
upgrades your skills all at the same time and can be displayed
Polly Nomial

Rep group;STREETIE
wall radio
gold and silver plaque
for music and fills up your fun motive and can be displayed

Rep group;RICHIE
hyperbolic pod
gold and silver plaque
fills up all of your motives in just a short time and can be displayed
Luthor L. Bigbucks

Rep group;ARTSIE
skin changer
gold and silver plaque
this is like your wardrobe but also it changes the colour of your hair and its style too and can be displayed
Roxanna Moxie
INVITE FRIENDS !! the sims in the city : the urbz
want to invite people and they're busy?
i did some research and found that they had a certain time
so when you wnt to invite someone see this list
( its not perfect sorry <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> ... )

dady bigbucks : 4 pm
polly (nerdies leader) : 8 am
luthor bigbucks : 5 am
crystal : 4 am
giussepi mezzoalto : 6 am
kriss : 7 am
lily gate : 9 am
lincoln breadsheet :10 am
barkeley clodd : 10 pm
bayou boo : 12 am
darius : 5 pm

if you know other time plz tell me
Lost cave in Sim quarter
Get 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee to unlock the Lost Cave in Sim Quarter
Maneater Plants in the Bayou and other tips
To avoid being eaten by the plants in the Bayou, press A and B rapidly in succession. This will make the plant "bow" down so that you can pick up any goodies behind the plant.

To make extra money, bake goodies using the blender and oven, and sell them to the vendor across from the museum in Sim Quarter. Make sure your cooking skills are high.

Find the sailor's hat at the coffee shop in Sim Quarter by shopping online at one of the computers. The Sailor's jacket can be found at the thrift shop, and the beard can be found by asking Prichard.

One of the Rep Group trophies can be found at the Sim Quarter Mall by the appliances.

Messenger to Paradise Island
the messenger to paradise island is Gordie(the sleeping kid in the univarsity)He should have an exclamation point over his head. Talk to him! Hope this helps!
Messenger to Paradise Island
Alot of people have been having trouble with this, so i thought id put it up, go to the university and talk to the guy who's always sleeping and do what he says, simple as that, (i never thought of that place before..heh..funny)
Mission For The Man
Well after you get the museum note you won't be able to find the next one! Do the mission for Hattie first to be able to get the note. Try raising charisma with a mirror since you won't make you stink. Then find the note in the graveyard. After you finish these missions the game will be really easy. Good luck!
Mission for the man
Play the monkey game, then some one will come up to u and give u directions to sum. now, forget the bulletin board just go straight to the cemetary and near the graves find one more note.
if it dosent work then go to the bulletin board and go back again, then if u get it give it to the guy with the hat, in a purple or sum suit
Money and Skills Upgrade!!
When the game has loaded, load your Urb and go to Glasstown. Go to the carnival in between 2am and 3am and you will see some *bleep*ed shadow thing lol. Go up to it and press A. Then a weird page comes up with some smoothies and a sheet of paper saying: Bucket. If you have enough money buy the sheet and all the smoothies and all of your skills will go up by 1 and you will get $2,222. PS: Eat carrots they are healthy lol. The password to Club Xizzle is Bucket. Yum yum carrots lol!!
more money than you can handle
Ok you think you have a way to earn lots of money , hahahah, no ok, first when you start playing earn some cash for the begining, then wene you unlock glass town , buy a wood cutting board, thenbuy the woods and pic up ones you see , start cutting them, then when you have a wood carving worth alot or so go to the urbania store at auction time (5:00 pm-7:00pm) buy one item but perpusly lose, then sell yours and buy it back , the game reconizes the peice of wood before scalpting and its cheap, then when you earn money , go to the school and raise your mech and creat. and make newer wood peices it works, i have over 400,000 but dont go much higher than that
Motocross Mayhem
What helps the most when you are trying to finish the mini game is to buy the fastest equipment. Here are 3 thing you should buy the most expensive
3.nitro tank
and for the suspension getcruiser. I recomend the the endurance tires too. The accesories are reccomended.
Night Out With Crystal

When you're on the night out with Crystal, and you're out of money, do Comic Explosion. (She doesn't mind.) Also, it helps to buy the stuff in advance. One slice of pizza (or corndog), and the cheapest thing from the hobo near Slice 'O Life pizza place. Also, don't play a whole dance game. The second you start, tap the B button so you don't get tired. Make sure your stats are full, and that it's a decent hour before you take her out.
No more cheap paintings
When you buy an easil and you keep getting the paintings that only sell for $25 at the Thrift Emportum, raise your creativity. Eventually, with full creativity, you will get paintings of sunflowers that sell for $500! Easy money!
No More Xizzle Bead Searches
Now I found this out:

It's hard to find ALL the Xizzle beads so I found Out...

You don't need to find the beads if you want beads just get a relationship of 75 or higher and they will say:

"I just wanted to give you this since your such a great friend" Voila! Beads Galore
Object Limit
You may know this, but be careful on how many objects you have in your house, they do have a limit. Some objects you can just put it in there, but even your pet (if you have one) will not be allowed in your house on a certain amount. Different houses allow different amount of objects. If you have reached the limit, it will say something like Sorry! The Firecode prohibits any more objects in this house.
Old broken down school bus
Get 100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto to unlock the Old broken down school bus (near thrift shop)
out of prison
To get out of prison without paying those bills just go to bed and sleep until the door opens
When you buy a easil, you can paint pictures and then sell them for big money at the thrift store.
don't let your pet wander around too long alone in your house. it will get bored and wander off. a good tip is to always have it follow you
When you buy pets from the lady in Sim quarter make sure when u take it home, you click on go for a walk so it will follow you all the time, this is important because you wont lose your pet when you move house and the pet wont get lonely, bored or pee on the floor.
Phone calls
When you want to call someone on the phone and invite them over to your house, just get your health up to full on everything, then they will always turn up!
Projection booth
Get 100% relationship with Theresa Bullhorn to unlock the Projection booth (near door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown)
quick cash for dancing nutrias
just keep catching dancing nutrias and selling them at that pet shop at simquarter over and over again and you well get about 75 dollers i had like 5 dollers and did that and i got like 998 dollers fast u can get 1 million fast doing this trust me
Quick money
Every night between 2 & 5 go to the Carnival, go up to the Ninja and buy a rosebud for $100, drink it and you will get $2,222! it works I'm now loaded!
Rep Hint Luthor Bigbucks
To obtain clubhouse keys, the easiest way to get Luthor Bigbucks to -5 is to talk to him. Look for signs for crime, hygiene, construction and other things Luthor doesn't like. Click on sign, then stop talking to him. Resume talking to him while looking for additional signs he does not like. This takes a little while, but it works. This info is from my best gba gamer nephew.
rep mission help
on the mission were you have to buy 30k in house stuff the best way is to buy the stuff that cost alot
rep objects
if you get 10 rep points with a group they give you a rep object

Artsies:Bod-mod booth. (its where you can change your hair color and skin color)

Richies: Sensory depirvation chamber (it gets all of your motives up in the matter of minutes)

Streeties:MP-DEE Stero system. (its a stero that plays all the songs that you hear in this game.)

nerdies:Mad skillz Cerebral data infuser. ( it gives you a skill point in a random skill.)
Roommate Tips
If you have a roommate, they will pay half the bills, yes, but here are a few tips so that you know what to expect from your roommate:

  • The only things in your place the roommate will use is the toilet, shower and bed.
  • The roommate will NEVER clean up after him/herself even if they make the shower or toilet have flies.
  • It is a good idea to have either two beds or a sofa and a bed in your house if you have a roommate so you don't pass out if your roommate is sleeping in the bed when you get tired.
  • You get to see some interesting "idle" actions if you have a roommate.. For instance, Ewan lifts a hand weight when he's not doing anything and Phoebe meditates until she levitates!
  • Save Food & Get More Sleep
    When you're hungry and want to save simoleons by not cooking or buying food, then wait until your urb passes out. You save food and get more sleep!
    HEY PEOPLE!!!!! I JUST FIGURED OUT SOMETHING!!! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET A PROMOTION ON HOOPZ, YOU NEED YOUR BODY SKILL ALL THE WAY FULL! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET A PROMOTION ON DR. MAX STAT, YOU NEED YOUR LOGIC AND YOUR MECHANICAL TO BE ALL THE WAY UP! IF YOU WANT A PROMOTION ON COMIC EXPLOSION, YOU NEED CHARISMA AND CREATIVITY ALL THE WAY UP! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET A PROMOTION ON YAR!HEY!BOMBARD! YOU NEED YOUR BODY AND YOUR MECHANICAL ALL THE WAY UP! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET ANY PROMOTION, GET YOUR SKILLS ALLLLLLLLL THEEEEEE WAYYYYYYYY UPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! I don't remember, but I also think your charisma skill will lower the prices of things. Hmmm... Anyway, let's talk about getting your skills up. OK. First, befriend Phoebe Twiddle (100%), Guesppi Mezzoloto (100%), Ewan Watahmee (100%), and Theresa Bullhorn (100%). Why? They will give you places to store your items. Phoebe will tell you the legend of a man who once lived in a trashcan, so she will give you the room where "HE" once lived which is by the Club Xzizzle in Glasstown. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Guesppi will tell you that he once stayed at that BROKEN DOWN BUS in Urbania by the Chopper Garage. I can't remember what Ewan tells you, but the location of it is where you play YAR!HEY!BOMBARD!. It is a little furthur than that. You will see more of the deck and it will lead you there. When you finish all of that (it will take you about 4-7 urb days to finish that on the game), you need to buy alot of SKILL EQUIPMENT. You will need to buy : A "FREE WEIGHT LIFTERS" or whatever it is called, a "BAROQUE MIRROR", a "CHESS SET", a "OFFENDER GUITAR AND AMPLIFIER", a few of those drinks that Heidi Shadows sells. Make sure that it is the "CLOCK" one and the "GOURMET" one. You can go to the coffee shop and look at online items on one of the computers or if you have your own computer at your house, you can use that. NOTE: NO MATTER WHICH COMPUTER YOU USE, IT WIL ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME ITEMS, SO JUST QUICKLY LOOK AT ONE. If you don't want to wait 3-5 days at that time, you can go to the SECOND LOOKS THRIFT EMPORIUM. They sell many useful things there, too. But, they will not always have SKILL EQUIPMENT there. So, don't get your hopes up. You can also check in the market place in the Sim Quarter. Talk to the guy that sells the random things. You know, the guy with the Sky blue jacket, the black shirt, and the red-striped yellow sweat pants. But I doubt that he will sell anything like that. He does, but only at rare times. So don't get your hopes up for this person either. This step calls for lots of patience. If you do not have patience, you will not survive this step, lol. I'm just kidding. Anyways, patience is NEEDED!
    After all of that, you will need to buy some basic stuff. All you need to buy is a MONOCHROME TELEVISION which only costs like 99 simoleons. You also need to buy a BIKER SOFA which only costs 50 simoleons. You also need to buy some kind of kitchen usage for food. You can use a STOVE, a BBQ GRILL, a FRIDGE, something like that. Make sure it is cheap so you don't spend all of your money. Then, you only need 2 more things. You need a HYGEIAOMATIC TOILET which costs like 120 or something like that and a SHAVVY SHOWER which costs somewhere along the line of 100-200 simoleons. You need alot of money because you need 3 of each of those things.
    Almost Done! Now you have to decorate yoir rooms that they gave you. BEWARE! THE BUS DOES NOT HAVE MUCH SPACE! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! THAT'S WHY I TOLD YOU 3 OF EACH WHEN THERE ARE FOUR PLACES! Decorate your room however you want to. I would probably put the basic stuff all together. Then the leftover space would be used up by the SKILL EQUIPMENT.
    And last, You can now work out in your new places, and if you need to go somewhere, you can go there and the closest place of yours you have around, you can go there!!!! I really hoped I helped you guys alot! (girls too. when i say guys, I also mean girls! =P)
    <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    smoothie machine
    If you love to save money and is running low on cash,buy a smothie machine. It feeds you and you don't have to pay for it. Unlike the frige and other kitchen appliances. cha-ching!!!!
    To get your popularaity up just do what I did, get people up to 100 until your popularity is where you need it to be.When you meet someone get their relationship up as high as you can. This saves time.
    On the last mission you have to find 10 fuel rods to make the teleporter go swamp and look around.
    The Easiest Way To Buy Houses!
    OK. Now I know some of you want to own expensive houses so bad, but there's a problem. Your BROKE! So, what you have GOT to do is to play so many mini games. The first mini game you should play each day should be either Squigi Clean (for thosse of you who have already unlocked Glasstown) or Hoopz (for those of you that have not yet unlocked Glasstown). After that, I would probably play Dr. Max Stat. Then it would probably be about maybe 12:00 or so. If so, then play Yar! Hey! Bombard! (for those of you who have unlocked Sim Quarter). Or you might just get your motives up for a while then go play Comic Explosion (for those of you who have not yet unlocked Sim Quarter). Then after that, go play Moogoo Monkey twice on the RiverBoat (again, for those of you that have unlocked Sim Quarter) once at like whatever time (make sure it's not 12:00 a.m. or you can't play twice, I would probably make sure it is like 7:00 p.m. or so.) and another at 12:00 a.m. or 1:00 a.m. because it has already turned into new day. BUT DON'T PLAY MOOGOO MONKEY AT 2:00 a.m. BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY CLOSED!!!!! If you have not yet unlocked Sim Quarter, you can play Comic Explosion twice because it ends at the same time Moogoo Monkey does: 2:00 a.m. Now, repeat these steps for about a week (7 days of game, not real life) and you should have lots of money. But I won't garuntee you will have like thousands of money every week, but if you go over a week, maybe a month, you just might make LOADS of money! I have another hint for you: When you start the game, make sure you get the Xzizzle: Sell Out. Why? BECAUSE WHEN YOU GET IT FROM CLUB XZIZZLE, YOU GET 10,000 SIMOLLEONS!!!!!!! BUT DON'T WASTE IT! I WASTED MINE AND NOW I AM SOOOOO BROKE! I CAN'T EVEN PAY MY RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So spend it wisely. And, if you buy a Rosebud from Heidi Shadows, (only costs 100$) you will get 2,222 simoleons! Take that DADDY BIGBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Genie Lamp
    Invite Chrystal the street girl to your house and if its good enough for her and she's impressed, she'll give you a lamp, for which you can carry around and go into .to sleep and use the toilet.OH YEAH THERES A BED AND A TOILET INSIDE THE LAMP! saves up time
    The Museum
    Save up your money and buy all of the exhibits and get checks weekly with your bill. I bought the 4000 Sim Exhibit and and two others. Now I get 580 weekly, which is easily enough to pay bills with.
    you may have figured this out already but if you have to be somewhere at a certain time that's later in the day and you don't feel like waiting around all day then go home and sleep but make sure that your urb has enough time to get to where it's going in time good luck!
    Tip! =3
    Okay, a little tip. When the maid/repairman/whatever comes in to do what they need to do, just let them begin to do one thing and then leave the house. Then the person leaves, and everything is to perfection! AND you don't have to pay for it. Sweet, eh? =3
    Tips on Getting Rich- Fast!
    Well okay when you start out and take the quiz try to get the sell out bead. Then save that bead for emergencies ONLY!! After you unlock all the minigames and the bayou start collecting stuff to sell. Then get the sell out bead when you need. Each night go to the cheat ninja and buy the Rosebud for $100 and a skill booster for your rep's skill. Here is the list of the skills:

    1. Streeties- Body

    2. Artsies- Creativity

    3. Richies- Charisma

    4. Nerdies- Logic (I think!)

    Please tell me if I need to correct this! Thanks!

    -Peace Out
    when u collect trash from other streets or places you can give it to the police department standing to the entrance inside at the trashcans press a and give all the trash,cans to make more money

    Trick for pent-house
    (You need to have bought everything in the museum!!)
    Once you have enough money to buy the penthouse buy it!! And you should get a check for 1,000 dollars every time you get your check so you should be able to pay the rent!! And it really helps if you move while you have a room-ate so he/she can help you pay half,so actually you GAIN more money!Hope this Helps
    Nerdie Trophie is at that tree next to the carnival, and that trash can.

    Streetie Trophie is in the graveyard.

    Artsie Trophie is in the Bayou.

    Richie Trophy is in the Glasstown mall.
    unlocking places
    Since you can unlock magical places for befriending people, one person u can get a place from is Guesuppi Melsoalto. He unlocks the schoolbus ner the place where you race the cars. Also, Ewan unlocks a secret place behind the bumberboats. Lastly, Pheobe unlocks the trashcan. I usually move into the trashcan because it is big enough and no one can steal from it. I put am my stuff in my pockets and place it in the trash. On, the downside, u have to still pay your bills from your real house . Hope this helped!
    Want free items!
    Firstly u have to get all rep points with richies. then go see daddy bigbucks speak to him so he likes u (100) the buy 2 go to your house and u will have 4 of them this works with most items.
    Warnning for when u get back from the bayou
    Warning when u get back from the bayou you CAN NOT RUN or else u will get arrested

    hope it helps:)
    Watch out!
    Sometimes when your phone is broken, it will zap you and kill you!
    Wooden David the money-maker
    If you *ever* carved a wooden David don't sell it right away or just put it in your house! Instead, wait for the auction time and go to the Thrift Shop. Sell your wooden david there. A wooden david could worth up to 5400 simoleons each (Large and carved out of a petrified wood) make sure an empty slot is available so you can buy your David back. Now sell it and watch the cash flowing into your pocket, then buy it again! It could worth up to 10800 simoleons but don't fear! just buy it, auctions doesn't require a sufficient money to participate, even more, that david can only worth up to 45 simoleons! Buy it again, sell it and buy it again! This also works with cowboy, but don't try this with potato, it doesn't worth it
    Go to the guy in the market and buy a workbench. Then whenever you find a log you can make it into an item, which you can then sell at the thrift store. Easy Money!
    As some know you get Xixxles by getting relationships 75%, but I can tell you where the Xixxles are.

    1.bush by the old house in Urburbia
    2.in clothes at pizza place
    3.plant in the hospital behind curtain
    (get (sell out) $10.000)
    Xizzle Bead
    In SimQuarter,go to the Crawfish Shack[next to Mambo Loa's place] and to the right there are two red chairs.One is by what looks like a fishing net,go to it and there should be beads there.Hope this helped!
    Xizzle bead
    at the start of the game in King Tower, go down to the basement level and in one of the plant pots is Xizzle bead.


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    A Glitch For Another Chance Of Earning Item From Visitor That Goes To Your House
    did u know that sumtimes, if u invite sum1 over to ur house (ex: u invite ewan wahtami to ur house) and they dont like it, u can move ur items around and add more or take sum out and the exclaimation mark will pop up over they're head again and sumtimes they wil like ur house. other times the exclaimation wont pop up but wen u meet them sum where outside or at sum place, they wil hav it again and if u talk to them they wil either say they like it or not even wen they rn't at ur house!!! i hope this helps u people make more money by selling things they gave u!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    i am sorry if u dont like the things i submit, forgive me, i hav just started submittin. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Crystal Dancing With You!
    Crystal can dance with you without doing the mission.
    My sim needed fun so i made my sim go to the pizza place and go on the dance machine. Crystal was standing by and when my sim didnt dance i thought something had when wrong or the game had crashed but then Crystal came on the machine and danced. Pretty Usless but it's worth looking at .
    Earn money quickly
    If you finish the Goal(road to the Sim quarter),you'll see a shop were it sells animals like dogs and cats . fill your pocket with items and it must be full . When you buy a Dog or a Cat it will say your pockets are full and you saw a name your pet directly cancel it and you earn your money at no time.
    Glasstown to Urbania Shortcut
    If you Unlock the glasstown,the simquarter and the urbania,
    go to the bridge that leads to simquarter but do not go to simquarter THE bridge to simquarter near the bridge is the door it is called "CLUB XIZZLE" the Password is "BUCKET" When you entered the Club (Xizzle) There are two passages one on the bottom left and one to the bottom right the bottom left door leads to glasstown and the bottom right door leads to urbania the door leads to the left side of the kingtower so you saved energy and time when going place to place

    Harlan King Glitch!
    Okay after you beat the game and have that cutscene where Mr. King is all like 'blah blah blah you did it! Yay!' if you invite him over he says the same stuff and sends you to Nutria Island without a boat!
    This is really annoying and the only thing to do is to pass out.
    Money From Mueseum??? COOL!!! And YES it's TRUE!
    Hey all you Sims Fans out there! LOL I've always wanted to say that. Anyway, did you know that you can get money from the mueseum??? Well, you can!!! What you have to do to get it is you have to buy a piece of Artwork in the mueseum, then it will pop up, as you can see. Then, when it's time to pay your bills you will notice something. It will say "COLLECT CHECKS". If you push "A", you will get money from the MUESEUM! The more Artwork pieces you buy, the more money you collect in your checks! So, when the mission comes up to you and says you need to buy an Artwork piece for the mueseum, after you buy one, that's when the "reeling in the simoleons" comes in. (THAT'S NOT THE NAME OF THE MISSION IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT YET!!!) Now, guess how much money you will get from buying every piece???
    1,000 simoleons each time you need to pay bills!!! I thought I would add my suggestion for this hint: OK. Do you NOT want to pay your bills? Nor do we, my friend. Nor do we. So, this is what you need to do to pay so little money for bills:
    First: You need to raise money. I would say about 11,000$ or pay a little, get more $, pay a little, get more $, etc. Why do you need sooooo much money??? Because when you buy the Artwork pieces, some will cost alot, some will cost a little. For example, one of the pieces cost about 4,125$ or something like that and another costs like 3,500 or something like that. So you'll need alot of money!
    After: Once you get the money, buy ALL the pieces of Artwork in the Muesuem. Don't forget! The Epoch Mueseum starts at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 so don't be late!!!!
    Then: You will need to get Friend or Love status with 1 person that you know for sure will be your roommate. I tried Roxanna, but every time she said no. So don't ask Roxanna, she will for sure say no. The easiest person you can get to be your roommate (my opinion) is Dusty Hogg. He's quite weird at sometimes, but he will do. Why do you need a roomate??? Because if you have a roommate, your roommate will pay half of your bills.
    And you will see that having a roommate will make life easier later on in the game.
    Last but not least: Now again you need to raise money. This time, you need to go to your utillities booth in your house. It's a rectangular thing in your house somewhere on your wall. If you live in one of the brownstones or whatever they are called, they will be in the kitchen or whatever it is to you, but when you step in, it will be the room on the left of you. If you live in the townhouse, it will be upstairs. If you live on the riverboat, when you walk into your house, it will be in front of you. If you live in the City Apartment (quite beautiful) it will be on the right side. Go up until you see 2 rooms with a view of the city. It is by the view on the right side. If you live in the King Tower (also quite beautiful) It will be upstairs in the only ROOM with carpet. The other 2 have bath tile and wooden floor. Why do you need to raise money this time??? That's your utillities booth. You need to BUY a utillity. So that's why you need more money. Go to your utilities booth and buy "DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS" This will lower your bills by 40%.
    Now that you have done all of this, you will have really low bills, your roommate will pay half so it makes it lower, AND every time you need to pay your bills you get 1,000!!!!!!!!!
    when i wuz playin urbz sims in the city, i went to nutria island cuz i was lookin 4 daddy b. i thought ther wuz more to the island, so i walked all around. soon i got in2 the bayou!!!!!!!!!!! this might not work all the time, but it worked for me! wut i found out wuz happenin wuz that I WUZ WALKING ON WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if u in a hurry to go sum where, go 2 nutria island then go 2 water and try to walk. if it dont work try the next day. keep trying!!! i swear to god i wuz walkin on water! this is no lie! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    Easter eggs

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    Free Cash!
    Okay well at the beginning of the game in the lawyers office in one of her shelves is like 10 simeloeons! Then by the motocross area in one of the bushes is like 10-60 simeloens! (Forget how much!) Anyway this is awesome since you won't get tired easily! Also try to have like 1000 simeloens (not including the free cash!) before you go to jail and at least 5 body points since you'll need it for a mission later on. As soon as possible get someone in your rep group up to 100 friendship points and let them move in because they'll help with the bills! (Not everybody wants to move in with you! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />) Trust me pay your rent on time or else you'll be a jailbird like me! Hehehe! XD Good luck peoples!


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    arties rep goal
    the rep goal requires to pick up 100 piles of trash so start collecting right when you get out of jail. or you cant find any more after a while.
    Breakdance moves
    In the Xizzle club, go next the dj station, and wait.
    After a while you will spin or make the robot !!
    continuation of MJ Foxfire Gravboard
    im so sorry i forgot to put the name of the guy to give the shrunken heads to, give it to Berkeley Clodd. This cheat is for the beginning of the game when you have your own house.
    Dancin Nutria
    After completing -runnin from the law- the detective gives you a key go to the stair case next to the aparments get on the swamp boatthen ride it behind salty's boat using the map find the island and land on the docks then catch a nutria
    When you have to feed Ewan for 3 days, i used to find it hard to get there on time, so most of the time i would just skip giving him food. this was really frustrating! if you go through this, too, then you know u need help. Well, as i played my game over a second time, i figureed out that if u get your relationship up to 100 with him and ask him to move in with you, he'll say yes and hell always be at your house. So no more stressing about getting food to him on time, because now, all u have to do is go to your house! Hope this helped mucho!
    Furniture Color Changer
    Go to the item that you want to change the color on. Don't press the "a" button. Just stand by it until there is the big yellow arrow pointing to it. Press the "r" button which is located in the back of the game player thing(I Never could figure out where that was before).It doesn't work on all furniture, but it works on most of them. You can only change the colors of items that you own.
    good body skillz
    right after you get out of jail dont leave the room. the jail door will stay open and all you have do do when your stats get low is refill your bars.
    Hard to find beads
    To find beads in areas you wouldn't normally look at, here's some hidden areas.
    Found three "found" as opposed to be given to by friends.
    Three areas I found them in Urbania, so far-

    1- In the Hoopz area that's above the jail in the sheriff's prison. It's in the upper right area corner past the double money sign that flashes white and blue. Would not to look there but just wander around.
    2- Plainly on the desk at the University where the professor teaches classes and nearby the class schedule.
    3- On the side of the broken down bus that faces the fence. You have to really "rub" up against it to detect it.
    heidi shadows smoothies
    body: buff berry smoothie
    mechanical: clock berry smoothie
    creativity: Da vinci berry smoothie
    cooking: gourmet berry smoothie
    logic: mind berry smoothie
    charisma: silver-tongue berry smoothie
    rosebud: 2,222 simolens
    hold on repair/maid
    first call your maid or repair man and wait till their almost done then quikly leve when you get back finsh it and you dont pay them.

    cool right?
    hoover magic
    when you can get to Sim quarter go to cafe multiplayer and go to one of the computers. If there is a robot vacuum cleaner for about $395 buy it. (do not get the robot monkey butler it is a waste of money and is slower then the vacuum cleaner.) It will arrive in 3-5 days. when you get it place it in an accessible corner in your house. when something needs cleaning go to the vacuum and click unleash. click it several times and you should see several circular things come out. they will clean stuff up faster than just one vacuum and also faster than a maid. hope this helps
    How to become an artsie
    To become an artsie you must:
    complete artsie rep goal
    live in the townhouse(in simquarter)
    have -5 with Polly
    have full rep points with artsies
    and have an artsie move in with you.
    Magic Lamp
    If you want to get a Magic Lamp, invite Crystal to your house. If she likes it, she will give you the lamp. The lamp serves as a temporary shelter with a bed and toilet. To use it, select it in your inventory.To exit the lamp after you are done with it, walk to the left and out the spout.
    MJ Foxfire Gravboard
    To get a MJ Foxfire Gravboard get the shrunken heads at the thrift store and give it to him. Then he will give you the board. The Gravboard makes it easier to get around the city.

    Money Money Money !!!
    Buy and object every week form the museum and once you have bought every single item you will get 1000 simoleans in the post with your bills !!!
    moon base zelda
    if you link up with another person you will be acessed to moon base zelda. when you link up with someone the phone booth in sim quarter becomes moon base zelda.not to mention you will get some xixxles and you can go head to head in the mini games.
    More Golden Fiddles
    When you have taken the tickets for Cannonball, save and turn off the game. Then load it again and you will be able to do the mission again. You can do this until your pockets are full. Just save and turn off after getting each fiddle. They sell for 666 simoleans each.


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    If you buy everything at the museum then you will get a check for 585 dollars every time your bills come.


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    Partners Pay Half
    When you buy a house find people your good at getting along with. After you get 100% with them ask them to move in your house. Not everyone says they will move in, but once you find someone they will pay half of your bills!!!!!!!
    Password to Club Xizzle
    The password is "bucket". You can go in and find many people there, even ones from areas you haven't reached.
    Quick Relationship points
    I would like to make 3 points first
    1: If it's someone whos hard to befriend (most answers negative) dont try this
    2:This works best if there easy to befriend
    3: This is luck if itll work or not
    Anyway just keep on taping "A" and it should work.
    Raise Skills Faster
    While raising a skill rapidly tap the A button to raise the skill faster
    repair stuff quicker
    All you do is when something in your house breaks down you call a repair man, but so you dont waste time waiting for him to repair, as soon as he gets there bang into him and he will automatically leave straight away, leaving everything that needed repairing repaired!!!
    running illegally
    while running is illigal you can still run in a couple places
    the jail itself (even if det. dan da mann is there you can run and will not get arrested)
    your home (he can't arrest you no matter what you do in your own home!)
    unlocked places such as the school bus (100% with Giuseppi Mezzoalto) the garbage can (100% with Phoebe Twidle)the projection booth (100% with Theresa Bulhorn) and the cave (100% with Ewan Watahmee)
    Secret Storage
    Making friends is one of the most important part of the game, so you should be rewarded, right? Well most of you don't know you will be. Once you get 75% you get Xizzle beads. Also with some people you will get storage places. These are good if you don't have enough money for a house you can put things in it. It is also good if you are far a way from home and need to freshin up. People who give you space:
    Ewan Wahtawee-Space on docks past job.
    Theresa Bullhorn-Projector room on the left side on the theater
    Plus More found all around the city!!!!!!!!!!
    Speedy Cleaning!
    If you hav a foom-ba (small cleaning disk thing... whatever you know what i mean) do this:
    1. Count all that needs so be cleaned (let's say a toilet and your shower)
    2. Make sure a bed is messed up
    3. Choose release on the foom-ba
    4. quickly hit A again and release another
    5. Release as many as the dirty itens you have +1
    6. The foom-ba's will each head to a different item, once all the dirty items are being cleaned the extra's will dissappear. When they do the one's cleaning will dissappear too, but the dirty items will be instantly clean!
    Taking Crystal Out
    These are some things to remember when you're taking Crystal out...

    1. Make sure your stats are full
    2. Make sure you talk to her or you won't know what to do
    3. Don't talk to anyone else or she'll leave
    4. don't go to the bathroom, shower, sit, sleep, or make food from your stove or a vending machine; if you are going to give her food, buy her some.
    the urbz: sims in the city
    well if ur smart like me u keep goin to heidi shadows and get all stats up...then when logic,charisma,body etc are all up get wood from around the city...then buy a work table and carve the logs into sculptures easy lol...in 1 week i got 80,000 simoleons try it it works dude =] enjoy
    the urbz: sims in the city
    well if ur smart like me u keep goin to heidi shadows and get all stats up...then when logic,charisma,body etc are all up get wood from around the city...then buy a work table and carve the logs into sculptures easy lol...in 1 week i got 80,000 simoleons try it it works dude =] enjoy
    ticket ripper
    on the ticket ripper goal make sure you only have 2 rep points not 2or more or it doesn't work.
    Trash Collection
    If you get to the end of the game and cannot find any piles of trash, simply locate the trashcan by the carnival. It contains trash piles. It may take a while to collect 100 but it is possible.
    Trivia Game
    Get full stats before you try this

    -Travel to Paradise Island: Get on your fan boat and head north, and you will come there.
    -Play the trivia contest: Go find four question coconuts. They are all buy the palm trees. When
    you do, talk to Pritchard and give him the cocnuts, then answer as follows:

    Question Coconut 1: Red
    Question Coconut 2: Urbania
    Question Coconut 3: Dusty Hogg
    Question Coconut 4: The Carnival

    For each question you get right, you earn $2000

    By winning you get $10000.


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    Unlockable storage areas
    Old broken down school bus (near thrift shop)-100% relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto
    Lost cave in Sim quarter-100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee
    Garbage can (near entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown)-100% relationship with Phoebe Twiddle
    Projection booth (near door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown)-100% relationship with Theresa Bullhorn
    Hole behind the poster: First you get the running from the law goals. You THEN raise 100% relationship with Detective Dann then he tells you about a prisoner who escaped and they could never figure out how. he is talking about the hole in the wall behind the poster.


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    Want money for later in the game?
    When you start out in the game play the bird poop cleaning game, when you get kicked out of the building you will have money to buy things with.
    When you open club Xizzle, you have an option on entering the club or buying a xizzle.

    Entering the Club: Password: Bucket

    Buying a Xizzle: Get friends relationships to 75 and they will give them beads. You can also find them. What do you buy with them? Xizzles. At the beginning of the game you are asked multiple choice questions. Depending on how you answer these are the basic ones you can get:

    -Inzombiac: Sleep decay slows 30%
    -Sell Out: you get 10,000 dollars
    -Sweet Smell: Hygiene decay slows 30%
    -Mantis Rapture: Fun decay slows 30%
    -Livin' Large: Earn 20% more at all minigames
    -Chillin' like a Villian: All motive decays slow 10%
    -Nerd Level 5: Gain one point in all skills
    -Nemesis: Everyone gains 6 relationship points, but one random person will decrease by 100
    -Jibba Jabba: New conversation option, which all but Daddy B. will gain 3 or 4 relationship
    -G'd Up: Decreases a negative option by 1
    -All Up Ons: Opposite sex gains 1 relationship point when talking
    -Little Piddly Diddle: Bladder decay slows 30%
    -Play it Off: Comfort decay slows 30%