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The Incredibles (GBA) Cheats

The Incredibles cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Cheat Codes
Enter the following in the Password
Infinite lives69DD
Invincibility, Infinite Incredi-Meter, more powerful attacks96KR
Mr. Incredible always wears red costumeFG6Y
Level Select (press L or R at main menu to choose level)ZYQ8


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Frozone Rocks!!!!
If your Frozone then press a and b then press L 3 times and you will be solid ice then you can kill enemies faster and more effective.
J3FF - Dash
Once applied, Dash will be invunerable to everthing. You have to press R to use Incredi power
J3FF - Frozone
Once applied, Frozone will be invunerable to everything. You need to press R to use incredi -power (you don't need to press A or B for the ramps)

IMPORTANT NOTE: (something I forgot to mention): Once the cheat is applied, you won't be able to pick up Health, Incredi - Power, Water bottles or Lives.
J3FF - Mr Incredible
Once this cheat is applied, Mr Incredible will be invunerable to everything and you won't have to press R to use his Incredi - Power
J3FF - Mrs Incredible (Elastigirl)
Once applied, Mrs incredible will be vunerable only to mines, bomb dropping droids and the Omnidroid. You have to press R to use Incredi Power
J3FF - Violet
Once applied, Violet will be invunerable to everything (even without her sheild up!). You have to press R to use Incredi - power
Last Level Man
You have to focus only on the head when it comes out after a one-minute gap in the giant robot (pressing "R").


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infinate incredible power
the following codes are for levels but when you put them in you will automatically use you incredible power but the bar won't go down plus every code you get after this code will do the same thing (note you will start off with only 2 lives and it doesn't affect health)

2-1-1 BH5M
2-1-2 MQZB
2-1-3 Y2D6 OMNIDROID 1
2-2-1 6!TY OMNIDROID 2
2-3-1 SPKK
2-3-2 KNDS
2-3-3 3X2!
2-4-1 ?772
2-4-2 BG5L
2-4-3 MRZC
2-5-1 GB1P
2-5-2 RM4D
2-5-3 59V2
3-1-1 ?9KX BOATING
press 96kr on the pass word options and you will start at the begining and infinite incredi power
Enter this code to get...
Unlimited Incredi Power
From level 1-1-1

(Note: Mrs Incredible is still vunerable to bombs and the Omnidroid in later levels)
Level Passwords
1-1-1 MSW5
1-1-2 BK8V
1-2-1 69NN
1-3-1 GFVY
1-3-2 V34K
2-1-1 94HR
2-1-2 ZWLG
2-1-3 SP??
2-2-1 KDY3
2-3-1 Y27F
2-3-2 6!2N
2-3-3 BHBV
2-4-1 MQR5
2-4-2 3YTK
2-4-3 ?6DS
2-5-2 6?SR
2-5-3 SNJ5
3-1-1 MNW9
3-2-1 BF8Z
3-2-2 65NS
3-2-3 YVKK
3-2-4 KGTY
3-3-1 SDR6
3-4-1 Z3ZB
3-5-1 9?5M
3-5-2 FC73
3-5-3 NL2?
3-6-1 VXBG
3-6-2 YWKJ
3-6-3 GJQZ
3-7-1 KHP2
3-7-2 313K
4-1-1 ?!JT
4-2-1 ML17
4-3-1 YXFC
4-4-1 GHV1
4-5-1 VW4C
4-6-1 YX!F