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Better Uses For Fighter Plane Pilots [F-48]
Ok here is a way to make your F-48 pilots more useful.
They seem really good in the beginning as they dodge everything.
Later in the game they get really really bad with bad hp and cannot dodge as much.
Give them trombes as they are more useful in

and can wield more weapons.
Lantooni will get her own in the story.
Combination attacks
Though there's only two combination attacks in the game, they're very powerful, and can only be used under these conditions:

  1. All pilots participating must have enough EN and Will to use the attack. Both combination attacks cost 60 EN and require the pilot's Will to be 120 or higher.
  2. All units involved in the attack must be either side by side, or in a space diagonally away from one of the other unit. For the R-Formation, however, 2 units can be side by side, with the other at a diagonal from either unit.
  3. The target enemy must not be more than 4 spaces away, as both attacks have a range of 1-4. If Excellen or Rai use the Snipe skill, however, the range increases to 1-6.
  4. A combination attack can be used multiple times in one turn, as long as each pilot has enough EN and Will to do so.

For Rampage Ghost, Kyosuke must be piloting the Alteisen and Excellen must be piloting the Weisritter, along with meeting the above conditions.

For R-Formation, Ryusei must be piloting the R-1, Rai must be piloting the R-2 Powered, and Aya must be piloting the R-3 Powered, along with meeting the above conditions.

For each combination attack, they won't show up on the weapon customization screen for the units involved. However, this doesn't mean their damage output can't be increased. In fact, it's quite the opposite, as they can become exceedingly powerful.

For Rampage Ghost, upgrading the Alteisen's Revolver Stake and the Weisritter's Oxtongue RifleD will increase its power. Its maximum power is a whopping 8175.

In comparison, the Grungust's Darkness Slash has a maximum power of 6900. Furthermore, the SRX's TK BurstSlash, one of the most powerful moves in the game, only reaches a maximum power of 8100, making Rampage Ghost one of the best moves in the game, if not the best.

Economically, however, it's not very likely you're going to be using the full power of Rampage Ghost (or most attacks, really) unless you're on a New Game+. A big reason being that the Weisritter's Oxtongue RifleD costs the same amount to fully upgrade as the SRX's TK Burstslash (which is more powerful)--$357500. Though the Alteisen's Revolve Stake only costs 275000 to fully upgrade, it's overall more efficient to upgrade other weapons and mechs than to put that amount of money into those weapons for a full powered Rampage Ghost. In spite of this, upgrading Rampage Ghosts' damage output, even if not upgrading it fully, will ensure it's one of your best attacks, still comparable to a Super Robot's.

For R-Formation, you must upgrade the R-1's T-LinkKnuckle, the R-2 Powered's Hi-Zol Launcher, and the R-3 Powered's Strike Shield. Though the maximum power isn't quite as high as Rampage Ghost, it tops out at a respectable 7840.

In comparison to other attacks, it, like Rampage Ghost, can be easily compared to a Super Robot's attack. Though not as strong, at its peak, it does indeed outdamage the Grungust's Darkness Slash.

Economically, upgrading the R-Formation is the antithesis to Rampage Ghost. Rampage Ghost's damage is a dream come true, and really worth the money you'll put into it. R-Formation, on the other hand...it's a nightmare. You'll be putting so much money into it: a grand total of 907,500. That's a real letdown compared to Rampage Ghost's cost of 632,500. Especially when Rampage Ghost outdamages R-Formation by 335. On top of this, upgrading the R-1's T-LinkKnuckle is inefficient. You should upgrade a Steel Knife fully, providing a very reliable, very cost efficient weapon. That is, until you get the Shishioh Blade, an extremely powerful melee weapon which suits Ryusei perfectly, and should be upgraded. On top of this, when both are at their base power, the Shishioh Blade will outdamage the T-LinkKnuckle by 500, with the same being true when both are fully upgraded.

Overall, both Rampage Ghost and R-Formation are excellent moves, regardless of those intimidating numbers I provided. Just don't expect to upgrade either of them completely until you're on a New Game+. When you do, focus first on Rampage Ghost, and you'll definitely be pleased.
Experience and PP with a copilot (or two)
In battleships, though your copilots will gain experience along with the primary pilot, they won't gain any PP. So with Tetsuya and Sean, there's no customization or pilot skills. They're just a supplementary skill set, with Tetsuya supporting allies and Sean supporting Lefina.

However, in the SRX, there's a fundamental difference. Although, like in a battleship, Aya and Rai will gain experience with Ryusei, they'll also gain the same amount of PP. Though it's only available in Ryusei's route, this allows you to economically build up PP for the 3 pilots.
New Game+
In order to play a New Game+, you must complete both Ryusei's and Kyosuke's route. However, you must save over your clear data's file when starting the second pilot's route in order for this to work.

In a New Game+, all the money you've earned throughout all playthroughs of the game (on that save file) is given to you automatically. Furthermore, all of the PP your pilots have gained is given to them as well.

So, in a New Game+, you have more room for customizing your pilots, mechs, and weapons as you wish.
Skills in the SRX
Whenever you use pilot skills in the SRX, they're applied to all 3 pilots. So if you use Gain, all the pilots will gain double experience in the next battle.

However, if you select the divide command before the skills are used, any skills that were applied to the SRX are applied to Ryusei's R1 and none of the other pilots. It may not seem to be that useful, but it lets you transfer skills like Rai's Accel or Focus (which costs less than Ryusei's), or Aya's Gain onto Ryusei in order to conserve others' PP. Gain, for example, is more economical, as it costs 16 SP, while Cheer from Garnet or even Tetsuya costs 25 SP for the same effect.


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AR Codes (US Version)

Max Money

these work for JAP and US games
trust me they work
Mission 38
Put all your unit down immediately, those who can transform, into jet, transform them and move them, those who are too slow, put them inside your central ship, and MOVE QUICKLY to the three ally ships, for that they will be underattack very soon. if one of them is destroyed, you will have problems...so dont care of the actual enemy fire, and go go go to the bottom of the map. here, you will have new enemy who will appear, 3 enemy ship who will fire at your allys. use all your strong unit against them, dont care of the red haired girl who fire at your unit, destroy the remaining bebels and Then kill the red haired ugly girl. While fighting against her, DO NOT USE your unit "magic power" (you know those thing that make an upgrade for one turn the aims, fire power and other things...). when you destroyed her robot, SUPRISE: the guy that stole the R-GUN of your blue haired girl (sry i cant read japanese, only chinese so i call them by hair color) will appear with a such ugly thing named R-GUN thingy, and pink colored (what a weird color for a battleunit) will attack you. From here, i'm not really sure, i've never passed this mission yet. since, here's the tip to dont get yourself killed:
-put one of your non-strong unit to get rid of the five missiles that appeared.
-All damaged strong unit, at the repair to the central ship!
-All non damaged unit, go at the boss and wait until the others are repaired!
-do not make too much of direct combat (stuck on the boss) for that the boss direct combat is infinite. try to get ride of all his energy first. yes, the boss auto-repair. it's quite ****. it's energy recovering is 100 per turn, so... get ride of his Energy (try). then get ride of the 45 second attack. NOTE: all his attacks are quite very very long-ranged and hurt alot. After, well i dunno... try to make a mass strike and destroy it dammit...
Unlimited Experience & Money
In Chapter 35 on the Kyosuke route, you'll be forced to battle the Weisritter & R-Gun. If you defeat the Weisritter, the mission is complete, however, if you focus on the R-Gun, you have an opportunity to gain unlimited experience points and cash.

Each time the R-Gun is defeated, it regains all its HP and you earn $7000 ($14000 if you use a skill to boost cash) and hundreds of experience points which can be used to easily level up the characters in your team. You can destroy it as many times as you'd like. The R-Gun does not counter or retaliate during your attacking phase, so your team is safe.

Weisritter will always focus its attention on Kyosuke. Evading it and R-Gun's attacks are easy, so your team won't take much damage at all. Rest assured you won't lose any units as you earn countless cash and experience. Characters with Supply and Repair modules can also gain 100-200+ experience from restoring the HP or energy/ammo of other units.