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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 cheat codes.


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"N" card info
Every 80,000 points, more or less, you will find an "N" card at the last place you defeated. The cards may look like they are random every time you play it, but there are 9 patterns to the card tricks. If you go to the third world and beat the first three levels without surpassing the 80,000 point limit, but make it past on the castle and save it with the "N" card appearing at the third level, you can then find all the info you want about the 9 different cards patterns there are.
This took me about an hour and a half to find all of the information, so I'll leave the finding and recording of this stuff up to you. You can do it, don't be a sissy!
3 lives in world 8-1
In the above level bring a raccon suit, a super leaf or p-wing and land on the high pipe you can't get to by jumping enter it. You will be on a slope with a big ? block hit it and 3 lives come out.

Note: To leave the area enter the pipe at the bottom of the hidden room
Easy saving without beating a mini-castle (world five only)
On world five, when you beat the spiral tower leading up to the sky, you save. Re-beat it to save as many times as you wish.

Easy way to defeat Bowser in world 1
Bowser has the magic wand and you need to beat to get it. He'll try to shoot you with it. Just jump over them. Then jump on his head, he'll turn into a shell and jump, just move out of his way. Do this 3 times.
easy world 8 [if you dont feel like going to world 2 with 2 whistles]
[you will need the world 1 level 3 and world 1
fortress whistles]
use one and you will be in the warp zone use the second one in the warp zone and you will end up in world 8
Endless Stomping Trick
When you are in the second level in world 1, get the leaf or mushroom where you see a gomba. Jump on it and go to the next pipe. You will see a flying gomba,don't stomp it. And wait for 5 gombas to come on the ground. Keep jumping on every one of them with out touching the ground. When you take a final leap on the ninth gomba, You get 1 Up! IF YOU JUMP ON MORE Gombas, The 1 up doble up. Also you keep jumping on the gombas, your point will go, 100,200,400,800,1000,2000,4000,8000.1-up
if you are on world 2 level three after the last pyramid there is a pyramid of blocks make sure you have a tail. um stand next to a block and press b you get ten pts for every block you hit one of them has 1 up do the whole thing until you get 1 up.
Lives or Jugem's Cloud
If you wondered about the water in level 4-3, I did. At the beginning of the level fly as high as you can. You will come by a pipe, enter it. If you have a P-wing you can crouch and fly into the top above the platforms, this will get you a Jugem's cloud. If you take the other way, you will be under the 2nd chain chomp. There will bea row of blocks. every other one will be lives. To leave, fill the P-meter
Magic Whistle World 2
Go to Far Top Right Corner of the board, use a hammer to clear the block, go to house, get frog suit, go to hammer bros., defeat and the reward is the whistle

Toad's Message
If you enter a castle in a suit(Hammer, Tookanooki, Frog) and complete it in the same suit, Toad will say a differant message.
walking with the goombas
ok this is really cool. go to world 4, level 6 and go to the part with the door that makes the goombas big. go through the door twice, and there should be two goombas really close together. try to jump and land in the middle of them, and walk in the same speed as the goombas.


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1st Level of Game Toot on Whistle
To get this, Start the game and go to level 1. go to the white block and duck for 6-7 seconds. run to behind the level and YOU MUST GET THERE UNDER 30 SECONDS OR IT WON'T WORK! Find a toad house. there will be a treasure under there. open it. a whistle will be in there. I don't know where this leads, But the cheat I'm Sure would work on any Platform with SMB3.
moon walk, (through walls)
this is easy once you get the hang of it. . .

go to an area where the ceiling and the wall meet so there is an upper right corner. run and jump toward the upper right corner and try to have mario's feet to line up with the pixels closing the highest block in the wall, and have mario bump on the ceiling.

if you did it right, you will go through the wall and continue traveling until the end of the wall.

in the fortess in world 2, at the first pipe, when you squeeze yourself through that corner using the pipe as the ceiling, when you reach the end of the wall, you will be trapped, for there is nothing beyond here
wall jump
ok, this is what i think is the explanation of why this is possible:

each individual square block in a wall has a certain amount of pixels in it. the pixels that close the square block in a wall are what you want to land on.

how to do this: jump toward a wall and have mario's feet lined up with the pixels that close a square block in the wall. now if you time this right and jump at the right time, you can pull off another jump off of the wall that you jumped toward.

with this glitch, you can jump out of if you do all of the above correctly

Easter eggs

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cancelled suit
one time i was playing and decided to get the magic whistle in the world 1 fortress. I opened the chest, but instead of a whistle, a blue boomerang came out. But i looked at my inventory, and it showed that i had gotten a magic whistle. I think there might have originally been a boomerang suit, but they took it out.


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easy P-Wing
simple if you have beaten the game (all worlds perfect)

then go to the 7th world and do the first Phirana plant level.

Every time you beat it it will be a P-Wing!
Easy Trip to Level 8
In 1-3 go to a white platform with a turtle on it. Kill the turtle and hold down until you go down and behind the game background. Run to the end of the level. Go behind the black wall and there will be a chest with a flute in it. Then go the the mini-fortress/castle and make sure you are big Mario. Before the first door there will be a skeletal turtle and a "?" box. Kill the turtle and hit the box to collect the leave, then hold B and run.

When the P meter is full and beeping, fly to the left just above the pit of lava next to the "?" block and go left. When the screen moves right with you, you can stop flying. Then keep going until you can't anymore and press up. You should be in a room with a chest, get the flute that's inside it. Use it, then before you select a new world, use the other pipe you got earlier. You should be in front of a pipe marked "8". Go to it and you are now in world 8.
Easy way to demolish World 8, Level 2
To beat level two in world eight (the one with the crazy sun), fall into the first sand pits that makes you fall down. Go up the tube, and you should be towards the end of the game, which will make you WIN this level!!!
Find First Flute(or warp thingy)
On the first castle in the first world you should come to a door with a prize box and a tutrle, if you will, if you don't have a "Flight Mario", that's what i like to call em', hit the prize box and get the fether note: you have to be a "Grown Mario" to get it,hit the tutrle and fly up beside the wall until you hit an opening go in and hit the box and get flute(warp thingy) Don't forget to use it in the second world not the first if you want to go to the 8th world
level select
On the first level go to an area with a lot of coloured blocks, jump onto the white block and hold the down button until you eventually fall. You will be continuing the level in the backround (try not to get by a baddie). Finish the level and you should get an item. It should be a whistle. This whistle allows you to to warp to any world.
Level Select 2
in the world 1 mini-castle(not airship) once you reach the end of the first area which should be marked by a door a nd a dry bones, fly up and against the right wall in the castle you should land in an area abobe the dry bones and door, access the door and you should see a small chest with another whistle, this will beat the fort but will NOT open the lock
Level Skip Cloud
to obtain a Level Skip Cloud, beat the world 5 castle and Peach will send it to you in a letter, when used, Mario or Luigi can pass over a level.
Lots of Suits
First find a mushroom house which contains a suit(tanooki,frog,etc...).Obtain the suit.Afterwards GAME OVER.Continue playing.The levels you completed will not be erased but the mushrooms will.Go into the same mushroom which contain the suit and obtain it again.You will always get the same suit no matter what.Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the number of suits you have obtained.
Neccesary A-Coins for Mushroom House
For the E-Reader world only.

Blue/30 A-Coins
Orange/50 A-Coins
Red/80 A-Coins

Pay a number of GOLD COINS (not A-Coins) (the ones collected for 1ups) to play a mini-game.
Neccesary Coins for White Mushroom Houses
For Normal Game Worlds only.

World/Stage No./Coins Needed/Prize Awarded

1/1-4/44 Coins/P-Wing
2/2-2/30 Coins/Anchor
3/3-8/44 Coins/P-Wing
4/4-2/22 Coins/Anchor
5/5-5/28 Coins/P-Wing
6/6-7/78 Coins/Anchor
7/7-2/46 Coins/P-Wing
Secret Passageway in World 8 Level 2
Go into the level.Skip the first sinkhole but in the second one jump straight into it.It will lead you to an underground cave.The cave will have 2 tubes.One tube will have lots of coins and the other a racoon leaf(I think).
The First Magic Whistle
Ok, im the first world at stage 3, go to the white floating platform near the end of the stage. get rid of the red koopa troopa on it. Now press the down buttom for 5 seconds or until mario is behind the bushes. Now run to the end of the stage to meet Toad and you will get the first magic whistle.
Tons and tons of coins
In World 1, you can get tons and tons of coins to make you have a life!
For World 1, level 3, beat the thingie in the front by stomping and kicking the turtle shell at it. Then kill the turtle on the top of the brown thing and kick it into the big area so you can go into it. Jump up a little, right next to the long line. A white/red jump block should appear where you can jump up REALLY high and get around 30-40-50 coins.
For World 1, level five, kill all those little blue things and go UP, take the up path, don't go where the water is. Just keep jumping up and down until you see a white/red jump block. Jump on it, and you will recieve tons of ulimited gold coins.
If you get both of these, you will earn an extra life.