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Super Mario Bros. (GBA) Cheats

Super Mario Bros. cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Beat the boss at the end of World 1-4 easily
At the end of the level "World 1-4" you have to battle a boss. To beat the boss you have to cross the bridge he's on. Touch the hammer to beat him. To beat this guy easily you must be Super Mario, Invincible Mario or, Fire Mario, NOT Little Mario. Run right through the guy and touch the hammer. You might only lose 1 health while doing this.
fireworks at the end of the stage
these will boost your points you must jump tothe very top of the pole and have the timer end in a 1,3 or 6
hear mario bros music at the end of 1-1
at the very first level close to the end u will find a star let it go untill u reach the stairs get the star and run crazy. then if u still have the star and pulled down the flag u will start hearing mario bros music instead the old ones
little flower power
on any castle touch bowers nose and the axe at the same time flower power or super mario or else it wont work
Skip Worlds
At the end of world 1-2, at the second place where the platforms go up and down, let the platform carry you all the way up and then jump to the left on top of the blue bricks. Follow the path all the way until you come into a hidden room. From there you can go to World 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1.


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die and complete bowsers castle
make shore you're little mario and jump or run under bowser he should walk toward you and jump on the axe and at the sametime let bowser hit you if you do it correctly you will die and still complete bowsers catle


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Continue From The Level You Died on After Game Over
When you lose your last life after you die, Hold A and Push Start, You will start from the first level of the world you died on (Ex. died on 8-3, start on 8-1)
Go To World 3-1 Easy
At the title screen, Hold A and push Start, you will start in World 3-1 with 3 lives.