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Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy Cheats

Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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To enter the following codes, press L + R buttons at the game mode selection screen to access the code entry menu. Note that each cheat lasts until you reset the game, meaning you must re-enter the code again the next time you load the file. The only exception are the gem codes, which can only be activated once per save file.
What it doesCode
Earn 100 gemsV1S10NS
Earn 200 gemsT4P10C4
Earn hidden cardS0YB34N
Earn hidden cardV4N1LL4
Replace Spyro's flame with flying sheepB41S0KV
Turn enemies into sheepSH33P
Turn entire game grayG3MZ
Turn entire game orangeSP4RX
Turn entire game purpleP0RT4L
Turn Spryo orangeSPYR0


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Levels will unlock when you get near their unlockable location.
UnlockableHow to unlock
! Sheep (Card)Link 2 copies of Spyro Orange.
Death From Behind (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop
P Sheep (Card)Win Death From Behind
R Sheep (Card)Win Sheep Chase
S Sheep (Card)Win Sheep Shearin'
Sheep (Card)Collect 100 gems in Gem Hop
Sheep Chase (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop
Sheep Shakedown (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop
Sheep Shearin' (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop
Y Sheep (Card)Win Sheep Shakedown


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be ready
when attempting a minigame, beat it once. after you beat it, it will turn purple. beat it again to turn it red. beat it a third and final time to make it turn white. You will need to have beaten each game a total of three times before you can open the final protal of the game. it is much easier to beat each now while you have it instead of waiting and having to come back and try to find it!
Don't Fly Too Far!
When you get the Flap ability, press R to suddenly plunge down. Always use this if you can't stop in time to land on a platform.
Fan Art in the Credits
After you beat the Story Mode select Credits from the menu and instead of the Spyro Orange Logo you will see a slideshow of 5 pieces of what appear to be fan art behind the credit roll.


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100 Gems
enter 'V1S10NS' on the code entry screen and Spyro gets 100 Gems. You can only use this once per game.
Code Entry Screen
Press 'L' & 'R' at the mode select menu to bring up the code entry screen.

Try entering words from the game.

A=4 E=3 I=1 O=0 U=V
Crash Party USA
Hold 'L' & 'R' as you switch on the power to play "Crash Party USA"
Orange Screen
Enter 'SP4RX' on the code entry screen to tint the entire screen orange. Very hard to see after this.
Orange Spyro
Enter 'SPYR0' at the code entry screen make Spyro orange.
Purple Tint
Enter 'P0RT4L' on the code entry screen to tint the entire screen purple.
Sheep Mode
While you are in sheep mode all the bad guys turn into sheep! HERE ARE THE STEPS:
1) Hold R and L while on the start begining screen*
2) Type the letter and numbers: Sh33p
*after you have chosen who you are and are ready to click story mode
Turn Enemies into Sheep
enter 'SH33P' at the code entry screen and all walking enemies will be turned into sheep.
When Sheep Fly
Enter 'B41S0KV' on the code entry screen to replace Spyro's flame with flying sheep.