Sonic Battle Cheats

Sonic Battle cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Sonic Battle cheat codes.


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Unlockable Story Modes
Note that Sonic's story is available from the beginning.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Miles 'Tails' Prower the Fox's StoryComplete Sonic's Story
Rouge the Bat's StoryComplete Miles' Story
Knuckles the Echidna's StoryComplete Rouge's Story
Amy Rose's StoryComplete Knuckles' Story
Cream the Rabbit's StoryComplete Amy's Story
Shadow the Hedgehog's StoryComplete Cream's Story
Emerl the Gizoid's StoryComplete Shadow's Story


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"Color" effects
You may have already noticed but the color of Emerl's horn (color 1) changes the color of some moves ( chaos upper, Amy's hammer atacks etc.)
a way to defeat gamma easy
in virtual training you mess up if you use someones elses combo on gamma but use sonic because at the end he will jump backin stead of blowing back
Ability Cards
To get a particular ability card from a character, for instance Sonic
just keep fighting them over repeatedly.(this works easier if you cleared
thier story already,also if you earn 5 ability points at the end you may receive a rare card!)
Alternative Character Drawings
At the credits, you see a drawing of the main character of that episode when your first playing the game their name is in front of him/her. When you beat Emerl's level, you'll see the art for the next time you will beat the game the third time you will get a close up on them.
Best players to be
I suggest using a mix of Amy and Shadows moves for Emeral or battling. Shadow has fast, effective moves, as does Amy. I would suggest always using Shadows run skill, and his Burst where he goes invisible/invincible and uses Chaos control to kill some enemies in one shot! Amys punching moves are very effective.
Best skill to have
Here are the best skills to have:
Shadow or Sonic's run
Shadow or Sonic's jump and air actionskill
Cream's healing
Knuckles' guard
Amy's full punch combo set
Shadow's stance,with his support strength card

These arn't the only ones, but they are the easiest to get:P
Character suggestion #2
For the "Battle Mode" in the menu, I suggest never being Chaos, because he is very, very slow moving. Sure, he has powerfull attacks, but for other playes, he is easy to hurt. Be someone fast AND powerfull. E-102 is powerfull, but his moves are very slow.

Combo cards
alogK= obtain Amy Combo Card

EkiTa= obtain chaos combo card

ZAhan= obtain cream combo card

tSueT= obtain E-102 Combo Card

yU3Da= Obtain knuckles combo card

AhnVo= Obtain Rouge combo card
Cool Combo
If you want to go fast, but you also want to do some some-what big damage, then keep your eyes glued to this hint. First, you will need the following skills:

Shadow Dash (Sonic Dash would probably work)
Windmill or Emerl's Standard Dash Attack
Ult. First Attack
Ult. Second Attack
Ult. Heavy Attack
Any Aim/Pursuit Attack

First Dash into your opponent and press the dash attack button. Then, with correct timing, execute the first and second attacks while the opponent is still in the air. But, after the two attacks, execute the Heavy Attack and Pursuit them,. A fun way to kill that pest.
Defeating Good Emerls
If your Emerl is to strong, I finally know why. combined with the power it already has, it uses alot of Ultimates! Beware!
Easier wins
While using Emerl make sure you have the absolute fastest attacks, and the most powerful specials, and the most powerful aim attack. It will be easier to beat your opponents.
Easy & Quick knockout combo
Set the following skill cards to Emerl:

1st attack: Ultimate
2nd attack: Chaos
3rd attack: E-102
Heavy attack: Shadow
Air attack: Tails
Aim attack: Cream
Recommended extras: Attack support of at least 6

These moves do tons of damage, and the combo is inescapable once the first hit lands. Here's how:

Let an opponent come up to you, then do a normal B button combo. The heavy attack should make them hit a wall. Chase and do an aim attack. This is an almost guaranteed KO. The only exception is Chaos. To KO Chaos, do a few air attacks on your way down.
easy K.O.
first put all sonics atacks on and then put emrels ult. aim attack ones you do that fight any charecter and use the aim attack and then sonics heavey attack and yor done
easy K.O. 2
Fight any charecter and just as you set your move
set the bomb attack on areial power attack on ground first see if your enemy gets hurt by then keep using the attack till he or she dies then
use the other attack that was set.
Easy Kills
If you want to make the easiest kills, equip the Ultimate Heal and equip the Ultimate Air Shot and use the ball part to hit your opponent(s) for the easiest wins ever.
Easy Kills With Chaos
You may think chaos is too slow to be good for anything, but I know a tip that can make it easier to hit with chaos. Just use chaos' Dash attack and your opponent will go up a little bit. Then just use your regular 3 hit combo and they shouldn't block it. There you go!!
Easy Skill points
To get the moves u want for Emerl u need the skill points, to be honest on average you'll get 1 or 2 but with these tips you'll get 5 and 10!
First, u can earn an easy 5 points from not being hit,best in matches when its 2on1 (ur on the team with 2people,or more in some cases)These r in Sonic,Tails' stories,just run away from who u r fighting,and let ur teamates fight them,them dieing or being hit won't count, only if u get hit
You also get 10 for getting a chaos emerald,in:
rouge's stories
I hoped this help <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Emerl's Story Virtual Training
In Emerl's story, virtual traning, easy way to win is using the sonic combo card. As soon as it's finished, Emerl spins backwards and can miss e-102's explosion.
Exploding and avoiding explosions
When playing as Emeral, if you have Gamma's style equipped, you will explode upon being K.O.ed just like Gamma.

If you are facing Gamma, have the Sonic combo ground pwr. equipped, you will jump backward at the end so Gamma won't blow up in your face.
Extra Skill
It is easy just keep finishing sonics story and get the chaos emerald you then get 10 skill points.
Fast skill points.
In sonic story at the point that emerl battles the fake emerl it only has 1 life so try to beat it without getting hit.
you will get 5 skill points.

in the next battle press start and quit battle.
then say no if it says to try again.

Start over and you will get alot of points!
If you want to be a certain person that you can't normally be, get all their skill cards and use them all on Emerl. Its like you are battling as that character!
get more skill pionts
get a combo card and keep using it intill the mach is over and you get 5 skill points every time
Huge Distance
You'll need the following cards for this one:

Shadow Dash
Tails Cyclone
Sonic Ballet
Shadow Rocket

To execute this cheat/hint, dash, then use the dash attack, then press A for the Sonic Ballet, and finish it with the Shadow Rocket. You'll get huge distance!!
Infinite Ichikigoro
If you use Emerl's Ultimate Upper Attack on your opponent with a full bar of Ichikigoro, it will not go down to 0. The disadvantage is that the opponent(s) will block it most of the time. If you knock them up and then hit then with the Ultimate Upper Attack, they shouldn't block it. Have fun.
to unlock segments of Professor Gerald Robotnik's journal, beat the game (complete emerl's episode). It doesn't help your game in any way, but it is pretty nice to read and it gives you a nice background of Emerl.
Multiplayer Minigames
Complete the corresponding episodes to unlock a minigame.

Note: These minigames only require one Sonic Battle game pak.

Soniclash!: Complete Sonic's Episode
Fly & Get: Complete Tail's Episode
Mine Hunt: Complete Knuckle's Episode
Treasure Island: Complete Amy's Episode
Speed Demon: Complete Shadow's Episode
Multiple Charged Attacks
When the upper meter, the green one, is filled, the next special (Shot, Power, Set) you use will KO the enemy as long as they didn't select "Block" for the type of move you're using.

However, when the meter is full, if you use an ultimate basic skill (meaning not Shot, Power, or Set), the added Special skill on the attack SHOULD KO the opponent (if they aren't blocking that type of special), but NOT drain the green meter, meaning this can be used multiple times. I use Ultimate Upper attack, which shoots a pink tornado off as Emerl flips backwards.
Multiple Sonic Meteors
Rouge Catch seems useless, but I found out that if you use it after Sonic Meteor while you're still in the air, then immediately attempt to use Sonic Meteor a second time during the Rouge Catch, it will work. If you keep repeatedly doing this, as long as you get the timing correct, you can repeatedly perform Sonic Metor for essentially as many times as desired. You must press the A button (Jump), then press the A button (Rouge Catch) a second time while you're still in the air and immediately press the R button after you press the A button for the second time. Use a good jump for the best results, otherwise, you may not have enough time and might hit the ground before you press the R button. Have fun!
Ninja Emerl
I have never lost a battle (even the last one with Eggman) using this setup. The reason I have so many standard moves is because I devoted all of my power into speed and special moves.

Run: ULT
Dash: Regular
Jump: ULT
Air Action: Regular
Guard: Regular (use speed to you advantage)
Heal: ULT

First ATK: ULT
Second ATK: ULT
Third ATK: ULT (sometimes you will get an instant kill with a full meter)
Heavy: ULT
Upper: Regular
Dash ATK: Regular (I do not use the dash-related skills in battle)
Air ATK: Regular
Aim: ULT
Ground Shot: ULT
Air Shot: ???(Knuckles)
Ground Power: Chaos Combo (or Shadow Combo or Rouge Combo)
Air Power: ???(Sonic)
Ground Trap: ???(Amy)
Air Trap: ULT

Fight Pose: Chaos (increases DEF)- use Shadow if you want Emerl all Black
ATK Support: E-102
Strength Support: Regular (you really don't need much DEF if you move alot)
Other Support: Shadow
Color 1: Shadow
Color 2: Rouge
Color 3: E-102

The key to using this Emerl is speed and specials. Use you ultra run and jump skills to evade attacks, followed by massive special attacks to send opponents flying. Afterward you can follow up with more specials or heal yourself while you wait for the opponent to return, charging your meter in the process.
Perfect Virtual Training Lineup
For the most possible victories in a row, try the combo seen below.

Run Skill: Shadow Run
Dash Skill: Drive Mode/E-102 (DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Jump Skill: Cream Jump
Air Action: Cream Ballet
Grd Skill: Rouge Guard(DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Heal Skill: Recovery Mode/E-102

1st Attack: Girl Jab/Amy
2nd Attack: Girl Straight/Amy
3rd Attack: Girl Upper/Amy
Heav Attack: C. Nightmare/Shadow
Upper Attack: Sonic Up Draft
Dash Attack: Secret Spear/Rouge
Air Attack: Typhoon/Tails
Aim Attack: Shadow Eagle
Grnd Power: Sonic Combo (DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Air Trap: C. Air Cracker/Cream

Attack Support: As high as you can get but not necessary(mine is Attack Support
Strength Support: As high as you can get but not necessary(mine is Strength
Support 8/Sonic)
Other Support: Preferribly Low Gravity Lv. 1 or 2, stay away from High Gravity
Lv. 1 and 2, but no necessary.

This is the best possible Emerl for VT. Good luck!
Second "Fight Pose" effect
You probably didn't notice but your "Fight Pose" Changes the color of Emerl's eyes.
Secrets of the Skill Cards...
You may not realize it, but that useless looking skill card you got might be uber-powerful.

Fight Poses

The fight poses look useless, but all of them actually have an added attribute! Think...How come it takes three hits with C. Revolution to take down Chaos? It's because of his fight pose, which, when equipped, reduces the damage that Emerl takes. Usually, the attribute is usually an "other" skill card that they give, like Shadow's Speed Up Lvl. 2. But the "hidden" characters, like E-102 and Chaos, have an EXTRA attribute on top of the one that they already have. I haven't figured out all of them, but as soon as I do, I'll update this. Here's list of the fight poses and their added attributes:

Sonic: ? (Might be Acceleration Up Lvl. 2)
Tails: Low Gravity Lvl. 1
Knuckles: ?
Shadow: Speed Up Lvl. 2 (Maybe)
Rouge: Low Gravity Lvl. 2
Amy: ?
Cream: ?
E-102: High Gravity 1 (Maybe) + BOOM!
Chaos: High Gravity 2 + Higher Defense?
Emerl: (none)
Ultimate Fight Pose: (?)
Might give +9 to all Ultimates Equipped

Everything Else:

>If you have a high level Guard Skill equipped, it takes longer to get to healing. My recommendation would be to put Emerl's Basic Guard skill on because you can heal much faster.

>Combo Cards are, lightly put, CRAP. If you have NO ultimates, that's fine if you equip them. But if you have all of the Ultimates, DON'T USE COMBO CARDS. If they're immune to the end attack, then that sets you up to get hit with an Ichikoro-charged attack. Which always sucks when you get to 20 in VR Training.

That's all for now. But a thought crossed my mind: what happens at 100% skill completion? If it involves getting Robotnik's skills, I'm all for it. But if it says some half-assed message like, 'Thanks for Playing! Now go buy our other games, you corporate slaves!', then I will lose all faith in corporate america.

shield 1
you can choose 2 R attacks before a battle but never 3.the one that u did not choose your resistant to!keep that in mind.
Skill Point Chart
Jus to help you, here's a chart for skill points.

You get 6 skill points when: You defeat more than 2 Phis, and don't get hit once.

You get 5 skill points when: You defeat any character, and don't get hit once.

You get 3 skill points when: You defeat 1 Phi, and don't get hit.

You get 2 skill points when: You defeat any character, but get hit.

You get 1 skill point when: You get KOed.

If you get KOed entirely, you have to start over!
some useful hints
*the higher the power rating on a gaurd, the longer a sheild stays up. use shields with lower power ratings to heal faster such as choa kningt and rouge gaurd but emerl's can't block at all.

*Drive mode is the best dash because you can move around not just move forward then stop.

*rouge flight may seem cool but it takes so long to decend and even with rouge catch u dont get down 2 fast. i suggest u don't use it.

*if u didn't know, if you jump and have S. Teleport loaded you can use it multiple times.

Special Cards.
Here are the list of the Special cards you might have. (I can only tell the ones I have, I don't have the rest. I'll update every time I get a new card)

Attack Support Cards. (Increases attack power)
Attack Support 0: Emerl. Default.
Attack Support 1: Rouge. Power is 1, speed is 0.
Attack Support 4: Cream. Power is 4, speed is 0.
Attack Support 6: Sonic. Power is 6, speed is 0.

Strength Support Cards. (Improves Defense Power)
Strength Support 0: Once again, Emerl. Same ol thang.
Strength Support 1: Chaos. Both power, and speed are 0.
Strength Support 2: E-102r. Power is 2, speed is 0.
Strength Support 3: Knuckles. Power is 3, speed is 0.
Strength Support 4: Cream. Power is 4, speed is 0.

Other Support cards. (Gravity, acceleration...dunno what else...)
Acceleration up Lv1: Cream. Speed is 5.
Acceleration up Lvl2: Sonic. Speed is maximum. (9)

That's all the special cards I have. If anyone can help me update this, that would be great!
How many stars on a card x5 will add up to the amount of skill points:

* =5 skill points.
** =10 skill points.
*** =15 skill points.
**** =20 skill points.
***** =25 skill points.
****** =30 skill points.
Stuck in story mode?
If you are stuck in a certain battle I suggest using a "Shot" for your special on ground, and a "Set" for Ariel special moves. This makes it easier. If you constantly use these it will be easier to defeat these instead of punching, which isn't as effective, and you get hit easier that way.

The real way to get Chaos
It's easy. When you play the last chapter as emerald after tails says the teleporter is ready go to the summit ofthe mountain and you get to fight him. If you win you get him as a new character! (p.s. when versing him don't let him hit you! he managed to kill me with his combo attack)
Tip: Earn Skill Points
You can earn five (5) skill points if you don't get hit during a battle. Take hits but don't die to get (2) skill points. Get knocked out and you'll earn just one (1) point, and if you're knocked out entirely you'll get nothing!
Trounce Support
A lot of you are probably wondering,"What does Trounce Support do?" Well, when you block attacks, you get a little bit of Ichikigoro. But with, Trounce Support, you get more Ichikigoro from the attacks you block.

***Credit goes Hydronix for the answer
Ultimate Cards in Virtual Training
Well, as you know, you can get Ultimate Cards by beating a number of victories. Fortunatly, I know all the ones you can get.

Get over 5 victories: Ultimate Heal Skill (Training ends)
Get over 10 victories: Ultimate Jump Skill (Training ends)
Get over 15 victories: Ultimate Upper Skill (Training ends)
Get over 20 victories: Ultimate Heavy Attack (Training ends)

Mind you, you will only get these cards once, in Virtual Training.


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Easy win
In Rouge's story, there is one battle where you have to run away from Rouge without being hit. But if you simply pause and quit the battle, you will automatically win.
Fly While Doing Sonic's Combo
The only way to activate this cheat is if you have an Emerl that has Sonic's Combo and Shadow's Run. Also, you have to have your Emerl at the fastest speed you can get it. When in Battle Mode, play as Emerl and have Emerl's ground attack set to power in the Green Hill Zone stage. Go to the very end of the first platform's right side and then run to the other side at top speed and then just before you hit the edge, press R. If you do this right, you should be floating in mid-air while doing Sonic's combo!
Infinite Green Gauge Glitch
Have Cream's heal skill and either Sonic's or the Ultimate air shot set. Start the match, choose shot for aerial, and heal to charge up the gauge. When it's full, let your opponent come close to you, then jump straight up. Just before you land, press R. If you timed it right, your opponent will be KOed and your gauge will still be full.
Stay in the Air as Rouge
When in the air as Rouge, just keep using your normal (B button) attack (which is a kick) and you'll stay in the air.

Useful if you need to keep away from danger below you.


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Emerl's Air Attack Ult.
-Equip this attack and Emerl will have the ablity to use Sonics homing attack repeatily. Meaning that you can prople yourself into the air and sort of "float" there. Then when you stop hitting the "A" button, you'll fall back to the map as if you jumped.
This attack is great in VT because you can escape defeat very quickly.
Emerl's Story
On emerl's story, when you're fighting Dr. Eggman, watch out! He shoots missles that follow you but blow up in a few seconds. Attack when he drops bombs.
Next, at the end, you have to fight as Sonic to defeat a psycho Emerl. Since he collected data from all characters, he'll be really tough , not by what's loaded. Select Shot for the Ground tecniques, Bomb for aerial, and defend against Pow techniques(Yes, the defend option means you defend against that certain type of technique)
Emerl's Story Battles: Gaining Skill Cards and Points
Here are a few handy charts:
Difficulty: How hard it is to get RARE cards
Easy: Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Chaos
Medium: Sonic, Amy, Rouge
Hard: Shadow, Guard Robo, E-102r
Skill points/ cards
No getting damaged: 5 points, Medium chance of RARE cards.
No getting K.O.'d: 2 points, Low chance of RARE cards.
Got K.O.'d at least once: 1 point, very slim chance of RARE cards.
Thank you for reading these charts.
Gameshark codes
1E Enable Code (Must Be On)
00004CFC 000A
100201A2 0007

1 Infinite HP
33001CFF 0064

2 Max Power Bar
33001CD3 0048

3 Hold A To Float Upwards
73001D08 0001
83001C70 0060

Character Modifier Codes

4 Press Select To Turn Into Sonic
73001D08 0004
33001D04 0000

5 Press Select+B To Turn Into Tails
73001D08 0006
33001D04 0001

6 Press Select+A To Turn Into Knuckles
73001D08 0005
33001D04 0002

7 Press Select+A+B To Turn Into Shadow
73001D08 0007
33001D04 0003

8 Press Select+R To Turn Into Rouge
73001D08 0104
33001D04 0004

9 Press Select+L To Turn Into Amy
73001D08 0204
33001D04 0005

10 Press Select+A+L To Turn Into Cream
73001D08 0205
33001D04 0006

11 Press Select+A+R To Turn Into Robot
73001D08 0105
33001D04 0007

12 Press Select+B+L To Turn Into Chaos
73001D08 0206
33001D04 0008

13 Press Select+B+R To Turn Into Emerl
73001D08 0106
33001D04 0009

14 Press Select+L+R To Turn Into Super-powered Emerl!
73001D08 0304
33001D04 000A

15 Press Select+start To Turn Into Dr. Eggman 73001D08 000C
33001D04 0013

16 All Levels Cleared In Story Mode
830025A0 01FF

17 All Extras Unlocked
83002188 FFFF

18 All Power Cards
43002230 0909
000001FF 0001

19 Press Select To Win Instantly (Survival Battles) [Note 1]
73001D08 0004
33001626 0000
73001D08 0004
33001DFB 0000
73001D08 0004
33001EF7 0000
73001D08 0004
33001FF3 0000

20 Win 1 Battle To End Virtual Training
820001DA 0063

How to get COMBO CARDS
In Emerl's story go to the Sonic team building (located in central city) they will ask for a password. Input:
alogK: to get Amy Combo
EkiTa: to get Chaos Combo
ZAhan: to get Cream Combo
tSueT: to get E-102 Combo
yU3Da: to get Knuckles Combo
AhnVo: to get Rouge Combo
Armla: to get Shadow Combo (The "l" might be a capital "I" instead)
75619: to get Sonic Combo
OTrOl: to get Tails Combo (The "l" might be a capital "I" instead)....
To use these go to the Ground Power section and scroll down. They all cost 30 skill points.
Unlock E-102/Gamma and Chaos
To unlock E-102/Gamma just defeat him in the Sonic Episode towards the end. Win and you unlock him. To unlock Chaos just beat Chaos in the Emerl Episode. He is in the Holy Summit area where the crater is. It is now filled with liquid.
Unlocking Green Hill
To unlock Green Hill,do all 7 episodes up to [apart from Emerl's]to unlock in battle mode.It has a funky baseline!!!