Sonic Advance 3 Cheats

Sonic Advance 3 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Sonic Advance 3 cheat codes.


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change color of chao
choose any leader except cream the color of the chao that cream has depends on what the leaders color is then choose cream as your team mate hold r let go then chao will get angry and change color.
Chaos Emerald
It's easier to find the Chaos in Cyber Track. (I got my first Chaos Emerald there).
Defeat Bosses Easily
To defeat any boss easily, get cream as first or second person and use her chao as it always hits the boss at close range.
Defeat the last boss with ease
To defeat the last boss with ease choose cream as the leader.

Then keep using the chow.

its really easy to be honest.
FIRST-> you must have all chaos emerald and sonic as leader.
SECOND-> beat boss in final zone to get to extra zone. super sonic partner is eggman.
THIRD-> hold down R button to charge T.A. (TAG ACTION) aim at closed eye and release button.
if T.A. is at full charged, eye will stay open longer. ram it twice when that happens.
FOURTH-> when 4 arms are stretched, get ready to circle around, cause that's what the boss will do.

i guess that's all. good luck sonic fans!
How to go even faster using Amy or her as a teammate
If you are using Amy, or you're using Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Cream and have her as your teammate, you can use her Magic Hammer in springs and you'll jump more higher and/or run faster.
Last Boss
Use tails and any other partner.
Then just stand underneath him and keep flying up and hitting him with your tails
Tornado tails
AT the partner select screen select tails as leader and knuckles as partner. when you get into the adventure field after you start runninnig press and hold tails' attack He'll turn into a tornado and keep spinning untli he gets dizzy and stops.
NOTE: In order for it to work you have to keep running and hold the attack button

Easter eggs

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Knuckles w/ a Hammer!
All you have to do is have Amy as your partner, and Knuckles as your leader, and there ya go! A strange hammer design, but works like Amy's exactly.


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Gameshark codes
1E Enable Code (Must Be On)
0000E830 000A
100B9B14 0007

1 Invincible (Only When Moving)
A30015DC 0000
8300160C 000F

2 Always Have Speed Shoes
A30015DC 0000
8300161C 000F

3 Infinite Rings
8300094C 03E7

4 Infinite Lives
33000954 0009

5 Infinite/Low Time
8300094E 0200

6 Hold Select To Pass Through Certain Objects D0000020 0004
330015C7 0003

7 Press L For Reverse Gravity/Press R For Normal Gravity
730015DE 0200
830015C6 0001
730015DE 0100
830015C6 0000

8 B Button Power Modifier
330015CC 00??

9 Jump Power Modifier
330015CD 00??

10 1st Character Modifier
330015E8 00??

11 2nd Character Modifier
33001734 00??

12 Tails Never Gets Tired When Flying
33001708 00D5
730018D4 000A
830018D4 00D5

13 Cream Never Gets Tired When Flying
33001704 00D5

14 Enable All Characters
33000540 001F

15 All Levels Open
83000558 7F09

16 Have All Chaos Emeralds
83000562 FFFF

17 Have All 9 Keys
43000552 0909
00000004 0002

18 Unlock Special Stage Mode [Note 1]
83004120 000B

19 Always Get A Chaos Emerald
43004866 0000
00000007 08EC

20 Have All Chaos Found
43000544 03FF
00000007 0002

21 Have All Chaos Emeralds
83000562 047F

22 Mega Jump
D0000020 0001
830015DA FB00

Quantity Digits to Accompany B Button Power Modifier Code:
00 - Normal Slide
1F - Hammer
29 - Power Slide!

Quantity Digits to Accompany Jump Power Modifier Code:
00 - Normal
0F - Boost Jump

Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes:
00 - Sonic
01 - Cream
02 - Tails
03 - Knuckles
04 - Amy

Note 1:
With this code, you must have all Chaos Emeralds for it to work.
How to play as people
Play as Knuckles:
In a new game, complete all three Acts of Sunset Hill Zone with Sonic as the leader.

Play as Amy:
In a new game, complete all three Acts of Toy Kingdom Zone with Sonic as the leader.

Play as Cream:
In a new game, complete all three Acts of Cyber Track Zone with Sonic as the leader.
Sonic on skateboard
choose sonic as leader and secondary person as amy.go to route 99, grind on a rail and on the bottom of sonic you'll see a skateboard.

P.S it only works with sonic and amy
Special Stage
After you complete all 7 special stages, go to the main menu and prees:

Up, R, Down, L, Right, Left

This will unlock a special stage mode.
Unlock all characters-Reccommended teams for bosses
To get:
Knuckles: Be Sonic as leader and anyone else as partner and defeat Sunset Hil(Zone 2)act 3. I did this with Tails as my partner.
Amy: Be Sonic as leader and anyone else as partner and defeat Toy Land(Zone 4)act 3. I did this with Tails as my partner.
Cream: Be Sonic as leader and anyone else as partner and defeat Cyber Track(Zone 6)act 3. I did this with Knuckles as my partner.
Bosses with character at the first time:
Zone 1: Tails-Sonic
Last:I haven't defeated this boss yet...