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Sonic Advance cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Sonic Advance cheat codes.


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Easy way to get Chaos Emeralds
Hint #1 Here are the zones in which you can find the Emerald Trampolines:
Zone1 Act1, Zone2 Act2, Zone3 Act2, Zone4 Act1, Zone4 Act2, Zone5 Act2, And Zone6 Act2. In the Special Stages press B to do a trick, in the big Yellow flashing Ball thing press B, you may be awarded some rings for doing a trick! When there is 4 Bomb things close together in a box like shame, press A to speed through the Bombs and get some rings! By doing this you will have extra rings so it is easier to do the Second part of the Special Stage. Hope I helped!
Easy way to get to the Emerald trampolines and get your CEs (C-Chaos E-Emerald/s)
Here's an easy way ta' get to the Emerald trampolines and get your CEs. The best two character for this are Miles "Tails" Prower and/or Knuckles the Echidna. I recommend you Tails because he can fly, not forever but its worthy. If you use him in the 2 Level (the factory-like one) you could get easily to the Emerald trampoline. And I used Knuckles in the Space Level on Act-2. Hope it helped.
Escape from balls quickly
In the Moon zone, if you get stuck it one of the balls, just mash either the right or left direction buttons to escape. no other buttons seem to have an effect. You can also alternate between the left and the right buttons, but it does not seem to make you escape more quickly, its just easier in my opinion to do.
find chaos emeralds
jou find special stages in zone 1 act 1. zone 2 act 2, zone 3 act 1, zone 4 act 1, zone 4 act 2, zone 5 act 2, zone 6 act 2
Getting Rings and smashin moon rocks in Moon Zone
When the giant robot shoots the orange colored balls, attack them and when they smash, rings come out! This gives you an advantage to get more time to defeat the giant robot boss. When it starts shooting rocks from the moon everywhere, and one gets in your way, attack them and they are smashed into tiny pieces.
Infinite tries in the casino special stage
Get the checkpoint thing immediatley before the spring. Then, try the special stage. If you fail, there is an extra life to the right, directly above the swinging boat thing. You can get unlimited tries because every time you return the extra life returns.
Shortcut in Angel Island Zone with Knuckles
In Angel Island Zone Act 2, you know how early in the level you come to a ramp that lands you on a platform with spaces where spiked rocks move up and down and between those are those lizard robot things? At the end of it is a vertical colum that moves up and down. Well, heres the way to skip having to get past the lizards and the moving platform/rock things.

This ONLY works with Knuckles.

Once you get to the very first rock with spikes on the bottm, time Knuckle's glide correctly and you will land on top of the rock. The rock will rise to the area of land above that. You have now skipped trying to navigate through the spikes, lizards, and that annoying moving block at the end.
Tiny Chao Garden
Along with the missions, you are also given this mode. In it, you take care of a tiny Chao. You can feed it, play with it, buy it things, and raise an egg. By doing all this, you can raise its power and trade it to the GC game and battle with it. If you buy an egg and trade your Chao, you can raise that one. This is a really fun option.


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beat final Eggman
to beat the final eggman boss on the moon zone you have to headbash him on his robot-head!!
you lose tings when you fight him so you have to keep on collecting rings bij hitting the small balls that he shoots towards you.
LOOK OUT!! the balls will eat you and you will be stuck for a few seconds!!
keep hitting him on the head and finally he wil be beaten!!
Chao Food Points
I tested these all out and these are the correct amount of points a food item raises or drops a certain stat:


(Orange) 1M,2B,3S,-2F,-2R,3R,1ST
(Blue Lump) 0M,1B,2S,5F,-1R,-1P,3ST
(Strawberry) 2M,2B,4S,-3F,3R,0P,2ST
(Apple) -1M,1B,0S,-1F,3R,4P,2ST
(Triangle) 1M,2B,-2S,3F,3R,0P,1ST
(Pear) 2M,2B,-3S,4F,-1R,4P,2ST
(Square) -3M,0B,3S,1F,3R,2P,-1ST
Easy Rings
To easily get rings, all you have to do is go to the Time Trail Mode and pick Stage 1, Act 1 and play it over and over. That should build up our rings.
Hidden Sound Test Mode
To get more than the 39 default songs in sound test mode, succsesfully complete the moon zone, Extra mode, or unlock the super sonic ending. These additional songs will be avalible.
Moon Zone
Collect all 7 chaos emeralds for all characters, Then succsesfully complete the game with sonic to unlock moon zone.
Play as both Sonic and Tails at the same time...
Sonic Advance has a hidden mode which will allow you to play as Sonic while Tails tags along behind you! First, start the game normally until you reach the Character select screen. Highlight Sonic and press Up. Next, go to Tails and press Down. Then, go to Knuckles and press the L Shoulder Button and finally Amy and press R Shoulder Button. Go back to Sonic and select him. If you did it correctly, you will hear a ''Ring'' sound before you reach the Stage Select screen.
Play as Sonic & Tails
To get both characters at the same time, go to the character select screen, and...
1) Highlight Sonic press UP
2) Highlight Tails and press DOWN
3) Highlight Knuckles and press L TRIGGER
4) Highlight Amy and press R TRIGGER
5) Highlight Sonic and press A
Unlock Final Level
To unlock the actual last level, all you have to do is collect all the Gems from the Trampoline courses, which is very hard.
Then you have to beat Eggman in the last level. He will not be defeated and will take you to the moon. You will be Super Sonic for this battle and you will be fighting him in space.