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The Sims Bustin' Out (GBA) Cheats

The Sims Bustin' Out cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Unlockable Destanation
If You Call Someone They Say They Are At Paradise Island Follow The Following Rules And The Following Material...
UnlockableHow to unlock
Paridise IslandHook Your GBA To Another GBA
Golden BedLink a gba to another gba and then sell ur bed and then go to your house


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Annoying Glitch
Don't go to the dock where the hammer head shark s to Play Bait Flinger, or at least don't use you scooter to go down the dock and park it near the hammer head shark. If the voloci-Rooster is there and you get on your scooter and your at the end of the dock, you can't get free.
Broken Stove!
That was that fair day when I cooked in my stove that worth 4000 simoleons. Then it fired. I was just to call fireman when I passed out and transported to hospital. When I came back to house, I continued calling fireman, and when he was finished, I just found my stove broken into pieces...so be careful on fire!
Champion Of Simverse
OK Do These Rules On The List
1.Earn Body 6 At The Library
2.Ride The Bull Once
3.Catch The Gray Rooster
4.Knock Out Mad Willy Hurtzya (Press A)
5.Talk To Daddy Bigbucks
Easy Money Fast
Okay well I haven't played in a while since I lost my game (grrr...!) but the chairs in the sewer are worth 1,000 simeloens each when you sell to Gusieppi!
Friendly Talks
When you're trying to improve our friendship with someone and there isn't anything nice to say on the list, instead of pressing B and talking again just give them something, let them refuse and carry on!
get 10000 simloans
to get the money go to everyone in the town and and make sims hate u and if they punch u take it and go back and make then hate u until the friend meter go to 0 and they will say please leave mi alone ill give u 10000 simloans plz go only thing u lose is ur friend ship
Get loads of money
when you are driving/walking aroung you come across items like aluminum cans or mechanical cogs or old glass jars or nuclear fuel rods or three-eared-mice. If you go to the virtuchem you can sell them for lots of money:

aluminum cans-12
mechanical cogs-5
old glass jars-19
nuclear fuel rods-72

Note: The prices change everyday, so if you're selling 3+ 3-eared mice or nuclear rods, wait for a day where they cost over §200.
Getting Rich Easy
There are 3 easy(well not really that easy) ways to get rich.

First, don't buy any furnitures, junk, etc. to put in your house just sell em all. Just leave a shower, toilet, the phone, and a bed.

Second, Get all the junk you can find, and do all your work! (Hint: There's 2 sofas in the sewer, find a switch at about 5 a.m. sell em).

Third, If that still doesn't work sell everything (leave a something though).
Just stay in your uncle's house sometimes!
Gray Rooster
Ok, maybe around 6:00 or 7:00 outside the uncles house in the bushes (where you find one of the chickens) there will be a Gray Rooster that has some red on it. Now I ran into it at the Imperial Estates and it attacked me. Now I am guessing that it comes out at Imperial Estates when the sky turns dark. So be carefull of getting near it becuase it makes you pass out! And if you have a scooter and you pass out, it will be left where ever you passed out at. Letting you know so you don't make the same mistakes I did.
Handy Tips
After a while your toilet and shower (Not in your uncle's house) get dirty and flies buzz about. Do not use them, as there's the risk the object will break and you'll have to repair it. Just press a and clean it, when the flies go, press b. Saves a lot of time, less cleaning, less repairing!
After you finish the Ghost Mission, there's a trapdoor to the right which leads to a cellar. Help yourself to everything, but you should really get the crystal ball. Place it in your house. When you're tired, gaze into it and for some reason, the sleep bar will go up! Also, time doesn't pass really quickly unlike when you sleep.
When you're on the Art for Art's Sake mission and you have to paint a beautiful seascape, don't go to the one in Lover's Leap, simply buy one at a shop and paint at home so if any of your bars run home, you can fill it up quickly.
Early in the game, your uncle tells you to sell your old couch and buy a shower. If you want to keep the couch sell it first, then buy it back straightaway for cheaper than you'll find in shops. The couch will still appear in the bar, so don't worry if you normally sleep there!
Just before you're about to do something hard (Knocking out Boxer, catching Veloci Rooster or trying a new game) save. If all goes wrong, just quit the game and load your save.
How to get to the haunted house
First I warn you NOT to go down the hole with the red arrow pointing down it. Instead (at the moment you should be facing the red arrow hole) go down the right hand road until you get to a manhole. (you can actually go down any manhole by standing infront of it and pressing 'a'). You will now be in the sewers! now follow the path around until you get to the next ladder. Now go forward a bit more and you should see two routes. go across the middle one which is to the top left of the gameboy screen. you should see another ladder. turn right and stop at the fork. Take the left hand fork, carry on forward to the second pathway. (There might be a button there, but dont step on it, unless you want to get transported to another room. If by accident you step on it, just go down until you find another button and you get back to where you were.)Go forward, take left hand fork, and go down. Keep going down until you get to a ladder facing you. DON'T take any rights or lefts! anyway this ladder should be it. Press 'a' to climb up the ladder and hey presto you are in the garden!!!!!!!!
Less time looking for chickens
Before you talk to Uncle Hayseed after you clean up gather up as many chickens as u can find in the farm but make sure u still have room in ur pocket to put furniture in after that give the chickens u already have to him **AFTER HE GIVES U THE CHICKEN QUEST!!** and u will have almost half of them already found. After u get the quest 2 of the chickens u need 2 find r in the barn
Level 4 "experience the paranormal"
1 to get to the haunted mansion use the sewers

2 to be able to pick the lock have at least three machanical points

3 if you are having trouble finding the ghost come to his house between 12am and 5am and he will be on the bottom floor

Loads of cash!
To get loads of cash, you should wait until you have unlocked the mowing game, the fishing game, and the bartender game.
When you have done this, you should play the mower madness during the day, then go to the bar in the evening and serve drinks there. Once you have done this, you should go right out, get on your scooter, and be at the docks for 3:00. Earn a load of cash here.
After that, you should sort out your needs, and do all your jobs again. This may seem like a lot of work, but you will soon be rolling in cash!
I did this I've got nearly $250,000!
Making Relationships
If you are a guy, (on the game), and there is a girl you need to impress, go to Knicki-Nack's Bric-a-brac and buy a single red rose, teddy bear, and a book of poetry! They will add positive points!
Money Tips
If you want more money, you must have unlocked any amount of mini-games. Go up to the signs, and save. That way, if you mess up, you get to keep playing until you get a promotion or a high amount of money! Do this with new games too, so you can understand how to play the game AND THEN get more cash!
Play Forever
On the Level 5 Mission:4 Don't complete the first point and you will be able to play forever!
Prevent Gusuppi From Robbing.
If you have a 100% relationship with Gusuppi he won't rob you any more.
Rise of Club-Rubb
When you are at the Club-Rubb level, and you need flyers, go to Knicki-Knack's Bric-a-brac and they are 2 simeleons each. Make sure your pockets are empty first!
Save Money for food!
When you don't have your own cooker that gves you a full meal, instead of using your uncle's cooker (40 simoleons) go find a grill (In the park and the docks) and grill burgers or fish. It's a full meal for half price! Also, the one in the docks is right opposite the Bait Flinger, so you can fish right after!
Sims Basic Tips
*When you are at the Burning Spoke, or your own house (must have a room mate of opposite gender)and you find your room mate sitting on a sofa/couch thing, push "a" and choose "sit" and see what happens...its funny in a way.

*One day when I started my gameboy, all my games got deleted, so when you're playing and you go to select and hit save, wait until it says "saving complete" or something like that and then press "B" so you're not on the select menu anymore. Do NOT press B too early or your game(s) will be deleted.

*Drowning: When you're swimming in a pool, DO NOT let your sleep meter, or any meter, fall down too far or you have a chance at drowning in the pool.

*When you move into the Waterfront Villa, DO NOT put your pet on the first level(the same level as the front door) because it might decide to walk outside into your back yard and you might never get a hold of it again.

*Trust me on these...I beat the game like twice or whatever.
Sleep in one's shoulders
I was in Burning Spoke that day, past 12 am, and I found Vernon Peeve there. Then after a few moments, I found him sitting in the Biker couch, and so I sat in there too. After some seconds, something happened to me and the player. Don't know how to describe this but, you should try. It raises comfort, sleep, admire bar!
Stay away from danger.
One way of staying away of danger is staying away from the velocity-rooster it's gray with a red beak. The rooster will shock you then will send you to the hospital.
things you need to know!
*In the sewer at 5am and a little after, there is a switch that u need to step on and it will take you to a area with two chairs. put both of them in your pocket and sell them for $1000 each!

*To pick the lock at the haunted house, you must have 3 mechanical points. Get them from reading certain books at the library!

*If you cannot seem to find the ghost he will be at his house between about 12 am and 5 am, where you should be able to find him on the first floor!

*If you see the velocity rooster RUN! He will knock u out and u will awaken in the hospital thing about an hour later!

*You can change the color of your furniture by going up to it and pressing R!

*Remember to always save money for food! snacks from the fridge are $10 each and meals from the stove are $40!

*When u see random aluminum cans and 3 eared mice and stuff sitting around, collect them! don't sell them to the mad scientist until u need the money for bills or something! (trust me, once i saved up enough and got over $1000!)


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Unlimited skill points from Heidi
In the northwest part of the turing labyrinth is where you will find Heidi the cheat ninja from 3:00 am - 4:00 am on fridays. WARNING: NO SOONER THAN 3:00 AM OR ELSE SHE WON'T SHOW UP! I believe this is also known as lovers cove? (I'm not sure about that so don't quote me.) Anyways, make sure all your bars are full before you go and eat all the berries she has. (eat the one that gives you $5,000 first). Once you have eaten all the berries, than stay there all day until the next 12:00 am. At the next 12:00 am she'll have more berries again + the rose, which will get your more skill points and more money. But you have to stay there the full day until the next 12:00 am and you can't leave the area. I repeated this twice before I got busted for peeing in public.

You can also do this at Imperial estates. There is this little break in the trees and you go through the gap and find almost kind of like a chinese dojo type thing. Go there at 11:00 pm. WARNING: NO SOONER THAN 11:00 PM! OR ELSE SHE WON'T SHOW UP! Eat all the berries she has before 12:00 am and than when the clock at the top right of your screen hits 12:00 am she'll have a complete refill of all the berries plus the 5,000 dollar rose. This is an easy way to collect 10,000 dollars or more should you desire. BUT YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE AREA! Also, you may only get away with doing it once or twice before getting busted for peeing in public.

Easter eggs

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Easter Egg Gnome Cheats
1.Potty Rooster Behind The House
2.Shocker In Your Bathroom
3.The Rest In The Dr. Memorial Park And The Turning Labrynth
Potty Rooster
If you Have The Gray Rooster Caught Enable The Easter Egg Gnome B L A R And Put Him In Your House And Enter Easter Egg Hunt And Find It This Easter Egg Is In The Bathroom And Press A And Choose Enable potty Rooster!


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Another way to describe how to duplicate items
Follow the procedures as written.
any item can be used.

Pets can be duplicated, but disappear after leaving the room after the full duplication process.

procedure to duplication.

1. pick any item you would like to duplicate.
2. Put the item in your pocket
3. Raise all bars except for hunger.
4. go to a room where you would like to duplicate your item.( a good room to duplicate items is the 3rd floor of the clocktower where it is small, trust me.)
5. When your hunger level is uber low or none, take out the item without setting it in place, keep it at yellow, not red.
6. wait a couple minutes until he/she passes out.
7. return home from hospital, you should have a $20 bill, not much.
8. return to the room where you have taken out the item with out setting it.
9. take item out of pocket and set.
10. leave room
11. return to room and move item to another rtegion of the room.
12.leave room
13.return to room
14. somewhere in the room you should have the duplicated item.

its a good stratagy to make lots of money, find and buy the most expensive item available on the game and dupicate/ sell it, over and over.

To duplicate pets, set pet, leave room, return, tell to "stay", and move it, you should have 2.

sometimes items will be within walls, and intwined with other items, but when you move out, you will have it in your crate, i reccomend you do not do this in the mansion because of that glitch/risk.

any Q's, you may ask me and i will help you in any loss you may have. SK8TeFliP@msn.com
Aquiring a camera
To get the camera to complete a task for mission 5 (aquire a camera) you need to go to knicki-knacks brick brack shop to buy the camera.
aquiring the camera (mission 5)
go to knicki-knacks brick bracks store and you can buy the camera required to take a picture of guisuppei mezzalto doing a crime.
Can't find the three eared mice???
If you can not find any three eared mice here is where you look. There is one in Earl's house, Two in the sewer and another in the Park Maze.
Couch glitch!
In order to do this glitch you must have at least 25 simoleons. Once you get the mission to sell your couch at the bar sell your couch. Right when you sell your couch there should be a down arrow at the "buy" section. Go down and there should be the couch selling for 25 simoleons more. Buy it and then exit out. Before you leave the bar the bartender should still put the couch in the bar even though you bought the couch! You can still keep the couch, its a lot cheaper than ones they sell at the store.
Duplicating items
In Sims Bustin' out you can gain the ability to duplicate items by not eating then when you are about to pass out take an item out of your pocket then when you have the yellow or red arrow out wait over where you want it until you pass out from hunger, you should wake up in the hospital then go back to your house go inside then go out then in again and you will find that item in your house in a random spot. You now have that item in your home and in your pocket!!!!

P.S. sell the extra one for more money...
Furnature Color
Walk up to a piece of furnature (that you own) and press the R button it will change the color of the piece.
How to Get the Guitar
The way that you get the guitar when you want to be in the band is that you have to go to Giuseppi Mezzoalto and ask him were you can find a cool guitar. He will tell you to come to his van and he will give you one. That night you go to his van and he will have a guitar in stock. Buy it and then you will have completed the goal.
Less Chickens!!!
To make this goal shorter, when you first get to your Uncle's house look around; there are two chicken in the front yard and two in the barn now you only have to find four more chickens. One is in the Burning Spoke bathroom, one is in the general store parking lot, one is in the bushes near your house in the bottom left hand corner, and the last one is in the partly enclosed space near all of the motorcycles.
level 4 "champion of simverse"
to beat this leel you need to:

1.don't be afraid of the voloci-rooster all you have to do is walk up to it, press a and choose "put in pocket"

2.you cannot beat the bull record if you are tired
so make sure youre sleep bar is full

3. to knock out Willie, as soon as he's about to punch you, you just move out of the way.
Make bed glitch
OK, first you need to go to sleep, then when you get up select "Make bed" and then as soon as your sim touches the bed press the B button and it will still be messy, but check and see if the "Make bed" option is there and if it isn't there than you did it right.

HINT: this works with ALL beds
Make bed glitch
OK, first you need to go to sleep, then when you get up select "Make bed" and then as soon as your sim touches the bed press the B button and it will still be messy, but check and see if the "Make bed" option and if it isn't there than you did it right.

HINT: this works with ALL beds
makin a lot of money
once you've unlocked mower madness, play it until you have gotten to level 5, you willget 10 simoleons per shrub you mow but when you mow uncle hayseeds flowers you will lose a lot of money, and don't run over the rocks. if you just mow the shrubs you will get a lot of money if you try.
Slip of Paper
One of the items you buy from Heidi Shadows the Cheat Ninja is a slip of paper that reads "BUCKET." It says that on it because it is the password to Club Xizzle in this game's sequel, "The Urbz: Sims in the City" for GBA and Nintendo DS.
The Sims Bustin Out Cheats
The Sims Bustin Out Cheats
Heidi Shadows:
Heidi Shadows is a secret ninja character that sells you cheats. She can be found southwest of Imperial Estates on Mondays (11 p.m. to 12 a.m.) and in the northern corner of the Park Maze on Fridays (3 a.m. to 4 a.m.). Mondays are days 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85, 92, 99, 106, 113, 120, 127, 134, 141, 148, 155, etc. (every seven days). Fridays are days 5, 12, 19, 26, 33, 40, 47, 54, 61, 68, 75, 82, 89, 96, 103, 110, 117, 124, 131, 138, 145, 152, 159, etc. (every seven days). She will sell you cheats that can save you a lot of time on getting skill points. When you find her south of Imperial Estates, buy from her, and do not leave so that she dos not disappear. Buy out her shop, then wait until after 1 a.m. and go to her again. She will be completely restocked.
To get 5,000 Simoleons, buy the flower from Heidi Shadows. It only costs 800 Simoleons
Getting inside Earl's ghost's house:
To get inside Earl's ghost's house, you will have to pick the lock ten to twenty times. Sometimes when you go into the sewer, the screen will move to a selected location. Go there and take the chairs. They sell for 1,000 Simoleons.
Answers to Earl's ghost's questions:
If you answer all of the following questions correctly, you will get all the furniture in his secret place (outside). The items are a crystal-ball table, a suit of armor, an Venus fly trap, and another item. Note: The crystal-ball table will increase your fun and sleep level. The ghost lives outside town in the mansion east of town. The only way to get there is to go through the secret passageway (the sewers).
1. How many sides dose a circle have? A. 2.
2. An apple, grape, banana, pear which do not belong? A. Banana.
3. How many letters are in the alphabet? A. 11.
4. BCDEKIOX which letter completes the pattern? A. H.
5. If you fill me I can point the way. If not full I do not move. I have two skins, one out and one in. What am I? A. A glove.
Mover Madness prices:
From level 1 to 5, the price taken from your salary goes up by 10 Simoleons.
Level 1: 10 Simoleons
Level 2: 20 Simoleons
Level 3: 30 Simoleons
Level 4: 40 Simoleons
Level 5: 50 Simoleons
Easy money:
To get more Simoleons, become a level 5 Master Mower. You will get 10 Simoleons per shrub, which equals 600 Simoleons and higher. Note: Running over chickens will not lower your money, but the flowers will take a lot more money than usual.

Areas to increase your skills:
Library: All except Charisma
Gym: Charisma, Body
Farm: Mechanical up to 2
Jail: Body
Turing Labyrinth: Creativity
Heidi Shadows: All
Library vs. gym:
The gym will reduce your stamina bar and hygiene bar but the library will only reduce the comfort bar, and also much slower.
Selling paintings:
Go to the lover's spot in the painting mission and buy a canvas and paint a masterpiece. After you go to the lover's spotm you will never be able to sell paintings for money again.
Ghostly Gift:
To get the "Ghostly Gift", go down into the sewers from the second house.
Every time you get burgled, think of Giuseppi. Also, after he is arrested, you will not get burgled anymore.
Items to buy:
In the entire game, you do not need to buy a lot of items. The set of items which should be kept (in order) is:
Phone (free from the start)
Toilet (free from the start)
Savvy Shower (buy it; part of quest)
Stove (buy it)
Fire alarm (buy it)
Burglar alarm (buy it)
Aquarius/Capricorn/etc./etc. Recliner (free from the sewers secret area)
Crystal Ball (free from Earl Euphram's prize)
Fishing tips:
Lure A: Blue fish
Lure B: Green fish
Lure C: Black fish