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Grand Phantasma spirit unity

This hint will allow you to combine six spirits into one giant one. BY adding Miguel, Zapata, Pancho, Jose, and Antonio into your unity slots, it will allow you to create the Grand Phantasma which summons a giant knife from either side of the screen and stabs your enemies.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: James Woolsey on October 26, 2013

nippopo knockout

nippopo punch is a one hit knock out to red skeletons
Verified by: arvinjandelacruzz, arkish23 Submitted by: fred on February 05, 2007

Spirit combos

Mosuke+Amidamaru(duh)=halo blade
Bason+black raven=Ultra Calvary Charge
Mic+Pascal Avaf=Jaguarman(like Jaco's spirit fusion
Verified by: markAnjelo28 Submitted by: Scald Ending on December 09, 2004

Ultra calvalry charge

Use black raven (right sandal)with bason (left glove) and you can use this move
Verified by: ayen93 Submitted by: DALVIN on January 03, 2005


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All the spirit combos (i think)

Mosuke+Amidamaru=Grand Halo blade:Three consecutive halo bumbs.

Nizba+Ian+Yophia+Dreisa=Revival:Have these four spirits equiped when you die and they will bring you back to where you just were right before you died (with all your money and stuff) with full HP and SP.

Micheal+Raphael+Sariel+Uriel+Gabriel=Ray of light: Yoh sticks his sword in the air and in the background all of those spirits are shooting stuff.

Mic+Pascal Avaf=Jaguar Man: When activated in the air Yoh gets a Jaguar suit and glides across... well... whatever you want him to glide across.

Silve Tail+Silver Horn+Silver Rod+Silver wing+ Silver Shield=Totem attack: Yoh gets a huge bazooka thing and shoots a big laser. Destroyes totems and pretty much anything else.

Bason+Black Raven= Ultra cavalry Charge: Similar too rapid tempo assault except the longer you hold the button the longer the attack is. You can jump farther this way too

Miguel+Zapata+Pancho+Jose+Antonio=Grande Phantasma:A huge skeleton hand appears with a big knife and stabs...you know...whatever. I think it is the most powerful spirit combo.

This isnt really a spirit combo but it is sort of a combo so yeah ill tell you. After you beat Len and En Tao go to the in and En gives you the Thunder sword. Yoh cant actually use it but it turns bason's Rapid Tempo Assault in to Golden Thunder Impalment.

P.S. With Ray of Light you dont HAVE to use those spirits. You have to use Micheal and four of six spirits. I dont have the others and i dont remember what they are called so i just put what I have. I think one of the others starts with a M but it is NOT Matamune.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: cruxis on February 21, 2005

every boss in the game and the ghost you get from them

Every boss and their ghosts you get in the game are listed below:

Rio:Tokageroh's Big thumb-pushes wooden boxes
Trey:Corey's Nipopo punch-freezes fire walls and weak enemies
Faust VIII: Eliza-avoid the poison cloud in the level near the inn where it takes away 10 health every millisecond
Silva:totem pole cannon blast-blows up giant glowing totem poles and does major damage to anything
Joco:Mic-move fast and jump farther
Tao Jun: Lee Bailong-use a fast sliding move to get under low places
Tao Ren:Basons' Rapid Tempo Assault-thrust a kwan dao staff to do some pretty nice damage
Uncle En: Grand Tao Dragon: Skip levels you have already beaten
Lyserg: Chloes' Homing Pendulem-shoot the pendulem onto those glowing green rings floating above you and swing like Tarzan
Marcos the X-law leader: Micheal-shoot Micheals spirits out of a pistol to do some nice damage
Magister and Mephias: Zekes' Spirit of Fire-gain +10 health every time you beat an enemy
Verified by: super2645, kyo43 Submitted by: cram on December 08, 2004

golden thunder impalement

combine Bason and Mosuke together to form G.T. Impalement
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: shaquille on March 16, 2007

Good Spirit combos

Amidamaru+mosuke=Grand Halo Blade-good damage in a close combat boss battle
Bason+black Raven=Ultra Calvary Charge--good damage, you can also 'fly' for short distances by jumping and using it
Mic+Pascal Avaf=Jaguarman--REALLy does let you fly, or fall with style, in other words you glide slowly
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Scald Ending on December 09, 2004