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If you ever have trouble fighting a boss or enemies, it may be because you still have the same weak weapons as you started with. You should visit your blacksmith in your hot house frequently whenever you get new materials.
Chocobo Scene
To see a brief sequence involving a chocobo, wait five minutes after the ''Fin'' screen appears when you complete the game. After the scene, the game will go back to the title screen.
Crystal Weapons
Find ANY monster and kill 999 of them. At this point, they will turn into a "black" monster which gives you 100 more exp points. The Black monsters have 100 points added to EVERY stat, and their HP is greater than the regular version. At this point where you are fighting the Black monster, there is about a 1/25 chance that they will drop the strongest raw material, Crystal.

After you have obtained some Crystal, go to Watts in your Hot House and have him forge your Crystal weapons/armor.

Dash through spirit barriers
Make sure that your main character can equip the sword, then max out your power bar below Hp/Mp. Now, stand in front of the barrier but make sure not to get hit, and hold the ''A'' button until you are glowing green. Now let go of the button and watch yourself dash through the barrier!
Defeating Bosses
First of all, find Niccolo (the rabbit). Buy from him about 30 to 40 Gummi Frogs then, when you are fighting a boss, find its weakness and keep doing death blows. I took down Medusa in about 3 hits and Dark Lord with about 4 using this method.
Defeating Dark Lord
To beat him easy, take out your bow or other long range weapon such as a flail. Don't worry about you; all he/she will die no matter what you do so don't revive him/her he/she wont help you.

The area you fight Dark Lord in has a pillar in the middle; that's how you beat him. He is easily trapped behind the pillar, allowing you to hit with long ranged weapons. Use Gummi Frogs to refill your deathblow meter and take him out with death blow after deathblow.
Easy Boss Kills
This little trick will easily take out any boss you come across that gives you a hard time. It has 4 simple steps:
1) Use a GummiFrog to set your Deathblow gauge to max.(Skip this step if it already is at max)
2) Use the Salamander Spirit to PowerUp
3) Face the boss from either the top or bottom of the screen(NOT the sides) and distance yourself slightly from him.
4) Equip the lance, hold A, and release.

I've killed almost every boss in one hit with this technique.(With the exception of bosses invulnerable to the lance, in which case, switch the lance with the bow.)
Easy Leveling
Immediately after you have received the flail in the Marsh Cave:
1. Return to Vinquette Hall and go to F1 where you fought Triby (the zombie, I think. This is where the door is to go to B1 to continue on to Count Lee, You will find the room swarming with Lime Slimes.)
2. Equip the Flail and switch to the other character.
3. Set the NPC setting to the furthest right and up (close in and Melee.)
4. Sit and wait for the level up sound and keep your GBA plugged in.
Note. The slimes only do around 1 pt of damaged to either player if they are hit and leveling up prevents the damage from getting too bad.
Easy Spirit Levels
Go to the 3rd or 4th screen in the northern Glass Desert. There, you will find 3 Skull Drakes and a Kid Dragon during the day, or 3 Skull Drakes and a Fierce Face at night. GO DURING THE DAY. Equip the Knucks and whatever spirit you want to strengthen, and start railing the monsters. For REALLY fast levels, use a low-level spirit. Using this method, I got Salamander from a level 2 to a level 30 in around 20 minutes! For a bonus, kill the Kid Dragon last. If you're lucky, the trap will be a Kaiser Mimic. Destroy that, and it's likely that you'll get Lorimar Iron! Forge enough into your sword, and you'll get elemental damage!
Easy way to level up very fast
Go to Gaia Cave and in the first room, there will be four Molebears, 3 on the ground and 1 infront of the path to the next room. Equip a Belle Bell to double the exp you get from killing them. This accessory can be bought from Niccolo. Killing 1 Molebear will net you 14 exp and killing all 4 will net you 56 exp! Just wait for a few seconds and the Molebears will reappear. Kill them off and repeat. If your level is around 20, you can level up to 36 to get your red class job in about half an hour, or maybe less!

Easy Weapon/Magic Levels
Even if you do 0 damage, the game will still allow you to raise your weapon/magic levels. To raise a weapon/magic level easily, find an enemy that is invulnerable to the type of damage the weapon or magic causes (The Popoi's Notebook in the ring menu has information about this). Repeatedly hit it. Your weapon/magic level will raise as though you are causing damage.
Forging and Tempering Tip for Hot House
Once you get to the third hot house Watts will appear. In the orchard you already know you can plant seeds and kill as much yellow rabbit thingy guy as you can for allot of seeds. Plant them in the orchard and let them grow. Cut down the fruit and veggies. Take them to Watts and temper the strongest one into your wheapon. And to forge your weapons I would suggest Marble is best for knucks. Granz steel is best for sword. Baobab woo is best for bow and arrows.
Fruits and Veggies
When planting fruits and veggies to temper into your weapons, there are really only two that you should be worried about. Those are the Spade Basil and the Fishy Fruit. Both work the same way, but Spade Basil is for weapons, and Fishy Fruit is for armor. What do they do, you ask? I'll tell you (things in parentheses apply to armor, while those outside apply to weapons. Apply the neccesary term depending on what you're tempering).
Next time you go to a smith or the hothouse to temper a weapon or armor, look at the possible stats. There should be Power (Slash Defense), Hit (Bash Defense), Dodge (Jab Defense), and Elemental Power (Elemental Defense). The various veggies (fruits) each raise various combinations of these stats by one, but the Spade Basil (Fishy Fruit) is guaranteed to raise all four stats by one. This means that if the base stats are:
50/50/50/50, and the Limit is 20, the final stats when using Spade Basils (Fishy Fruits) to temper are:
All the other fruits and veggies increase several stats, but not all.
To get Spade Basils, give Trent Small Seeds and Crooked Seeds on Dryad Day (if it is a fruit day instead of a veggie day, you'll get a Toadstoolshed. I reccommend saving before planting, finding out what you get, then, if it isn't a Spade Basil, restarting and advancing one week).
To get Fishy Fruits, give Trent Flat Seeds + Spiny Seeds on Jinn day (again, save before planting so that if you get the Boarmelon, you can get your seeds back and advance one week).
Geodode Relese
After you beat Martis go to a guy in the castle that was once freezed. Go to a man that said he lost some Geododes. If you find any, he will open it releseing a spirt.
Get Morning/ Evening without staying at Inn
There is actually a very simple way of getting the morning/evening status in towns without having to stay at the inn.

1.Save at the statue in the town/city
2. Go outside and wander around until it is the desired time
3. Use your Magic Rope to warp back into the town, and it will still be that same time and you will have saved a bit of money
Going through spirit stones without summoning spirits
The jump skill is very, very, VERY handy. Not only can you jump on and off ledges, you can also jump over monsters when you don't feel like fighting, AND you can also jump over spirit stones. Unfortunately, you leave your partner doing this.
hit twice with a bow
Equip the Bow and get very close to whatever you want to attack, then attack it. It should hit the enemy twice.
Multiple Spirits
You should try to obtain multiple spirits if magic is your thing rather than attacking. You can collect geodes, buy them with dudbear gold and tons of stuff. The more spirits, the more damage your magic does!

**Results may vary depending on your class**
The Riddle
If you need to solve the riddle give to u by Mr. Cannel in the Town of Jadd.

You need to go to the Jadd Desert you will see a sort of water fall of Sand (its the biggest running sand thingy) you will see a pair of trees you should walk around it in the shape of an 8 and the sand stops and a cave will appear.
The Riddle
If you need to solve the riddle give to u by Mr. Cannel in the Town of Jadd.

You need to go to the Jadd Desert you will see a sort of water fall of Sand (its the biggest running sand thingy) you will see a pair of trees you should walk around it in the shape of an 8 and the sand stops and a cave will appear.

Easter eggs

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the wisp geode is in glass desert by ruined path. must be at night.
the salamander geode is at subsea volcano in one pond of lava.
currently i have:
1 shade
1 luna
3 salamanders
1 undine
2 dryads
1 jinn
1 gnome
and 3 wisps.


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Black Enemies
By killing 1,000 of the same variety of monster (eg: Kill 1,000 Rabites), you will permanently replace that monster with a new, Black version of it. The Black versions of monsters are a lot stronger and tougher than their regular counter-parts, but have a relatively good chance of dropping Crystal Ores which can be used for forging.
Continue black enemies, easy level up bow skill
when you have killed 1000 of a type u probably know that u get black monsters of that type permanently, well because they are stronger and tougher its still easy to kill em. if u like to be archer this would be a great tip. once u got the black monsters of a type u must first have a bow before you attack him. when i got those black monsters i used the bow to attack and by the time i killed 2 black rabites i had a bow skill of 42 you only do 1 damage at a time when u have those creatures early in the game like i had, if you have em later i don't know how much damage you do. by the way it will take a long time before u killed a black rabite when you do 1 damage to it, it has about 520hp
Extra easy upgrades *take time tho
Ok this only works at the dark lose..i mean dark lord guy.Anyways trap him behind a piller and use spirit amgic on him, lvl each spirit up to lvl 10 caus im not sure fot how lonmg u can beat him up =P anways ya oh ya plz note* to lvl up a spirit i made this to show u how long it will take
lvl1=1or2 hits lvl2=1or2 hits lvl3-4=3or4 hit
and so on jsut duble the number of hits after 2 lvl also a good idea would be to but LOTS or magic wall nuts sorry that this is so long =P
Heal Dead Allies!
If your ally is dead, simply save at a Mana statue. Then heal him with an Angel Grail. Go to another room and get killed by monsters, and you'll end up back at the statue, with your ally alive. Check your inventory: it'll say you didn't use an Angel Grail at all!
You can get some accessories that can really help and boost you stats!
To get a mega accessory, you must LvUp only one class until you get to forty. It must be done correctly for it to work. You must stick to the class otherwise it will not work! For example, You wanna do forty monk levels, you have 21 monk levels and then you do another class. If you do that it will not work!Once you reach level 41 and you have done forty of whatever class you want, a message will pop up telling you that you have recieved the bonus accessory.
Here is a list of what you can get.

General Crest-Need 40 warrior LvUps +50 Defense
Dragon Ring-Need 40 monk LvUps +50 Attack
Rune earrings-Need 40 magician +50 Attack Magic
Code bead-Need 40 sage +50 Defense magis
Wishbone-Need 40 theif +50 Agility
Crystal Ring-Need 40 random +20 of every stat

NOTE: once you recieve a bonus item, you cannot get another!
Niccolo Trick
Many people have asked what the "Niccolo trick" is, so listen closely since this is an in depth approach.
1.talk to Niccolo and purchase one gumdrop.
2.exit out of the buying ring command system, completly.
3. repeat steps 1 and 2, 250 times and Niccolo will start to sell you the stuff you really need. After the 250th time, talk to him again and a "special" menu will appear go to it and you can purchase raw materials like mythril silver and maia lead which are very rare. Also included in this is the incredibly rare Fossil Wood and Orichalcum.
If your a low level in the begining of the game just keep training against the rabite things. After you kill all of the ones in the room, wait for a few seconds and more come. Repeat until high level