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Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar cheat codes.


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These are the passwords for the lottery machine on Easter land.
PasswordWhat it does
71757977AirWheel3 O
51702791AquaMan *
69544569BambooLance *
70741543Beat Support (Blue NCP)
24616497BlastMan *
97049899BlizzardBall H
28271002Body Pack (Pink NCP)
19790420Buster Pack (Red NCP)
94305487Charge MAX (Blue NCP)
92070765ChargeMan *
51378085CircleGun V
44892547ColonelArmy *
23722234CountBomb3 M
38116449DeathMatch *
32310827DiveMan *
60884138DrillArm M
79814666DustMan *
30424514ElecMan *
08789369ElementWrap *
87341489Full Energy SubChip
39345472Full Energy SubChip
45566783Full Energy SubChip
04789479Get "Unlocker"
10414878GroundMan *
14212857GunDelSol3 W
12404002HeatMan *
49951337HP+100 (White NCP)
24823665HP+200 (White NCP)
54654618HP+300 (Pink NCP)
08749780HP+400 (Green NCP)
55031325HP+500 (White NCP)
84387543KillerMan *
98766899Lock Enemy SubChip
68008194Lock Enemy SubChip
16336487Lock Enemy SubChip
37495453Lock Enemy SubChip
88674125MegaBoomerang M
12046210Rapid MAX (Green NCP)
59485971Receive an Untrap subchip
37889678Receive HP+50 Navi Cust program
77837421Receive SpinRed
75641392Recovery300 Y
32132348Rush Support (Yellow NCP)
79459146Shinobi Dash SubChip
74198795Shinobi Dash SubChip
15511679Shinobi Dash SubChip
55910601SlashMan *
09256524Spin Green
41976910Spin Yellow
69548756Tango Support (Green NCP)
00297421TenguMan *
67520179TomahawkMan *
97403000Uninstall G
99910954Unlocker SubChip
82564319Unlocker SubChip
41161139Unlocker SubChip
22812406Untrap SubChip
09000465Untrap SubChip
13345646protoman *


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Screen Icons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Giga Comp IconCollect all 5 giga chips
Mega Comp IconCollect all 45 mega chips (I think it's 39 in the US version)
P.A. Comp IconUse all 30 Program Advances (Again, I think it's 29 in the US version)
Std Comp IconCollect all 200 standard chips
Bass IconBeat Bass SP
Protoman IconBeat Protoman FZ
Gregar IconBeat the game
Starred "S" IconCollect all 17 secret chips
Megaman Iconfind all viruses and defeat BassBX S-rank


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Bass Combo
Status:Full Scynhro
One of the absolute mst damaging combos ever!!
beating forte
i highly recomend the program advance body gaurd (anti navi, anti sword, anti damage)as it does 1000 damage and if you counter hit bass before activating the chip you can get up to 2000 damage done on him, what helped me get this program advance faster was the program that causes megaman to have 10 chips at the battle screen, it sacrafices your entire custom screen but its worth it since you buster it virtually usless against him
Bosses Strategy: Getting the SP chips, and Easy Gregar.
Now, we all want high-powered chips, right? in order to get all the SP-ranked LinkNavis, you must be on the Expo Chapter. Before fighting Gregar, you can fight all the LinkNavis. Here's a bit of strategy for each one. FastGuage (FstGuage) is reccomended.
HeatMan SP:
This hot-headed NetNavi will beg for mercy when you start spamming Aqua Chips. However, you'll also want to go into a cross, like HeatCross. Because when you start running low on chips, how are you gonna do enough damage? A simple strategy is to wait until he uses his Heat Wave. Use DoublePoint (DblPoint), and back up. Make sure you have DblPoint and TurnArrow 3 (TrnArrow3). This combo is set to deal around 6 hits or so of 220, which is enough to severely handicap HeatMan.
SlashMan SP:
SlashMan's weak to Breaking-Type attacks. I hope you've used the Number Trader to get GroundMan (GrndMan), cuz it'll help. Pack yourself with WaveArm3, AirHocky, DrillArm, and IronShell3 (IrnShel3), because they'll deal massive damage. Careful, however. SlashMan is the fastest boss, and has a few trumps. Pack some trump cards of your own; Recovery 200 (Recov200), and Reflecter3 (Reflctr3), in case he corners you with his Double-Claw. KillerCross helps.
ElecMan SP:
Aww... the little kitty cat wants to fight? Well, he's kinda fast, but he's low in the HP pool. Use the DoublePoint chip with RiskyHoney3 (RskyHny3) to annihalate him. As for Crosses, ElecCross or KillerCross (EraseCross) works fine. This guy's actually... kinda easy.
KillerMan (EraseMan) SP:
The man of two names... KillerMan will be a nuisance, but he's got some very low HP. Wind-element chips deal a striking amount of damage, so I hope you've got the special TenguMan * chip from the NumberTrader... KillerMan's got some short-range moves, as well, so Reflecter3 is a great backup. As for crosses, Stick with KillerCross, or maybe ChargeCross if you want.
ChargeMan SP:
Out of the frying pan, into the fire. This steam-powered locomotive might look old-timey, but he's got 2000 health! That's as much as the Final Boss of BN2-5 have! ChargeMan's also very fast, even rivaling SlashMan. Now, here's the catch. KillerCross and ElecCross work damn well against him. Use the same DoublePoint-TurnArrow3 combo, but add an Attack+10 (Atk+10) to ensure. Make sure you time it right, because at ChargeMan's speed, it's hard to get the Max number of hits.
A whopping 2500 Hp puts the others to shame. He's big, and fast. Don't expect to hit him all that often. DO NOT pack TimeBomb, AreaGrab, or -Point chips. They will A) not work, or B) screw you over. Keep on the assault with ChargeMan EX/SP, ElecMan EX/SP, HeatMan EX/SP, KillerMan EX/SP, Yo-Yo, and the LifeSword (LifeSwrd) Program advance. He's got two points that you can hurt him in, so... hit it where it hurts.
The thing about this guy that separates him from other final bosses is the constant spamming of his attacks. Each time he some much as moves, rocks will fall. And they hurt like a bitch. He's also got a ThunderBolt and FireBreath attacks that do 100 damage each, and Missiles. But the biggest attack is "GregarRay". He'll separate his head and limbs in an attempt to combo you. And it works well. 3 hits, high damage, breaks chips...
Now, he did roar before I killed him, and I'm not exactly sure if it was an attack or not, but I killed him too fast to find out.

Use these tips and enjoy.
Bug frag Trader
The Location of the Bug frag trader is in Under ground area 2. In the north-east section of the area. You enter 10 bug frags to get one chip.
Bugfrag !
There are couple way to get bugfrag, and here they are.

1. Go to the Punishment chair and jack in, then talk to the yellow mr. prog and start a virus battle. ( 6 bugfrag )

2. Get some loc enemy and go to underground, undernet , or gravezard and find a virus battle with a GMD ( green mystery data ). Then after battle, just use the loc enemy to keep fighting the virus again. Thus giving you more Bugfrag, money, or powerful chip. ( note that after the loc enemy run out, just use anotherone to keep on fighting that virus with the GMD )

3. Get sliprun and sneakrun program, install them and run around getting GMD. Have protoman or bigbomb as regular chip, just incase some virus break through.

In Sky Town, jack into the OxygenTnkComp. Then battle the "Virus Battle Machine V4". All you need is "Quaker and "ErthDrgn." It's only 10 rounds but you get 8 Bugfrags (75% chance) or 2000 zennys.
Codes for Number Trader
Air Spin 3 (AirSpin3) O: 71757977
AquaMan/SpoutMan (SpoutMan) *: 51702791
Beat Support (Beat) NCP Blue: 70741543
BlastMan (BlastMan) *: 24616497
Body Pack (BodyPack) NCP Pink: 28271002
Buster Pack (BustPack) NCP Red: 19790420
ChargeMan (ChrgeMan) *: 92070765
Charge Max (ChargMAX) NCP blue: 94305487
Circle Gun (CircGun) V: 51378085
Colonel Army (ColArmy) *: 44892457
Dash Run (DashRun) S.Chip: 15511679
Dash Run (DashRun) S.Chip: 74198795
Dash Run (DashRun) S.Chip: 79459146
DiveMan (DiveMan) *: 32310827
Drill Arm (DrillArm) M: 60884138
DustMan (DustMan) *: 79814666
ElecMan (ElecMan) *: 30424514
Element Trap (ElemTrap) *: 08789369
EraseMan (EraseMan) *: 84387543
Full Energy (FullEnrg) S.Chip: 39345483
Full Energy (FullEnrg) S.Chip: 87341489
Full Energy (FullEnrg) S.Chip: 45566783
Geddon (Geddon) *: 38116449
GrindMan (GrndMan) *: 10414878
Gun Del Sol 3 (GunDelS3) W: 14212857
HeatMan (HeatMan) *: 12404002
HP+50 (HP+50) NCP pink: 37889678
HP+100 (HP+100) NCP white: 49951337
HP+200 (HP+200) NCP white: 24823665
HP+300 (HP+300) NCP pink: 54654618
HP+400 (HP+400) NCP green: 08749780
HP+500 (HP+500) NCP white: 55031323
Lance (Lance) *: 69544569
Lock on Enemy (LocEnemy) S.Chip: 37495453
Lock on Enemy (LocEnemy) S.Chip: 98766899
Lock on Enemy (LocEnemy) S.Chip: 68008194
Mega Boomer (M-Boomer) M: 88674125
Recover 300 Y (Recov300) Y: 75641392
Rush Support (Rush) NCP yellow: 31232348
SlashMan (SlashMan) *: 55910601
Speed MAX (SpeedMAX) NCP white: 12046210
Spin Green (SpinGrn) NC accessory: 09256524
Spin Red (SpinRed) NC accessory: 77837421
Spin Yellow (SpinYllw) NC accessory: 41976910
Tango (Tango) NCP green: 69548756
TenguMan (TenguMan) *: 00297421
Time Bomb 3 (TimeBom3) M: 23722234
TomohawkMan (TmhkMan) *: 67520179
Uninstall (Uninstll) G: 97403000
Unlocker (Unlocker) S.Chip: 04789479
Unlocker (Unlocker) S.Chip: 99910954
Unlocker (Unlocker) S.Chip: 82564319
Unlocker (Unlocker) S.Chip: 41161139
Untrap (Untrap) S.Chip: 59485971
Untrap (Untrap) S.Chip: 22812406
Untrap (Untrap) S.Chip: 09000465
Defeat Eraseman in under 10 seconds and secret to SP chip power!
You know how the first time you fight a NetNavi like Eraseman at the end of the battle it shows your time and it says "RECORD!"? Well that record determines the power of that Navi's SP chip. I've managed to defeat Eraseman in 7 seconds and his SP chip power is 210. Pretty nice right? Okay so here is what you wanna do.

1) Load one folder with a bunch of wind chips! If you run out of wind chips then use reflectors or any chip with a * code.

2) Make sure you have AirSpin3 T and 2 or more Tornado T

3) Make AirSpin3 a Regular Chip and Tornado Tag chips. Have AirShot in your folder as well.

4) If you are lucky you will get the Tornado chips and AirShot chips on the first turn. Select Airshot first then AirSpin3 and Tornado.

5) Wait for Eraseman to attack you with his Scythe. Also fire your buster rapidly to avoid taking damage from the annoying ghosts that spawn. (I recommend that your NaviCust have AttackMAX, SpeedMAX, and ChargeMAX.)

6) When Eraseman does attack you move backwards and use Airshot. Make the shot count because the counter is important for the combo move coming up. Now use AirSpin3. It does 4x damage to Eraseman now! But if you use Tornado on AirSpin3 the chip's duration will be longer and you can destroy Eraseman in no time! (This will take about 2-3 games to get used to)
Easy Bugfrags
To obtain Bugfrags quickly there is an easy method that you can do. Follow these steps and you will have Lots of bugfrags in no time.

Step 1: If you havent already obtained a virus battle card go to Class 1-2 in the cyber academy and jack in in the Board. There will be a red evil looking navi that will sell you a battle card and two viruses for 2000 zenny.

Step 2: Once again if you havent done this already Collect viruses and beat the virus battling machines from version 1-3. Dont worry if you have beat more of them you can Still Rematch them and thats the point.

Step 3: Get a Few rare fire Viruses like Haunted candle, Champy or even an EarthDragon if you are feeling lucky.

Step 4: Now go to the third Virus battling Machine wich is located in the Punishment Room in Greentown. Jack in the chair.

Step 5: Use your Fire viruses to beat that virus battling machine easily. The viruses there are Wood type and might even stand on Grass panels wich will make you have 4X Damege.

Step 6: Rematch The virus battling machine V3 over and over again and you have a 50-50 Chance of getting 6 Bugfrags! This wont take time at all as you win battle really quickly.

Virus Battler Locations:
1. Robodog outside Asuta Land.
2. Circular vending machines in the plaza in SeaSide Town.
3. Punishment chair in Green Town courthouse.
4. The air tanks inside the building in Sky Town.
5. Platform on the western side of Central Area 1 on the Net.
easy gregar
use slash and use your strongest chips.
Fight bass when not so far in game
Go to green area2, keep walking till you come to a place with lots of cyber trees. Walk behind the big one in the middle and press A button, it will take you to the undernet keep walking around then you find bass and battle him.
Get into graveyard area
to get into the grave yard area you must have beaten the game and have at least 100 standerd chips in your library. the entrance is in undernet 2 on the upper level on the top left corner.(opposite of the bbs)
Get past protoman SP and FZ's shield.
Use erase cross's buster to get past his shield becuse when he rushes at you, the beam will still be in effect and damage him up to two times. This is a good trick to beat FZ or Sp protoman.
Giga Chip Locations
Big Hook: Enter Graveyard
Delta Ray: Graveyard Merchant
Bug Sword: Sky Area Bug Frag Trader
Bass: Beat Bass SP
Colonel Force: Beat Bass BX
Gold Mystery Data
You have about a 20% of finding one in every area you go except for jack in space. These are prety rare, but they hold 10,000 zenny, 10 bugfrags, and strong navy chips.

A tip to finding them is to put on sneakrun program and run around to find some.
Hidden Items in Netcafes
Go to these Netcafes and buy coffee until you see Megaman show a victory pose/obtain an item:

Central Netcafe: Bug Stopper NCP

Sky Netcafe: HP Memory

Green Netcafe: AntiSword * Chip
Obtain Batkey
Go to the big tree in green area 2 walk up to it and press A pick yes to jump into the pit you should be in undernet0 follow the path around at the end you should save since you have to fight bass then you will get the bat key if you win
Program Advance Guide

1. GigaCan1 -- cannon a/b/c ---- 300
2. GigaCan2 -- hicannon l/m/n -- 400
3. GigaCan3 -- M-cannon r/s/t -- 500
4. WideBurn1 - Fireburn1 f/g/h - 300
5. WideBurn2 - fireburn2 s/t/u - 350
6. WideBurn3 - fireburn3 c/d/e - 400
7. FlmHook1 -- firehit1 d/e/f -- 300
8. FlmHook2 -- firehit2 r/s/t -- 350
9. FlmHook3 -- firehit3 a/b/c -- 400
10. PwrWave1 - wavearm1 e/f/g -- 400
11. PwrWave2 - wavearm2 l/m/n -- 500
12. PwrWave3 - wavearm3 r/s/t -- 600
13. CornFsta - cornsht1 j/k/l -- 40x2x16
13. CornFsta - cornsht2 c/d/e -- 40x2x16
13. CornFsta - cornsht3 p/q/r -- 40x2x16
14. Parashl -- ironshl1 j/k/l -- 350
14. Parashl -- ironshl2 c/d/e -- 350
14. Parashl -- ironshl3 l/m/n -- 350
15. DestPuls - elcpuls1 j/elecpulse2 j/elecpulse3 j - 400
16. TimeBom+ - timebom1 f/g/h -- 700
16. TimeBom+ - timebom2 c/d/e -- 700
16. TimeBom+ - timebom3 l/m/n -- 700
17. SreamHd -- aurahed1 b/c/d -- 150x5
17. SreamHd -- aurahed2 d/e/f -- 150x5
17. SreamHd -- aurahed3 f/g/h -- 150x5
18. SuprSpr -- widesht p/q/r --- 150x3
19. H-Burst -- spreadr1 l/m/o -- 60x10
19. H-Burst -- spreadr2 a/b/c -- 60x10
19. H-Burst -- spreadr3 q/r/s -- 60x10
20. LifeSrd -- sword h/wideswrd h/longswrd h - 400
20. LifeSrd -- sword l/wideswrd l/longswrd l - 400
20. LifeSrd -- sword s/wideswrd s/longswrd s - 400
21. GreatYo -- yo-yo l/m/n ----- 100x6
22. PitHocky - airhocky l/m/n -- 100
23. PoisPhar - poisonseed p x2/Anubis p - ???
24. BodyGrd -- antinavi */antisword */antidamg * - 100x10
25. DblHero -- widebld b/longbld b/protomanSP b - 60x10
26. Darkness - vdoll f x2/bass f ----- 300x2
26. Darkness - vdoll f x2/bassanly f - 300x2
27. MstrCros - firehit3 a/aquaneedle3 a/elecpuls3 a/rskyhny3 a - 100x6
28. SunMoon -- meteors r/attck+30 r/uninstall r - 200x2+50x60
29. TwinLdrs - protomanSP b/antinavi */colonel * - 200
29. TwinLdrs - colonelSP c/antinavi */protoman * - 200
The protoman attacks in a random order of 3 attacks:

1A cross shaped one
2He comes front and slashes a row
3He slashes a column
Protoman icon
To get this icon you need to complete all the reqeusts ( jobs ) and you will become rank "Master" and then you will get a call from Chaud who is in room 6-1 waiting with protoman form "FZ" beat him to claim your icon
Protoman-get past his shield
on protomans first form he doesn't use his shield too much but you can still use this method to deal some good damage. when he has his shield up use the erase cross (the guy with the sickle) and charge up your attack ( the megabuster charge when not in cross form) when u hit the shield he will come fore ward but when he attacks his shield drops but your beam is still active, thus stopping the attack and dealing a nice sum of damage, along with stunning him for your own counter attack. I recomend putting sword as your regular chip and wide sword and long sword as tag chips for an easy P.A. ( life/dream sword--400 damage)
Quick and easy counter restoration
To restore Megaman's BeastOut counter quickly, go into an area with viruses you can run from without any trouble. Get in a battle, and run away. The game counts the number of encounters where BeastOut isn't used, not the number of battles you've actually fought. This becomes much more useful when your HP is low.
Rush food
use it on the roads with the bones in the center of the panel-- handy for short cuts and accessing chip shops and other items. buy it in sky area (real world) in the shower computer. (3000 zenny for 1 piece, 1 piece is 1 square)
Screen Icons
"STD COMP" Collect all 200 Standard Chips
"MEGA COMP" Collect all 45 Mega Chips
Greiga Icon Beat the game
"GIGA COMP" Collect all 5 Giga Chips
"P.A. COMP" Activate all 30 Program Advances
Starred "S" Collect all 17 Secret Chips
Slash man SP code
When using Slashman hold the control pad and do
all knives are tarbetedat one enemy
SP Chip
To get SP chips, beat any link navi or Protoman with a rank of 10 or higher.
ultimate combo
It's just that simple!!!
use panlgrab*+sword*+widebladeB+longbladeB= panlgrab and dreamsword(it attacks 3X2)
ultimate combos
i'm telling ya some of my combos (maybe yo all knows)
-black bomb+flamehook (250+300)
-comingride+golmhit2+pwrwave2 (full sync)(not a combo, but great dmg)(0+190+400x2)
Undernet Door code
Undernet 1 door: 729 (also need rush food to cross the gap.

Undernet 2 door: 012

Both door will lead to undernet zero.


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Navi Customizer Compression Codes
Input the following codes while highlighting the program you wish to compress while holding down right on the control pad. Using the code again will decompress the program(s).

ARBABRRBAL Compress AirShoes
BRBBBBBARR Compress Battery
LRBBALRABA Compress BeatSupport
RLABLRLAAB Compress BodyPack
BAABBBALBA Compress BusterPack
AAABRLBAAL Compress BugStopper
ALABBAAABA Compress Collector's Eye
LBBRBAALRR Compress Custom1
RALLAABRBA Compress Custom2
BBARABLARR Compress FirstBarrier
ARAABARRBA Compress Fish
RALABLBBRB Compress FloatShoes
ABLRRBRLBA Compress FolderPack1
BBARBLARBL Compress FolderPack2
BLBRLLLABA Compress GigaFolder1
LLABLBABLL Compress HumorSense
ALARBRARLB Compress Jungle
BLALBRALBA Compress KawaramiMagic (AntiDmg)
ARLALALLAB Compress MegaFolder1
LALRBLRLRA Compress MegaFolder2
RBARALBBBL Compress Millionaire
AAALAABLRA Compress NumberOpening
LRABARBBLR Compress OilBody
LAABRRLRLR Compress Reflect
RLBAABALLR Compress RushSupport
BABARRLLAB Compress RythmicalPoem
RRABLRARLA Compress SearchShuffle
BBBAABAABB Compress SelfRecovery
RBBBAAABRL Compress Shield
BBBABBAARB Compress ShinobiDash
ALAAALLABR Compress SlipRunner
ABLLAALRBA Compress SuperArmor
BRBRRABBRA Compress TangoSupport
RRALLRAABB Compress UnderShirt