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Power Rangers Dino Thunder Cheats

Power Rangers Dino Thunder cheats, Passwords, and Codes for GBA. Also see Codebreaker Codes for more Power Rangers Dino Thunder cheat codes.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Passwords

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Last level
Enter these on the password screen to unlock certain levels.
PasswordWhat it does
140Last level
Submitted by: vader7265 on June 01, 2009

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Cheats

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Easy Mode passwords
Seventh Megazord Level - 121
Fifth Red Ranger Level - 160
Forth Megazord level - 24!
Third Blue Ranger level - 28Z
Forth puzzle - 4ZH
Sixth Megazord level - 50K
Forth Yellow Ranger level - 8VG
Forth Blue Ranger level - 9XJ
First puzzle - BGW
First Yellow Ranger level - BXB
Second Megazord Level - G0Y
Third Puzzle - G4K
Second Yellow Ranger level - G60
Third Yellow Ranger level - G8J
First Red Ranger Level - GBV
Third Megazord level - L21
Second Blue Ranger level - L60
Second puzzle - LOY
First Megazord level - LZC
Fifth Megazord level - OZH
First Blue Ranger level - QVB
Second Red Ranger level - QXX
Third Red Ranger level - XVZ
Forth Red Ranger level - YXO
Submitted by: Krunal on November 28, 2004
how to beat mesogog
first you press the B button to punch the orb back to him if your not fast enuff it will hit you 2 when he turns into three kick him 3when makes orbs come jump and kick him use R ONCE TO SUMMON YOUR ZORD when he teleports kick him till his stamina goes down and use your zord twice R1
Submitted by: john on January 18, 2007