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Combos for Pokemon Contests
The following are combos for pokemon contests.
1. Use CHARGE and any of the following: Shockwave, Spark, Thunder, Thunder wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder punch, or Thundershock.
EX. Charge and Spark

2. Use CHARM and any of the following: Flatter, Growl, Rest, Sweet kiss, or Tail whip.
EX. Charm and Rest

3. Use CONFUSION and any of the following: Future sight, Kinesis, Physic, or Teleport.
EX. Confusion and Physic

4. Use CURSE and any of the following: Destiny bond, Grudge, Mean look, or Spite.
EX. Curse and Spite

5. Use DEFENSE CURL and any of the following: Roll out, or Tackle.
EX. Defense curl and Tackle.

6. Use DIVE and SURF.

7. Use DOUBLE TEAM and any of the following: Agility, Quick attack, or Teleport.
EX. Double team and Quick attack.

8. Use SUNNY DAY and any of the following: Blaze kick, Ember, Eruption, Fire blast, Fire punch, Fire spin, Flamethrower, Heat wave, Moonlight, Morning sun, Overheat, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Weather ball, or Will-O-wisp.
EX. Sunny day and Weather ball.

9. Use RAIN DANCE and any of the following: Bubble, Bubblebeam, Clamp, Crabhammer, Dive, Hydropump, Muddy water, Surf, Thunder, Wataer gun, Water pulse, Water sport, Water spout, Waterfall, Weather ball, or Whirlpool.
EX. Rain dance and Muddy water.

10.Use GROWTH and any of the following: Absorb, Bullet seed, Giga drain, Magical leaf, Mega drain, Petal dance, Razor leaf, or Solarbeam.
Ex. Growth and Solarbeam.

2 everstones
thats right 2 one u know about and one u don't. the first one is the 3rd room and in the rocks on that platform. now to get the second one get a mach bike and fly or surf or somehow get back to dewford then go to the mud slide in the 2nd room. go up it then get past all of the pit falls until u get all of the way across to the right where there is a ladder. then go to the ladder and u'll end up in another room. there is a pile of rocks there. and "viola" 2 everstones.
3 Starting Pokemon
Here are the Staarting Pokemon you get in the Game.

Grass Type
Treecko, Lv.5

Evolves into
Groovyle Lv.16
Sceptile Lv.36

Water Type
Mukip, Lv.5

Evolves into
Marshtomp lv.16
Swampert Lv. 36

Fire Type
Torchic, Lv.5

Evolves into
Combusken Lv.16
Blaziken Lv.36
A little tip to make Latios/Latias appear. (if your in the same area)
Ok, say Latias, or Latios (depends on game) is in the same area as you are, then you search all around, then he fleds away and you never get a chance to catch him. Well, just use Sweet Scent! Sweet Scent has a 85.7% chance of having Latios attack you, if your in the same area.
a move you got to teach kyogre
you all know kyogres ability drizzle right?, well that means rain, and for those of you that dont know, thunder never misses in the rain unless your opponent is a ground type, and it just so happens kyogre can learn thunder

the rest is self explanitory, teach thunder to kyogre

(note) a similar combo can be used with solarbeam and groudon
Additional Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
Another easy way to catch Rayquaza
First you will need your Kyogre on level 50-53.Any higher you will kill him. You have to use Ice Beam. You will need to freeze him. There is about a 57.2% you will freeze him.SAVE BEFORE FIGHTING HIM. If you are lucky and freeze him and his health is at red, throw an Ultra Ball. There is a very high chance you will catch him, so you will not need Master Ball. Keep throwing Ultra Balls until he is caught. If you do not catch him you will need to start over.
Another Thief Item
For Ninja Boy Laos, thief his weezing and you get a smoke ball.
Another way to catch Latias
Get a Wobbuffet to at least level 50 and/or another Pokémon with ANY move that can keep her from fleeing. Go to Route 120/121 and walk into the grass. Save here and walk around until you find Latias. Don't expect to catch her now unless you saved your Master Ball. Whittle her HP down a bit, and save again after the battle. (If you didn't find her, skip this step.) Restart your game and check your Pokédex for her. (If you didn't find her before, don't worry- you don't have to do this until you have done the previous step.)If she's in your area, look for her, and if you find her, repeat what you did the first time you saw her. If she isn't, restart your game and check your Pokédex for her. Keep restarting and finding her until you catch her. This works in Ruby (w/Latios), Sapphire, and Emerald (w/whichever one you picked).
attack own character
when you are in a 2 on 2 battle if you keep clicking right, you can select to attack your second pokemon, wierd huh?
in meteor falls go up the waterfall and travel to the place where you find the dragon claw and RUN RUN RUN sooner or later you'll bump into one use a ultra ball and its pretty easy from there on salamence learns fly at level 50 the time it evolves <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Battle Tower
To do well in the battle tower, there are some good pokemon to use.

Wobbaffet, because it can counter/mirrorcoat any move, and the computerised opponent is easy to predict.

Milotic, It can use hypnosis and can sweep as well as being tanky.

Salamence, It covers all your weaknesses and is fast.

Make Salamnce hold scope lense, Wobbaffet leftovers, and Milotic lum berry.
Beating Norman
OK, some people find it really hard to beat Norman (your dad), so here\'s a great strategy. Pokemon required:

Any second evoloution starter (around level 30)

A pokemon that knows counter that\'s atleast level 29. (Like breloom)

Start with the pokemon that knows counter. (I used breloom). When use counter on the first turn. His slaking will most likely use facade, which does massive damage, and counter doubles it! So that takes care of slaking. Next he will use Virogoth, so take out your star starter. He\'s not too hard, just keep attacking him, and use a super potion/hyper potion if you need to.
Lastly he\'ll use another slaking. So take out your counter pokemon. He\'ll have yellow health, so i suggest using a potion. This slaking is easier, because he doesn\'t use facade nearly as much. DO NOT USE COUNTER. Because this slaking mostly uses the focus punch, (It has to tighten it\'s focus first.) so if you don\'t use something that inflicts damage on it without it having to attack, the slaking will use focus punch, which completely and utterly knocks out your pokemon!

Ok, so I know these instructions might be sort of hard to follow, but You should beat your dad in no time!
Beating the Master Rank Beauty Contest
To beat the Master Rank Beauty Contest easily, use a Milotic with full beauty(by using blue pokeblocks) and holding a blue scarf.

For it's moves use:

Rain Dance
Ice beam

and during the contest use them in this order:

1st Rain Dance, 2nd Surf, 3rd Hail, 4th Ice beam, 5th Surf
Berry Master's Wife Likes Sweet Phrases!
When you are in Mauville city, cross the river on the route next to this city (with a beach). Go through both patches of grass and enter the Berry Master's house. Talk to his wife and tell her "Challenge Contest" (you can only do that after beating the elite 4) and she will give you a Pamtre berry. Go to Lilycove city and enter the contest hall. You can make an Indigo level 50 pokeblock there with 3 other people in the game without linking up! By the way, indigo level 50 pokeblocks will make a pokemon's beauty attribute VERY high, and it will be easy for you to win a beauty contest.
Breed any pokemon...except legendaries of course
Well to breed any type of pokemon you just need to trade a ditto from fire-red or leaf-green. Then, bring the ditto to the day care and just leave it in there (I just keep it in there and it is lvl 80 because there is no reason to take it out.)then bring any pokemon you want to breed (except legendaries of course)so if your friend wanted your starter pokemon you just put the pokemon in the day care and there you go infinite pokemon eggs. I really hope that people thought this wasn't like any of those other really stupid posts....
Breeding Lileep
First of all, get a Lillep. Do this by choosing one of the fossils from the desert ( Not sure which one )and taking to one of the scientists in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City. Then get a tentacool, fish with a good or old rod by sea or surf over some water. Then put both of them in The daycare Centre west of Mauville. You'll soon have another Lileep! You could bring back the whole specices!
Breeding Pokemon
Breeding a pokemon is basically taking one male and one female pokemon and breeding them. However, to do so you need to make sure they are in the same egg group and that they are both checked into the Pokemon Daycare located on route 117.

The Egg groups are:
1. Amorphous
2. Bug
3. Dragon
4. Fairy
5. Field
6. Flying
7. Grass
8. Human-Like
9. Mineral
10. Monster
11. Water 1
12. Water 2
13. Water 3

And of course, some rare legendary pokemon don't have and egg group.
You DON'T have to breed the pokemon with a same species. So, you could breed a Delcatty with a Spina since they are both in the Field Egg Group.

When you deposit the two pokemon, go to the old man stading next to the Daycare. He will tell you how your two pokemon are getting along:

They're very friendly... = Expect an egg!
The two seem to get along... = An egg might be coming!
The two don't seem to like each other... = A slim chance for an egg
The two prefer to play with other pokemon... = Not a chance.

Leave him and explore for some time before coming back. If the old man is standing outt further than when you first met him, he has an egg waiting for you. The Daycare lady also will tell you that he is waiting for you. Make sure you have enough room in your party before collecting the egg. You can also retrieve the new parents by checking them out of the Daycare as you would normally. Most likely they wont grow many levels when you get them. MAKE SURE you don't leave them there after you collect your egg! Or else you may find yourself with a dozen eggs!

Some species can give you a special egg. One that contains a rare Pre-evolution that you cannot get anywhere else. Availavle Sapphire Pre-Evs are:

Marill + Marill = AZURILL
Wobbuffet + Wobbuffet = WYNAUT
Pikachu + Pikachu = PICHU
Jiggypuff + Jigglypuff = IGGLYBUFF

If you are not using a twosome that can produce a Pre-Ev, then you will get the evolution below that type:

Grumpig + Grumpig = Spoink
Xatu + Xatu = Natu
And so on...

You can also aquire help from items given to your pokemon. Like Wobbaffet and Marill. To increase the chances of getting a Pre-Ev, give a Lax Incense to a Wobbuffet and a Sea Incense to a Marill.

To hatch the egg, walk around for a looonnnggg time. Eventually it will hatch and you'll name your baby and everything.

Your hatched pokemon gets moves from both parents.

.: Level-Up moves both parents posess have a chance of being passed to the baby.
.: If the Fater knows a TM or HM move, it also could be passed to the hatched pokemon.
.: Baby pokemon automatically learn Egg moves from the Father(not the mother).

The baby pokemon's type takes after it's mother ALWAYS. However, the gender of the hatchling can vary. The baby will ALWAYS start at level 5.

Breeding isn't hard to do, you just need to pair up the right pokemon! Your baby could end up with a powerful move that it's species can't learn! OR wont learn for many levels!

capture latias/latios easy
beat the game get sudowudo then walk around places and there will be one like in lillycove city in the grass on the left side with grass one of them will be there then have sudowudo first then use block and the battle and it will not fled because of block battle and capture
Catch Latias/Latios Simply
Since both Latias and Latios are lv. 40, raise a Spinda to level 23. When it tries to learn Hypnosis, let it. Either raise it to level 40 or raise its speed. When you find Latias/Latios, use Hypnosis and whittle down the hit point while it is asleep. Make sure to use Spinda in case it wakes up!
catch regice, regirock, and registeel!
first you must have relicanth(lv.40), wailord(lv.40) and POKeMON wth a dig.

go to the pacifidlog-slateport if you know the place where there are brailes, go to the last one braile and use dig there, and go to thye last braile and press start and press pokemon and switch relicanth to the first pokemon and read the braile and press B then something will shake then now go to the mysterious rock to the dewford(regice), to the desert near lavaridge(regirock), and lilycove (registeel). That's all I know , I forget the other things to open the room of the regis find another cheat here and I might this cheat will be helpful
Check your surroundings!!!
Sometimes things, such as certain rocks, contain items!!! Some sea rocks have items in them, and so do some brown rocks(don't be folled, none in the safari zone have any). Some even have max revives and rare candies!!! Use you item finder more often!!!
Combat Tips.
Here is a list of tips that may help you when you're in a tough situation.

Swagger:Best friend or worst enemy? When you use this move, the target becomes confused, but its attack is increased by immense proportions. This is a really stupid idea against a pokemon with crazy attack to begin with, such as Marowak or Hitmonlee. Although these 2 pokemon will never be encountered in this game, be cautious when you use it on one of the new fighting pokemon, like Hariyama, or Meditite/Medicham after they pump themselves up. But...this could be a good advantage to you if your pokemon is a ghost. You pretty much max your targets attack, but it can't harm you due to your normal, fighting, flying and none special attack resistance.

Encore is the perfect move when your opponent either does something stupid, or boosts their stats. For instance say your opponent used the move Leech Seed. Initiately, the attack will seed you and leech life each turn. But once you're seeded it does nothing, and encore can prevent more damage from being given to you. A few more attacks that do nothing after the initiation are: Helping Hand (Minun/Plusle), Thunder Wave, and Yawn.

Try and cover as many weaknesses as possible. Pokemon like Starmie can almost cover each element. Starmie can learn moves like Thunder, typical water moves, and Psychic moves. Also, watch your double elements. Double elements=Double weaknesses. With pokemon like Relicanth (water/rock), grass does double damage, but Relicanth can cover double the amount of types.

Destiny Bond and Perish Song are near useless if your target is gonna switch out. Try and get a Trapinch with Destiny Bond. Trapinch's passive ability, Arena Trap, prevents switching. Its a guarenteed KO. But say a Graveler, or Weezing is being Destiny Bonded or Perish Songed. Use Self Destruct, and take them down with you, to make at least some effort to screw up their plan. A good strategy, against your friends who would typically throw their best pokemon out first, would be for you to go out with Trapinch and one of his evolutions with Destiny Bond/Perish Song (You'll have to breed to get it.) Right off the bat, their best pokemon is done.

Another good combo would be an accuracy raising combo+an instant KO (sheer cold, fissure). Or, a Starmie with Rain Dance and Thunder. Rain Dance guarentees a hit with Thunder, plus it boosts all water moves. Same sort of combo with solar beam and sunny day. Solar beam takes up only one turn with Sunny Day in effect.

Don't waste a move when your target is in the air, under ground or submerged, use a stat booster, or Surf/Swift. Surf or swift will still give damage to the target, while a stat booster can give you more of an edge for the rest of the battle.

A common strategy for Muk'ers is to Minimize, then blast themselves with stat changes. Use Haze, then hes done. Haze cancels out all stat changes.

as you know corsala is rare and you can only Find it on Route 128
Credits, who needs them?
Sure you can hold down the B button on your GBA, but what is even better is to just shut the game off.

Once you beat Steven and you get past all the hoopla with may and proffesor,he takes you into the champion room. Once you register your pokemon on that contraption of his, you will see a screen that says "SAVING...DO NOT TURN OFF POWER!"...well listen to it, dont turn it off, but once you see its gone and your Pokemon are showing up with their data, shut it off. Once you turn it back on you will be in your room which would happen if you waited out the credits anyways.
Trust me it works, ive beaten the Elite-4 84 times and have never watched the credits.
e-mail me if you like this tip, or if you want some more, i might be able to help.
Cut through that annoying tall grass...
If you have a Pokemon that can use cut out of battle, and you hate tall grass, you're in luck. Go right next to, or in, tall grass. Use cut and the surrounding grass is gone! You can even use it in the grass that you can't ride you're bike in.
Defeating Wallace easily !
When battling the eight gym Leader ( Wallace, Ice-Type pokemon ) use the Pokemon Shedinja. Because of it's Wonder Guard Special ability, it will be protected from every of your opponent's attacks. In fact, the only way it can faint is that Luvdisc uses his Sweet Kiss and confuses him. Prepare a lot of Berries that cures confusion and then, you will defeat him easily.
Delcatty learns no level up moves once it is evolved, so learn any moves you want to on Skitty like Charm, Double Slap and Assist before you evolve it, because you will have no chance to learn them again.
Do Wheeles and Bunny Hops [Acro Bike]
When you get to the bike shop get an acro bike.
Go outside and press b and ride around, or
hold B and you will do a wheeley. If you keep holding B down then you will start to do bunny hops on the bike.
double money
After you battle May for the third time she will tell you to go see your mom after she gives you HM2 fly to littleroot and talk to your mom she will give you the AMULET COIN equip this to your first pokemon defeat a trainer in battle and get twice the money you would normally get

[Mod Edit] The Amulet Coin can be obtained as soon as you defeat Norman.
Easier Catching Pokemon
Have a Pokemon that knows the move "Endeavor". Get into the Pokemon battle that you want to catch, make sure you have only 1 HP left. When you get into a battle with a Pokemon that you want to catch. Use the move "Endeavor". You will get the Pokemon down to 1 HP. Use an Ultra Ball, and you will have a lot better of a chance to catch the Pokemon.
Easy catching of god pokemon(kogre, Rayquaza, Latias, etc...)
Before going into the Cave of Origin save ure game. U have to catch kyogre at all cost without using ure master ball. Bring a pokemon lvl 47+ and bring kyogres lifes down to the red. Now keep using ultra balls and u mght be able to catch him, if not after 10 turns start trowing timer balls which will catch him whith no trouble.

These are the best move for kyogre:
-thunder, tm u can buy in lilycove
-ice beam, he already has it
-Hydro pump, as it too
-Ure choice, i leave body slam because whitout it kyogre runs out of pp very fast.

Now train kyogre during the pokemon league by the time u beat all four plus the champion he should be around lvl 53-54. if u want u can redo the pokemon league to trainhim

Now head to Sky Pillar and go meet Rayquaza. (to get pass the holes in the ground a practised alot on cycling road by getting a time under 9:30 and no crashes.

To catch rayquaza use kyogre to bring him down to the red and watch out for his rest and outrage. and trow him ultraballs then timer balls u should catch him, this mite take several tries to do but don't use ure master ball.

Now to catch Latias, run around the hoenn region and when u run into him, he will just run away i am not sure if u can battle him again so use ure master ball. U can also use wobbuffet whoes special abelity doesn't allow pokemon to run away, but i don't reccomend that cuz if he faints u might not be able to catch him before he flees.

* I have mentionned alot the timer balls, and this is now to get em:

- Fly to verdentuff and take the passage that goes beteen verdentuf and rustbody when u come out the guy u saved from team aqua in petalburg forest will be there.

- talk to him, he will start blabing and leave know go to the pokemart in rustboro u will be able to buy timer balls and repeat balls
easy day care level up
Step 1
put the Pokemon's in the day care that you want to level up in the day care

Step 2 Find a mud slide i use the one in the desert

Step 3 you need go get a Luca band and put in over the up arrow and get something like a real stone and loop it in the rubber band and the game boy

Step 4
Leave it over night and go to the day care in the morning
Easy Gymleaders
Usually the Gym Leaders last pokemon is their toughest. The easiest way to beat them is to have a Wobufette use Destony Bond on the leaders last pokemon and let it faint and hope that destony bond works
Easy Heracross!!!
I noticed that the pattern you press the A and B buttons while catching a pokemon work differently depending on the species. For those of you who simply MUST have a Heracross, try this: Go into the Safari zone, use the path where you need the Acro bike to get passed, go into the grass and begin looking. When you find it, Try holding down the A button and rubbing the B button. You may have to keep trying like that but it SHOULD make it easier. If you think it will take you a long time to find one, stay in one spot of the grass and just tap the arrows.
P.S. It may be hard to stay in one place while turning
Easy Level for bad pokemon
If you want to train a bad pokemon, then follow these tips:
1. Find The Camera people called Gabby and Ty. Have a pokemon holding EXP share. Then, Have a level 70 or better pokemon. Put Both in battle.

2. Make sure your good pokemon knows surf. Then, use it on Exploud and Magneton. This way, it knocks out both pokemon at once. The EXP points are split in half, so you can do this over and over because Gabby and Ty always want to battle.

When your pokemon gets to the level desired, you can stop this method and put him in the Elite Four and grow there too.

P.S. I think there is a hold item that lets you double the amount of EXP points in play. If there isn't, then don't worry about this. Also, an easy Pokemon to grow is Altaria and Walrein. I did this strategy and got both at lv 100 in 1 day!
easy level up
get the mach bike and put a pokemon to the daycare centre. cycle around for about 10 mins
(do more depending on the level of your pokemon!)
i like to use a certain route that has 100 steps (almost exact), which means i can count how many steps i have done!
easy money
Ok so put in the unlimited masterball y sell for about code. And since they sell for about 1000each your can go to your inventory and take out 999masterballs and sell them to pokemart and get $999999 easy.
Easy starting tip
Best starting pokemon to use before you get legendary pokemon:
1. Torchic (Fire) Although doesn't help with Roxanne, helps with everything else and is one of the only powerful Fire pokemon in Sapphire. Combusken also learns Double-Kick at level 16.
2. Lotad (Water-Grass) Learns Absorb at lv8. Even though it only knows Astonish when you get it, only battle Wurmples, Shroomish, and Lotad until it gets to lv8.
3. Tailow (Normal-Flying) Good, useful Pokemon. Already knows Peck. Learns wing attack at level 14 (I think). Easy to train in Petalburg Woods.
4. Poocheeyana (Dark) Although weak at first, he evolves into a powerful Mighteyana. That is the most powerful dark pokemon in the game. Also helps with Tate & Lisa.
5. Ralts (Psychic) Yep, he's there. Keep looking and you'll find him. Powerful psychic pokemon. If you don't want him, you can find Abra in the Dewford cave. Good while teaching him Shadow Ball. WARNING: Abra is at level 8. That is a tough level to come back from.
6. Aron (Rock-Steel) Weak at first, but evolves into a powerful pokemon later. You must wait till the Dewford Cave to catch him though.

These starting Pokemon cover Grass, Water, Ghost, Bug, Psychic, Electric, Flying, Normal, Fighting, Ice and Steel. I have them all at level 100 in their farthest stage and I beat the game in 3 days!

Elite Four Breakdown:
Sydney: Tailow, Torchic
Ghost Leader: Ralts, Lotad
Glacia: Torchic, Lotad
Drake: (Make sure one of your pokemon knows Ice Beam or another Ice attack.)
Steven: Torchic, Aron, Lotad, Tailow
easy way to catch kyogre
first get shedinja by having one empty space in your party and a ninacada train it to level 20 so that it evolves into a ninjask after that
go to your empty space in your party and youll find shedinja in it.
train it to level 45 or 47.After that go to the event when kyogre takes over
hoenn then when steven flys to sootoplis follow him there.when your there go to the cave of origin and battle kyogre.when the battle begins
get shedinja to use fury cutter til kyogres health is at orange then use false swipe to get his health to red then use your ultra balls to catch him.

NOTE:Kyogres move wont work due to the fact that shedinja has the ability wonderguard which prevents foes from landing attacks that are
not super effective.
easy way to chimico............seriously
OK some people find it hard to get a chimico so listen closely
first go to the mt. pyre summit and go to where you get the orbs now standing on the steps you will see 2 paths TAKE THE LEFT ONE (you have to or this tip is worthless) you'll come across 2 graves stand between the graves and do the following:
press A on the wall
press A on the right grave
press A on the grass below you
press A on the left grave
press A on the wall (again)
then search the grass in between the graves
EV Training
If you are EV training your Pokémon, these are good Pokémon to battle: (to raise your Pokémon's stats higher)

HP: Whismur (Rusturf Tunnel)
Attack: Carvanha (Route 119 - Super Rod)
Defense: Sandshrew & Skarmory (Route 113)
Special Attack: Spinda (Route 113)
Special Defense: Tentacool (Surf anywhere)
Speed: Zubat & Golbat (Cave of Origin)
Evolution tip
Some people go and just evolve their Pokemon right away. Sometimes it is better that you wait. Say with a Pokemon like Torchic. When it is ready to evolve don't let it by pressing the B button. That way if you train it to LV. 30 without letting it evolve, it will learn better moves earlier. Then after it learns all its moves then evolve it. You will have a super powerful Pokemon.
This tip is on how Wurmple evolves, along with how Eevee evolves into Espeon/Umbreon.

Wurmple: Wurmple evolves completely random into either Silcoon/Cascoon. The time of day has no effect on his/her evolution. His/Her gender and personality don't matter either.


To evolve Eevee into Espeon, you must max his/her happiness stats, and raise him/her 1 level between 12 PM and 12 AM (Morning time).

To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, you must max his/her happiness stats, and raise him/her 1 level between 12 AM and 12 PM (Evening time).
Fast Latios/Latios Capture
First go to the Route 111 /Desert area an capture a trapinch with arena trap and place him in the first slot(i.e.he comes out first in battle). Now create a base near the sand using Secret Power. Go outside and check your pokedex to see if he is in the area if not go back inside your base and then come out again. Do this untill he is near then use sweet scent untill he apears. This should allow you to captue him in about a
half-hour after you start.
Finding Kyogre
To find Kyogre,you have to find team aqua at MT.Pyre.They will then go to slateport.Go to the harbor and you find them there.Then go back to lilycove and fight them in the cave.They will then run away.After you beat the 7nth gym leader.Then get the hm dive from steven at a house at mossdeep.Surf down from mossdeep.And keep on surfing down until you see a island.Use dive and surf under the water.You then will have to turn right when you have to.After that go down. When you can turn left,do it.There will be an opening.Go into it and then surf up.And you will know what to do next.
free berries
there are spots to get free berries in the game, so here they are:
1. theres a house near falloboro, or lava rige(have to use sandy trail thing) there should be a house here where a lady heals u, go up and there should be a girl who gives u berries!
2. go to sootopoolis and in the bottim lefthand corner is a girl named kiri who gives you berries
3. go to fortree then walk across the town to the other side, then go down till you get to the registeel place there should be a girl below the stares with green hair she gives you berries
4. then go to lillycove and in the top right hand corner theres a guy in a brown coat he gives you a berry
5.go to lillycove then go to the place were you can surf to mountpire(infront of safari zone) then surf past mt pire and walk across till you get to a white gate then go inside the house, there a man named berrymaster who gives you two different berries, and his wife gives you one( changes on what you say to her)

well those are all of the free berries i know about bye.
Friendly Evolution
Some pokemon require Friendly Evolution to be able to evolve. To evolve Igglybuff into a Jigglypuff, you'll need to create a strong bond with it.

Feed it the pokeblocks it likes, keep it in the first battle position often as well as keep it in your party as much as possible. Give it items to hold and don't let it faint. Don't let it's HP go down too far or have it's stats messed with.

You can visit the girl in the Southwest part of Verdanturf Town to find out if your pokemon loves you or not.

No matter what, if your pokemon does not feel loved, it will never evolve until you care for it!
Get a Beldum
First defeat Champion Steve and the elite four and after the credits load the game and you will end up in your room and now fly to Mossdeep City and find the house of Champion Steve.And after you find it enter it and you will find a pokeball in the table.Get it and now save the Game.
Get A Crystal Statue For your Secret Base!
In order to get the crystal statue it requires you to not only win all Master Rank Conest in LilyCove, but you have to get to where an Artist paints a picture of your pokemon and sends it to the Museum of Art. On the Second Floor of the Museum, There are five walls with five different color linings for paintings: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow. Once those walls are cover, each with a painting of a contect winning pokemon of yours, The curator will offer you a statue as a gift and is send to your PC. (To be honest it looks like and anctient sculpture of articuno or pidgeot and like the statues at the entrance of the museum. Good Luck.)
Get a painting for Cute contest!
All you have to do is beat the Cute Master Contest
Get a painting from Smart contest!
All you have to do is beat the Smart Master Contest
Get a Rhyhorn
First get a Mach Bike and go to the Safari Zone,when your in the Safari Zone goto the Left Left until you see a way up and go up and after you go up you will see a Mud Slide,now Ride the Mach Bike and go up in the Mud Slide,after you go up and search for a Green Grass(where pokemon lives)and search for a Rhyhorn,you will see it 98% sure!
Get an ever stone!
People have told me "ooh you cant get an everstone on sapphire" but! i showed them. if you go into the cave upwards from dewford (you need flash) walk through the cave untill you find a weird pile of rocks (they should be on a little rock platform thing) go up to it and press A. And there you have it. an everstone. use it on a pokemon you want to train without evolving, it sounds useless but it is really useful!
Get another extra share
If you own a Pokemon Colosseum disc for the Gamecube then you are in luck. Once you obtain the Extra share from Pokemon Colosseum you can transfer it to your Pokemon Sapphire for some serious training. That way you will have yours from the game and from the Gamecube. All you do is give to the extra share to a Pokemon and transfer it to the GBA. Then transfer the Pokemon back. Then you have two extra shares.
Get Bagon Without Waterfall
You can get a bagon by going to the southern most exit of meteor falls and using rock smash on them.
get corsola without losing cute bellossom
ok heres how ya get corsola without trading.other then tradihg u can get corsola by fishing with a super rod on route 128 (near ever grand).they r usually at level 35 or 36.
Get good money
You can only do this if you havent beaten the eleite four yet

Go to the pokemon league and enter. Get out your strongest pokemon. Fight the frist four people, and you will earn money from their battles. but then fail the battle against the final person, and just keep on doing that again and again. You get the money from the battles^^ enjoy your game
Get More Berries
Instead of getting 2 berries from every berry you plant, you can get up to 6! The more times you water the berry(s), the more berries you should get. Try watering it twice every time you check up on it, and try checking up on it at least 3 or 4 times in one day.
get more money easily
select a main pokemon. this pokemon has to be holding amulet coin. It also has to take part in every battle. then go beat the elite four as many times as you want until you have the desired amount of money.
Get more Mudkips!
Ok, first you need to make sure you have a Swampwart and a Tropius (one has to be male and one has to be female but it doesnt matter which one). Now go to the daycare in on route 117. Put both the Tropius and the Swampwart in the daycare. Then go through Mauville City and to route 118 (simply go right and keep going). Then go back to the daycare and talk to the old man outside. He will give you an egg. When the egg hatches it will be a mudkip!
Get Phanphy And Heracross
get an acro bike from rydel's shop in mauville then go to safari zone search the place then if tou find a bridge like thing press b together with the directional buttons (depending on which direction you're facing) to pass the bridge like thing then go to the grass
Get Rare Candy
You first need to get an Acro Bike, A pokemon that knows surf and waterfall to be able reach the rare candy. After you get the bike and the pokemon required go to the Weather Institute at the end of rout 119. Go over the bridge and head south to get into the river. Once in the river surf north until you reach the waterfall. Use the pokemon with waterfall and go up the waterfall. Once up-top use your Acro bike to reach the section with the rare candy. (there are also 2 Hondew berrie bushes)
Getting a Kyogre
To get Kyogre, you must first beat all of Team Aqua in Seafloor Cavern at Route 128. Head to Sootopolis City near Route 126. There, you'll meet Steven again and the Sootopolis Gym Leader Wallace. Head into the Cave of Origin. Before heading in the area with Kyogre, collect HM 7: Waterfall. Then, save before heading to Kyogre. Either the blue or red orb you have at Mt. Pyre on Route 122 will glow and Kyogre will battle you. May I suggest you weaken him first with a Pokemon above Level 45. WARNING! If you have a Pokemon with a higher level, you would probably kill Kyogre. Use different moves that will weaken him. When Kyogre has red HP, throw a Poke Ball at it and you will capture him. I suggest you use your Master Ball for this occasion.

P.S. Make sure that your Pokemon is at Levels 46-49.

That's all for now. Bye!
Good Items in the Beginning of the game
If you're near the start of the game then this can really help you get some good items.

First, catch a Zigzagoon. Its special ability is 'pickup' so when it's in your party it can pick up items when you're walking around.

I caught one in the grass by Little Root Town and in less than an hour I got 2 ultra balls, 3 revives, 2 super potions, some berries and a few other items.

If thats not enough, then you get a whole team of Zigzagoon in your party and they will pickup loads of items.
Hatching Eggs Easier
The ability "Magma Armor" which is known by Slugma or Magcargo and "Flame Body" which is known by Slugma, Magcargo, Magby and Magmar halves the steps you need to take to hatch an egg if the pokemon with this ability is in your lead, or the first in your party.

NOTE: Having more than one of these pokemons would not keep halving the number of steps. Make sure you have the pokemon as your lead.
Having Troubles Fishing?
To fish (using a rod), just press A whenever you get a bite. Only press it ONCE, and press it every time it says "You have got a bite!" Doing this over and over again will eventually lead to the Pokémon attacking you.

Note: This maneuver works with all the rods (Old, Good, and Super).
Hidden Trainer
On the Mauville side of the Cyle Road don't go up the ramp. There is an opening between the trees. The path goes under the ramp. She is a Phycic.
Hint: A easy way to get a Azurill
Go to the daycare lady located on route 117 (its right beside Mauville City). There you breed a Marill and a Azumarill. (Give Sea Insence to either one of them. This is another way to get a Azurill.)
HM List
HM01 - Cut: Cuts down trees outside of battle.
Location: The Cutter's House in Rustburo City.

HM02 - Fly: Flys you to other cities outside of battle.
Location: Route 119.

HM03 - Surf: Lets you swim through water to get to other areas.
Location: Petalburg City.

HM04 - Strength: Moves big boulders.
Location: Rusturf Tunnel.

HM05 - Flash: Lights up dark caves.
Location: Granite Cave.

HM06 - Rock Smash: Smashes rocks that may be in the way.
Location: Mauville City.

HM07 - Waterfall: Allows you to climb up waterfalls.
Location: Cave of Origin.

HM08 - Dive: Allows you to go underwater.
Location: Steven's house in Mossdeep City.
Hold Items (RATE IT PLEEZ!!!!)
I will tell you the Pokemon that hold items, and what they hold. And if you don't believe me, its really true. Its really helpful cause they hold rare items. 1 more thing. They will ONLY HOLD THESE ITEMS VERY RARELY. You might be lucky!!

Geodude: Everstone
Skitty: Leppa Berry
Kecleon: Chesto Berry
Shuppet: Spell Tag
Girafarig: Persim Berry
Abra: Twistedspoon
Magnemite: Metal Coat
Gulpin: Big Pearl
Aron: Hard Stone
Lairon: Hard Stone
Whismur: Chesto Berry
Graveler: Everstone
Corsola: Red Shard
Cacnea: Poison Barb
Dusclops: Spell Tag
Sandshrew: Quick Claw
Relicanth: Green Shard
Zigzagoon: Oran Berry
Banette: Spell Tag
Solrock: Sun Stone
Horsea: Dragon Scale
Bagon: Dragon Scale
Chinchou: Yellow Shard
Doduo: Sharp Beak
Dodrio: Sharp Beak
Koffing: Smoke Ball
Loudred: Chesto Berry
Numel: Rawst Berry
Trapinch: Soft Sand
Clamperl: Blue Shard
Spinda: Chesto Berry
Hariyama: King's Rock
Pikachu: Oran Berry OR Light Ball
Staryu: Stardust OR Star Piece
Grimer: Nugget
Poocheyana: Pecha Berry
Linoone: Oran Berry OR Sitrus Berry
Duskull; Spell Tag
Luvdisc: Heart Scale
Lunatone: Moon Stone
Magneton: Metal Coat
Vulpix: Rawst Berry
Roselia: Poison Barb

Well thats all of them. When u catch one of those Pokemon don't expect to find that they're holding an item. U should catch a lot of the same type of Pokemon then check if any of them have that item. Good Luck!!!

How to catch RAYQUAZA
Rayquaza is a powerful and rare pokémon.

It is better to catch the original one than use a cheat code for it, because it really gives you satisfaction and it will have much better stats. So, how do you catch it? First of all, you need to have beaten the Elite Four. Then, Go to pacifidlog and surf east (or right) in the water. Keep trying to work your way through the rocks until you can go north (or up). You will find an island of some sort, and go into a cave. You will need a mach bike to go further. This island is called 'Sky Pillar' and there you can find Bannets, Claydols, Sableyes, Golbats that know poison fang and, at the very top, Altarias. Build up speed on your mach bike and whatever you do, don't hesitate!! The cracks in the ground are to make it challenging. If it seems impossible at first, practise by going to Granite cave above Dewford and you can find a rare candy, a repel and an everstone. After a lot of persistent effort, the path reaches a dead end. Here you must fall through one of three cracks. Only one will allow you to continue to climb higher. Now, when you have finally reached Rayquaza, the best tactic for an easy catch is to train a Kyogre to level 58 and use Ice Beam. Rayquaza will know Outrage, rest, fly and crunch. Its special ability is AIR LOCK, which means it doesn't get affected by the weather. The Ice Beam will get it down to one HP and if it uses rest, use ice beam again and have a frenzy of throwing Ultra balls. A master ball is not required. Please note that the move rest will only sleep for two turns, so you have only two turns to throw ultra balls! Now that you have caught Rayquaza, a quick glance at its stats will show that it really kicks butt! Congradulations. You have caught, in my opinion, the best Dragon pokémon in the game!!
How to Find Roselia
Although Roselia isnt a very rare pokemon it isnt the easiest pokemon to find. A place were Roselia are abundant is on rout 117. When you first enter rout 117 from Verdanturf Town go past the 2 flower gardens and go up to the place were the tree needs to be cut. Once you cut down the tree go into the grassy area and you can easily find Roselia. You will also find a revive inside the pokeball.
How to get 10 berries per day
Ok you wanna get 10 berries per day? here's how you do it-
1. Go to the berry master's house- get two from him and one from his wife. (you can get cheats to get rare berries from her)
2. Go to Rustboro and go down to the flower shop where you come out fromthe maze you get from petleburg. Talk to a girl there, you'll get a berry.
3.Go talk to a man in lilycove city. He's up the steps on the right hand side, near the sea.
4.Go to Fralabor (dunno abpout spelling) and go left to leave the town and go down the bridge where there are twins. Go to teh right ofthe tiwms and you'll see a guy who give you a berry.
5. Go to sootopolis city and surf across the water.Don't go up the steps, go to the south west of the gym and you'll find a girl called Kiri. she'll give you two berries.
6. Go to Lavaridge town, jump down the ledges and go through the sand place. Go up a bit to where you're nearly at fralabor and tehre's a girl who gives you Razz berries.
7. Go to lilycove again and go left trhough the grass till you can't go further. There's a girl who gives you Figy berries. Don't worry if you accidently say no. She'll still give you a berry.
How to Get a Jigglypuff
Fly to Rustboro City and go up up up until you see the Sea Surf in there and go up again until you see a Land after you see a land go and find a green grass(where the wild pokemon lives) and now search for a Jigglypuff in that Grass.The only problem is the only chance that you will get a Jigglypuff is only 45% but if it's your Lucky Day or your Birthday you will get it fast.
how to get an azurill
give aa sea insane (something like that) to a female marill.then put it on the day care center with a male marill.go to another city and walk around for a while then talk to a man beside the day care center and he should give you an egg.

p.s. make sure you have an empty spt in your pokemon party.
How to get berries 31-35
Talk to the Berry Master's wife, and tell her these codes to get the following berries:

31. Spelon: GREAT BATTLE
34. Durin: COOL LATIOS
How to get Gyarados?
Capture a Magikarp and raise it to Level 20. Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados. You can also give it to the Lady-Care found in the house in between Verdanturf and Mauville City. If Magikarp is higher than level 20, just make it get to the next level and it will evolve. This is how to get Gyarados instead of trying to make it appear in the wild.
How to get heaps of ashes
OK, so, if you have the Soot Sack to carry ashes in for the guy in the Glass Workshop on route 131, there is a much easier way to get ashes rather then running around, finding all of these pokemon (like Spinda) that you already have or don't want and then waiting for ages while the grass turns grey again. What you could do though, is get a couple of Repels (any Repel will do, I use Max Repel because you don't have to use that many), run around in the grass until all of the grass has turned green, then go to the glass workshop and talk to the guy there who will ask you what you would like him to make for you.

Blue Flute
Yellow Flute
Red Flute
White Flute
Black Flute
Pretty Chair
Pretty Desk

Choose what you want and if you want an item that you don't have enough ashes for then go outside and VOILA (I don't know how thats spelled so bear with me here, I'm not a good speller...)! The grass should all be grey again and if you use up your Repel, just use it again and just keep running around the grass and going to the Glass Workshop until you get enough ashes for your dream item or you just get bored.

Hope it works! It did for me... P.S PHANPY IS THE CUTEST POKEMON EVER!!!!!!!
From Jay
How to get Huntail and Gorebyss
For this cheat you need to dive underwater. Go into underwater grass and catch a clamperl(water).Then go to the Abandoned Ship inbetween Dewford and Slateport. You will need to dive again, after finding water in a room. Follow the path until light filters from above. You will appear in a hall with 6 rooms. Some are locked. When you enter a room, you'll notice sparkles, which disappear after a couple seconds. Stand next to where a sparkle was and face it. Click A to check it out. Some will be shiny trash, some will be items, and some will be keys to the locked rooms. Eventually, there will be a scanner in a room. Dive back down and explore the ship until you get to the top, where a guy is looking for the scanner. He tells you to take it to Captain Stern in Slateport. Go to Captain Stern and give him the scanner. He will let you choose a reward, either deep sea tooth, or deep sea scale. If you pick the scale,give it to Clamperl, and link trade it, it will evolve into Gorebyss, a beautiful pink eel! If you pick deep sea tooth, give it to Clamperl, and link trade it, it will evolve into Huntail, a vicious, powerful blue eel! (I personally prefer Huntail)
How to get Natoinal Dex
simple, all you have to do is have a friend or you trade from Fire Red, and you'll automatically get the National Dex, but, in FR or LG, you'll need the Ruby and Sapphire to do this
How to get Regice, Registeel and Regirock
In order to get this 3 regis first defeat the elite four and you must have relicanth and wailord. Then after defeating go to the Pacifidlog. You surf to the left, you will see there are rapids, pass there until you will find and see like a dark water and then surf!! You will go directly to the Underwater. Then find the mysterious code there it like dots. But I find how to read this, search in the internet for Braille letters. Ok let us go back to the game, that code means "UP HERE". It means you go up there. Then you will see the Secret Chamber. Go to the north until you see the code it says "Dig Here". Then let your pokemon dig then that wall will have a hole. Then go inside go to the north again then you will see the code on the wall then read it, it means "First comes Relicanth, then Wailord." It means that arrange your Relicanth to the first, then put your wailord to the last. Then it will have an earthquake it means you open the three cave of Regis.

Regice- go to petalburg, then go to the left until you will see a beach. Surf downwards until you will see a small island with 1 person only then go to that island and surf to the north. You will see a Cave. Then when you go there you will see codes again. It means "Stop and Wait, Wait for the time to pass twice." That's the code but I can't understand what to do in this situation sorry. But I tell you the code then what it means.

Registeel- You can found this between Fortree and Lilycove. Go to lilycove the go to the left until you see something going up then go there you will find a big pond. Go to the north where you will see a ninja hiding near the tall grasses. You will see also a person. Just go north until you will see the cave. You will see again the codes. But I forgot what was that word. But i know how to open that so that you will see Registeel. Go to the middle and use Fly. Then the wall with codes will have a hole then when you go inside you will see Registeel.
- I think the code means "Go to the middle and aim to the sky" I am not sure but I am telling what will you do.

Regirock- Go to the desert and go to the south you will see a cave go inside there. You will see codes again. I am so sorry but i also forgot what is the code means.. I just remember that you will go to the direction twice and another direction twice then you will use strength..
like this __ _ then use strength. Exampledont follow this i really forgot what is the code) Left,left,down,down then use strength.

The only tip is Search in the internet for BRAILLE.. OK
Remember: Be patient to get this 3 Regi OK..

I hope I help you Please Rate It!!
how to get the coin case
To get the coin case go to Mauvill city.Go to the house to right next to the Mauville game center.( to the right of the game center.) Walk in the house and a ladie will be sitting in a chair. Go and talk to her, she will tell you that she needs a harbor mail,but she needs a bike to ride to slateport to buy it. Now go to Slateport and buy a harbor mail. Take the mail to the ladys house,walk in and talk to her.She will start talking about the harbor mail again.Than in the middle of her centance a question mark will apeare over her head. She will ask you if she can have the mail and in trade you can have coin case. Say yes and she will give you the coincase and take the harbor mail. Now you can go and start playing. Happy gambling! I hope you say thankyou. Your wellcome. Now that you got what you want go away. By.
How to Open the Regi's Doors(Sapphire ONLYish)
Regice-Read the braille and leave it there reading for two minutes. The door should open.

Registeel-Go to the middle of the cave and use fly. The door should open.

Regirock-Go right two steps,down two steps,then use strengh. The door should open.

This is ONLY for Sapphire Version.(for all i know) If you use it for Emerald Version it is NOT going to work,but for Ruby Version i'm not so sure '_'
How to tell what a pokeblock will do for your Pokemon
First make a pokeblock. Next take out your pokeblock case. Then pick a pokeblock but dont select it to give to a pokemon. Look at the box in the bottom left hand corner. There should be two different colors next to two flavors. Those colors tell you what will go up: orange for cool, blue for beauty, pink for cute, green for smart, yellow for tough.
Increased Chances Winning in Contests!
Are you tired of getting no votes in the contests? Well try this: Simply increase the stat you want to increase/Get out a Pokemon that has a very good CERTAIN condition. Then go to the Pokemon Fan Club in SLATEPORT CITY. Talk to the owner. If you have a Pokemon with a very good condition on top you will get a " " scarf, that increases the condition of the colored scarf. You may attach it to any Pokemon, even though the owner gave it to you because of your 1st Pokemon.

The Only way to get Jirachi other then a special nintendo event is to get the gamecube game pokemon box (or whatever the 1 with the pokemon on tv is)
and link up your game cube with ur gba and trnsfer jirachi when u beat pokemon box to ur gba..(like i said ONLY WAY) dont belive any other crap people tell u
Latias tip
Ok so i finally got latias and thanks to many tips. How i started though, in lilycove head left till you get to route 121. follow the little curve and stop just at the edge of the two rows of bushs. Then, if you have ran into latias before, check the pokedex and see where she is. If she is not in that area, run back to the first hous and go in and then come right back out. Run to the bushs and like before check if she is there. I had success with this although sometimes it may be boring. Before you start doing this though, make sure you have lots of Great or ultra balls, lots like 30, and a wabufet at lv. 40 or so. Also what i did before i used wabufet is i brought latias' health down to about 15%. With wabufet in the lead latias can not run away, make sure you also have energy roots to rehealth. It will be needed. And once you have latias in battle, just keep throwing balls and rehealthing untill you catch her. Wabufet works well, i wish i thought of using him a long time ago.
After you have first found Latias/Latios and it flees after your first hit, you may think you can never find it again. Not true! If you go on your pokedex and click on Latias/Latios click on area and you will see where it is. But be warned don't jus fly to it ors it'll move straight away, if I were you just walk/surf or whatever to him! (This is a real cheat honest!) You can try it for yourself!
You can find leftovers in the S.S(The Boat) after getting the ticket, and beating the Elite 4, in the down-stairs bin you find leftovers. The only other way to get leftovers is by getting past 42 wins in the battle tower.
Lilycove Dept. Store Lottery Prizes
To win the lottery, found at the Lilycove Department Store, you must match up certain numbers of your ID card with the lottery number. The more numbers that match up, the better and rarer the prize.

Matching all of the numbers gets you a Master Ball.

Matching 4 of the numbers gets you a Max Revive.

Matching 3 of the numbers gets you an Exp. Share.

Matching 2 of the numbers gets you a PP Up.

And obvioulsy only matching 1 number doesn't get you anything.
Long but worthy battle
If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!
Master Ball
DO NOT use the master ball on Rayquaza use it on Latios/Latias it is a lot strongre then Rayquaza when you get it to lvl 70 so to catch Rayquaza when you throw the ball tap B and when the ball opens hold up on the D-Pad, it works 80% of the time and as I said Rayquaza isn't as strong as Latios/Latias at level 70. so happy Hunting PokeFreaks
Master ball
In the Team Aqua Base, after some exploring, you will come across 4 items! Two are electrodes playing roles, 1 is a nugget, and 1 is a master ball! A master ball can catch any pokemon on the first try. Use it wisely, I suggest waiting until you battle Rayquaza (dragon, flying).
May or Brendan Secrets
Dear Trainers,
Here's something to help you win better againest your rival. Here's the list:
Grovile:flying type ex. Taillow
Combusken:water type ex. Wingull or Gyarados
Marshthomp:grass type ex. oddish or Shroomish

Happy EVO. and catching for more hints email me at laramietibbals2000@yahoo.com. Bye!
Mirage Island
Ok, Mirage Island is an Island that you have very rare chances of getting there. You need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon to get there. And a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon is found randomly in the wild. You can't tell if it's a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon, but you can find out when you go to Pacificlog Town. The bottom right house, go in and talk to the guy on the right side of the house, he will tell you if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon currently with you. Mirage Island appears on Route 131. But if you surf there, it won't always be there since you need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon with you. On Mirage Island, you get the chance to get one rare berry, make sure you plant more when you get it. Because you can only get it their. Also, you can find many Items in the sand that appears on Mirage Island with your Item Finder. And then, there is only one pokemon that is catchable on Mirage Island, that is a Whynaut, so, get as many as you want.
more berries
you will need a wailmer pail and some berries

1.find an empty flower patch
2.plant a berry there
3.water it every 2 hours
4.in about 36 hours go back and there will be three berries on your tree take them and do it again.
mudkip has starter
if you think you shouldn't pick mudkip has a starter because of the third gym(electric)do it anyway mudkip evolves into a water/ground pokemon and ground is super affective against electric and he learns mud shot which is a good move to use
Mystery Event Club
Ths is the way of using your e-cards and e-reader with your Ru/Sa game:

1. Go to the Petalburg Pokemon Center.

2. Talk to the guy near the P.C

3. He will ask you for your profile, answer "Yes".

4. Put down "Mystery Event Is Exciting"

5. He will tell you that you are in the Mystery Event Club.

6. Go to Mossdeep City, to the house with the old man in. Talk to him while connecting another GBA with the e-reader set up, and he will let you out back to interact with your pokemon-e card.
orange hand
If you are in your boxes in the storage system press select your hand will be orange now you can move,withraw or deposit a pokémon just by pressing "A" once and not one time select "withdraw","deposit","pick up" or "place" depending on what you do.That means it will be faster to mave,withdraw or deposit your pokémons
Perish Survive
You can survive the powerful and deadly Perish Song attack by having your pokemon use it. Then, when the Perish Song has only 1 turn left, pull your pokemon out and bring out a different one. Your foe will fait and not your pokemon! Awesome huh?
This comes in handy during the Pokemon League.

***Perish Song takes 3 turns, then it makes the pokemon that used it, and it's foe faint. Without fail!
Pick Up Ability
If you carry a pokemon with the Pick Up ability, they will pick up items every once in a while. Sometimes you will even get Rare Candies, PP Ups, and Nuggets.
Pikachu with Volt Tackle
A simple guide to obtain a Pikachu with Volt Tackle...
1. In the Safari Zone, try to catch loads of Pikachus to obtain a Light Ball.
2. When you obtain one Light Ball, take two Pikachus, one female and one male, make either hold the Ball, and put them in the Day Care.
3. After the Pikachus produce an Egg, hatch it. The Pichu will have the Volt Tackle Move.
4. Make the Pichu hold the Soothe Bell and train it. Use Stat-Enhancing Items(HP Up, Protein, and so on) to make the process of befriending it faster.
5. After befriending it totally, level it up. it will evolve into a Pikachu(as if i need to tell you that XD).
Places you may or may not know about!
The "not so hidden" (Scorched Slab) Cave: Past Fortree on your way to Lilycove, you may notice a pool of water. Surf across it and you will get to a cave. Inside an item awaits(Sorry, but I forget the item and the cave name).

Mirage island: Off the coast of Pacifidlog in an island. It's no regular island. It only appears every week and a half or so. This island is covered with Wynauts(Psychic), the 1st stage of Wobbufett(Psychic). You can tell when it's there because a man in Pacifidlog tells you if he can see it that day.

Shoal Cave: Every knows it! Well, MAYBE not EVERYone. Shoal cave is located above Mossdeep. Sometimes the tide is low, and it's like a cave. Many items can only be collected during this time, including shoal salt. At high tide, water fills the cave, and you can reach items on pillars or places that before were too high to reach, including shoal shells. If you get 1 shoal shell and 1 shoal salt, a man near the entrance gives you a shell bell, which gradually increases the holder's health at the end of every turn. Also, many Spheals(water, ice) roam the caves at high tide.

Sky Pillar: After defeating the Elite Four and the champion, a path appears where rocks use to be northeast of Pacifidlog. This tower contains Golbats(Poison,flying), sableyes(ghost,dark), Alterias(Dragon, flying) and Bannettes(ghost), ranging from level 49 to 56! In the tower some floor ir cracked. If you attempt to run, walk, stop, or ride an acro bike on this surface it will brake, sending you to the floor below. You need to ride a mach bike and not crash. Eventually you will get to the top of the tower, where the level 70 legendary Rayquaza (dragon, flying) awaits you! (Hard to ctach with ultra balls, it had 2 hp, paralyzed, and confused but one didn't work, save that ,master ball of yours or you'll be really sorry!)

Underwater ruins: In the vicious current west of Pacifidlog (that seems to be involved a lot) is a dive area. Dive down using dive (that's a lot of dive) and follow an underwater trail. You will find a sign in braille. It's a message to unlock one of the 3 regis. (Later on in the game you'll need to find 3 sets of 6 rocks around one huge rock, to get the regis, you'll know when you're close, here's a hint: You'll see a fossil maniac near them. Only three fossil maniacs appear in the gmae, for the three rocks, one in the south part of the desert, one on the way from Petalburg to Dewford on the west side, and one inbetween Fortree and Lilycove near the "not so hidden" cave.)

The Sootopolis shore: You know where the gym floats on an island, right? Right! There are two areas, one of the left(east side of Sootopolis), and one on the left(west side of Sootopolis), or so you THINK! Ever here about the SOUTHwest side? It's obvious, you just may or may not know there is a person. A girl named Kiri gives you 2 free random berries. Stop by every day for two berries. (I know a way to get 6 berries daily without berry trees, wanna hear? 2 from Kiri, 2 from the berry master, one from his wife, and one from a man in Lilycove)

Plenty of Rare Candies :)
In the very beginning of the game catch a whole team of zigzagoons, and your starter, then just play like normal, every couple battles check your zigzagoons and they should be carrying an item, can range from full heal to full restore to pp up to rare candy <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> By the time i got to elite four i had 27 rare candies saved up:)
Pokemon Contest
In Pokemon Contest houses, you may enter your Pokemon into a contest for a chance to win a medal. However if you enter without any Porok level ups, you will have a very low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the trees with berries on them, then press A. You will then receive 1 to 4 berries. If you now go to a Pokemon House, you will see small gray machines on the right. The empty one on the top is for multi-player. For now, find a house in a city that only has a man at the bottom. Go to the other side of the machine and press A. You will then be asked to pick a Porok (berry) and throw it in. The spinner will come down and start moving. The objective is to press A just when the spinner hits your arrow:

Circle Within A Circle: Direct hit (much faster)
Circle: Near hit (slightly faster)
X: Miss (slower)
The faster you (and your opponent) get the spinner moving, the better. Once the meter at the top hits the end, it is over and the results and the fastest RPM the spinner was moving will appear. You will then receive a Blended Porok. The level of it depends on how fast you got the machine going. The average appears to be 11. Next, open your Special Items Pocket and go to your "Pez dispenser" type item (which you must have to play the game -- it is obtained from the girl in the first contest house). You will then pick a Blended Porok and feed it to a pet, making one of his Pokemon Contest stats (viewable in the Poke-Navi) go up. Some can even raise multiple stats. The more you do this, the better chance you have of winning.

Popular phrase help
Allright for every one out there i found something i didn't know at all! The popular phrase in Dewford Town sometimes is unchangable but i found a way. When u go to the Berry Master's house and tell the wife a "good Saying" that phrase gets tranffered to the Dewford guy. There U go . Go and try it everyone Peace Out
Premier ball easy to get (very easy)
Buy 10 poke balls at a mart or department store or anywhere you can get poke balls.And she will say ill throw in a premier ball in free.(you will still have the poke balls though)
rare candy
out side of the boat near dewford go down to the rocks. keep going and there is shallow water with a rock in the middle. stand in front of the rock and press a and get a rare candy.
rare candy (acro bike)
if you have an acro bike, fly to fortee city and go down to the river on route 119. use surf and go up the waterfall. go to the peice of land on your left (there are two berries[i forgot the name]) and use the acro bike to ride on the poles. on the other side, there will be a hidden kecleon(use the thing that steven gave you). fight it if you want or just run. go up to the second set of poles and hop across. keep on hopping until you get to the uppe part of land with the berries. RARE CANDY!

power to the noobs!
Reccomended moves for Blaziken
I taught my Blaziken: double kick...power 30x2, accuracy 100, Blaze kick...power 85, accuracy 90, fire blast...power 120, accuracy 85, sky uppercut...power 85, accuracy 90.
some disagree but i think these moves are good enough for me.

p.s. im a noob!
Recomended Pokemon to beat Elite4 and other tips
Need help to get wonderful Pokemon to help you defeat the Elite4? HAHA i have a perfect party to help you win.
-Swampert Lv60+ with earthquake,Surf etc.
-Kyogre Lv55+ with hydro pump,ice beam,surf etc.
-Salamence Lv55+ with Flamethrower,Fly etc.
-Machoke Lv50+ with Karate Chop,siesmic toss etc.
-Absol Lv50+ with Slash,Perish song,Protect etc.
-Aggron Lv60+ with Dragon claw,Iron tail etc.
Believe me my party was Swampert Lv61,Kyogre Lv57,Salamence Lv55,Machoke Lv52,Absol Lv52 and Aggron Lv61 and That was my first win against the Elite4 in the Hall Of Fame.

P.S use HM Surf for all water Pokemon
Regies Full Guide
OK here's a full guide to the regies.
Part 1: unlocking the caves
moves/pokemon required: surf, dive, dig, wailord, relicanth

to get the regies (regirock regice and registeel) go to Pacifidlog Town and surf left near the bottom until you reach route 134 and there should be a place where you can dive on that route. go down until you reach some braille on the wall and go up. when you're in there go to the crumbly wall at the back and use dig. in the second cave you have to have the relicanth in your first slot and wailord in your second. click on the writing in the back of THAT cave and you will open the other caves.

Part 2: Island Cave
moves/pokemon required: surf

Surf south from petalburg (or north from dewford) and the cave is on the west of route 105. once you are in there read the writing DON'T MOVE!!! after awhile the wall will open to the second cave.
Regice Lv40 type: ice

Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, icy wind
weak to: fire, rock, steel, fighting

Part 3: Desert Ruins
moves/pokemon required: strength

go east from lavaridge onto route 112 (the desert) and go to the south part of the desert. there will be another cave. once in there click on the writing then take 2 steps left and 2 steps down and use strength (there's no boulder there so don't worry about that). that will open the second cave.

Regirock Lv40 type:rock
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, rock throw
weak to: water, grass, ground, steel, fighting

Part 4: Ancient Tomb
moves/pokemon required: fly

Go southeast from fortree (or west from lilycove) to the area where the route bends right and there are a bunch of puddles (but NO rain). go above the pond on the left and you will find the tomb. once in there read the writing ( i don't think reading is necessary but i would do it to be safe) then use fly in the middle of the room. for the last time the second room will open.

Registeel Lv40 type: steel
Moves: curse, superpower, ancientpower, metal claw
weak to: fire, ground, and of course fighting
Immune to poison

they all have the ability clear body so you can't reduce their stats

this DOES NOT work for emerald and should work for ruby.
Ok, i only got one of the regi's so heres how u get a regirock. Get a relicanth and wailord. Then go to a black deep trench.(its a thing were u use dive.) Then put relicanth at the tip top and wailord at the bottem. Then an earthqauke will happen. Then go to the desert and go all the way back. There will be a little dot. But i dont Know that this is regirock ice or steel. 'SIX EYES BRING THE KING'.i dont know bot i got my regirock lv 40!
ride on bars/poles
You know those bars/poles on the route 119 just outside of fortree city. Well if you get an arco bike you can ride around on those and hop onto other poles/bars. You can ride on them with a mach bike but can't hop onto other bars/poles. Weird huh?

P.S. ther is a rare candy you can get if you have an arco bike=)
Safari pokemon
Pokemon you can find in the safari zone:

[Mod Edit] Seaking, Goldeen, and Xatu can also be found in the Safari Zone.
Salamence Dragon Dance
Besides Double Team, Salamence doesn't learn any good stat up moves by level up or TM. Since Salamence has good Attack and Speed, Dragon Dance is a great move to learn by breeding with a male Gyarados knowing Dragon Dance, because when used in battle it makes Salamence out speed most Pokemon and do lots of damage.
Secret bases
Lots of people want secret bases, right? well, I'll tell you where to get stuff, where to build them and how to build them.
If you go to Mauville City, you can go up past it, you go up here to get to Lavaridge Town, and there is a boy looking at a tree. talk to him. he will give you the tm 'Secret Power' Teach it to a pokemon.
In trees, clumps of grass or in caves. press A on the place you want to build a secret base. it will say 'do you want to build a base?' click yes. you'll be put in. Decorate it and TADA!
to start of with, theres a market in Slateport. theres a guy who'll only sell you stuff if you have 'Secret Power'. talk to him. he'll sell you stuff for your base. or you go to lilycove city, in the big store. go to lvl 5. its a whole store for secret bases. in Mauville game corner you can win dolls. talk to a girl and she'll give you one for free! you can put dolls and cushions in your room as well. you can buy plants for your secret ase at pretty petals flower shop. Spread flowers through the world!
to get a shedinja make sure you have 5 pokemon in your party (including your nincada) and you have at least 1 pokeball in your bag.train nincada to Lv20 and it will turn into ninjask.Look in your party and in your 6th slot you will have a Lv20 pokemon called shedinja!! It only has one hit point, but is undamageable by anything but super-effective attacks!
Some OK tips
Note: Sorry for any misspellings. Im terrible at that sort of thing!

Kyroge might very well be the stongest Pokemon in the game. Make sure it knows hydro pump, sufr, blizard, and Thunder. All of these attacks are super strong, and when combined with Kyroge's DRIZZLE affect, they all have a very very very good chance of hitting and all the moves are powered up too. Thunder rarely if ever misses when its raining!!! My level 56 Kyroge dropped the level 70 Raquyaza in one hit from blizzard. And it wasnt even a critical hit!!! Granted that Raquyaza is a dragon/flying pokemon.

A fast way to beat ur dad in the gym (Norman): If u start out with chicorita by the time ur ready to fight ur dad, Torchik should have evolved to combuskin and learned double kick. This should let u entirely sweep the gym with combuskin if u have berries or other items to let u heal combuskin and restore the PP of double kick. Although it pry would be smart to have a back up fighter, just in case things go bad but u should be alright.

A good team for your doubles matches. Have a strong pokemon that knows Earthquake and an ally that is flying or has LEVITATE as a special ability. That way the Earthquake will bash only ur enimies. This is especially true for the reporters that follow u everywhere. The earthquake from a strong pokemon should take care of both their pokemon. I used this to level up my weak flyers and to earn tons of money with the AMULET COIN. ;-)

Well, thats all 4 now. Ill post more when they come up. Later
Special Recognition
Once you have collected all 200 Pokemon in this game, go to the Hotel in Lillycove and the man who is incharge of the Game Freak will give you a diploma.
Starter Pokemon
In all the games, I always start with the water pokemon. in Sapphire, this is Mudkip. With this type, you can beat the first gym with just one or two pokemon, (since Roxanne fights with rock pokemon)and a water-type helps with the second gym. Also, later in the game, it can learn other moves that will help you easily beat other leaders. Hope this helped!
Stay In the Safari Zone Forever!!!
Get a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and keep on using it until you find that exclusive Pokemon you want. Once you found it, feel free to battle it in order to catch it!
Steven's Gift
After you defeat the Elite four, you will fight Steven, the champion. After you beat him, you are the new champion. Then, go to his house in Mossdeep. You will see an item on the desk. It is a pokeball containing a Beldum(steel, Level 5)
It knows take-down, and will evolve into a metang at level 20(steel, psychic). Sometime around level 45 it will evolve into a Metagross,(steel, psychic), Steven's most powerful pokemon!
Stronger Pokemon
Actually this works with any of the Pokemon games. What you need to do is take any Pokemon you want stronger (preferably low level) give it all the HP up, and irons and stuff like that it can take then raise it. Raise it in low level areas even when it reaches higher levels. If you do this you'll find that your Pokemon gets stronger each level than it would if you raise it faster. Rare candies only make weak pokemon at lvl 100. I've proven this for myself. for example, a Riachu lvl 100 I had had 260 HP when raised only with rare candies. however a Riachu lvl 100 I had had 350 HP when i raised it with low incriments of EXP per battle. It takes a while to do this but it's worth the wait!!!
The Best Moves for Blaziken
Breed a male Vigoroth that knows Endure and Reversal with a female Blaziken to get a Torchic. Hatch one that is Hasty, Jolly, or Naive. Level it up and give the Blaziken Sky Uppercut and Flamethrower. Attach a Salac Berry. It's almost unstoppable with the Endure/Reversal combo.
The Elemental Stones
Haven't figured out how to get the Elemental Stones yet? Well, they might just be under your nose. Literally.

You know that house on water east of lilycove? Go in that house, and it should be a guy who is looking for shards. Search the water around his house, and you should find little bodies of water. Dive there, and underwater, search for dive openings to dive up. If you dive up in the right place, you will find a shard. Give that to the man you met in that house and he will give you a stone depending on the color of the shard you gave him. (i.e, if you give him a Green Shard, he will give you a Leaf Stone, as a Red Shard is to a Fire Stone, etc.)

Keep searching little bodies of water around his house. You will find shards to trade in for stones.
Tips for battling and catching pokemon
If you are in front of a rare once-in-a-lifetime pokemon, save before you battle it. That way, if it dies, you can try again.

If you are in front, near, or suspect a battler,save the game! You can find out what pokemon they have (and what you need) and if you need to train your pokemon. You just turn the gave off without saving if you die.
TM1- Focus Punch - Find it on Route 115, then Surf Up until you get to another land. Then follow the rocky path after that. It is an item that is shaped like a Pokeball.
TM2 - Dragon CLaw - Find this powerful move in Meteor Falls
TM3 - Water Pulse - When you beat the 8th Gym, you get this TM.
TM4 - Calm Mind: The 7th Gym's gift to you after you beat it.
TM5 - Roar - Find this on Route 114 and talk to the guy with the Poocheyena.
TM6 - Toxic - Find this in the Fiery Path.
TM7 - Hail - Get it in the Shoal cave after helping the Old Man find his items.
TM8 - Bulk Up - After beating the Dewford Gym Leader, he will give this to you.
TM9 - Bullet Seed - Talk to somebody on Route 104 for him to give it to you.
TM10 - Hidden Power - Get this item at Slateport City, or the alternative way is to get this TM at Fortree City.
TM11 - Sunny Day - Find this item in the Scorched Slab.
TM12 - Taunt - Solve a certain puzzle in the Trick House to get this TM.
TM13 - Ice Beam - Buy this item for 3,000 dollars at the Mauville Game Corner.
TM14 - Blizzard - But this TM for 5,000 dollars in the Lilycove Department Store.
TM15 - Hyper Beam - Lilycove Store for 7,500$.
TM16 - Light Screen - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM17 - Protect - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM18: Rain Dance - Get this item in the Abandoned Ship underwater.
TM19 - Giga Drain - Get this item in Route 123.
TM20 - Safeguard - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM21 - Frustration - Get this item in Pacifidlog Town after showing a certain man a Pokemon that hates you.
TM22 - Solarbeam - Find this item in the Safari Zone
TM23 - Iron Tail - Located in Meteor Falls.
TM24 - Thunderbolt - Buy it in Mauville for 4,000 coins.
TM25 - Thunder - LilyCove Store for 5,500$.
TM26 - Earthquake - Located in Seafloor Cavern.
TM27 - Return - See how to get the Frustration TM except get a Pokemon that likes you instead of one that hates you.
TM28 - Dig - Get this item in the Fossil Maniac's House and talk to the first person you see.
TM29 - Get this item in Victory Road
TM30 - Shadowball - Find this item on Mt. Pyre
TM31 - Brick Break - Get this item in Sootopolis City.
TM32 - Double Team - Get this item at Mauville Game Corner for 1,500 coins.
TM33 - Reflect - Get this item in the Lilycove Department Store for 3,000 dollars.
TM34 - Shock Wave - Get this item after you beat the Mauville Gym Leader.
TM35 - Flamethrower - Mauville Game Corner for 4,000 coins.
TM36 - Sludge Bomb - Get this item in Dewford Town.
TM37 - Sandstorm - Located in the desert.
TM38 - Fire Blast - Lilycove Department Store for 5,500 dollars.
TM39 - Rock Tomb - Beat Rustboro Gym, then you get this TM.
TM40 - Aerial Ace - Gift after beating Fortree Gym.
TM41 - Torment - Get this item in Slateport City.
TM42 - Facade - Gift after beating Petalburg Gym.
TM43 - Secret Power - Find this item in Route 111.
TM44 - Rest - Get this item in Lilycove City.
TM45 - Attract - Get this item in Verdanturf Town.
TM46 - Theif - Get this item when Team Aqua or Team Magma invades the Oceanic Museum.
TM47 - Steel Wing - Get this item in Granite Cave after talking to Steven.
TM48 - Skill Swap - Located in Mount Pyre.
TM49 - Snatch - Found on the S.S. Tidal.
TM50 - Overheat - Gift after beating Lavaridge Gym.

These are any and all of the TM's you need.
to get a bagon easily
first u need the hm waterfall and a pokemon that knows sweet scent(you can catch an oddish in route 117).go to the meteor falls and cross the giant waterfall and try to go to the water which you can see as soon as you go to the ladder.go and surf in the water and go on going until you find a cave go in side it.and you will find an item there(i forgot what is it). and go round until you get to see 2 wild pokemon but dont catch them just flee away.and go to theleft down part and go 2 steps from there and use sweet scent until you find a bagon.this cheat needs some patience. it wors 100 percent.
To get corsola and skitty
trade your pikachu to a girl in the first/second house on the right for a skitty.
Evolve your gloom to a bellosom with a sun stone then trade it to a girl in pacifidlo. SDhe;'s in teh house before the guy who tells you about mirage island.
Training tip
I have a great tip for you to train and get your Pokemon stronger fast. Hook onto one of your Pokemon Extra share. Then take a Pokemon about the same level as the Elite 4. Keep winning the Elite 4 and pretty soon all you Pokemon will be a very high level. After about going through the Elite 4 about 10-20 times you should have your weak Pokemon to about LV. 60.
TV Guide
Always check TVs. There is at least one in each city, except Ever Grande City. Here they are-

Littleroot Town-Your House, Rivals House
Oldale Town-House on the bottom right
Petalburg City-Wally's House
Rustboro City-House across from PokeMart, House next to gym
Dewford Town-House at the very bottom right corner
Slateport City-The first house on the right fromt he beach
Mauville City-The house where you get Rock Smash
Verdanturf Town-The hosue on the bottom left with the lady and her pikachu
Fallarbor Town-Move Tutor's House
Lavaridge Town-House next to the Herb Shop
Fortree City-Last tree house on the northern set with the man in front of it, second house on northern set with old lady
Lilycove City-House north of shipyard with four boys, Move Deleters House. There is also one at the hotel, but you cant watch it.
Mossdeep City-House below PokeMart, the PokeBlock guys house, Super Rod's Guy's house
Sootopolis City-House on the side with PokeCenter with Azumarril inside, House on side with Mart, as far south as you can go, House with Brick Break TM
Pacifidlog Town-Norhtern house on the left side, TM Mans house
Ever Grande City-None

This list is to save you time when you are running aroudn looking for a TV. TVs are very helpful as they tell you things like-

When Lilycove Dept. Store has Clearout sales
When Energy Guru comes to Slateport
Service Day at Mauville Game Corner
Outbreaks of rare Pokemon on certain routes
Interviews with you
When Latias/Latios appears(once)

And it tells you lots of other stuff too. Remember this- If a TV is flashing then its important. Go up to it and press the A button.

Good Luck!
unlimated stones! rate please
its not that hard to get the stones. all you have to do is catch some pokemon on the list. give the shards to the kid in the house of the coast of mossdeep city and he will trade the shards for stones!


clamperal-blue shard------water stone
corscole-red shard-------fire stone
relicanth-green shard-----leaf stone
chinchou-yellow shard----lightning stone


relicanth - underwater near sootopolis city
chinchou - underwater near sootopolis city
clampearl- under water near sootopolis city
corsola- super rod fish for it at route 128

you might not get the shards on the first pokemon you capture so keep trying and you can get unlimated stones!

p.s.lunatone gets you a moon stone and solrock gives you a sun stone.

Unlimited luxory balls
Beat all the contests with a pokemon. Then keep beating the master rank contest.
Unlimited Safari game
When you go to the safari zone go to where you want a pokemon from. When the tap the directional pad lightly so you just face the direction. The man will never call you to stop and the pokemon will still attack.
Unlimited Ssafari Time
To stay in the safari zone forever, all you have to do is:
1. Get the acro bike from Rydell
2. Go to the safari zone
3. Go to the patch of grass in which you will catch the pokemon you want. (Anywhere)
4. Get on the acro bike
5. Keep doing bunny hops (hold B) until you find a pokemon.
NOTE: this does not work in the places you need the mach bike to get to because for this to work, you must have the acro bike.
want super high HP?
All you have to do is get a pokemon with a three eveloution line,evolve it the first time then keep the second form, when the pokemon gets to lv 99,evolve it and it will have wicked hp yo,keep this handy for the battle tower.

hope this helps!
wierld but good combo in double battle
this can be made by any 2 pokemon exept 1 thing:one must have the move ''rage''and the other must have a lower speed,lower attack and an attack move(tackle for exemple).first the quick pokemon with rage attack the opponent.after,the second pokemon use tackle and hit the pokemon who used rage.the first pokemon will boost it attack and will not be too hurt!(one thing, if the quick pokemon is at very low hp,use false swipe for not make it faint!)



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Berry Time Glitch Fix
As you may notice, some, if not all Sapphire Games have a Glitch when it comes to Berries. This Glitch can be fixed, by either of the following:

-Colosseum Bonus Disk (unconfirmed since I don't have a Gamecube.)

-Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red

-Pokemon Emerald

Now, for the last two methods, here's how to do it.

-You need another Gameboy, either Pokemon LG/FR or Emerald, and a Link Cable.

-Turn on the Gameboy that has Pokemon LG/FR/Emerald, load it up to the title page (The one that says Pokemon --- and has a picture of either Venasaur/Charizard/Rayquaza and press B+Select. Instructions should come up. Press A.

-Now, you should Connect the two Gameboys together, but make sure that te Player one side is on the Gameboy with LG/FR/Emerald. DO NOT TURN ON THE OTHER GAMEBOY. Once the Link Cable is Properly connected, press A.

-It will now tell you to hold down Select+Start on the Gameboy with Sapphire in it to turn it on. It will now start fixing the glitch.

Hope that helped. If you need more help, just send me a message.


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Free Return/Frustrarion TMs
Every week, the man in the house on the east of Pacifidlog Town will give you a free Return or Frustration TM depending on whether the 1st pokemon in your team likes or dislikes you.
Get a painting from Tough contest!
All you have to do is beat the Tough Master Contest
Get easy the elemental stones !!!
WATER STONE: Go to the abbonded ship in route 108. (you need surf !!!)

THUNDER STONE : If you beat the Elite Four ...Go to Mauville City . There is a gymleader. He give you a key to his base.(his base is in route 110. You have to surf there.

FIRE STONE : Go to MT.Chimney. There is a entrance.Then you have to go in and you see steam on the flour. There is boulders. You need strenght then. Move the boulders a way and you see a pokeball. Pick it up and you have a fire stone.

MOON STONE : Go to Meteor Falls. And you will be find Moon stone.

Get Feebas and Milotic
Feebas and Milotic are cool Pokemon, well at least Milotic is. Feebas is a fish with holes all through it but it is cool cause it evolves into Milotic, a super-strong water Pokemon. This is just like the Magikarp - Gyarados story, but a hell of a lot harder to do. To get a feebas you must first go to route 119 (the route going North on the left hand side of Fortree city). Along this entire route is a river. This is where you find Feebas. But, it is very hard. To save you time, DO NOT try and catch feebas by just surfing, you'll never find it. You can surf a fish, but not just surf. Not the hard part. Of all of the places on the river, only six random tile at once will hold Feebas. These tiles are always random, but will only change if you change the trendy saying in Dewford City. My suggestion is to use the old rod as you don't have to fish for very long with it, although any rod will work (I caught mine wit a super rod). The best way to find a feebas is to move onto every possible tile and fish through about for or five pokemon until you find one. When you do find the right tile they are pretty common.
Now that you have a feebas you can get a Milotic. Just don't do what I did and try and evolve it by raising it up levels. All Feebas ever learns is Splash, Tackle and Flail, and its stats hardly change. I ended up with a level 65 pokemon that was beaten by level 15 pokemon. Before you can get your Feebas to evolve it must have the right nature. The best natures are Quiet, Rash, Modest or Mild but any other nature will wor except for Adamant, Careful or Impish. The reason it needs a compatible nature is because feebas evolves completely different from all other pokemon. Feebas evolves through Pokeblocks. You must feed your feebas as many blue or indigo Pokeblocks as it can eat to max out its beauty level. Its beauty must be at level 170 or else it won't evolve. Once you have maxed out this, simply raise it one level and you have your Milotic. The best way to take advantage of a Milotic is to catch a male and female feebas and have them breed to get an egg. Hatch and evolve.
The berries that will get the blue and indigo Pokeblocks are:
Blue: Chesto, Oran and Wiki
Indigo: Lum, Bluk, Wepear, Kelpsey, Hondew, Cornn and Pamtre.
A Feebas learns these moves:
Splash Lvl 5
Tackle Lvl 15
Flail Lvl 30
A Milotic learns these moves:
Water Gun Lvl 1
Wrap Lvl 5
Water Sport Lvl 10
Refresh Lvl 15
Water Pulse Lvl 20
Twister Lvl 25
Recover Lvl 30
Rain Dance Lvl 35
Hydro Pump Lvl 40
Attract Lvl 45
Safeguard Lvl 50
Have A Pokeblock Case !!!
Go to Slateport City. Go to the Contest Building.
You see a little girl... Talk to her and you will get a Pokeblock Case !!!!
Hidden Trainer
On the Mauville-Slateport cycling road, right after you enter, but before you go on the ramp,there is a little hidden path of trees.At the end of that path is a psychic trainer.She has a level 16 Abra.
How 2 Get Xatu and Phanpy
If you have an Acro Bike, go to the Safari Zone near Lilycove. After you get in, go north and keep walking around until you see a white bridge lookin thing. Get on your bike and ride onto the bridge(weird, huh?) but to jump those seperate parts, you need to press B and up together(this may take a few tries). keep going until you find a patch of grass. I found my Phanpy and Xatu here in no time at all; happy catching!
How to get the Hidden Power TM
First go tho Fortree City by whatever means. Then go to the second house at the top where you will see an old lady. Talk to her and she will test your hidden powers. When she asks what hand she placed the stone in tell her right, right, and then left and she will give you the Hidden Power TM.
Leaf Stone!
At the north of Fortree city, there is a long river. Use surf until the end of the river, then you will see a pokeball. That's the Leaf STONE!!!
Ledge Glitch
Right when you get out of Mauville City on the east side, there is an Aroma Lady that will challenge you to a battle. Stand behind the ledge that separates you and her and when she spots you, she will run up the ledge and battle you. Normally, this can't be done.
I have found a method to catch the legendary pokemon, but first you need to enable the purchase of the timer ball at Rustboro City mart. You can do this by talking to the guy outside the tunnel entrance near rustboro (after you save him from Petalburg Woods). You can now buy Timer Balls and Repeat Balls from Rustboro mart.
Timer Ball: Increases chances of catching the pokemon if more turns are taken.
Repeat Ball: Increased chances if you have already caught that pokemon.

Back on topic. The repeat ball is unnecessary. Make sure you bring 5+ timer balls when you go after: Kyogre/Groudon, The Regi's, Rayquaza.

To keep taking turns, use the move False Swipe. Or, buy a load of pokeballs and use them. Make sure they are only pokeballs, they cost less and can count for a turn. the move False Swipe leaves the target with 1 hp without fail (however it is not instantaneous. Example, it may only bring him down to say...59. But keep using it until the bar is almost totally black.)You can keep using False Swipe because it will NEVER kill your target. You may want to bring extra potions and maybe a sleeper/paralyzer/freezer. You don't want the target to kill you instead. The combo I used was: Relicanth with Yawn (He was only lvl 33.) and Sceptile lvl 68 with False Swipe. Keep going with False Swipe and status problems. Then after a bunch of turns, try a timer ball.
A few more possible combos would be:
Swablu (Or a Sing-er) and A False Swiper.
Magneton/Manectric (Thunder Wave) and a False Swiper.

One final note. Do not burn, poison, or confuse the enemy. You do NOT want to kill him.
Legendaries Tips.
OK. The Timer Ball, exclusive at the Rustboro mart, is your best friend here. When you try to capture the Regi Trio, make sure you have a few of these plus some moves just to take up a turn. Such as: False Swiping it until you run out of pp, Throwing like 50 pokeballs (just pokeballs, no great balls or ultra balls, or just rest yourself so you can't die. Whatever you do, dont kill him. You can do one of the following to make him less dangerous:
Paralyze him.
Sleep him. (Yawn is good)
Freeze him.
Use the move Encore after he uses Super Power. He will keep using it, but it takes away so much attack and defense, that by the end it will only do about 2 damage anyway.

So just keep throwing pokeballs, use useless moves (False Swipe when hes got 1 hp.) Or just screech him to death, just don't kill him, poison him, or confuse him. Keep taking turns until the Timer Ball spirits him away to Lannette's PC. And for God's sake don't use your master ball!
Lots of berries
At the start of the game, set your clock to the time it is, but swap am & pm (eg. if it's 10:00am put 10:00pm)
Then when you get far enough to visit the berry master's house, go there. Take all the berries and plant new ones. Because it is night when you play during the day, it will rain. (It always rains at the berry master's house during night time.) Thus the game will treat it as if you're always watering the berries whenever you play.
So the berries will grow faster and with more berries.
orange hand
In the move box when you move a pokemon the hand is colored white. Well if you press select the had will change to the color orange. Wierd huh?
Sceptile, the greatest capturing tool.
Next to the master ball, Sceptile is your best, quickest, and most convenient way to capture pokemon. Make sure he knows False Swipe, or just breed him with another pokemon so the egg's hatchling knows it. Carry a few pokeballs around with you, and just False Swipe the pokemon you wanna capture. The move False Swipe is designed to leave 1 HP to the target. Critical hits do not change this. Although in combat this move is next to useless, you can catch those stupid pokemon you never got around to while you were focused on the gym challenge.
Sealed Chamber Guide
This is a guide to get the three elemental legendaries of Ice, Rock And Steel. They are Registeel, Regice And Regirock.
The sealed champer is located near the bottom end of the ocean current.

First of all you need a Relicanth. Catch these in the diving area located around Sootopolis. Secondly you need a Wailord. Catch these with a Super Rod on Route 129. Alternately, catch a Wailmer and evolve it at Lvl 40. You must also have a pokemon that knows Dig!

Step 1. The Relicanth must be first in your party and your Wailord last. Go to the Sealed Chamber and walk to the end of the room and use dig while standing in front of the end wall. A door will Open!

Step 2. Once again walk to the end of the room with Relicanth and Wailord in the right places. Read the wall and then press B. Three clicks will sound and text will appear saying a door opened far away.

Step 3. Go and visit the Island cave, Above Dewford. Go inside, read the text but simply wait for 2 minutes and the door will open. Walk through. TADA! Regice. Bring Many Ultra Balls.

Step 4. Visit the Desert Ruins at the bottom of the desert. Go inside read the text. Please Note that you must be in the centre of the wall. It simply says Right, Right, Down, Down then us strength. The door opens! TADA! Regirock.

Step 5. Visit the Ancient Tomb. [south east of fortree city] Sorry don't know exactly where it is! Go inside. Don't bother reading the text. Just go to the middle of the cave and use Fly. The door opens. TADA! Registeel.

Hope this helped all you legendary lovers out there!
Selling non-buyable items
Here are some items you can sell but you can't buy and how much they sell for:

Nugget: $5000
Perel: $700
Big Perel: $4900
Master Ball: $0
Rare Candies: about $1000

Idems you can't buy:
Rare Candies
Master Ball
Big Perel

[Mod Edit] Rare Candies are around 4900.
The DRAGON CLAW TM! And secret TM.
First, beat wallace, teach waterfall to a pokemon. Then go to Meteor Falls in Fallabor town. Go up the water fall. Go into a cave. Then Surf here and there until you see another cave. Go inside. go until the end and you get the TM02
DRAGON CLAW! Before you get to Laviradge town(first time), there are team aqua and magmas blocking the way.Go up, Then you will see Archie. Beat him(require pokemon lvl 25 above) and take the meterite in that container. Go back to Fallabor. Right behind the girl with the azumarill, there is a house. Go inside and give the man that meterite and he will give you a TM!
Tip: Pokeblock Testing.
You hear about all these disputes about animal testing on the news? Time to forget that. When I first started playing with pokeblocks and stuff, I found myself giving all sorts of them to each of my pokemon, with no regard for which stats they boosted. If you are unsure of which stats they boost, feed to it a totally useless pokemon *Cough*Magikarp. A great prize winner would be:A super cute Linoone with Mud Sport, and Covet, and possible Attract. Or a maxed beautiful Kyogre with Sheer Cold, Ice Beam, Surf, and Hydro Pump.
Training Lv. 20 and under pokemon
Find interveiwer gabbey and tv.They are in theree places 1. below the desert above mauvill city. 2. across the sea on the right of mauvill city 3. right of fortree city.
make sure you have the pokemon you want to train in either the first or second slot and a really strong pokemon in the other (one or two). Face interveiwer gabbey and tv in a doble battle. Defeat both of their pokemon with your stronger pokemon your weaker pokemon gets the same exp. as your stronger one it just raises higer like two or three levels.
walk on water
Well you must have dive. What you do is you go to Evergrande City and find the the underwater where you find the aqua hideout. First go in front of the door and take about four steps back. Press B repeatedly (keep pressing B)while moving forward until you look like you're going through the door. You should stop on the door and it will ask you if you want to go up from underwater. Say yes. If succesful, you will be standing on water. If you got an acro bike, you can make splashes by hopping to keep wild pokemon away like a repel (sort of). Remember, you must stop in side the door. It works for Ruby and Emerald too.