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Pokémon LeafGreen Cheats

Pokémon LeafGreen cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Gameshark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Codebreaker Codes for more Pokémon LeafGreen cheat codes.

Pokémon LeafGreen Unlockables

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Move Tutors
Meeting these conditions will cause a NPC to offer to teach a special move to your pokemon. Not all pokemon can learn all moves offered here.
MoveHow to Obtain
MimicBuy a pokedoll and then go to Saffron City. In one of the Northern houses lives a girl called Copycat. Give her the doll and she will offer to teach Mimic.
Submitted by: mikey on May 12, 2012

Pokémon LeafGreen Tips

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~Miss a rare fighting Pokemon?~
To get both a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee, You take your Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee to 4 island and place it with a ditto. You will get an egg (eventually) and it will hatch into Tyrogue Use this chart to find which one your Tyrogue will evolve into. (Tyrogue Evolves at lv. 20)

Tyrogue ( Att.>Def.) makes Hitmonlee
Tyrogue (Att.=Def.) makes Hitmontop
Tyrogue (Att.
Submitted by: WolfofSorrow on July 20, 2007
Additional Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
Submitted by: Chaos Swordsman on January 13, 2007
Baby Pokemon
First, beat the Elite four so you can go to Islands 4-7.
Catch a Ditto (Those pink things) and get another pokemon of the following:

Jynx (Trade with that old man in Cerilian City)
Magmar (Only in Leafgreen)
Electabuzz (Only in Firered)

Go to Island 4, put Ditto and one of the above in the day-care center, then go back to Kanto and ride your bike. After a while go back to Island 4 and the old man will get out and he will give you an egg, go back to Kanto again and ride your bike again and POP! The egg hatches as:

Smoochum (Baby Jynx)
Magby (Baby Magmar)
Elekid (Baby Electabuzz)
If you train them at Lv 30, they will evolve.
Submitted by: anonymous on May 12, 2007
berries 1-43
Cheri Berry #1 Heals Paralysis
Chesto Berry #2 Heals Sleeping
Pecha Berry #3 Heals Poisoning
Rawst Berry #4 Heals Burning
Aspear Berry #5 Heals Freezing
Leppa Berry #6 Heals 10 PP
Oran Berry #7 Heals 10HP
Persim Berry #8 Heals Confusion
Lum Berry #9 Heals any status problem
Sitrus Berry #10 Heals 30HP
Figy Berry #11 Heals HP but can confuse
Wiki Berry #12 Heals HP but can confuse
Mago Berry #13 Heals HP but can confuse
Aguav Berry #14 Heals HP but can confuse
Iapapa Berry #15 Heals HP but can confuse
Razz Berry #16 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Bluk Berry #17 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Nanab Berry #18 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Wepear Berry #19 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Pinap Berry #20 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Pomeg Berry #21 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Kelpsy Berry #22 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Qualot Berry #23 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Hondew Berry #24 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Grepa Berry #25 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Tamato Berry #26 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Cornn Berry #27 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Magost Berry #28 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Rabuta Berry #29 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Nomel Berry #30 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Spelon Berry #31 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Pamtre Berry #32 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Watmel Berry #33 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Durin Berry #34 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Belue Berry #35 Plant, Crush or Pokeblocks
Liechi Berry #36 Raises Atk. when hp is low
Ganlon Berry #37 Raises Def. when hp is low
Salac Berry #38 Raises Spd. when hp is low
Petaya Berry #39 Raises s.def when hp is low
Apicot Berry #40 Raises s.atk when hp is low
Landsat Berry #41 Raises C.Hit when hp is low
Starf Berry #42 Raises any stat when hp is low
Enigma Berry #43 Morphs into e-reader berries
Submitted by: arcanine22 on October 21, 2004
Berry Crush Rewards
Energypowder: Recovers 50HP BITTER: 50 Units
Energyroot: Recovers 200HP BITTER: 80 Units
Healpowder: Heals status problems bitter:50 Units
Revivalherb: Revives Pokemon Bitter: 300 Units
Protein: Raises Attack: 1000 Units
Iron: Raises Defense: 1000 Units
Carbos: Raises Speed: 1000 Units
Calcium: Raises Spcl. Attack: 1000 Units
Zinc: Raises Spcl. Def: 1000 Units
HP UP: Raises HP: 1000 Units
PP UP: Raises PP: 3000 Units

Hope This Helped
Submitted by: arcanine22 on October 20, 2004
Best Pokemon
Choose Charmander in the beginning!!! Its hard if you start with him in the beginning, but, proven to beat the same level Blastoid if Charzard!!! Get to Celedon City. Go to the second floor and buy "Hyper Beam" and teach it to Charzard. He's the strongest Pokemon and Hyper Beam is 150 Power. The only flaw of Hyper Beam is that you have to Recharge.

Best Moves for Charzard:

Blast Burn

Hyper Beam


& Fire Blast
Submitted by: Ojo9090 on July 19, 2012
Catching and Finding Legendary Birds
Locations of legendary birds:

Zapdos - Found at the end of the Power Plant.
-Keep walking through the Power Plant until the end. You will then see Zapdos.

Articuno - Move the boulders into the holes at Seafoam Island.
-Then once the water is calm, surf up to find Articuno.

Moltres - Found at the end of Mt. Ember on 1 Island.

To make catching legendaries easier, buy lots of Great Balls and Ultra Balls. ALWAYS save your game in front of the legendary before talking to it.

It also help if you have a Pokemon that can cast sleep, poison, burn of paralyze it.
Submitted by: Cheater X on April 18, 2006
Ditto Babys
Get any pokemon and a Ditto (found at lvl:25 ---> of Fuchasia City in the small patches).Lets say you want 6 Charmanders, take your Charizard and put the Charizard and Ditto in a daycare. Walk around A LOT. Go back and get the egg. If you repeat that 5 times you'll have 6 Charmander eggs!
Submitted by: Owen on July 19, 2012
Easy 100 EVs!
Things you will need:
Amulet coin
Vs Seeker
Access to 5 island
A surfing Pokemon
1. Surf to Resort Gorgeous.
2. Attach the Amulet coin to the lead Pokemon.
3. Battle everyone on the island for awhile.
4. Go get 10 of the EV +10 items you need (for example, Carbos for Speed, Calcium for Special Attack).
5. Give them to the Pokemon you need.
Submitted by: Megaman9001 on February 26, 2007
easy ev training 2
you need:
surfing pokemon
access to 4-7 island
exp. share
vs. seeker
rainbow pass,
first go to virmilion city then go to 5 island when you enter go to the left then go forward use surf then keep going forward it will say water laybrith or whatever then keep going forward it says resort gorgeos and their is a small island and a big island go to the big one and give EV the exp. share then put EV in lead vs. trainers and when your done use the
vs. seeker but when you vs. EV has to be first then switch with a stronger
pokemon and you get more exp points.
Submitted by: poke23 on December 04, 2008
Easy EV training!
Things you will need:
Amulet coin
Vs Seeker
Access to 5 island
A surfing Pokemon
1. Surf to Resort Gorgeous.
2. Attach the Amulet coin to the lead Pokemon.
3. Battle everyone on the island for awhile.
4. Go get the EV +10 items you need (for example, Carbos for Speed, Calcium for Special Attack).
5. Repeat as nessary.
Submitted by: Megaman9001 on February 25, 2007
Easy Level Up
This is a way to level up your pokemon by 'abusing' in-game trainers and the battle rules. The relevant rules are as follows:

1. If you lose a battle, you pay prize money. If you don't have any money, you don't pay a prize.
2. If you lose against a Trainer, you go to the nearest Pokemon center, and you will have to fight the trainer again.

To abuse these rules, you'll need to set-up. There are 3 things you need to do to set up.

1. Blow all of your money (or as much as possible) on items. This will keep you from losing a large amount of money while leveling up.

2. Put all healing and reviving items in your PC. This will keep you from wasting items, and make it easier to level up. Trust me on this.

3. This isn't really required, but makes things easy. Basically, you need the Exp. Share.

That's the set-up. To do it, fight a Trainer (the best trainer is probably Lorelei of the Elite Four). When fighting, beat all but their last pokemon. You will get expirience for the pokemon you beat, and the Exp. Share will level up lower level pokemon without entering battle. Now, let the last pokemon make your whole team faint. You will go back to the nearest pokemon center, but the pokemon who participated will have more expirience than before. Repeat as often as you like to get your team maxed out.
Submitted by: swk3000 on January 19, 2005
Easy money
The little island to the right of where youget the togepi egg thereare two trainers.Who are sort of special one gives good exp and one gives good money.
Submitted by: helperguy946 on May 30, 2012
Easy to Train Weak Pokemon and Get Money
Get Togepi when it is in an egg then walk around
until it hatches then put your strong Pokemon in front of your party (at least LV.65+) then put EXP. Share on Togepi then give your Strong Pokemon
an Amulet Coin ( my Strong Pokemon was a Persion with pay day) Then use VS. SEEKER On A STRONG POKEMON TRAINER THAT YOU BATTLED BEFORE then Train Your Togepi to a Togetic and use it on your other weak pokemon (must be LV. 5-)

WAALAA! You have super strong Poke's
Submitted by: Game Master 100 on September 06, 2005
easy trainer tower
there pokemon is the same level as your highest one. so get 6 pokemon with eather high defense or high att or equal. get alot of super potions or potions, and revives. go and battle with all your pokemon at an equal level. id say level 10-15. to get mony for the items get a pokemon higher than level 50 wwith a amulet coin. battle the people on the island where u find hoppi and the lost cave. one lady gives u 20,000!
Submitted by: tylon on April 08, 2007
Easy Way to Beat Your Rival
Go to YOUR PC, and if you go to "Withdraw Item" you can get a potion before your battle! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Submitted by: Ojo9090 on July 28, 2012
The guy at the top of the trainer tower does not give you a dragon scale. To get it, go to the island where there is the pattern bush. get up to the pattern bush but don't go in. Instead, go to the far right corner at the top and go down the steps to the water. Use a pokemon with SURF and ride down until you come to a small grassy area with a pokeball. Inside this is a Elixir.
Submitted by: Cybercontroller on July 28, 2007
Moon stones can evolve Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy and Jigglypuff.
Submitted by: ShinyMilotic on September 15, 2007
Exp. Share Breakdown
This will describe 3 scenarios to help explain the signigicance of the Exp. Share item.

Part One - Normal Battle
This is when no pokemon on your team holds the Exp. Share. If three pokemon are used to defeat a foe, and the foe gives 60 EXP, the breakdown is as follows:
Pokemon1 - 20
Pokemon2 - 20
Pokemon3 - 20

Part 2 - Exp. Share doesn't hit the field
This is when a pokemon has the Exp. Share item, but does not participate in battle. In this scenario, PokemonE has the Exp. Share, and Pokemon1 and Pokemon2 were the only ones that participated in battle. The defeated pokemon will drop 60 EXP total.
PokemonE - 30
Pokemon1 - 15
Pokemon2 - 15

Part 3 - Exp. Share hits field
Same scenario as part 2, but PokemonE does hit the field and helps defeat the enemy. Again, the enemy drops 60 EXP total.
PokemonE - 30 (for Exp. Share)+10(for participating) = 40 total
Pokemon1 - 10
Pokemon2 - 10

As you can see, fastest level up is done when the pokemon with the Exp. Share participates in battle. This can be used to quickly raise low level pokemon to a higher level.
Submitted by: swk3000 on January 19, 2005
Extra Coins
Walk around the game corner and you should find over 200 coins.
Talk to alot of the people and the give some and check the corners. By the place where you walk in there should be 100 coins.
Submitted by: SSJ3 Trunks on March 23, 2007
Extra Potion At Game Start
When you're at the begining of the game go to your computer and check your item inventory. There you will have a potion that way you have one less to buy at the next mart.
Submitted by: Aaron_The_Trainer on September 15, 2007
To get Farfetch'd, go to Vermilion City and go into the house South of the Pokemon Center, a little girl will trade you one for a Spearow. BUT, DO NOT TRADE YET, if you wait to go to the Sevii Islands, you can catch a Spearow at Lvl 44! Trade it to the girl for a Lvl 44 Farfetch'd!!!!!!!
Submitted by: CrystalLaser on March 06, 2006
Fast Hatching method
To make an egg hatch really quickly, go on cycling road and ride to Fuschia from Cleadon. Then go up to Vermillion from Fuschia. Then head to Saffron. And last but not least, go back to Cleadon. It will take around 10 times, but it is much faster than just walking around.
Submitted by: WolfofSorrow on July 20, 2007
Fast Training
The best way to train is to train while holding the item Lucky Egg, which can be found 5% of the time on wild Chanseys. It gives your Pokemon 50% more experience points for each battle.
Submitted by: ShinyMilotic on March 21, 2008
Female/Shiny starters
Most of the time, your starter Pokemon is male and non-shiny.

You can change this; but it is extremely difficult.

There's a 12.5% chance of getting a female as your starter Pokemon. To obtain one, all you must do is save the game before choosing your first Pokemon until you get a female starter.

Now to obtain a shiny starter is one of the hardest things in the game. You must keep saving your game until you obtain one; but it could take hours. There is only a 1/8192 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.
Submitted by: Cheater X on April 18, 2006
Find Mewtwo without all boring stuff
Just take the only stairs that has a way free of rugged rocks, surf and he'll be there (I also find Lv. 67 Kadabras(great!) and dittos). And forget about using Master ball, use on a legendary dog cause they make Roar the first turn.
Submitted by: illusion CM on February 22, 2005
Finding All of the Unown
There are 26 to 28 (depending on the source) differnt forms of the Pokemon Unown. Here's how to find each one in which chamber in the Tanoby Ruins:

Viapos Chamber (Far Left, Most Northern): Z,!.
Rixy Chamber (Far Left, Most Southern): B,M,V,W,X.
Scufib Chamber (Next Over, with Single Trainer on it): F,G,K,T,Y.
Dilford Chamber (Rgiht of Scufib): J,L,P,Q,R.
Weepth Chamber (Close Right, Two Trainers on it): E,I,N,S.
Liptoo Chamber (Next Over From Weepth): C,D,H,O,U.
Monean Chamber (Far Right, Has Stairs): A,?.
Submitted by: IAMJerry on January 04, 2009
Free Nugget
In Saffron City, once you have beaten Team Rocket at Silph Co., you are able to enter the Copycat's house. In her room, there is a nugget on her desk, which can be sold for a high price.
Submitted by: anonymous on December 30, 2009
gain exp.
put a weak pokemon in front challenge a strong trainer ( your rival or the elite four) then switch the pokemon out with a strong pokemon to take the hit and kill your opponent then the pokemon you switched out earlier should get half the exp. (I always do that with my dratini I get from the game corner).
Submitted by: pokemaster on May 07, 2005
Game Corner Prizes

Abra- 120
Clefairy- 750
Pinsir- 2,500
Dratini- 4,600
Porygon- 6,500


Abra- 180
Clefairy- 500
Dratini- 2,800
Scyther- 5,500
Porygon- 9,999
Submitted by: moocoweatsfire on December 12, 2004
Get a Wynaut!!
To get a Wynaut, Capture a Wobbufet and give it a Lax incense (found in Lost Cave). Get a ditto and put them both in the Four island Day Care center. The will breed and make an egg. Hatch the egg and you will have a Wynaut!
Submitted by: WolfofSorrow on July 20, 2007
Get an Eevee
Go to Celadon City and go to the north part of it. Walk through the back door of Celadon Mansion (you need to go around and use cut to reach the back). Once you're in, walk up a few steps until you're on the roof top. There will be a little entrance. If you read the sign tacked on the wall, it says 'I know everything'. Go inside. There will be a man in a school-like room with a pokeball on a desk. Pick it up and it will be Eevee. Also, if you read the chalkboard it has everything about wireless connecting wi fi.
Submitted by: iammewtwo on May 09, 2010
Get Charizard With OUTRAGE!!!!!
In the trainers tower on 7 island you fight a trainer with a charizard that knows outrage, here is how to have your very own.
- first when you start your game you need to have a female charmander (save before you get your pokemon and if its not female reset and try again).
- second you need a male dragonite with outrage somwhere in your game.
- third go to 4 island and put your female charizard into breed with your male dragonite (make sure it knows outrage!) come back when they've made an egg, hatch it and viola!! you have a drogomander (charmander with outrage) !!!!

Have fun!!!
Submitted by: Sulley-breeding-know-it-all on June 01, 2006
Get into Saffron City!
OK,in FR&LG the guard won't let you pass.Go into Pokemon Mansion in Celadon city,& talk to the old lady.She'll give you some tea.Now go to the guard and he'll let u pass!!
Submitted by: xtremepokemontrainer on November 13, 2004
Get the Mystery Gift
To get the mystery gift go to island 3 and into the pokemart. Sitting on the counter is a questionnaire fill it out like this:


and the lady will tell you about the mystery gift and giveit to you.
Submitted by: Mouldy Cheese on October 10, 2004
getting leaftovers
There are 2 leftovers in the game you need the itemfinder to get both of them. Each one is where the snorlaxs were. Go to those 2 spots and use the itemfinder. the leftovers will be dug up automatically.
Submitted by: crazycookie on June 18, 2005
getting macho brace
To get the macho brace you need to have gotten all of the badges. Go to the viridian city gym. Use the itemfinder right where giovonni was. The macho brace will automatically be dug up.
Submitted by: crazycookie on June 18, 2005
Getting the powder jar and crushing berries
To get the Powder Jar you need to right outside the door of the pokemon center in cerulean city. Then go to the house right above the house connected to the pokemon center. Talk to the man inside and he will give you the powder jar. He will also tell you how to crush berries.
Submitted by: crazycookie on June 18, 2005
good traning spot and monny easy
in one island head to ember spar out side use vs seeker and vs the trainers theres a cruser dubble battle and to crushers running in the middle of the path after you have versed them all go in to ember spar run up to the spar heal and go back your vs seacke will be chraged and you can get lots of monny and xp
Submitted by: pikapoo on February 06, 2005
Gym Leaders
Here are the 8 Gym leaders



Pewter City-


Cerulean City-


Vermillion City-

Lt. Surge-Electric

Celadon City-


Fucisha City-


Saffron City-


Cinnibar Island-


Viridan City-

Submitted by: moocoweatsfire on December 07, 2004
Hatching Eggs Easier
The ability "Magma Armor" which is known by Slugma or Magcargo and "Flame Body" which is known by Slugma, Magcargo, Magby and Magmar halves the steps you need to take to hatch an egg if the pokemon with this ability is in your lead, or the first in your party.

NOTE: Having more than one of these pokemons would not keep halving the number of steps. Make sure you have the pokemon as your lead.
Submitted by: Rondo on April 02, 2011
Healing Tip
Pokemon automatically heal when put inside a PC.
Submitted by: Link of Deity on January 23, 2005
Hidden Items
If you search the plants at Silph Co. you will find about 10 items.
Submitted by: Heinered on January 05, 2006
Hidden Persim Berry!
If your in Pewter City, you can go through the route with all the trainers on it, through the field with the girl in it (if she sees you, you will have to battle her if you haven't battled her before), through the other field with the guy in it (even if he sees you, he won't battle you), and on to the Poke Center by Mt. Moon. Go to the left side of the Poke Center and there will be three rocks. You pass the first one and then bump into the second one. Press up once to get right beside the first rock on its left side. Now, lightly tap the left directional button so you are facing a spot with short grass that's darker than the other short grass. If you press the A button, you will have a Persim berry that can cure confusion!
Submitted by: AngelHinataHyuga on January 04, 2010
Hidden Rare Candy
In Cerulean City, there is are 2 houses next to the nugget bridge, enter the house furthest away from the bridge. You can talk to a man that describes the gym badges if you need to, but then go through the back door which leads to a medium patch of grass. Walk 2 steps north, and 9 steps east. Press A, and you'll have found a rare candy!
Submitted by: PokeFanFromBigFamily on July 24, 2007
How to avoid Roar
If you want to avoid the legendary dogs roar attack, just train a pokemon that has the ability soundproof!!!!
Submitted by: Mighty Mewtwo on August 24, 2006
How to get 3 Legendary Pokemon!
First things first the lengendary pokemon i am about to tell you is rare.
Moltres (flying Fire), Articuno (Flying ice) and Zapdos (flying electric)
The location of Moltres is on Island 1 which you need a tri pass. which you get from a guy when you go the pokemon mansion south of pallet town, you surf there.The only way to get the tri pass first is to beat the elite 4.To get to him you must vs a ice pokemon user with lvl's between 50-60. Then vsing a earth/rock user with lvl's up to 50-60.Then vsing a physic pokemon user with lvl's up to 50-61.Then lastly vsing a flying dragon pokemon user with lvls up to 50-61. Beating all of those people you will then have to vs the elite 4 which is gary.He has pokemon which are between lvl 50-65.Beating him you are going to talk to professor oak which then he will put your pokemon in the hall of fame.You then wait for it to save and then turn your GBA of and Turn it back on to start playing again. When you turn it on you will appear in pallet town which then walk/fly/surf to the pokemon mansion east of pallet town.You will recieve a tri pass when walking next to the mart.Once you recieve it you fly to vermilion city and then walk south east to the boat guy and then talk to him and then click island 1. Once you've done that you will sail to island 1. Once you get there you walk east to the river and then surf north to Mt somthing and then you run/walk up quickly to the river and then surf again north to Moltres land. Enter a cave and then you walk north west and there will be trainers beat them and keep going. There will be a boulder use a atk from a monster called strength move the boulders to somewhere when then you can keep going.you will need to move into another cave and follow the passages until to walk out of it.then you will have to move the boulders again and then move north and then you will find Moltres.

Finding Zapdos

To catch zapdos you fly to cerulean city and then walk north up to a bridge then moving east to a river, surf south until you step onto a land right next to a power plant.walk inside and move north and east and then west and then north and then west. Once you've followed all of the directions you will eventually walk into a path and find zapdos.

Finding Articuno

First you must fly to the pokemon mansion east of pallet town.walk between/next to the river and then mart. surf east of the river until you find a island. Walk inside the cave and then move north and then east and walking in random ladders will get you nar a water current. Surf in it and it will move you to a path which then you follow it and there you will find Articuno.

Thank you and i hope you find this information useful.

Submitted by: norman on October 01, 2008
How to get a free dragon scale
First of all you must have beat the game and got the rainbow ticket. Got to the trainer tower on island 7. If you get all the way through to the top the man will give you a dragon scale.
Submitted by: PokeMon Master711 on February 07, 2007
How to get the power of the tm return to the max
If you teach the tm return to a pokemon that you have caught with a luxury ball, the power of the move will grow up faster, because the tm return gets more powerful depending on how much the user likes it's trainer and the luxury ball will make the pokemon that is caught with it like the trainer faster than the ones that have been caught with other balls. It works, trust me. You can get a luxury ball if you show a pokemon that the lady who lives near the cave at five island asks you to show her. The lady will only be there if you will find her in that cave that I told about and win her in a battle. She has got two Persians.
Submitted by: Anthonator on December 14, 2005
How To Get The Rainbow Pass
To get the rainbow pass (Island 4 - 7) you first need to defeat the elite four.Than you need to catch 60 pokemon and show prof oak he will update your pokedex to a national dex.Now go to 1 island and talk to celio he will say get the ruby and sapphire stones and bring them to me.Do this and show celio and he will reward you with a rainbow pass
Submitted by: Lewis on October 24, 2004
How to get the Ruby and Sapphire plate & Deoxys and also Lugia and Ho-oH
You must fight the elite 4 with catching at least 60 pokemon, go and get the national dex to proffessor Oak then go to the moltres mountain again you will see the team rocket blocking the passage to a cave, beat them and go inside the cave, then in the deep part of it you can see the ruby plate, get it and take it to island 1's Pokemon Center take it to the scientist.
He'll give you a rainbow ticket to access island 4-7. Save Lorelei from being attack by team rocket in Icefall Cave on Four Island then find the Sapphire plate on Six Island and battle the team rocket in the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island.
You will fight again the elite four but different and hard pokemon to beat.
If you got the aurora ticket(like eon ticket to be given away) you can access island 8-9.
Submitted by: Cathrina on March 29, 2004
Hypnosis on Golduck
Putting a Pokemon to sleep on the enemies team is always useful, and Hypnosis is one of the moves which can do this. The only way Golduck can learn Hypnosis is by breeding. Breed a Female Golduck with a Male Poliwrath which knows Hypnosis, and the Egg will hatch into a Psyduck with Hypnosis.
Submitted by: ShinyMilotic on April 01, 2008
kogas gym
the invisible wall square have 4 white dots around them
Submitted by: exarion on September 26, 2004
Legendary Dogs
Wondering which legendary dog you will get?

Here's how to tell:

If you start with the grass type Pokemon, Bulbasaur; you will encounter Entei after obtaining the National Pokedex.

If you start with the fire type Pokemon, Charmander; you will encounter Suicune after obtaining the National Pokedex.

If you start with the water type Pokemon, Squirtle; you will encounter Raikou after obtaining the National Pokedex.
Submitted by: Cheater X on April 18, 2006
Hi! This is a tip for which balls to use on legendary pokemon. I used an ultra ball on Moltres(1 HP), an ultra ball on Zapdos(1 HP), an ultra ball on Mewtwo(1 HP and frozen or paralysed) and my master ball on Articuno. Don't make the same mistake I did. Use an ultra ball on Articuno(1 HP) because you need the master ball for Entei / Rakiou / Suicune.

Suicune: if you chose Charmander for your starter

Entei: if you chose Bulbasaur for your starter

Rakiou: if you chose Squirtle for your starter

These pokemon will apear randomly after you get the natinol pokedex.
Submitted by: Tip Master on March 06, 2005
Level up fast in beginning of the game.
At the beginning of the game you'll start out with one level 5 Pokemon. You can train it early and, have it at a decent level.

Once you start out with your first Pokemon. Battle Gary at first. (Or whatever you named your rival) Win that battle to level up to level 6. Now you can go into the wild. There walk around in the grass to encounter some enemies. Battle them. At this point of the game this is a great place to level up. Do this until you get "very little" number of EXP after a battle.
Submitted by: Mr Sponget on September 10, 2004
Leveling Up
To level up easily at the start of the game just blow all your money and battle Gary on the way to the pokemon league and lose to his second pokemon. this way you wont lose money from losing and you can keep battling and receiving exp from his pidgey which gives more exp than lv 5 wild pokemon
Submitted by: FFAnthologyFreak on October 09, 2004
Long but Worthy Battle
If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!
Submitted by: CrystalLaser on November 20, 2004
national dex
Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.
Submitted by: battleboy645 on September 10, 2004
Old Times...
Miss that Red/Blue Version style? Well,set your framing like the old time in Option mode(if you played red/blue,you know what to pick...)and in a double battle,when it says
EX:What will Gloom do?
Hold START and SELECT to make the gauge and numbers look like old times,as well.Now we're playin, old!
Submitted by: Paul McGee on February 11, 2006
One tip,one antidote!
Go to the Viridian Forest.Go to the left side of that first boy you see,face the tree,press A & you'll find an antidote!:-)It's true!
Submitted by: lugia938484 on June 06, 2006
Trade Linoones and Zigzagoons from Saphhire/Ruby to pick up berries (common - chesto, oran, aspear etc., rare - durin, spelon, belue, watmel) and sometimes, nuggets, PP Ups and Rare candies.
Submitted by: cn26 on November 21, 2004
Rare Item Stars
Go To The Following Places And Use The Itemfinder...

Locations Of The 2 Snorlax---> 2 Leftovers
Giovianni's Podium In The Gym---> Macho Brace
Where Mr. Fuji Was In Pokemon Tower---> Soothe Bell
Submitted by: The Whizz on December 03, 2006
Safari Zone Cheat! (Endless Game)
Okay,this is a cheat for the Safari Zone.

1.Get to a place you want in the Safari Zone

2.Make sure you have a few steps,in case of an accident.

3.Push the control pad LIGHTLY in any direction,and you won't mave. You'll still be able to find wild Pokemon!

4.Repeat step 3 until you get the pokemon you like,or are just tired of waiting (Or you run out of Safari Balls).

Submitted by: PkThUnDeR on October 21, 2004
If Your one of the People who feels like being more different, You might want to catch a shiny pokemon. To catch a shiny pokemon(which is basicaly a pokemon a different color than normal) you have a 1 out of 8,192 chance.
Submitted by: The PokeMastar on February 13, 2006
-Get The National Dex-
To get the National Dex, just beat the Elite Four with at least sixty pokemon in your Dex and after the credits. You'll arive in Pallet Town and Oak will upgrade u and Gary's Dex.

-Trade With Ruby-
To trade with Ruby/Sapphire, you need to fix the network machine on Island 1.

-Gettin The Legendaries-
Zapdos - Get in in the Power Plant like Red/Blue.
Articuno - Get in at Seafoam Island like Red/Blue.
Moltres - Can be found at Island One.
Mewtwo - Can be found in The Unknown Dungeon.

-Gettin The Legendary Dogs-
The Legendary Dogs appear wild anywhere after you beat the Elite Four depending on you starter. You can only find one pokemon in the game depending on the following starters u select:
Suicune : Charmander
Raikou : Squirtle
Entei : Bulbasaur

-Unlimited Time In The Safari Zone-
Go to the Safari Zone and walk into any area with grass and stop. Now touch the D-pad lightly but don't move anywhere. Now you'll see that your player just turned up/down. Now continue to do it in a rotation (ex Left, Down, Right, Up). Eventually u will encounter a pokemon while just rotating in te same spot.

If you need help on this game, u can contact me at syrus42000@yahoo.com
Submitted by: Gamestar on October 21, 2004
Special Attacks For Starter Pokemon
In Island 2, up the stairs there is an old lady. Talk to her. Make sure that either your charizard/bulbasaur/blastoise is number 1 in your party. THe lady will give you a two-turn move, with the power of 150.

The move will be based on the type of pokemon you have. If you manage to retrieve all 3 of the basic starter pokemon on your game you can go to her 3 times for those different moves.

Submitted by: Donna on June 04, 2007
Stay in the Safari Zone Forever
Get a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and keep on using it until you find that exclusive Pokemon you want and try to catch it.
Submitted by: moocoweatsfire on January 10, 2005
Taking Advantage of Volt/Water Absorb Abilities
In a double battle, you can heal a pokemon with Volt/Water Absorb ability by attacking them with a electric/water attack.
Submitted by: Heinered on March 07, 2006
The beebing!!!
When you turn on the game and when it starts to say dates like:Pokemon 1995 or something like that then keep on tapping R.
Submitted by: The Champion Maniac on March 28, 2009
Tired of the annoying pokemon healing tune in the Poke Center?
If you are annoyed when listening to the annoying song when ever you pokes get healed in the center, then this cheat is right for you! First heal a Pokemon and just as the tune starts press the L or R button, that should make the helping screen come up, then exit the helping screen and there should be no noise coming from the game while your Pokemon are being healed! You have to do it every time you are healing your Pokemon so it is a bit of a drag... oh well, enjoy!!!!!!!
Submitted by: bk man on February 21, 2007
Togepi Egg...
If you want the Togepi egg that will hatch into Togepi... (Duh!) Then you have to go to the water labyrinth (North of Five Island) surf west making your way through the labyrinth until you see a man on a little island. Talk to him, and he will give the egg...
Submitted by: zachm130 on July 23, 2005
Trading with Hoenn
Fix the Network Machine on Island 1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game items) and bringing them to the machine
Submitted by: battleboy645 on September 10, 2004
Unlimited Tiny Mushrooms
Required: A Pokemon that knows Thief, Pokemon that knows Fly

Instructions: Go to Mt. Moon and enter. Go through to the end of the cave and whenever you encounter a Paras, use Thief. Once the pokemon has acquired the Tinymushroom and won the battle, go to your Pokemon and go to the pokemon with the tinymushroom. Take off the mushroom and repeat. When you get to the end of the cave, exit and with the pokemon with fly, fly back to the front of Mt. moon and repeat.

I got atleast 100 mushrooms!
Submitted by: Jho73 on October 26, 2009
Walkthrough of the Gym Leaders
Well,if you chose Squirtle of Bulbasaur as your first Pokemon from Oak and its at least at Lv13,then it'll be an easy fight.Fight the trainer before Brock for more Exp Points,then on to the big man.His Pokemon's defenses are terribly high,and his Onix is very fast,but if you use Vine Whip or Water Gun,this is child's play!
If your crew isn't at least around level 20,then Misty'll be a problem.Go through Route 24 and 25 for practice then kick her all over the place.If you nabbed a Pikachu in Viridian Forest,use it,or apply Ivysaur(Bulbasaur,possibly).Her team uses Water Pulse,a good Water move that may also Confuse,so be careful.
If you got a Diglett or Dugtrio in the nearby cave use it.It isn't affected by electris moves and can use Dig to win the fight.If not,then have alot of Paralyze Heal...alot.His Raichu uses DoubleTeam to avoid your moves so hit fast and furioisly.Keep Water types out of the fight,too.
Be cautious because Erika uses conditions like Sleep,Poison,and Paralyze to torture you.Get alot of Full Heal.Your Fire and Flying types will tear her up,if not,leave out Water types.You can match her types for resistance,but type triumphing her works best.Make this a short battle,because if it is long,she'll get the edge,slowly.
To get to Koga,you have to go through annoying invisible walls.The trainers collect Psychic types,but Koga uses Poison types.He loves to put you to sleep or Poison you to slowly wear you down.Use a POkemon immune to Poison or bring a truck load of Antidotes.When he uses Toxic,be careful!It first takes about 1/12 of your HP,then 2/12,making atotal of 3/12.It gets higher each time,pal!His Weezing and Muk havethe highest defense,so hit hard with tough moves.Also,apply Psychic types for more fun!
This battle is tough only if you allow it to be.Her Pokemon are all weak except for Alakazam.It is fast and it Confuses you.Psychis types are actually useful(use em' on Koga).
Water will soak Blaine's boys!They just use Fire Blast,a strong move that also may Burn you.Bring along Burn Heal!His first two comers(Growlithe and Ponyta) are easy as pie,but Rapidash and Arcanine are fast and they both hit hard.Moves like Surf and Watwer Pulse can clean Blaine,then you win!
Well,thisa battle is actually asy.He uses Groung types so don't bring rock,Fire.or Electric types.Use Water move to win.His two Nido pals may cause abit of trouble,though.He uses Earthquake alot.Use a flying type to avoid his Ground moves.
Submitted by: Paul M. on March 14, 2006
Wish on Vaporeon
Vaporeon is a good bulky Water type, and has the ability to use Baton Pass. It is a good idea to use the move Wish, to heal itself and the rest of the team. To get Wish on Vaporeon first breed a female Delcatty with a male Togetic which knows Wish, breed until you get a male Skitty with Wish. Then breed it with a female Eevee, and evolve it to Vaporeon with a Water Stone at level 36 after it learns Baton Pass. (Unless you only want Wish)
Submitted by: ShinyMilotic on March 25, 2008
You are NOT going to evolve
when the screen goes black and a pokemon starts evolving,press b.
Submitted by: Deoxys EX on June 28, 2012

Pokémon LeafGreen Glitches

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golden nuggets x 1000
At the end of nugget bridge the sixth man will give you one nugget, but if you loose to him and go at him again you can git more. Do it tons of times.
Submitted by: david hargrove on June 02, 2012
Infinite Nuggets
This glitch takes advantage of the fact that you get a Nugget every time you talk to the Team Rocket Grunt at the end of Nugget Bridge. You need to lose to him, and then talk to him again. You'll get another Nugget. You can keep using this method to get as many Nuggets as you can.
Submitted by: Castlewars on April 15, 2012

Pokémon LeafGreen Easter eggs

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Bill in two places at once
If you decline the option to go to One Island after coming out of the Cinnabar Gym, Bill will be at his home on Route 25 and in Cinnabar's Pokemon Center!
Submitted by: Castlewars on December 21, 2011
Shiny Trainer Espeon
If you do double battles in the trainer tower on island 7, one person will have a shiny green Espeon.
Submitted by: crazycookie on July 17, 2005
walk though walls
you press L+R+A+B and run at a wall then you should go though the wall and you can run though all the walls after that with out needing to hold L+R+A+B
Submitted by: pokemon guy369 on January 16, 2012

Pokémon LeafGreen Cheats

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Getting The Aurora Ticket and Mystic Ticket/Deoxys, Ho-Oh, And Lugia
You Need An Action Replay Version 3 To Perform This Cheat To Get Deoxys.

72BC6DFB E9CA5465
56671F3A 6F4F4D6B

DMA ENABLIER(Must Be On All Time)
8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2
78DA95DF 44018CB4

You need to be at Virmilion & have gone to at least one of the sevi islands then you can put in the codes. Put code in a New Game Slot.

MYSTICTICKET (8th Island - Lugia-Ho-Oh)
EAEF00BE 85EA8374
141BB87C 83D7018F
194F7975 5E68B89E
2782EFCA 4EED1397
After entering the (M) and DNA ENABLIER codes, enter the MYSTICTICKET with those only. Do not enter the AURORATICKET yet. Now start the game and go to the PokeMart. You should see MYSTICTICKET for sale when you click buy. Buy one and save and turn off. Now disable the MYSTICTICKET and enter the AURORATIKET.

AURORATICKET (9th Island - Deoxys)
EAEF00BE 85EA8374
141BB87C 83D7018F
194F7975 5E68B89E
641B9F5D 3A0D0482
You should see AURORATICKET for sale when you click buy at the PokeMart. Buy one and save and turn off.

Now Disable The AURORATICKET and Leave On The DMA ENABLIER AND (M).

Now enter Birth Island/Navle Rock Enablier.

Birth Island/Navel Rock Enabler
07CF2578 E43B4EBF
Now you should start the game with the (M), DMA ENABLIER and Birth Island/Navle Island Enablier.
Now go to the Varmilian Port and Tak to the Sailor. He should sa that's a rare ticket and Birth Island and Navle Rock should appear. Now your free to capture Deoxys, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

THE ACTION REPLAY CODES ARE BY Pokemonhacker and loadingNOW. I wrote the Instructions and stuff.

I know some people will have trouble with slving Deoxys Triangle Puzzle so I did this for you guys.

Note: When solving this puzzle, you need to tap the buttons that I tell you to tap lightly or you'll end up with extra steps. HERE GOES:

Solving The Triangle Puzzle
1)Approach the triangle from below and press A.
2)Press the left Directional Pad 5 times left, now press down once and press A.
3)Press the right Directional Pad 5 times right, now press up 5 times and press A.
4)Press 5 times right, down 5 times, and A.
5)Press up 3 times, left 7 times, and A.
6)Press right 5 times, and A.
7)Press 3 times left, down two times, and A.
8)Press down 1 time, left four times, and A.
9)Press 7 times right, and A.
10)Press left 4 times, down 1 time, and A.
11)Press up 4 times, and A.

If you need help on this game, u can contact me at syrus42000@yahoo.com
Submitted by: Gamestar on October 21, 2004
going places-magic door cheat!!! (only for action replay max)
magic door cheats are cheats that when you walk through a door (with your cheat cartride on) it will take you to a differnt place.

there are 101 cheats:


Only pick one code. Turn on AR Switch, walk through a door to change to the selected location then turn off the AR Switch. Use this code carefully.


Dock-S.S. ANNE

Deck-S.S. ANNE

Kitchen-S.S. ANNE

Captains Cabin-S.S. ANNE

Policemans Cabin-S.S. ANNE

Underground Path Enterance-ROUTE 5


Underground Path Enterance-ROUTE 6

Underground Path Enterance-ROUTE 7


Underground Path Enterance-ROUTE 8

Enterance 1-DIGLETT'S CAVE

Enterance 2-DIGLETT'S CAVE




1st Floor-SILPH CO.

4th Floor-SILPH CO.

6th Floor-SILPH CO.

8th Floor-SILPH CO.

10th Floor-SILPH CO.

11th Floor-SILPH CO.




Rest House 2-SAFARI ZONE

Rest House 3-SAFARI ZONE

Rest House 4-SAFARI ZONE

Secret House-SAFARI ZONE





***WARNING, the next code WILL save your game and show you the ending!*** You have been warned!

























Nickname House-VIRIDIAN CITY



Pokemon Center-LAVENDER TOWN

Fishing Guru House-VERMILION CITY

Celadon Dept.1F-CELADON CITY

Safari Zone Enterance-FUCHSIA CITY



Copycat House-SAFFRON CITY

Viridian Forest Enterance-Route 2

Pokemon Center-ROUTE 4

Day Care Service-ROUTE 5


Check Point-ROUTE 7


Pokemon Center-ROUTE 10

Check Point-ROUTE 11

Check Point-ROUTE 12

Check Point-ROUTE 15

HM02 House-ROUTE 16

Check Point-ROUTE 18

Check Point-ROUTE 23

Teleporter House-ROUTE 25

Old Trainers House-SEVEN ISLAND

Pokemon Center-ONE ISLAND

Game Corner-TWO ISLAND



Pokemon Center-FIVE ISLAND

Pokemon Center-SIX ISLAND





Dancing Dude House-SEVAULT CANYON

2 Player Battle Arena

2 Player Trade Arena

4 Player Arena

4 Player Battle Arena

Submitted by: broadbean2 on November 14, 2006
Infinite Money
To use this cheat you will need an Action Replay, then you enter the new code in your Pokemon LeafGreen section.
Here is the code:

It works on my one but its the English so if its not working it may be because its only the English version one.
Submitted by: kyu dragons on February 17, 2005
Interesting Cheats
First put the everything for $1 code, if you don't know it here it is;
B5ED95C0 6E754DA3
AD86124F 2823D8DA
then go to the Celadon Mart, go to the drugstore, and buy 99 proteins or whatever. Then disable the code and sell the protein or whatever vitamin you bought back to them for $4900 each and you will be rich.
Note: max amount of money you can have is 999999, so when u get there START SPENDING. then repeat process.

Infinite Safari Zone Time + Bring Your Own Pokemon Into The Safari Zone.

First enable the walk through walls code, if you don't have it here it is;
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4
Fly to Fushcia City and enter the Safari Zone entrance, but before you walk past the guy you usually pay stop walk through the counter, behind him and into the safari zone. You can fight wild Pokemon with your own, and catch whatever you like with no time limit!

Note: You DO NOT get Safari Balls. You must use your own Pokeballs.
(After u enter the safari zone you will not need the walk through walls code but you can keep it on if you like)
Submitted by: Pokemon masta on July 11, 2007
Shiny Pokemon (Works with updated AR. Eg. ARv5.9)
Code requires 2 patch codes to work. Choose patch code #1 and #2 or #3 and #4.

(M) Pokemon LeafGreen
72BC6DFB E9CA5465
56671F3A 6F4F4D6B

If doesn't work try

72BC6DFB E9CA5465
5F28AF6F BC7DB628

Patch #1 and #2
A74320F4 175B5B22
18452A7D DDE55BCC
7FE56658 F483AC73
F8B8373C BAB2B56F

Patch #3 and #4
198DF179 5413C867
18452A7D DDE55BCC
D5AFFB37 6855972C
F8B8373C BAB2B56F
Submitted by: k0u on August 22, 2005
Smoochum Egg!
As some of you already know, Jynx can have eggs with all the other Pokemon from its egg group. If you want a Smoochum egg. follow these steps.

1:Get the national Dex.

2: Have a Jynx and another pokemon from its egg type(The egg type is humanoid if you didn't know) in your party.

3:Go to four island and go to the day-care couple.

4ut the Jynx and the other Pokemon in the day-care centre.

5:Walk around a little while, then come back to the day-care and get the egg.

6:Hatch it, and you will get a Smoochum.

Note: You MUST have a female Jynx to do this.
Submitted by: vegito54 on July 15, 2008