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A good way to catch Pokemon
When you see a pokemon you really want, weaken with a status problem then use the move False Swipe to lower it's HP to one.

Use a combination of:
Poke Ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
A POWERFUL fire move
When you have a charizard around lv. 40, go to 2 isl. Go up to the old lady's house. Before talking to her, put the charizard in front of your party. Talk to her and then she will jump. She will then ask u if your charizard wants to learn BLAST BURN. Its a very helpful move espially if you havent beaten the elite four.
A Water Pokemon Using A Fire Move!
Teach a water pokemon mimic, and whenever you battle a fire type pokemon, if you use mimic you'll see your Water Pokemon using a fire type attack!

Note: The move you learn only lasts for that one battle.
Additional Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
Another way to tell how much your pok'e likes you
After beating the Elite Four if you go to Blue's house and talk to his sister, she'll offer to groom one of your pokemon. She'll also tell you how much the pokemon in the front of your party likes you:)
Beat Brock easy
Start the game with Charmander and get it to lvl 15-20 and teach it quick attack, ember, and metal claw. then go and battle broke. If you want to lvl up your Pokemon first buy a bunch of poke balls until you are out of money. then go battle Brock and beat his geodude but let his Onyx beat the rest of your Pokemon and you should be able to lvl up a little faster.
Best Team 1 (against brock)
When you are fighting gym leaders you need to try and hit the jackpot with your super effective attacks. Read below to find out which pokemon I personally recommend for each gym leader, and the elite four, plus your rival. You must read the other cheats that i have submitted too to learn the rest. This one is just brock.

Brock- Pewter City
Charmander/Charmeleon (must be level 13+ and must know the move metal claw which is super effective)
Squirtle/Wartortle (must be level 12+ so that the moves are powerful enough to knock out in one shot or level 13+ to know the move water gun
Bulbasaur/Ivysuar (must be level 10+ so that it learns vine whip but having it at level 15 teaches posionpowder and sleep powder which are a great addition)
Mankey (Must be level 7+ to learn the move low kick and preferably level 11 to learn karate chop, using low kick is better on onix though because he is heavier)
Butterfree- (Butterfree can use confusion which can cut dents in the pokemon being used from brock. An added extra of course comes from level 15 butterfree which can use the sleep powder move, putting the pokemon there to sleep)
Aginast brock these are the only suggestions i can give you, if you have other pokemon there attacks will not be very effective agianst the rock type pokemon.
Better Pickup
A pokemon with the pickup ability will pick up items But the higher the level the better the items will be . I got a earthquake from my level 45.
Have a whole team with pickup all around level 35 and thats a lot of items
Bonus Moonstone!
There are actually two moonstones in Mt.Moon.
When you reach the super nerd who will fight you for the 'helix fossil' or the 'dome fossil', walk back to the entrance of that small cave area.
Walk to the right and theres a small area that you can fit into. (not that you should still be able to see the scientist/nerd, if you can't you've gone too far). There will be a rock at the end. Press 'A' and it'll say, 'You have found a Moonstone!'.
This is the final one neccesary to evolve every moonstone evoloution in the game.

I have a few more if anyone is interested, i have alot of spare time and alot of Pok'e'mon.
catch lagends easy
use a pokemon that knows false swipe and use him first, then make sure that he has 1 hp left and
then use a pokemon that knows sleep powder or hypnosis and use an ultra ball and u have a 72%
chance at catching him.

OH, and i would start with moltres and work my way up 2 articuno then zapdos. but save the game before battling them in case u kill them.
Catch togepi
This is really easy to do. All you have to do is go the waterlabyrith in five island. There are two ways to go through so you have to find the way on the left. When you find that, you will come up to an island with a trainer and an old man. Talk to the old man and if you have a pokemon that likes you in front, he will give you an egg(you need to have an empty space in your party to get the egg)
Now this is an old tip and yes, it works in Fire Red/Leaf Green too! after ur pokemon are registered as champs, when u get to the credit part when ur person walks out of the door at the leauge, reset or turn off and on and ull be at palet town again. easy!
Deposit, Withdraw and Heal At A Pc
Another way to heal your pokemon is to deposit your pokemon into your PC. When you withdraw it your creature will be full health. I recommend using the pokemon center's nurse Joy though because she is faster.
Determining Pokemon's feelings towards you.
When you use an item on one of your Pokemon outside of a battle, such as a Potion, the Pokemon will either move closer or away from you in the short intermission sequence. How far the Pokemon moves depends on how much it likes you. If it does not move at all, it feels neutral.
Easiest way to get to Sabrina in Saffron gym
First go on the first teleporter, then go to the top left corner mat, go to the bottom left corner mat, go to the bottom left again, and your in her room.
Easter Egg: The pickup truck DOES exist!
Use the bike on water cheat for gameshark (i'm not sure if it's this one). Go to the S.S. Anne on your bike. When you are taken to the front of the ship, simply ignore it and bike to the right. There, you will see the pickup truck. Sadly, just like the RUMORS in the olden days, you cannot get Mew here.
Easy 100 EVs!
Things you will need:
Amulet coin
Vs Seeker
Access to 5 island
A surfing Pokemon
1. Surf to Resort Gorgeous.
2. Attach the Amulet coin to the lead Pokemon.
3. Battle everyone on the island for awhile.
4. Go get 10 of the EV +10 items you need (for example, Carbos for Speed, Calcium for Special Attack).
5. Give them to the Pokemon you need.
Easy egg hatching
So if you're a Pokemon breeder and you hate having to run up and down just to get a single egg hatched then here is what can help you hatch it faster.
Have high level Pokemon In you're party:
Run up and down the cycling road that way you don't even have to do anything but watch him go down and up. It's very easy to do and it will hatch you're Pokemon faster guarantee.
easy exp and easy egg hatch
first got to five island and go to rocket ware house then go inside gothrough until you get back to the area just left of the beginning and then get a heavy object and go up till u get to the down thing and continue i got 10 lvl 100 in 3 days using it also hold eggs and while you hold the eggs do it then press A button or B when it hatches
easy level up
go to vermilion city P.C get the Vs.Seeker go back to cerulean city use Vs.Seeker on Nugget bridge and Vóila, i got up 20 levels with a Kadabra starting at level 23 in 10mins
Easy Money
This is maybe the easiest thing to do for money, first make sure you have a VS. Seeker and make your way over to Resort Gorgeous, which is on island 5, and near Selphys house, there are 2 "Lady" Trainers, use the VS.Seeker and fight them both with a Pokemon that has the Amulet Coin equipped, (They have level 47-50 Pokemon, one has Electric Pokemon, and the other has Grass.) Fight them and each one gives 20,000 dollars!!! Continue doing this until you get loads of money, I did this to buy 9,999 coins at the game corner . I got so much money that I bought 9,999 coins and still had 80,000 dollars left. Enjoy your money .

Easy Money
For this you will need a persan that knows payday and an Amulet Coin Give the Persan the amulet coin and then use the Vs. seeker to battle a trainer with lots of poke'mon or gives you alot of money and for the entire battle use only pay day at the end you should win around 1440 and pick around 3400
easy money without gameshark or action replay
get a level 40 persian with pay day. give it an amulet coin. go to route 11- it is east of vermilion. put persian as the first pokemon in your party. use the vs seeker right next to the gamer who has 'never won' and fight him. beat him and he gives you 4156 coins (if you have the amulet coin) plus the coins from payday. i can get 7000 coins per battle. recharge the seeker, battle him again.
Easy nidoking
This requires a nidorian and a moon stone first get the nidorian to lv. 16 so it evolves into nidorino, then give it a moon stone and it will evolve and congrats you got a lv.16 nidoking
easy training and easy money...
easy training requires a pokemon lvl 48+ with wing attack or a flying move .. eg chairizard..
& a vs seeker

ok step 1
go to one island were the hot springs are ( inside a cave) out side that cave there are 3 single trainer and a team use vs seeker ... and use wing attack to all ur foe's( all fighting)
then if u want to recharge vs seeker go up to spring and heal (givving u pp) and 100 steps

repaeat... also have an amulet coins for more cash..:}

one of the island ( 5-7) i think:P

the tokapi island.. any way up the top there is a rich resort were they are easy to beat.... plus give u alot of money;)

just run round island to recharge vs seeker use amulet coin to double ur cash:) have fun

Easy(sort of) way to get the Legendary Birds
When you get to Moltres(In Mt. Ember on One Island), Zapdos(In the Powerplant east of Cerulean City), and Articuno(Seafoam Islands, east of Cinnibar/west of Fuschia) MAKE SURE YOUR GAME IS SAVED RIGHT BEFORE YOU FIGHT THE BIRD. Have a Pokemon who knows Dragon Rage and Thunder Wave(Preferably Dragonair) around level 45+ and a pokemon who knows False Swipe at lvl 45+.

Make sure that you have around 20 Ultra Balls. Use Thunder Wave to paralyze the Bird, use Dragon Rage until it falls into the Red/Low Yellow zone. Then, switch out to the False Swiper (Something like Scyther or Persian) and lower it to One HP. Then, chuck Ultra balls at it non-stop.

These pokemon refuse to stay in the Balls, so keep trying. Don't resort to using your Master Ball, save that for the Legendary Dog, since it can run away. If you run out of Ultra balls, accidentaly kill it, use the Master Ball at all, or white out, just restart your game and try again. Catching them takes patience.
Here's a couple of hints:

If your thinking about breeding an Evee, then don't be surprised to see that it takes a LONG time for the egg to hatch.

Running back and forth while hitting walls is one good way to hatch an egg quicker.

Me and my brother have both been able to breed a Lapras!!! The egg takes a long time to hatch, so we haven't even been able to see what comes out of the egg! I'll update this cheat A.S.A.P.!
Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire
Go fix the Network Machine on Island 1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game items) and bringing them to the machine.
Extra Power for Cubone/Marowak
Usually Marowak has a pretty average attack stat, but there is a way to make it stronger. Go and catch as many Cubones as you can and there is a 5% chance for each one that they will be holding a Thick Club, which when held by Marowak or Cubone doubles their attack. Good luck.
ez egg hatch
fly to the bike path in cledon and go down each tome you do it gives 160 steps then just fly back or bike back up
Fast Experience
A very good place to train is Sevault Canyon. Beat as many people you can, for there is a lot of trainers. Use your VS seeker after you beat them and heal your pokemon. Keep repeating, and your pokemon's experience will increase fast.

Tip: If you have a Pokemon with experience share, go and battle the girl with the Chansey. If your pokemon is a traded pokemon too, then if you beat the Chansey, the experience will be somewhere around 5000!

Rinse and repeat.
Firered-Specific Pokemon
Name Area
Growlithe Pokemon Mansion
Ekans Routes 4, 8, 9,10, 11&23
Shellder Pallet, Cinnabar, One Island,
Five Island(Super Rod)
Delibird Four Island Icefall Cave
Electabuzz Power Plant
FREE Hitomlee/chan
When you eventually get to Saffron City head for the Fighting Gym. There are 4 trainers, 2 either side. Walk up one side right next to two of them, then you'll only have to battle tow. go to where the leader is and simply walk past him! (He may spot you the first time you try this, if so battle him, but you'll probably lose.) If you get past him choose of of his two pokemon; on the right is a level 25 Hitmonchan, on the left is a level 25 Hitmonlee (I chose that)
Free potion at the start
At the very beginning of the game, you know how you're looking at your tv? Well, before you go downstairs, go to your pc and go to Item Storage, then go to Withdraw Item. A screen will pop up saying you have 1 potion, get the potion out & you will have a free potion at the very beginning. This tip is useful because when you get your starter, you have to battle your rival. (Gary, whatever you named your rival.) So it'll help out with that battle greatly. Plus, you get more money if you win, $$$! Hope this helps! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Game Corner Hint
Did you know that each row of machines at the game corner in Celedon have different odds? The machine on the second row from the right has very good odds. The best machine is the one where you are facing left and your back is behind the man who talks about watching the reels closely.
get a lot of coins easy
when your in the celadon city game cornor use the itemfinder to find a lot of coins lying around
Get all the starter pokemon
If you have a kind enough sister or brother trade your good pokemon to his/her GBA.
Then start a new game on yours twice with different pokemon.
Now trade all of the good pokemon on your GBA and there you have it all the starter pokemon!

Note that this only works between FR/LG until you do more in the game to trade to other versions.
Get coins fast
get more coins
1. register itemfinder
2. go to game corner
3. press select and follow the arrow
4. get there and press "A" where you're standing
get master ball in 5 minutes
As you know you get the master ball after beating giovanni You don't have to battle hardly any trainers in there though First you need the card key on the 5th floor Next go to the 9th floor at the bottom face a rocket and unlock some doors and there is a lady between beds and she heals you Then go up unlock a door and face a rocket then go up and left then teleport you should be on the 3rd floor (srry if ur not if ur not go there and unlock a door) turn left and unlock a door there should be a scientist near a teleport, teleport Now u should be on floor 7 go left to face gary and get lapras (not very good) gary has A lv. 40 starter, pidgeot, alakazam,garados,arcanine and some others. On floor 7 still, teleport you should be on 11th floor face a rocket open door and fight! ( heal if needed)
Get Rich!!!!$$$$
After defeating the elite four, go to 3 island and go into the three island port cave. There you will see that the man has struck it rich. talk to him and he will give you a nugget(sell for 5000$) Then press A on some other rocks and you will find more gold.

P.S: Go through the cave and you will be on a new part of the island. there will be a patch of grass. In it you will find a new pokemon called Dunsparce.(lv 10-15, Does not evolve)
Get Through Lost Cave
Follow these instructions closely because Lost Cave will take you to the beggining if you take 1 wrong turn.
Go right, then down to get a Lax Incense. Once at the entrance, go right, then
up, down, up. Then you get a Sea Incense.
Go right, up, down.
Psychic Laura
Natu, Lv.48 (x2); Xatu, Lv.49
Money: 980
From here, go down, right, right for a Max Revive.
From Laura's room, go down, right, left. Then go down, then right. Heal and go
up. Selphy's here, and she must think you're going to rape her or something...
she challenges you straight away.
Lady Selphy
Persian, Lv.49 (x2)
Money: 9800
She'll take you back to her house and reward you with the front door in your
face, that ungrateful wench. Oh well. Run back through Lost Cave and go back to
Selphy's room and steal her Silk Scarf.

getting to the sapphire
go to the dotted hole, use cuut on the door, then fall down the hole. read the braile tablets to tell you where to go. 2 letters is up, 5 is right, 4 can be down or left. once you get the sapphire it will be stolen and you have to get it back from the rocket warehouse on sevii island 5.
Good Start Team!
For the gym leaders, it helps to start with bulbasaur, which can take down the first, second and last gyms. In Viridian forest, catch a weedle and caterpie, and evolve them into final forms. Butterfree will learn confusion, and there is a TM of thief in Mt Moon, teach it to the Beedrill, which should also know poison sting, and eventually, twineedle. Confusion is a psychic type move, taking care of Koga. Thief is dark type, therefore will be effective against Sabrina. Poison and bug-type moves are good against grass types, making poison sting or twineedle ideal for Erika. In the grass patches before Mt Moon, catch a nidoran (doesn't matter which gender) and level it up. It will learn double kick, which will defeat L.T Surge. That's all the gym leaders gone, so now you can go on to the elite four!
Good Teams for Elite Four
If you chose Squirtle:


If you chose Bulbusaur:


If you chose Charmander:


Hope I helped!

Gym Leaders
Here are the 8 Gym leaders



Pewter City-


Cerulean City-


Vermillion City-

Lt. Surge-Electric

Celadon City-


Fucisha City-


Saffron City-


Cinnibar Island-


Viridan City-

heaps of cash
This only works if you unlocked islands 5,6,7 and saved lady selphy.Go to resort gorgeous and go to L.S's house (lady selphy) talk to her and she'll say that she's bored and wants to see a Pokemon (she'll say what kind she wants to see). If you show her the Pokemon on time she'll give you a reward.So far the things I gotten from her are star piece,pearl,big pearl,stardust,and luxury ball (useful if you want your pokemon to love you faster).You can sell them for tons of cash/yen.To get even more cash/yen fight lady Gillian for 9800 yen and lady Jacki for 10000 yen.
How to catch ARTICUNO easy
Bring a water type pokemon High level (mine is a level 67)Use Surf

All though he is a pain to catch with normal pokeballs like

Pokeball (Normal)
Great Ball
Ultra Ball

I was stupid and used my master ball, i hoped this help!
How to catch Mewtwo
First, trade a Sableye from Sapphire or Emerald. It can a low level Sableye (I recommend that it be around level 9).Make sure you have at least 99 ultra balls, 99 timer balls, and 99 poke balls. Now go to Cerulean Cave. When you get to Mewtwo, send out your Sableye. Mewtwo can't do anything to him because Mewtwo's attacks are Swift, Psychic, Safeguard, and Recover. Swift is a normal type move and doesn't affect a ghost type. Psychic is a psychic move and can't affect a dark pokemon. Since Sableye is a half ghost half dark pokemon, Mewtwo can't attack him. Recover won't be any help because he won't have much to recover. Mewtwo can use Safeguard, but for how long? Every time he uses a useless attack, throw a Poke Ball. When he gets to the point where he has the struggle, alternate between using ultra balls and timer balls (weaken him a little first) and your bound to catch him. If it doesn't work, e-mail me, I'll help you!
How to get a Tyrogue!
you have to have a hitmonchan or hitmonlee and a ditto.take them both to the Day-care on four island and leave them with the old lady.leave and come back after about 10 minutes.come back after a while and talk to the old man at the gate and he will give you a egg.walk around a lot and soon you will have a level 5 Tyrogue!
how to get the Articuno
First go to Fuchsia City. When you get to the Pokemon Center, you will see a path. Go to the path and then surf in the water in a downwards direction. When it comes to an end, take a left and go straight. You might see the island. Get on the island and go straight. You will see a cave. Articuno is inside the cave.
How to Locate/Catch the Legendary Dogs
The List of Starters and the dogs that can be found in Kanto:
<charmander> - Suicune
<bulbasaur> - Entei
<squirtle> - Raikou
*Note only can be found per game depending on the starter, unless you trade with other players having the other dogs.

There is no easy way to find any of the legendary dogs in Fire Red.But there is certain criteria that must be completed in order for the legendary dog to be released:
1)Beaten the Elite Four for the first time only needed once.
2)Obtained the National Dex from professor Oak after catching 60 pokemon.
*Note that you do not need to catch all the unknowns to unlock the dogs it should be roaming around Kanto after completing the two tasks above.

<trick to="to" catching="catching" legendary="legendary" dog="dog">
It is up to chance on finding the legendary dog in your game. So the simpliest way which is the least pain in the ass unless you are very impatient is to:
1)Buy about 25 Max Repels
2)Have a masterball with you or if you already used urs then Buy 15-30 timer balls(available on Island 2),Buy 15-30 ultra balls or great balls.
3)Now put a pokemon first in your party that is higher than the level of the pokemon in the grass that your in but lower than level 50 which is wht level your dog will be at when u encounter it.This is because when u use repel it repels all pokemon lower than the level of the pokemon first in your party when u used it.
4)Now find a patch of grass near a building such as the patch of grass on Route 2 below the entrance to Viridian Forest.
5)Use a repel and take 20 or so steps in the grass then leave the grass and enter the building to which u have chosen then simply go in and come out and then take another 20 steps or so in the grass and repeat by going in the building and coming out and use ur repels whenever you run out. *Note everytime you do this your legendary dog will have moved to another patch of grass. Eventually your dog will come into the patch that your walking in and there you go a battle should happen and you will be fighting the dog.

********Important Notes********
-The dog will flee as soon as you make your first move so use a pokemon with a special ability of shadow tag such as Wobbuffet or arena trap such as Diglett of Dugtrio.
-Also using a pokemon that knows Mean Look or moves such as that that will prevent the dog from fleeing. Although this is useful if you remove the pokemon that use it from battle then the dog can flee.
Huge Money
you need an amulet coin and a vs seeker to get loads of money first give the amulet coin to the pokemon at the start of your pokemon party and go to resort gorgeous and battle LADY GILLIAN NEXT TO SELPHYS HOUSE but remember,battle her with the pokemon holding the amulet coin then charge up your vs seeker and battle her as many times as you like and keep charging your vs seeker to battle her OOOH man i ended up with £11227689 every time u battle her with the pokemon holding the AMULET COIN you will gain £19600 she has 2 level 48 mareeps and 1 lv 49 flaffy so have fun

Infinate Nuggets
On Nugget Bridge, if you lose to the last Rocket trainer you will recieve a nugget again, to lose faster swicth out all your pokemon and have only 1 very low leveled poké.
Nuggets are Priced at 5,000 pokédollars each!
Infinite Nuggets
In Cerulean City,defeat the 5 trainers on the Nugget Bridge.BEFORE talking to the fellow who gives you the nugget and then fights,go back to the pokemon center,deposit all your pokemon in the PC,withdraw the weakest pokemon you have(possibly a level 2 or 3 pokemon).Keep only that pokemon in your party and go and talk to the man at the top of Nugget Bridge.He will give you a nugget,and then fight you with a level 15 Ekans.Since your pokemon is only level 2 or 3,it will wipe the floor with you.After you white out and heal,go and talk to him again.He will give u one more nugget and fight you again.Repeat as many times as required.He will stop giving you nuggets once you withdraw your high level pokemon and defeat him.Hope I Helped!
island 2 moves
on island 2, at cape brink there is a woman in her house. if u show her blastoise she will teach it hydro cannon. with charizard shell teach it blast burn and venasaur will learn frenzy plant. if u did something to have all 3 starters shell teach them to all 3 and not just 1 like i always thought til my bro told me this tip.
Itemfinder Goodies
At Treasure Beach under One Island, there is a beach with a ton of invisible items. Get as many as you can then go cash them in for money. Turn your GBA off. Now, repeat again to get more items on the same island. Repeat as many times as desired.
Leveling up fast
If you REALLY want to level up fast get your Mewtwo......
Go to Celadon and buy TM 13, 24, 35 (IIRC all 4ooo coins ) and put it into Mewtwo but keep Psychic..... so Your Mewtwo should have Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Psychic. This WILL work IF you know the weaknesses to the Elite Four....

Put the pokemon with EXP share in the 1st slot so i comes out first, and then just switch to Mewtwo to get more EXP

Now that you have your Mewtwo go to Elite Four..
You use Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower on Lorelei...
Use Flamethrower on the Steelix, and Psychic on the fighting pokemon with the Bruno fight...
Use Thunderbolt and Psychic for Agatha....
Use Thunderbolt (Gyarados) and Ice beam for the rest of Lance's battle...
Your rival's battle is pretty tough...... you use ALL of your attacks when you fight him so just watch out...

Hope that helps <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Location of the Three Legendery Birds

Articono is in a cave on the Seafom Island.


Zaptos is inside the power plant.


Moltraes is at the top of the mountain on one island be sure to have lots of great balls and ultra balls!
locations of pokemon
touros:safari zone
murkrow:lost cave 5 island
skarmory:sevault canyon 7 island

i hope this helps
Long but worthy battle
If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!
Lost Cave
Here is an easy way to get through the Lost Cave.
In the first room go right. Then in the second room go up. Go back down through the door you just came through. Continue going down through the next door. In the fifth room go right. In the next room go left. Then down, then right, then up. This is how you get to Lady Selphy. You will have to battle her.
You may want to experiment and go in different directions before you get to Lady Selphy. There are some items in the cave if you go in a different direction.
Lots Of Items!!
Hey pokemon fans, did you Meowth isnt all that useless, besides the fact that it evolves into Persian which is a fantastic pokemon. But it also has the ability to pick up items, so catch a party full of them and go for a little explore. And with in 5 mins of walking about 2 of them will have a rare candys and the others should have berries, if you wanna try this out but you dont know where to catch meowth just go to.....I cant think of the name of the place at the moment, Misty's Gym, lets say. Go straight down to the day care center, but before you enter the house search in the little patches of grass above it, the Meowth there range from LV 12-14. So I would suggesting taking a level 16-18 if you want to catch one.

Happy To Help,
When you start the game you have to battle gary after you beat him go to his house and talk to daisy she will give you the map
money and exp.
get strong pokemon in the high 80's and get an amulet coin go to the 2nd version of the elite four and have one bad pokemon that you want to get better like an eevee make it hold exp share and get through the four about four times you will have a high level eevee around level 40-50 and have lots of money if the first poke mon you battle against them each has an amulet coin (your first poke mon in battle against each trainer.
Moon stones can evolve Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy and Jigglypuff.
mystery gift
to get mystery gift you have to go in to any poke'mart and go to the question air.you should answer ''link together with all'' .now save turn the game of and back on and there should be a new option.

have fun
mystery gift
If you want mystery gift go to any poke mart.Then near the person where you buy items there should be a paper that ask you a question.For your answer put in link together with all.Then when you save your game and turn the gameboy advance off you will be able to see the word mystery gift under new game.Then Then put the wirless adapter in the gameboy advance and then press A on mystery gift.You will be able to exchange gifts with your friends or even people you dont know.
New elite four
Once you beat the elite four and get the National Dex the following thing happen:
Bruno's Onixes evolve into Steelixes
Agatha's Golbat evolves into a Crobat
Lance earns another Dragonite
Gary earns a Tyranitar and loses his Rhydon
pokemon Fire Red ultimate team
Start with Charmander at the ch. Catch alot of pokemon. when you get to cerulean city catch a Abra at the grass patch by nuggut bridge. Trade Abra for Mr. Mime at the house after you get out of Digglets Cave. Then go to Celedon City and go in the back way of the big house. Go up the stairs until you get Eevee. Buy a thunderstone at the big mart on floor four and evolve Eevee into Jolteon. Use the TM Lt. Surge gave you to teach Jolteon shockwave. Your team should have Charizard by now so teach him fly. The other Pokemon you need are as follows: Charizard, Mr. Mime, Jolteon, Lapras (which you get at Saffron City), Hitmonlee (Saffron), and lastly Articuno (which you can catch at SeaFoam Island). Level them up. Charizard should know Flamethrower and Fly to take out steel, ice,fighting.Jolteon's shockwave can take out water. Lapras and Articuno's icebeam can handle the dragon types that Lance has at the pokemon league. Mr. Mime can handle poison types and certain ghost type like gastly and his evolutions. Hitmonlee can handle normal and dark types and rock types. There yoe perfect Pokemon team.
Rare Candy
Go to the house on the top of 2 Island.
Go stand behind the house.
Use your itemfinder and it will respond.
It will be a Rare Candy.
rare candy
You can find a rare candy on the biking path. Use the itemfinder while on your bike and hold be down to stay still. Its more toward the bottom on the right side.
Rare Pokemon found in lost cave.
You can find a rare pokemon "murkrow" in the lost cave. If you know the way to battle out the lost cave, in between the route you will have to battle a female trainer (not the lady who appears in the end of the cave) and after beating her, just roam around that area and if you are lucky you may find a murkrow
Repel to its fullest
For repel to fully work, you must have your highest level Pokemon in your party in front. It works because the game makes it so that the highest level Pokemon makes repel work. (I don't really know why)
Rhydon Swords Dance
Rhydon can already learn many strong Physical attacks, but to improve this power even more, you can breed with a male Zangoose knowing Sword Dances, and then the Rhyhorn from the egg will know Swords Dance, which boots the Pokemon's Attack by 2 stages.
Ruby and the Sapphire
Defeat the elite four for the second time and collect 60 pokemon. the go to profefesor Oak and you will be sent to one island.Talk to Celio and he will tell you to find a ruby.Go to mt ember and you will find 2 rockets they tell you the 1st password.Battle them and go inside the cave.Work your ay through the cave till you find a ruby.Exit the cave and give the ruby to Celio.He will give you a rainbow pass so you can go to 4,5,6,7 Island.Go to 6 Island and go to the bottom of the Island.You will find a braille.Use cut on the braille and go inside.Work your way to the top and a guy will steal the sapphire when you click on it.He tells you the 2nd password.Go to 5 Island and go to the meadow.You will find the rocket warehouse.Go inside and go through the puzzle till you get to the guy who stole the sapphire from you.Battle him and if you win he gives yo the sapphire.Go to Celio and give him the sappire.You can now trade and battle with Ruby,Sappire and Emerald!
If you are having trouble with Firered email me at csreilly@ihug.co.nz
Saffron Gym
Okay. If you want to get to Sabrina faster and dont want to fight all the people, this is all you to do:

1)Step on the first floor matt.
2)Go straight left from here. That would be the bottom left corner of the room you are in.
3)After that, go straight down. This would be the bottom right corner of that room.
4)From there just go left twice and you are there!
Secret Trainer Card Stickers
At the lowest house on Island Four talk to the man inside and do the following:

Hall of Fame Sticker #1:
Beat The Elite Four One Time

Hall of Fame Sticker #2:
Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times

Hall of Fame Sticker #3:
Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times

Hall of Fame Sticker #4:
Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times

Egg Hatching Sticker #1:
Hatch One Egg

Egg Hatching Sticker #2:
Hatch One Hundred Eggs

Egg Hatching Sticker #3:
Hatch Two Hundred Eggs

Egg Hatching Sticker #4:
Hatch Three Hundred Eggs

Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1:
Win One Link Battle

Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2:
Win Twenty Link Battles

Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3:
Win Fifty Link Battles

Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4:
Win One Hundred Link Battles
Signal Beam on Venomoth
Venomoth is a half Bug type, but it doesn't learn it's best Bug move from level up, the only way to get it is by breeding. The strongest Bug typed move it can learn is Signal Beam, to get it breed a female Venomoth with a Male Volbeat (All Volbeats are Male) which knows Signal Beam. The egg will then hatch into a Venonat which knows Signal Beam.
Silph Co. Items
This cheat needs Itemfinder. You go to Silph Co.in Saffron City after you have beaten the Team Rockets. You must have a Card Key to unlock doors in case. Use Itemfinder near plants and you have to press A on them. So far I found Nuggets, stat enhancers and other stuff. Go on and try it!!!
Step #1- Enter Gym
Step #2- Walk to teleporter, teleport.
Step #3-you'll be in a room with a guy that has blue hair.
Step #4-Teleport through the teleporter in the far right corner.
Step #5- Walk down, teleport.
Step #6- Repeat #5
Step #7- teleport through the one above you.
Step #8- Repeat #5
Step #9- Go up
Step #10- Repeat #9
Step #11- Repeat #5
Step #12- Repeat #5
Step #13- Repeat #9
Step #14- Repeat #9
Step #15- Repeat #9
Step #16- Repeat #5
Step #17- Repeat #5
Step #18- Well, you've made it. You should be able to defeat her easily with a Charizard. Mine was on Level 50-55 and it defeated each one with out being harmed.
Sky Attack Fearow
Fearow has the ability to learn the strongest flying type move, but only through breeding. To get Sky Attack on Fearow, breed a female Fearow with a male Altaria which knows Sky Attack. The egg will then hatch into a Spearow with Sky Attack.
some cheats and secrets

Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire (JP Version)
Get This By Doing This
Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire Fix the Network Machine on Island 1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game items) and bringing them to the machine
Get the National Dex (JP Version)
Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.


Secret Japanese Time Glitch Fix
In order to do this, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, two GBA's, and a link cable. When the game gets to the start up menu, press select and B. Then press A on the next screen. Next, put the link cable in. Make sure the purple tong is in the GBA with FR/LG, and the grey one is in the GBA with R/S. Press A to do the transfer. When you start up the second GBA, with R/S in it, press Select and Start on the Gameboys default screen to fix the time glitch in R/S.
-Get The National Dex-
To get the National Dex, just beat the Elite Four with at least sixty pokemon in your Dex and after the credits. You'll arive in Pallet Town and Oak will upgrade u and Gary's Dex.

-Trade With Ruby-
To trade with Ruby/Sapphire, you need to fix the network machine on Island 1.

-Gettin The Legendaries-
Zapdos - Get in in the Power Plant like Red/Blue.
Articuno - Get in at Seafoam Island like Red/Blue.
Moltres - Can be found at Island One.
Mewtwo - Can be found in The Unknown Dungeon.

-Gettin The Legendary Dogs-
The Legendary Dogs appear wild anywhere after you beat the Elite Four depending on you starter. You can only find one pokemon in the game depending on the following starters u select:
Suicune : Charmander
Raikou : Squirtle
Entei : Bulbasaur

-Unlimited Time In The Safari Zone-
Go to the Safari Zone and walk into any area with grass and stop. Now touch the D-pad lightly but don't move anywhere. Now you'll see that your player just turned up/down. Now continue to do it in a rotation (ex Left, Down, Right, Up). Eventually u will encounter a pokemon while just rotating in te same spot.

If you need help on this game, u can contact me at syrus42000@yahoo.com
sound making
When the gameboy is at a point to where it says 2004 pokemon on it, keep pressing L&R and a sound will go off.
Special Items
Talk to Giovanni in his gym after you have beaten him, he will leave and the gym will shake. Use the itemfinder where he was stood and you should find a Macho Brace which improves the attack of the equipped pokemon in return for loss of speed. Also go to the top of pokemon tower and use the item finder in front of the three graves. You should find a Soothe Bell. Also use the item finder where both Snorlax where and there will be a Leftovers item in each place this is a great help for the Pokemon League. Hope this helps. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Special Recognition
Once you have collected all 200 Pokemon in this game, go to the Celadon Mansion in Celadon City and the man who is incharge of the Game Freak will give you a diploma.
Special Salamence
If you want to get a salamence with Hydro Pump and or dragon dance breed a female bagon/shelgon/salemence with a male kingdra or gyrados (recommended) that knows hydro pump or dragon dance. when the egg hatches, it should know those moves

Starter pokemon
There is no best starter pokemon but they each have distint advantages. Here they are:
Charmander- Has best attack strenght and learns some dragon type moves
Bulbasuar- Speediest and learns the incredibly useful sleep powder
Squirtle- Has best defense and can learn a lot of tm moves.
starter ups and downs
Charamander: type fire, turns into flying and fire charizard.

ups: will easily beat erika and koga ,and has dragon moves when it becomes a charizard

downs: will probably lose to misty, brock, and giovanni.

bulbasaur: is a grass type: turns into venasaur.

ups: will beat misty,brock, and giovanni

downs: will be hard to beat Blaine and a few of the Elite four.

squirtle: evolves into blastoise

ups: will beat brock, giovanni, and blaine.

hope this helps. I ROCK
If you have 2 gbas, you can start the game, get the starter, and then trade it over to another game, and then restart and pick another starter, and again until you have all of them.

If you don't, here's a tip.

Charmander is actually the best starter, because then your rival's starter will be Squirtle, right? Water is weak to electric, which you can find in Viridian Forest, therefore garunteeing your victory faster then the other 2 starters. You see, the gyms arent a problem. Level Charmander up till he learns Metal Claw, and then evolve him. Now you can face Brock. Pikachui can take care of Misty, and catch an oddish or a bellsprout and level it up to ensure your 3rd badge. Your starter can easily take Erika, and I think Poison is weak to Pyschic, so catch a Drowzee or Hypno in Vermillion and Koga is gone!! As for Sabrina, just pull out a normal or some other Pokemon, it really doesnt matter. And then, in Cinnabar, you can take Blaine on with a water pokemon you might have caught or if you turned your Eevee into a Vaporeon. Then your water Pokemon can take on the Viridian City gym. And that's the fastest way through, as Pikachu destroys both Pidgeot and Squirtle, so the rest is easy!
Stay in the Safari Zone For ever,
Get a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and keep on using it until you find that exclusive Pokemon you want and try to catch it.
the islands 1-3
first of all when u beat Blaine you will see Bill he will have a boat next 2 him. go on it and it will take you 2 island 1. surf south of the harbour and u will reach an island it has loads of items on so use your itemfinder! surf bak up and go into the poke centre. u will meet celio he will ask u 2 find stuff for him! surf west of the main land and then surf up to an island. Defeat the trainers and walk up into a cave sort of thing. Battle Moltres the legendary fire bird. Other legendary birds located at Seafoam islands and power plant. Hop back down and travel 2 island 2. travel north to the womens house who has an ultimate move!! Travel to island 3 and defeat a few biker goons. then rescue lostelle in Berry forest. Once you have beaten the elite 4 visit prof oak and have captured 60 pokemon he will give u national dex. Travel back to island one and go to the cave again and find the ruby. travel back towards island one and give celio ruby! he will give u rainbow pass this lets u access islands 4-7.
ultimate beat down team
Snorlax -level 75
gengar -level 80
dragonite -level 90
gyarados -level 85
nidoking -level 88
mewtwo -level 90
If you want to have a good start in the beginning, catch a pikachu in viridian forest. then, right after viridian forest and catch a BOY nidoran then evolve it into a nidorino, then it will be able to have double kick, then it will easily kill brock,and lt. surge.
Underground Path
In the underground path coming from Saffron City when you get down the stairs look down and take three steps and then turn right ,there should be an item.
Unown Locations
First solve Tanoby Key in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island and proceed to Tanoby Ruins. Then search for the Unown:

Unown Z/!: Viapois Chamber
Unown B/M/V/W/X: Rixy Chamber
Unown F/G/K/T/Y: Scufib Chamber
Unown J/L/P/Q/R: Dilford Chamber
Unown E/I/N/S: Weepth Chamber
Unown C/D/H/O/U: Liptoo Chamber
Unown A/?: Monean Chamber
V City Item
In Vermillion City go strait down from the pokemon center until you hit the water. Tap the D- Pad so you are facing left. Press the A button and you will get a max ether!!! Yay!!!
On Two Island, there is a Pokemon Move Maniac(house next to the game corner).He needs 2 tiny mushrooms or a big mushroom, and u can learn really cool moves if u hand them over. Charizard can learn Heat Wave, Dugtrio Tri attack or Sand Tomb etc. This is good if u havent deafeated the Elite 4.
Will-o-Wisp Weezing
Weezing is a tank like Pokemon and can live for a long time so it is a good idea to teach it a move like Will-o-Wisp. Will-o-Wisp can only be learnt by breeding with a male Banette which knows Will-o-Wisp. After the egg hatches, you will get a Koffing with Will-o-Wisp, good luck.


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catching the ghost marowak!!!
Ok.This is a good glitch. but be warned, if you do it you will have to start a new game. after you get the silph scope. go back to pokemon tower, and go to where ghost marowak is then fight if you have a master ball you can catch it!!! but youll have to start over on your game because when you reach the old man he will notcome back with you because he will not sense that marowak is at peace.
glitch city 2
everyone knows about saffron's glitch city.what about fuchsia's?well,first go to the safari zone.pay the 500 gold.then when your there,go back.he will say, "do you want to leave early?"say no.do the same thing again.you can now save in the safari zone.save.now turn it off then on again.go back where it said "do you want to leave early?" now it will say "welcome to the safari zone!do you want to enter?"say no.you will leave instead of going back.now walk around till PA says your time is up.go outside.it may be glitch city,it may not.if not,walk around again till PA says the same thing.walk outside.voila!glitch city! (IMPORTANT!if you travel to far,you will get stuck in invisible walls.)
Infinite Money via. Easy Glitch
Go to the Nugget Bridge on Route 24 (directly above Cerulean City) and beat every trainer EXCEPT the Rocket Grunt on the end. Do NOT beat the Grunt! Get a low-level Pokemon and lose. In Red and Blue, you could only battle him once. But in the original and Player's Choice version of FireRed and LeafGreen, you can challenge him again if you lost, but why would you you even want you even want to do that!? Because he gives you a Nugget! Even if you lose he will still give you a Nugget, which can be sold at any Poke Mart for $5000. Soon you'll rack up tons of 'em! I haven't played though enough yet to see if you can VS. Seeker him or not, or if he will give you another Nugget, so I recommend few hours to unwind and get several piles of 99 Nuggets, even AFTER you have $999999. But why more even after 999999? Everything good is expensive, and you may get too poor to afford some good stuff, so always keep more, just in case! Good luck making BANK!!!!!1!!!

Easter eggs

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Fast daycare exp
This cheat works for all Pokemon games that require steps to level up your Pokemon in the daycare
First deposit the Pokemon you want to level up
Next go to the nearest place that pushes you back if you can go past it like the sand area or sand ramps in ruby Sapphire and emerald, I advise you using the fastest transportation in the game you have fire red leaf green use water falls or the bike path with no bike. I advise waterfalls with all of them because it takes a while to get it finally tape down the button direction your moving in. Make a rolled up thing of tape put it on the button tape it around the game system and turn off the screen light if you have one and let it sit all night and a low level Pokemon would have grown at least 10 levels just make sure you have enough money to take your Pokemon back
The FR/LG Seabreak Path
Use the Walk through Walls code.(This works 25% of the time)Go to the right top-corner of Pallet Town.Go into the trees.Sometimes a glitch path comes up walk along it(sometimes on the water) and you come to Route 1.Go to Viridian City.It has new buildings.DON'T SAVE there you you could be stuck.


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cloning pokemon
you need to games of any kind i used leaf green and fire red. first trade the pokemon then when they are saving shut off one then the other then they will both have a pokemon of the same kind

me and my friend figured this out by accident we cloned a pigeot 3 times
Delete Saved Data
Hold B + Select + R + Up while playing the game to erase your saved data.
ez breeding
this is the easiestway to get the ultimate pokemon. haave a ditto and put it in the day care center on island 4. put another pokemon in daycare with it. it can be a male, female, or neither. rust run around the island for a while until the guy comes out (you might have to go in and out of houses). u can do this with ANY pokemon except legendary pokemon (mewtwo, entei, zapdos, etc.). put in a male hitmonlee and you will get tyrogue. put in an electrode and u will get a voltord. its just that simple.
Glitch city
To get here, you need a Gameshark or Action replay with the Ghost cheat.Go through the a Safaron city gate (Without going in)And there you are! Glitch city. There are no people here or open buildings or gyms.It's just like the Ghost version of Safaron city. (Do not go back & forth between the city & A route.)