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Pokémon Emerald cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Emerald cheat codes.


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Special Box Wallpapers
Hi! As we all know, we can customize our boxes in Lanette's PC for that little personal touch. But did you know that you can get SPECIAL wallpapers?

PS: If you really can't figure it out, just send me a Message.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Special WallpaperFirst of all, you need to know your Trainer ID. Then, you need to get a password that will only work for you, which is why you need your Trainer ID. After aquiring your password, go to Rustboro City, to the house behind the Cutter's House (this is the place where you got the HM Cut). Go inside and go up the Second Floor. Once there, talk to the man who is beside his Daughter. He will ask you for a word that might make his daughter smile. Once at the entry box, type in the code you got, following it's format, including the capital letters. If done correctly, he will tell you that his Daughter smiled, and as a token of his appreciation, he tell you that he is actually a Devon Researcher and would like to give you a box wallpaper. Volia!
Training Weak pokemon easier
First, have the weak pokemon you want to train, and a strong pokemon. Have the weak pokemon in front and get into a battle with a strong pokemon or trainer. When the weak poke goes out and the trainer sends his/her pokemon out, switch to the strong poke and kill the trainer/pokemon. The weak poke should level up according to how strong the foe was.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Making weak poke into strong pokeFirst, have the weak pokemon you want to train, and a strong pokemon. Have the weak pokemon in front and get into a battle with a strong pokemon or trainer. When the weak poke goes out and the trainer sends his/her pokemon out, switch to the strong poke and kill the trainer/pokemon. The weak poke should level up according to how strong the foe was.
Making weak poke into strong pokeTo make your pokemon stronger and not going thru the haggle of training them one one one, all you have to do is deliver the letter Devon President gives you to Steven and then return back to the Devon President and he gives you the exp share, this is a awesome tool to have, so just give the item to your pokemon and every time one of your pokemon get exp your pokemon do to, also if the battle and win there exp is doubled. This is really the easiest way to get strong pokemon. Cheers


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2 Master Balls
Ball 1

Go to department shop. Talk to lady on right to check lotto ticket.

[Moderator Note] Note that you must get all six numbers right.

Ball 2

You will find it in team aqua base. Hint :save it for Latios.

A faster route to hatching eggs
There is a way in Mauville City that you can go very far and don't stop frequently when you are hatching eggs. When you are going out of the day care, there is a pile of trees, well it's a plce where there are a lot of trees, go directly above it. Then ride your Mach Bike left and then you will have to stop at the Battle Tent's sign. Then go to the right which is a very long route.
You cannot capture jirachi, deoxys, mew, the other lati, celebi, ho-oh, or lugia withought using a cheat device, or going to a nintendo event in new york. All the rumors about the space station, and extra sky pillar stuff is only in the Japanese game.
Additonal Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
Another type of Pokemon Center
When you go from Fortree to Lilycove in either ruby, sapphire, or emerald, you see the safari zone. Inside the safari zone is a computer. If your pokemon are weak/tired/fainted, put them into a box and take in back. Voila! They're healed!
Attack Combos
Belly Drum + Rest
Belly Drum + Psych Up
Charge + Electrical Attack
Defense Curl + Rollout
Dragon Dance + Physical Attack
Endure + Reversal/Flail
Flatter + Psych Up
Foresight + Fighting Move
Leech Seed + Ingrain
Lock-On + Zap Cannon
Mean Look + Perish Song
Mimic + Imprison
Mind Reader + Sheer Cold
Rain Dance + Water Attack
Rain Dance + Thunder
Rest + Sleep Talk
Rest + Snore
Safeguard + Thrash/Outrage/Petal Dance
Spore + Focus Punch
Substitute + Flail/Reversal
Substitute + Focus Punch
Sunny Day + Solar Beam
Sunny Day + Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight
Sunny Day + Fire Attack
Stat Up Move + Baton Pass
Swagger + Psych Up
Swagger + Screech
Toxic + Dig/Fly/Dive/Bounce
Toxic + Protect/Detect
Bagon with Hydro Pump
First get a Male Seadra/Kingdra that knows Hydro Pump and a female Salamence. Breed them and when the egg hatches, you will get a Bagon that knows Hydro Pump. Useful for making a Special Sweeping Salamence.
Battle Frontier- Catching pokemon
When you first explore the battle frontier, go to the BATTLE PALACE, and go to the southwest corner. SURF to the other side, and you will first see a little old lady.
continue down the path south of the lady until you notice a strange tree that moves when you press A.
This is a sudowoodo, origianlly found in the GSC versions.
To battle it, use the WAILMER PAIL on it. You have only one chance to catch it, so don't screw it up.

After that, you can SURF on the water that the Sudowoodo was blocking. SURF down the WATERFALL, and keep surfing left (there are no fish or anything in the water, so don't bother.)

After a while, you will surf to a cave known as the ARTISTAN CAVE. Go inside, and as you explore the cave, you will find many stat items in the boulders (carbos, etc.) The only pokemon in this cave is SMEARGLE. (hence, the ARTISTAN cave.) The SMEARGLE are generally level 41 to 50. They can only use sketch once before they start struggling.
Battle The True Champion
After you have beaten the Elite Four go to the Meteor falls and climb up the waterfall. Go to place where you encounter lots of Bagons. You'll notice that there is a room there now go into the room. In the room you'll see Steven, talk to him and you will fight Steven but be warn his pokemon are very powerful.
Battling Steven
After defeating the Elite 4, go to Meteor Falls and there will be a new door will be opened somewhere. Inside is Steven. Here are his Pokemon, their Levels and moves:

Skarmory: Level 77 (Toxic, Aerial Ace, Spikes, Steel Wing)
Claydol: Level 75 (Reflect, Light Screen, Ancient Power, Earthquake)
Aggron: Level 76 (Thunder, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Dragon Claw)
Armaldo: Level 76 (Water Pulse, Ancientpower, Aerial Ace, Slash)
Cradily: Level 76 (Giga Drain, Ancientpower, Ingrain, Confuse Ray)
Metagross: Level 78 (Earthquake, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball)

Note: As his Pokemon are really strong, it is highly recommended to fight him only when your Pokemon are at least Level 70.

Berry Codes
Talk to the Berry Master's wife, and tell her these codes:

31. Spelon: GREAT BATTLE
33. Watmel: OVERWHELMING LATIAS (must have Latias in pokedex)
34. Durin: COOL LATIOS (must have latios in pokedex)
Best Blaziken!!!
Have your Blaziken learn Slash, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower (more stronger and accurate than Blaze Kick), and Sky Uppercut. Aerial Ace can be replaced with ThunderPunch later on when you reach Battle Frontier By getting enough BP to learn it from one of the old ladies there.
Catch a Rhyhorn
First go to a safari zone and find a body of water on a hill. Then keep going through the grass nearest to the water. Good luck!
Catch Sudowoodo
When at the Battle Frontier, you may see an odd brown tree mixed in with the ordinary trees. Use your Wailmer Pail on this tree and a battle with Sudowoodo will commence.
Catching G/S/C Pokemon
After you defeated the Elite Four, go to the Upgraded Safari Zone. In the Safari, you can catch some G/S/C Pokemon such as Houndour, Aipom, Stantler, Mareep, Miltank, and more GSC Pokemon. This Unlockable works only in Pokemon Emerald.
If you are cloning please remember to save after the duplication process. If you do not you will lose a pokemon. I lost my Kyogre, Blaziken, Rayquaza, Armaldo, and Cradily.
Cut egg steps in half
If you have an egg and you want tit to hacth even faster than have a egg in your party and then have a pokemon that has these certain abilities Magma armor or flamebody. Choose wichever and put the egg with the certain abilities.
Defeat Brawly Easily.
The second gym leader, Brawly, can easily be beaten if you catch a Sableye in the nearby cave.

Sableye are usually in the first lower level, walk around the edge of the wall until you find one.

Brawlys' Pokémon can't hurt Sableye (except Meditite).
To get Deoxys, put a roselia in the front of your party, and a magneton in the last spot. Then go over to the white rock (at the space station) When you push it, it will shatter. A key will come out. Use the key to go behind the space station, neer the rocket. You can open a door. Inside the door is deoxys. THIS IS NOT FOR THE AMERICAN VERSION
Did you know?
In emerald you have a phone and after u battle somebody,they give you there number? Well,after you battle gymleaders,they give you there nunmber too! They will call and ask for a re-match after you beat the elite-four! (Don't worry,if you lose the rematch, you won't lose your badge!)
Easiest Battle frontier wins
When you you are in the battle frontier bring a trio of lv. 50 normal type pokemon with all different attacks. (This is best for the battle dome events, and make sure that you keep/learn BODY SLAM if you can, because it's a strong attack to have). And any battle points you get, spend on medicine and bonuses like HP UP for your pokemon to make winning alot easier next time.
Easy egg hatching
If you have a lot of eggs you want to hatch, or you just dont want to ride back and forth for ages in the game, this is a really easy way to hatch your eggs.
First, get as many eggs in your party that you want to hatch (max 5) and find one of the sandy slopes that you can only get up using a mach bike. (you dont need a mach bike for this). A good place is the slope just under the weather station, west of fortree city. make sure you dont go anywhere like the slope in the dewford cave because you'll keep running into pokemon.
anyway, stand beneath the slope and press up. your character will walk up the slope and fall back down. this counts as 1 step. place something like a pile of coins on the top of the d-pad. this will make your character continually walk up and fall back down the slope. you can leave your DS/gamebox doing this for a while.

note; make sure you check back on it every now and then, in case one has hatched.
Easy experience pts and money
First, go to route 111. Head towards the place where you see Gabby & Ty. If you see them,fight them.If not go to Mauville and go to route 118. Use surf and go to the other side. U may see them at the beach. If not, head to Fortee and head to route 120. Repeat this process.
Easy level 100 training
Battle the E4 over and over again, beat Wally a lot, train in the Sky Pillar, Victory Road, or any other place with high level pokemon, or rebattle trainers on your Pokenav.
Easy training
Okay, this will seem to you PRETTY obvious. first, put the Macho Brace, (The thing you get from Mrs. Winstrate) on the desired pokemon, then go to Artisan cave (The cave with all the smeargles) and, ell, battle them! if the macho brace works, it'll make you slow, so they use sketch before you attack, making their only move struggle!
easy traning for pokemon level 20-25
go to rout 15 befor you go on that piece of land where the stairs are keep going north and there ais some land. and all the way north you will fin some barris TM 1 and a patch of grass.there you can find swellos taillows and jiglypuffs. all around level 20-25.
Easy victory through game
Start with a Mudkip. throughout the game, only level it up. when starting, before you even challenge the first gym leader, level your Mudkip to level 16 (or higher) until it evolves. Then challenge the leader. Throughout the game, challenge all the trainers you meet and defeat them only with Marshtomp/ Swampert.

As for grass types, learn Ice Beam (tm13) or BLizzard (Tm14 I think. correct me if im wrong). Usually, you can KO a grass type if you're at a high level. If not, capture a fire type to assist you, preferably a high leveled one, or one with high Sp. Attack Stats (i didnt need this, so im not sure which one to capture).

The bad thing about this strategy is that if your rival is able to launch his attack first against your Swampert, it does 4x the normal damage, so you may want to fight your rival's grovile/sceptile with the fire pokemon.
easy way to get multiple lv 100's
If you know how to do the clone cheat just trade a lv 100 Pokemon from a friends GBA Pokemon game clone it then trade it right back. Since they get it back you're friend shouldn't care. That way you get lv 100's thanks to you're friend. You can also use one of you're own games instead of a friends
Egg Moves For Hariyama
Hariyama doesn't learn a very wide range of moves from level up but with breeding it can learn a few good moves.

One of these is Counter, which works great with Hariyama because of its high HP and fairly low Defence. To get Counter breed a female Hariyama with a Male Hitmonchan (there are also a few others) which knows Counter. The egg will then hatch into a Makuhita with Counter.

Another good move is Cross Chop which is very strong and has a good critical hit ratio. To get Cross Chop breed a female Hariyama with a male Machamp (there are also a few others) which knows Cross Chop. The egg will then hatch into a Makuhita with Cross Chop.
elite 4 so easy
to easaly deafeat the e4 just get high levleblaziken and legendareis
the sava then start new game then do a have same pokemon as last game cheat then save reapeate this patearn till suits u thenhava a raqazza suicune blaziken swampert sceptile latios deoxes claydol
solrock whaillord salamence latiose
but make sure u have 3 starter pokemon and suicune so there u have it
EV Training
If you are EV training your Pokémon, these are good Pokémon to battle: (to raise your Pokémon's stats higher)

HP: Whismur (Rusturf Tunnel)
Attack: Carvanha (Route 119 - Super Rod)
Defense: Sandshrew & Skarmory (Route 113)
Special Attack: Spinda (Route 113)
Special Defense: Tentacool (Surf anywhere)
Speed: Zubat & Golbat (Cave of Origin)
Evolution of Eevee
To evolve Eevee into Espeon, you must max his/her happiness stats, and raise him/her 1 level between 12 PM and 12 AM (Morning time). To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, you must max his/her happiness stats, and raise him/her 1 level between 12 AM and 12 PM (Evening time).
Evolve Via Happiness
Some pokemon only evovle when their happiness passes a set mark and then they gain a level, like Golbat evolves into Crobat in this manner. This is an ideal way to raise happiness fast:

  • Catch the pokemon in a luxury ball
  • Make the pokemon hold a soothe bell (increases the value of all happiness events)
  • Give them lots of vitamins like protein or calcium
  • Give it some effort berries
  • Give him/her some poke blocks (ones they like)
  • Gain levels

    Doing this and avoiding bad things like fainting and feeding it bitter medicines and it should evolve in no time.
  • extra rare candy
    To get another rare candy, go to Lilycove, and go to the small pond under where Registeel's cave is. If you surf to the bottom of the pond, a pokeball is there, but that's not it. Two very small patches of land about two steps long are there to its left. The very left patch of land holds the rare candy. Just use an itemfinder or click once you're on the land and you have another rare candy.
    fossil regenerator
    If you have a fossil you can go to the devon corp in rustburo city.Go to the second floor to the guy on the bottom right.Talk to him.Go out of the devon corp and go back in.he'll have changed your fossil into a lileep or an anorith.Have a good time with your pokemon!
    Gardevoir Egg Moves
    Destiny Bond or Mean Look = Gastly/Haunter/Gengar + Gardevoir
    Disable/Menmento = Grimer/Muk
    Will-o-Wisp = Shuppet/Banette

    This ONLY works With a Female Gardevoir, and works well for the BATTLE ARENA.
    Get a Wynot
    To get a wynot go to Lavaridge town under the spa and talk to the old woman and make room for an egg. You will have to hatch it!. Good luck!
    Get Lileep and Anorith
    You need to talk to a Ruin Maniac in Lavaridge Town first. Then, go to the desert. Near the Youngster, there is a transparent tower. Go inside. You will need Mach Bike and Rock Smash. You will need to navigate through winding tunnels and ride over mach-bike holes. At the end are the fossils. You can choose only one.

    POKEMON IN MIRAGE PILLAR: Trapinch- Common
    Sandshrew- Uncommon

    Getting the other fossil: After you beat the elite four, go to the Fossil Maniac's chamber in Fallarbor town. There is a tunnel you can go through. At the end, there is the other fossil.

    Geodude- Somewhat Common
    Graveler- Rare
    Get More Berries
    Instead of getting 2 berries from every berry you plant, you can get up to 6! The more times you water the berry(s), the more berries you should get. Try watering it twice every time you check up on it, and try checking up on it at least 3 or 4 times in one day.
    get wailmer pail
    to get the wailmer pail go to the flower shop on route 110 i think and talk to the girl at the top of the store she will give it to you. you can use the wailmer pail to grow berrys faster and to get sodowodo at the battle frontier then surf down the waterfall and keep going left until you find a cave entrence you can only find wild smeargls their the first one i saw was level 50. but the levels you can find them at are level 41-50.
    hope i helped.
    Get Wynaut's and Azurill's
    Most people thinks to catch a baby all you need to do is breed two pokemon like, two Pikachu's results in a Pichu.

    But, Wobbufet's and Marill's/Azumarill's are exceptions.

    To breed those pokemon's you need them to hold a Lax Incense (Wobbufet) and a Sea Incense (Marill)
    Getting Beldum
    After you defeat the Elite 4, go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City. On his table is a Pokeball, which contains a Lv. 5 Beldum.

    The Beldum will only know Take Down until it evolves into Metang at Level 20. At Level 45, Metang will evolve into Metagross.
    Getting Latias Or Latios
    After you defeat the Elite Four, go to your house and watch the television downstairs. After you watch it, your mom will ask you what color the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios.
    Getting Money Quickly
    To get a lot of money very fast, attach the Amulet Coin to one of your pokemon and battle reporters Gabby and Ty over and over again.
    Getting Pictures in Lilycove Museum
    To get pictures in the museum, you have to talk to the guy in front of the stairs in the museum. Then you have to beat the Master Rank contest and the artist will come out and show you the picture he drew of your pokemon for winning. Tell him yes to put it in the museum and he'll take it there. You have to beat each contest. Which is five contests. When you go back to the museum, there will be more people up stairs and all the frames will be filled. Talk to the guy who told you to get pictures and he'll give you a Glass Ornament for your secret base.

    Getting the Other Fossil
    After you beat the Pokemon League, go to Fallabor Town (where you dig). The guy digging in the back has digged a tunnel called the Desert Underpass. Go all the way to the end and get the remaining fossil.
    Glitch:The Blend Master
    When the Blend Master comes to Lilycove City(the tv should tell you)fly over to Lilycove.Enter the pokemon contest building and to the right you should see a bunch of people watching the blend master.Now "SAVE" your game near where the blend master is.Usually the blend master is only in lilycove for a day but since you saved your game, the bland master will be there everyday.You can bleand as many berries as you want to.
    Great, but not best poke trio
    I use this cheat every time I start a new game, first of all, start with a torchic. Use this pokemon only until you get to where you can catch a wingull. Train your torchic to lvl. 16. Then teach it double kick and peck for later. Use double kick to take out Roxanne. Meanwhile, remember to train your wingull. When you get to Dewford, catch a sableye. Your pratically untouchable. Also cach a nincada and always keep an open space for it to evolve inot shedinja. You must also have a free pokeball at all times. Use your wingull and sableye to beat Brawly. When you get to Wattson, your nincada needs to be a shedinja and you cant be touched. Except his voltorb with roll out. Use combusken for that. If shedinja gets confused, switch it out. You can deposit ninjask. After you beat Wattson, use the TM he gave you on wingull, sounds crazy, but it works. Then use wingull/pelliper on Flannery. You no longer need shedinja. Remember to battle every trainer on the way. You can use shockwave and fly to take out Wynona. On Norman use Combusken/Blaziken. Only train Blakiken, pelliper, and sableye for the rest of the game. Make sure your sableye has shadowball and you can take Tate and Liza. Use your masterball on rayquaza. despite common belief, sableye learns mean look so use your masterball on rayquaza. Mean look makes it to where pokemon can't escape for when ypu try to atch one of the latis. Anyways, use pelliper one last time to beat Juan with shock wave. For the elite four, you have a move for every type.
    Here's what they should know:
    Blaziken-Blazekick, Doublekick, Mirrormove, Earthquake
    Sableye-Meanlook, Shadowball, Faintattack, Detect
    Pelliper-Fly, Surf, Shockwave, Protect
    Rayquaza-Outrage, Fly, Rest, Extremespeed
    Gym Leaders
    Gym 1: Roxanne-Rock
    Gym 2: Brawly-Fighting
    Gym 3: Wattson-Electric
    Gym 4: Flannery-Fire
    Gym 5: Norman-Normal
    Gym 6: Winoa- Flying
    Gym 7: Tate&Liza-Psychic
    Gym 8: Juan-Water
    Gym Weaknesses
    Each Gym Leader has a particular weakness, in regards to elemental Pokemon. So if you want to stand a stronger chance of defeating them, be sure to include Pokemon that have moves related to particular elements:

    Roxanne: Grass, Water.
    Brawly: Flying, Psychic.
    Wattson: Ground, Fighting.
    Flannery: Water, Rock, Ground.
    Norman: Fighting.
    Winona: Thunder.
    Tate And Liza: Water, Dark, Ground.
    Juan: Thunder.
    Hatch an Egg Fast
    Simply put a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team to cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg in half.
    Having Troubles Fishing?
    To fish (using a rod), just press A whenever you get a bite. Only press it ONCE, and press it every time it says "You have got a bite!" Doing this over and over again will eventually lead to the Pokémon attacking you.

    Note: This maneuver works with all the rods (Old, Good, and Super).
    Healing at the weather center
    If you are on your way to Fortree and you have to battle trainers then you have to battle grunts in the weather center and your good pokemon are really tired and fainted, if you make a left when you first enter, there is a PC just put your good pokemon in there then go out and back in the PC then your pokemon are set and ready for battle!
    Before you go and challenge the first gym leader train as much as you can with your starter Pokemon, try to get it to a very high level. This will help you proceed through the game easier. I usually get my starter up to at least LV. 15-20 before challenging the first gym leader.
    To catch this pokemon, you need to get the mystic ticket and then use the ticket to go to the Navel Island, where you can find them.
    Once you beat the game, go to the Weather Station near Fortree City. Go upstairs and talk to the guy in front of a computer. He will tell you were there is a drizzle. Go to the rought and use dive in the water. Then go through a small door. Next, come up and work your way through Marine Cave. Then you will find Kyogre! When you battle him, get him to red health and throw your net ball and don't press any buttons {if you want to paralise him you can}.
    how do you know witch route groudon and kyogre is
    go to the weather for cast near fortress city go to the 2nd floor and speak to the last person
    how to clone pokemon
    well you need to have access to the battle frontier. then you go to the battle tower. then you deposit a pokemon in the pc in a box by itself. then you get off the pc and save the game. then get back on the pc and withdraw the pokemon that you put in the box by itself. then you go talk to the lady closest to the pc. choose 2 pokemon that are eligible for the compitition. when the game says would you like to save the game turn off the power. NOT WHILE ITS SAVING DONT CLICK ANYTHING turn on the gba/ds and you will be standing in front of the lady then you go to the boxand look in the box and theres your clone <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> check your party and theres the original.

    you can give the pokemon items and the items will be cloned.

    you can clone up to 5 pokemon at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how to find HIDDEN ITEMS
    To find hidden items you have to get the "ITEM FINDER".To get this item you need to be on the route between Slateport and Mauville. Battle your rival and be sure to win because if you don't you pay him ,but if you win he will give you money and an "ITEM FINDER"!
    How to get berries 31-35
    Talk to the Berry Master's wife, and tell her these codes to get the following berries:

    31. Spelon: GREAT BATTLE
    34. Durin: COOL LATIOS
    35. Belue: SUPER HUSTLE

    Note, you may not have the words in your index. This means that you need to complete something to make it appear. For example, if you don't have the word "contest", that means you haven't won in a Pokémon contest yet. Go win in one and the word should appear.
    how to get groundon easily
    go to wheteher center then talk to the guy upstairs if he say's drouhgt well that's groudon heavy rain fall its kyorge have a blaziken or any pokemon with a strong fighting type move lower it hp to 1 then throw a ultraball and hope for the best i captured it with one only don't I repeat don't kill it if you do kill groudon or kyorge you will not get a chance again anymore
    How to Get Horsea without all that trobule
    Go to Pacifalog Town (the water city) and in a house a boy says " Today is my birthday,and i got this cute horsea, But i wanna bagon. Can you trade me a bagon for my horsea"
    how to get regirock etc.
    How to get Regirock is first open the doors to their tomb.( need 4th badge ) Regirock will be in the desert near Mauville. Go all the way down ( south ) and you will eventually find this tomb that has an entrance. Go in and read the braille. It says to go right 2 steps and down 2 steps. Then, use Rock Smash and the door will open. You should have at least 30 ultra balls.
    how to get shedinja
    well you have to catch a nincada (route where you battle that team aqua guy and where all the whismurs are in that cave) get it to level twenty and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EMPTY SPOT IN PARTY. or it wont work. then nincad will evolve into ninjask. check the empty spot in your party. and you have a level 20 shedinja.
    How to get sudowoodo and smeargle.
    Go to the battle frontier and go to near the battle palace go west then north west a bit then south a bit and you will find a weird tree that moves when you press A. Use the wailmer pail and it will spring to life. After you've bagged Mr Sud (as I nicknamed mine) surf down the nearby waterfall when you get to the bottom surf west and you will see a cave squirming with smeargles. They can be as high as lv40 I think (the highest I've seen is lv39) get one and carry on going through the cave and you will come out at the far north of Battle Frontier
    How to get the Mystery Gift Event
    To get the Mystery Gift Event, go to any PokéMart. When you walk in, walk straight up to the counter. You should see a small peice of paper. Go to it and press 'A'. It will ask you if you want to fill out the questionaire. Say "Yes" and put in:


    The clerk will then mention how the Mystery Gift Event is now unlocked.
    How to get the other fossil.
    So first u have to have beaten the E4. now go to the ruin maniacs house in fallabor (excuse spelling) town and at the end of the tunnel there should be the fossil of anorith/lillep and the pokemon in the cave r just ditto, geodude, and graveler, which is pretty hard to find. hope it helped! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    How To Get Volt Tackle
    To Get The Move Volt Tackle You Need The Following:
    1.)Pikachu(Male Or Female) OR Raichu(Male Or Female)
    2.)Ditto(Only If You Dont Have A Male Or Female)
    3.)Light Ball
    Attach The Light Ball To Pikachu/Raichu And Put Pikachu/Raichu And Its Partner In The Breeding Center In Route 110.
    Walk Around A Bit And Come Back, If You Have Walked Enough, The Old Man Will Tell You That He Found An Egg.
    It Takes EXACTLY 2560 steps For The Egg To Hatch Into A Pichu That Will Also Know Volt Tackle.
    i just started playing in just 1 weak! and i already have 3 lvl 100 with out trading with others. how? you just need the fly, exp share and mach bike and go to the newscaster and give the exp share the the pokemon you like to lvl up and fight them and look for the again and figth again just go look and look for the and there pokemon will become lvl 39 and the one you give exp share will resive more than 4000 exp in every fight. they just go in 3 places and when you fight many them times they will stop in one place and you just have 2 chage your place to fight them again. i wish my tips is use full. sorry for my English because im not good in english even my spelling
    How to trade with yourself with only one gameboy
    If you want to trade with your other gameboy pokemon games, but you only have one gameboy then you can trade using your gamecube if you have the gameboy disk for your gamecube. There is a place where you can hook up your wireless link cables when you buy the gameboy disk. It is a lot cheaper than buying a new gameboy.
    Hundreds of masterballs
    To get lots and lots of masterballs if u still hav your masterball after beating the elite 4 just clone it over and over again, inbetween putting masterballs on any pokemon without one, and after a while u will hav hundreds of masterballs so u can catch any pokemon u want.
    Inherit a Nature Through Breeding
    To do this you need an Everstone. To get one, search in Granite Cave for a lone rock on top of a plateau. Once you get an Everstone, let the a Ditto or a female Pokemon that you are breeding hold on to it. Once you receive and hatch the eggs, the offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting the Nature from the Pokemon holding the Everstone.
    Item Farming
    Get a bunch of level 100 pokemon that have the ability Pickup and start battling anywhere. Soon you'll start getting items such as TM 26, Rare Candies, and other great items.
    Jhoto Starters
    To get the Jhoto starters you need to see all of the Hoenn pokemon.
    To get jirachi.
    - go and get an altaria
    - go to the sky pillar, where you got rayquaza
    - there will be a hole you can now fall down
    - fall down, and pick up a flute you see
    - fall all the way down until you get to the bottom
    - play the flute, while altaria is in the first slot
    - the shrine will break and jirachi will come out

    remember, this is ONLY for the japanese version, not the american version

    Kecleon Locations
    This a list of all the Kecleon Loctions for Emerald:

    Kecleon 1: This is the one you find on the bridge where Steven is.

    Kecleon 2: On the staircase above the bridge where Kecleon 1 was at.

    Kecleon 3: Go to where you find Registeel on Route 120. Walk around to the top of the Ancient Tomb where registeel is and keep moving until you run into it.

    Kecleon 4: This one is behind the sign on Route 120 that says "Fortree city <-". Walk around behind the sign to find it.

    Kecleon 5: This one is on Route 119 down a small passage near a ninja trainer.

    Kecleon 6: Look near the other ninja on 119 near where the pomeg berries were. It's standing in a space right next to the ninja trainer.
    Legendaries that are allowed
    At battle frontier, these are the only legendary pkmn you can use: Articuno /Zapdos/Moltres/Regice /Regirock/Registeel/Suicune/Raikou/Entei/Latios/Latias. There may be more, but I don't know their names
    List of TMs available from the Gym Leaders
    Here is the list of all 8 of the TMs you can get from Gym Leaders:

    Gym 1 Roxanne - TM39 Rock Tomb
    Gym 2 Brawly - TM08 Bulk Up
    Gym 3 Wattson - TM34 Shock Wave
    Gym 4 Flannery - TM50 Overheat
    Gym 5 Norman - TM42 Facade
    Gym 6 Winona - TM40 Aerial Ace
    Gym 7 Tate & Liza - TM04 Calm Mind
    Gym 8 Juan - TM03 Water Pulse

    Remember you can only get these TMs once, even if you defeat a Gym leader in a rematch.
    Long but worth it!
    When you are able to go to the Battle Frontier Keep battling until you have a lot of battle points. Then go trade them in for things like protein and hp ups. Then go sell them. If you have 70 battle points and sell them all, you will end up with $343,000! It takes a long time but worth it do things like battle dome or Battle Tower Single so you can get multiple Battle Points every time you enter.
    Magnet Pull's secondary effect
    If you have a pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in front of your party, it increases the chances of finding wild steel-type Pokemon. This is very useful for finding rare steel types, such as Mawile.
    Make people want to rematch you quicker
    It is very simple, all you need to do is defeat the Elite Four.

    For some reason, each time you defeat them, many people want to rematch you, including Gym leaders, and Wally.

    The experience from the Elite Four beforehand and the extra from the actual rematches can really level your pokemon up quick.
    Many Horsea
    To get a lot of Horsea, you need to use a super rod in the ocean current in between Pacifidlog Town and Slateport City. When you get to the shallow water, there are many Horsea. The Horsea evolve into Seadra and then Kingdra. Hope it helps.
    Master Ball
    When you obtain a master ball, don't use on Rayquaza!
    When you get a Master Ball save it for Latios/Latias
    They flee from you all the time like the Legendary dogs.
    If your from Japan save your Master ball for Jirachi.
    To get mew, you have to somehow get ahold of "The Old Sea Chart". Once you get this chart, you can go to "the faraway islands" in which you can find and catch a mew.
    As everyone who's played should know, Milotic is a very rare and powerful Pokemon. Here is some information that some might not know.

    Getting Milotic: Milotic evolves from Feebas. To catch a Feebas, you have to find one of the six water tiles on route 120 that has it. Giving an interview, changing the cool phrase in Dewford, etc., will change the Feebas locations. After finding a Feebas tile, catch one (or a boy and a girl for R/S). It's not very difficult. After catching it see its nature. If it is modest, great, if not breed Feebas until you get one with a modest nature. Then get lots of Blue, Indigo, and Gold (dry-flavoerd)pokeblocks. Feed them to Feebas until its Beauty is maxed out. An easy way to figure this out is to go to the Fan Club Chairman. If he gives you a blue collar, Beauty has been maxed out. Now, just level Feebas up. After the first level up, it should evolve into Milotic.

    Milotic's Ability- Milotic's ability, Marvel Scale, allows it to raise defense in tight spots. I had my Milotic use, Surf on a Magneton of the same level and the attack took it out in one hit - although Magneton's are never resistant to surf.
    Mirage Island
    On really, really rare occasions, you may encounter Mirage Island in the middle of Route 130. Whoever encountered the island was really lucky, as this island is painstakingly rare to find.

    To find out whether Mirage Island will appear, talk to the old man living in one of the houses in Pacifidlog Town. If he says "I can't see Mirage Island today", that means the island isn't there. However, if he actually does see it, surf to the middle of Route 130 to find Mirage Island.

    Wynaut are the only Pokemon that can be found there. Not only that, there is also a lone Liechi berry. It is the only one in the game, so you MUST plant it if you want to get more of it.

    Moonlight is a good move to use when you want to recover HP on certain Pokemon, but never use this move in your team if a Pokemon knows Sandstorm, Sunny Day, Hail or Rain Dance because it will cause it to heal little and render it fairly useless.
    Move combos
    annoyed by faster opponents using moves like fly, dive or dig? you can actually attack them while they're using that move! when an opponent uses fly, have yours use thunder, and for dive use surf and earthquake for dig users. when you use earthquake it does double damage, but not sure if that goes for the others. hope this helps!
    Move Types: Affiiliated Items
    Certain items will help raise the power of certain moves, depending on their element/type.

    Dark: Black Glasses
    Thunder: Magnet
    Fire: Charcoal
    Water: Mystic Water
    Grass: Miracle Seed
    Steel: Metal Coat
    Dragon: Dragon's Fang
    Ice: NeverMeltIce
    Poison: Poison Barb
    Normal: Silk Scarf
    Bug: Silver Powder
    Ground: Soft Sand
    Ghost: Spell Tag
    My cheats
    you want an potion at your start the game go on your pc at your room then go to itemstorage then withraw item then you go potion
    New Starting pokemon
    When you happen to vatch all 200 pokmoen in Hoenn, go to Proffesor's Birch's lab and he will let you have on of the three starting pokemon in Jhoto.

    Your Rival happens to be there as well.
    Obtain a Castform
    Okay, I think this pokemon is very extra rare.

    1. Go to route 119, go northwards, until you find the weather laboratorium, go inside, there is many Team aqua members in there.
    2. Beat all of the team aqua.
    3. After you beat all aqua team, don't exit this laboratorium...
    4. Talk to the professor, this professor is in the West, so you have to careful to see. Talk to him and he is very thankful you saved him so he will give you a castform... ^^
    one xtra kekleon
    you know when you get devon scope,you find kekleon like crazy,rigt? well when you get devon scope,go behind the sign when you leave fortree and there be one. there are more in other places too
    In Lilycove City museum, upstairs there is all these blank paintings and this person asks you to get paintings to fill them up. To fill them up all you got to do is beat the master rank in the pokemon contest. Then after you beat it this painter will talk to you and leave and when you go to the upstairs museum again, the painting will be there.
    Pass TM Moves To Egg Hatched Pokemon
    This is useful in terms of those once only TMs. These moves will actually get passed on by a male parent to any offspring of theirs if they breed (and the baby is compatible with the move). This also means you can pass on TM moves that pokemon learn naturally as well.
    Phanpy with fissure!
    This is how to get a phanpy with fissure. First, get a female PhanpyDonphan then get a level 55 male Camerupt and put them in the daycare. Soon the egg will come and when it hatches it will be a phanpy with Fissure!
    Pokemon coming back
    If you teach a Pokemon an HM and keep them for a while before you release them, they will come back if they are the only Pokemon that knows that HM.
    Pokemon In-game Trades
    Here are the people that are willing to trade their Pokemon for yours:

    1. In Rustboro City, there will be a guy next to the gym. He is willing to trade your Ralts for his Seedot.

    2. In Fortree City, a boy is willing to give his Plusle to you. In return, he wants your Volbeat.

    3. There is a guy in Pacifidlog Town that is willing to give his Horsea for your Bagon.

    4. In one of the houses in the Battle Frontier, there's a girl who will trade her Skitty for your Meowth.
    This is a helpfull virus in the game. This virus can improve all of your stat points when you grow levels. If your pokemon has pokerus and it's in your party it will spread to your other pokemon. But these effects are temporary unless you put the infected pokemon in your PC. In order to get it, you need A LOT of luck. You need to find a wild pokemon with pokerus. You will know it has pokerus because it will be it's status condition. After you catch it, to make sure it really has pokerus go to any pokemon center and the nurse will say that it is infected with pokerus.
    Pokéblock Case Location
    The Pokéblock case can be found inside the Contest Hall at Lilycove City. With this, you'll be able to enter contests and you'll be able to blend berries into Pokéblocks.
    Random Rattata!
    If you ever manage to get a male Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion, and a female Rattata or Radicate, Teach the Cyndaquil Flame Wheel, and put Ratata and Cyndaquil at the day care. You should soon recieve an egg that will hatch into a Rattata that will know Flame Wheel.
    Rare Pokemon
    Here is a few ways to find Pokemon that you can only find in small areas, now here's how to get them.

    BAGON: Okay so go to Meteor Falls with a Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall, look around for abit and you'll find a small narrow room with TM02 Dragon Claw there, on a small piece of land. Walk around there to find either a) Golbats or b)Bagon. It takes a while for the Bagon to Appear

    JIGGLYPUFF: Go North of Rustburo City with a Pokemon with Surf. Surf upward to another piece of land (Don't land there, instead keep Surfing Nothwards) until you come to a heavily forested area with several trainers and base places. Look around there until you find a path of grass, with mostly Swellows and Tailows but after a while of searching you wind up with a Jigglypuff.

    CORPHISH: All you need is a Super Rod, and go to Route 103 (that's West of Odale Town) fish there until you get it (again, it takes a while to appear)

    STARYU: All you need to do is go to Lilycove, head West until you reach the water and start fishing with your Super Rod. You'll get it eventually.

    SUDOWOODO: Get the Wailmer Pail from the Flower Shop on Route 104. Go to the Battle Frontier and head East, to the Battle Palace, and also a place where Surf can be used. Use it and go to the land with the Old Woman there and you'll see a weird looking tree, SAVE YOUR GAME HERE and use the Wailmer Pail. Remember this is the ONLY SUDOWOODO IN THE GAME.

    SMEARGUL: Surf again, this time going down the waterfall, and Surf West till you get to a cave. Go in there. It's called tha Artistan Cave and all it has is Smeargul and some HP UP and CARBOS. The Smeargull range from level 40 - 50 and their only move is sketch with 1PP, I recomend using a weaker Pokemon to use a good move on it a good move (so that it doesn't die) and the Smeargul will use sketch to copy your Pokemon's move (permanently) now try to catch it and it will have that move, EVEN IF THE MOVE IS FLY.
    Rare Pokemon Outbreaks
    Sometimes, the TV would announce that there will be rare Pokemon outbreaks of either Seedot, Nuzleaf, or Skitty, which are on their respective routes.

    This is also a good way to get these rare Pokemon easily, if you are struggling just to find them.
    You don't have to beat the elite four first.Go back to sky tower and solve the mach bike puzzles.after that,when you're on top,save,and talk to rayquaza.I advise having a pokemon with false swipe.then you can catch him easily.
    Safari Zone
    The Safari Zone, one of the most exicting, yet aggrevating place, here is a small guide to help you on your Safari hunt.

    Items/attacks that will help you get every Pokemon in there are: Mach Bike, Acro Bike, Surf, Waterfall, Rock Smash, Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod, PokeBlocks, and Repel, but Repel needs to be used correctly, or it may end up sending the Pokemon you want away.

    Note: use th Acro Bike to hop or stand still facing different directions to have infinite time in the Safari.

    common: easily found, don't worry about not finding one.

    semi-common: teetering between uncommon and common, still not that hard.

    uncommon: does not appear to much, try to catch one of the first found.

    semi-uncommon: teetering between uncommon and rare, try hard to catch these

    rare: hardest one to find, try Pokeblocks and moving towards it.

    Pikachu: uncommon
    Girafarig: common
    Oddish: common
    Gloom: uncommon
    Natu: uncommon
    Wobbuffet: uncommon
    Pinsir: rare
    Psyduck: common (surf)
    Golduck: uncommon (surf)
    Goldeen: common (fishing)
    Seaking: uncommon (fishing)
    Magikarp: common (old rod)
    Rhyhorn: uncommon
    Heracross: uncommon
    Doduo: uncommon

    Later, after beating the Elite Four, G/S/C Pokemon will appear in a new area located on the east side, these are the Pokemon found:

    Snubbull: uncommon
    Gligar: rare
    Pineco: common
    Shuckle: rare (rock smash)
    Wooper: common (surf)
    Quagsire: uncommon (surf)
    Marill: common (surf)
    Remoraid: common (fishing)
    Sunkern: common
    Aipom: uncommon
    Mareep: common
    Spinarak: uncommon
    Ledyba: uncommon
    Hoothoot: uncommon
    Teddiursa: common
    Houndour: rare
    Phanpy: rare
    Stantler: uncommon
    Miltank: rare

    That the most part of the Safari Zone. Happy hunting!


    Corphish: On Route 102, there is a small, clear water pond, use a Super Rod there, Corphish's are the only thing there.

    Tentacruel: In the Abandon Ship, Tentacruel can be found using the Super Rod in the water aboard the ship. It is uncommon, however.

    Luvdisc: This Pokemon is actually quite easy to find, even though only in one place, use the Super Rod on the water in Ever Grande.

    Jigglypuff: Go to Rustboro City, go to the Route north of there, keep going up stream, eventually you'll find a secret area. Swellow can also be found here.

    One more:

    Staryu: Go to Lilycove, use the Super Rod on the water there, it will eventually appear.
    Secret bas
    If you forgot where your secret base is, fly to Mossdeep City and go to the house on the left of the Pokemon Center. Talk to the little kid in there and he will tell you which route your secret base is on.
    To get Shedinja, make sure that you have at least 1 PokéBall of any type and make sure that you have at least 1 empty space in your team.

    Train a Nincada to level 20. Nincada will evolve into Ninjask, and evolve into Shedinja. You get to keep them both.
    Shelgon's Protect
    In the PLEF(Pokémon League Elite Four) you gonna battle, Drake, the Dragon pokémon trainer.
    He's first pokémon is Shelgon, Shelgon almost starts with his Protect, i said 'ALMOST', so start with a attack that is not so powerfull, because you waste that attack, and then its not so bad at all

    Well, see ya
    Slip and Slide
    Here are the steps to land on top of a Wailmer doll:
    1.Put up a slide at your Secret BAsE
    2.Put a Wailmer Doll infront of the slide
    3.Slide down
    4.YOu may land on the doll
    49.If you move, you get off the doll
    Spark on Whiscash
    Whiscash is a Ground/Water type, but with breeding it is possible to get the electric type move Spark to surprise any opponent. You need to breed with a male Lanturn which knows Spark, and when the egg hatches you'll get a Barboach with Spark. Good luck.
    Suction cups/Sticky hold's second ability
    If a poke'mon in your party has suction cups/sticky hold as an ability, then you will have an easier time fishing for wild poke'mon.
    Super Ancient Pokemon
    After you beat the Elite Four, go to the weather center and talk to the professor on the second floor and he will tell you where these two Pokemon are. You can catch both of them.
    Synchronize's second ability
    If you have a poke'mon with synchronize as an ability, you will encounter more poke'mon with the same nature as the poke'mon with sychronize. Note that the poke'mon with this ability must be in the front of your party.
    the locations of the legends
    groudon-terra cave
    kyogre-marine cave
    latios/latias-random in the wild
    oposite lati-southern island
    registeel-cave on route 121
    regice-on island near mr.brineys home
    ho-oh and lugia-navel rock
    mew-faraway island
    deoxys-birth island
    The other Fossil, An ancient pokemon
    after you get a fossil in Mirage Tower the other fossil will be buried in the sand, to get the other fossil beat the elite four then go to the Fossil Maniac's house witch is located at Fallarbor Town then when your inside the house go inside the hole then reach the end then there is now a newly
    opened cave go inside it then traverse the cave(usually go at the right side of the cave) then you will see the other fossil, get it then go to
    Rustboro City and go inside the Devon Corporation then go to the second floor of it, and now go to the south side of the second floor, and you will see a professor then talk to him then give the other fossil to him, he will generate the fossil to get the pokemon inside it alive. And there you have it
    now you have an ancient pokemon. Voila!!
    to get the regis surf west to the currents of pacifidlog town, and somwhere there the currents will take you to calm water where you can dive.when you dive, go in through the whole and you should see a bralle.use dive there and go up the tunnel and use dig.it should lead you to a second tunnel.go up the second tunnel and put wailord first and relicanth last.after that it should say that doors opened far away. then go to the desert,(u need the go goggles) and go straight down until u reach regirocks cave.read the code and then walk left,left,down,down and use rocksmash.u should then be able to battle regi rock. then go to dewford town and surf west until you reach regice's cave. read the code and run to the right of the screen,around the whole cave staying as close to the wall as possible.you should then be able to battle regice. 4 registeel go to lilycove city and run to the left. it should be somwhere near the long grass. go up the stairs and past the ninja who hides behind a brown wall.there, will be the cave of registeel.go 2 the middle of the cave, and use flash. its as easy as that. then u should be able to battle registeel. thats how to get the regis.

    P.S: to catch them get A LOT of ultra balls.try 2 get them 2 about red hp. its gonna take a while 2 catch them but keep on tryin!
    The UItimate Sceptile
    We know the starter Sceptile has many weaknesses, right?Well, just teach it Rock Tomb(takes care of fire, flying and bug types), Fury Cutter(handles grass, psychic and dark types), Leaf Blade(a killer), and Earthquake(steel,fire,electric,poison,rock). Sceptile's speed is pretty much unbeatable, so keeping it at a high level should do the trick.
    The Ultimate Rayquaza
    ya ya, there's a lot of these tips for ultimate set of moves, but these are the best ones you can teach your Rayquaza, I have these moves on him and he has never been knocked out with me

    Fire Blast

    best ones to use
    Timer Balls: Effective Use
    If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!
    Torchic As Starter
    First, choose Torchic as your starter. Before you go to the firt gym, your Torchic should be at level 16+, and should be a Combusken. It's double kick will take out all of her Pokemon. Then, you should be able to knock out all of your rivals Pokenom with that move too. Then, before you go to the next gym, get the fishing rod and catch a Magikarp, it will come in handy later, trust me. Then you will probablly be able to knock out the gyms Pokemon with Peck .Then before you make it to the next battle with your rival, make sure that the Magikarp is a Gyarados, so that the Marshtomp's Mud Shot won't effect it. Then level Gyarados and Combusken to level 25+ before taking on the third gym. Combuskens Double Kick can take out the steel types. And for he next gym, Gyarados will easily take out the fire type with Hydro Pump at level 30 or 40 I think. Then catch a Cacnea in the sandstorm area. And your dads gym is really weak against Combusken's (or Blazikin's) fighting type moves. And as for the next gym, evolve Combusken into Blazikin at level 36 if it isn't already, and Blaze Kick will take out Skarmory and Tropius really quick; however, Canea (or Cacturne), but the others will be knoked out by Gyarados. At the Mosdeep gym, meke Cacnea evole into Cacturne if you haven't already at level 32 I think, and put Gyarados and Cacturne in the first 2 slots, and K.O. the Pokemon with Dark and Water moves. And at the last gym, Cacturne's grass type moves will be really effective on his pokemon. And that takes care of all the Gyms with only 3 Pokemon. And for the Championships+ Battle Frontier, catch any and every Pokemon you like.
    Toxic and Strength
    To get toxic you first have to have HM06. Go to verdanturf and go into Rusturf cave. smash the rock that the girl is on. The guy with white clothing will thank you and give you HM04 (strength). Go in fiery path and pull the boulder. You'll find a pokeball. open it and you will get Toxic.

    Trainer Card Color Upgrades
    As you accomplish more along your journey, your Trainer Card will change colors and rise in rank, depending on completing certain tasks. After completing one task, it will rise in one rank, but there are some tasks that cannot be completed until beating the Elite Four. You must do these tasks:

    -Become Pokemon league Champion
    -Complete the Hoenn Pokedex
    -Collect all the gold symbols in the Battle Frontier
    -Win one ribbon in all five of the Master Rank Pokemon Contests.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Bronze Rank Do one of the tasks mentioned above.
    Copper Rank Do two of the tasks mentioned above.
    Silver Rank Do three of the tasks mentioned above
    Gold Rank Do all four of the tasks mentioned above.
    Triangle Puzzle at Birth Isle
    First, stay in the light grass area always or you'll have to start over. Run up towards the triangle and press a button. Remember, always face the triangle when pressing A. Then walk left 4 spaces and press A. Then walk right 4 spaces right then 4 spaces up and press A. Then walk 5 spaces south and 3 spaces right and press A. Then 3 spaces north and 5 spaces left and press a then walk back 4 spaces and press A. Next walk 2 spaces left and 2 spaces south press A. Walk 1 space south and 3 spaces left and press a then run back till you are next to triangle and press A. Then walk to the space in front of the triangle and press A then run north and press A. If you did this correctly, the screen should shake, the triangle will explode, and deoxys will apear. He is at lv. 30 so he's fairly weak.
    True Champion Revealed!!
    when you defeat the elite four go to Meteor Falls then keep moving until you reach the other entrance of a cave go inside then traverse the cave until you find Steven talk to him and he will battle you. BUT I'M WARNING YOU HE SAID
    "Expect the Worse" and make sure your pokemon are in Level 85-100 if you don't have a legendary, But if you have a legendary pokemon it should be about level 80-100, and be sure you have a revive or max revive in your bag.
    I BATTLED STEVEN ONCE IT WAS A TOUGH EXPERIENCE, I have a Rayquaza level 77 and I still beat Steven, his last pokemon is Metagross, I forgot its level but I hope this helps on battling Steven <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Ultimate Poke Blocks
    Every time you go into a house,watch the T.V. Once it says something about the Berry blending master,it tells you the number of days until he comes. Keep watching T.V after every time you save the game. Once he is there, blend with him. You will get "The Ultimate Pokeblocks".
    unlimated steps in safari zone 2
    all you need is a pokemon that knows sweet scent. Go into a spot of grass then use sweet scent the screen should go pink and then a wild pokemon should apear.(surskit should know it),this will also work if you are looking for latias or latios and you find the space they are in but they go to a diferent place all you do is stay in one spot of grass.
    Unlimited Safari Zone Steps
    Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone. Go to a grass patch. Stay in the patch and don't walk. Just press the arrow buttons softly like a 90 degree angle and you might catch a rare pokemon without wasting your 500 steps!


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    Catching Latias or Latios
    The legendary latias latios are very difficult to find. If you have seen them before but failed to catch it(must not have defeated it), there is a much more easier way to see them again. This glitch is present in ruby sapphire and emerald.There are two methods to do this.

    A. Turn & on turn off Method
    1.Firstly, save the game.
    2.Look in the location of latios/latias in the pokedex.
    3. If it is not in your present location,
    turn off the game and switch it on .
    4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have it directly on your present location location
    5.When that happens,go to any nearby grass path or any where you can find wild pokemon.The first pokemon you will find is latios or latias(whichever you can get)

    B. Go In and go out method
    1.Stand outside to the house route 119.
    2.Look in the location of latios/latias in the pokedex.
    3. If it is not in your present location,go in and come out of the house.
    4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have it directly on your present location location
    5.When that happens,go to nearby tall grass path.make sure that the pokemon the first slot is below lvl40.
    The first pokemon you will find is latios or latias(whichever you can get).
    clone items...FASTER
    1. go to the battle tower
    2.go to PC and then go to move Pokemon
    3.move a bunch of Pokemon to 2 empty boxes and give them all items
    4.then deposit 4 Pokemon with item
    5.log off and save
    6.then log back on and put all the items in your bag
    7.log off and go to the last lady and talk to her
    8.select a level and 2Pokemon
    9.then the first time she says she has to save the game don't shut it off after that when she says she has to save the game again DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING JUST SHUT IT OFF.
    (after first time just do steps 6-9)
    ok first off you have to have to be able to go to the battle frontier. go there and then go to the battle tower once inside pick two pokemon that are eligiable to enter the contests. then pick 4 pokemon you want to clone. then go out side the building. then go back in and go to the p.c. then drop the 4 pokemon you want to clone into an empty box exit the p.c. and save. then take your pokemon back out and go to the closest battle tower lady then pick either open or lv.50 then pick your two pokemon that arent being cloned and its going to ask you to save say yes and in the middle of it saving shut off your gameboy. then turn it back on and you have your cloned pokemon in your party and in your p.c. (note if the pokemon your cloneing holds an item the item gets cloned to!!!) have fun:)
    Thats right it is true you can clone on emerald. heres how,choose the poke'mon-if you put an item on the pokemon it will also be cloned. put the pokemon in a box by it self at the battle tower pc, get out of the box and save. pull out the pokemon you want to clone and add it to your party. talk to the wifi lady closest to the pc. go through what she says until she says would you like to save your game. turn off the power. when you turn it back on the pokemon you wanted to clone will be in your box and in your bag.-tip: this is use ful for cloning items, if you only want the item cloned pull the item off the pokemon only the item will be cloned, infinite masterballs!!!
    Cloning items without cloning Pokémon
    First, go to the battle tower at the far right. You should see a computer, go to it then give the items that you wanna' clone to your pokémon in any boxes. Be sure that you have two pokémon that are able to take the challenge of the far right lady Challenge then save your game. Go back on the computer and take back all your items using the computer's option move items and go to the closest lady. take the open level Challenge and it will lag for 3 to 4 seconds. when she asks you Would you like to save the game you just turn off and restart from the beginning.

    Note, if you have 120 pokemon, you can clone 120 items if you want to.
    Get National Pokemon Before Getting National Dex
    First you must have Pokemon Colosseum, a Gameboy Advance, and a GCN/GBA link cable in order to do this. You also have to have beaten Colosseum's story mode. Get a pokemon to trade from Colosseum to emerald and a pokemon from emerald to trade to Colosseum. Open story mode go to the trade center in the basement of the Phenac City Pokemon Center. Do everything the game tells you to and the you'll have a national pokemon without having to beat the elite four. This wont work on FireRed or LeafGreen, however.
    Pomeg Berry HP Glitch
    This trick only works on a Pokemon who has not already had their HP EVs lowered through Pomeg Berries. Now get that Pokemon's HP to a critically low level like 1 or 2 during battle. Once you return to the field, use a Pomeg Berry on it to attempt to decrease its HP by 10; however, thanks to the current HP of the Pokemon, it will instead cycle their HP to a whopping 65,535!
    Surfing out of bounds
    This glitch is similar to the "Walking on Water" glitch, but is different. To do it, you need to go to the Marine Cave entrance on Route 129, and, as described in the other glitch, mash the B button while walking through the entrance. This will take many attempts, but you will end up standing on the entrance if done correctly. When you re-surface, you will be surfing in an area that would normally be inaccessible through normal methods. An invisible wall prevents you from leaving the route and crashing the game, however. Flying anywhere will correct the glitch.
    Walking on Water
    You need to go to the Route 104 entrance to Marine Cave or the entrance to the Seafloor Cavern to perform this glitch. Stand facing the entrance, and keep mashing the B button when walking through the entrance. This will take several attempts, but if you time it just right you will be standing on the entrance, with the prompt asking you to re-surface. Select "yes" and you will be standing on a rock, and you can walk on the water! To end the glitch, you can dive back into the water and re-surface straight away. Alternatively, you can just fly to a town to end the glitch.

    Easter eggs

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    Extra rare candie
    Go to route 123. go down and then take a right cut the tree. Go down to the bottom path use Item Finder and keep pushing A and keep using Item Finder until u find a rare Candie.


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    Battle frontier unlockables
    Gold Shield (Decoration): Win 100 Battles
    Lansat Berry: Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols
    Silver Shield (Decoration): Win 50 Battles
    Starf Berry: Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols
    Duplicating Items & Cloning Pokemon
    Are you tired of running out of something you need such as rare candies? Or even perhaps a MASTER BALL? For this cheat to work, you need to have beaten the Elite 4. Fly to the Battle Frontier, and go to the Battle Tower. Next, put the Pokemon you want to clone, and an item (if you wish), into an EMPTY pc box. Then, close out of the box, and save it. Next, go back into the box you have the Pokemon in, and put the Pokemon back into your party. Then, go to the NEAREST lady for the challenge. Say yes to everything she says, and select your Pokemon. When you get to the next screen, (while it's saving) turn OFF the power. Then, turn your system back on, and look in your party and the pc box with the Pokemon you had in it before. POOF!! Duplicated items and Pokemon. Enjoy. (Oh and... If you clone a Pokemon more than 3 times, your game will automatically reset. Be careful. :x)
    easier chances
    We all know Geodude is common, but if you really want one and know Rock Smash, go north of Mauville, and use Rock Smash on a rock.

    Also, if you want a Bagon but don't know Surf or Waterfall yet, exit Meteor Falls through the south. Use Rock Smash on the rock on the right. This one takes longer, so make a secret base above here.

    Additional Infomation:
    types learn REALLY different moves:

    Aggron can learn: Fire Blast and Surf!
    Sceptile can learn: Dragon Claw!
    Hariyama can learn: Surf and Thunder Punch!

    This is a real advantage when taking on Elite Four and Battle Island.


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    faster hatching eggs
    All you have to do is get 2-3 Pokemon with the Magma Armor abilitiy then the egg will hatch 75% faster.


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    Glitch: Duplicate Pokemon
    To do this trick you must have access to the Battle Frontier. Go to the Battle Tower. Go to the PC in the Corner. Put the Pokemon to be duplicated in the PC then save. Withdraw the Pokemon. Talk to the women behind the corner on the far right. When asked if you want to save, say "No", then reset. When you regain control of your character you should be in front of the counter where you said "No". Go to the PC and the Pokemon should be in your party where you deposited them. Note: Duplicate only five Pokemon at a time. If you move other Pokemon in the PC while you are duplicating, the non-cloning Pokemon will be deleted.
    Good Frontier teams
    All lv 50

    Gengar-Hypnosis, Thunder, Shadow Punch, Giga Drain
    Miltank-Body Slam, Surf, Milk Drink, Blizzard
    Blissey-Softboiled, Egg Bomb, Fire Blast, Thunder

    Blaziken-Sky Uppercut, Earthquake,Blaze Kick,Slash
    Granbull-Bite, Thunder, Dig, Secret Power
    Alakazam-Shock Wave, Psychic, Recover, Shadow Ball

    P.S. Alakazam, Gengar, and Blissey can be Kadabra, Haunter, and Chansey, but if you have a nice friend evolve Kadabra and Haunter.
    how to clone your pokemon
    well to do this cheat you have to have gotten to the battle frontier. if you have then go to the battle tower and go in go to the right and go to the pc. open up the pc and choose the move option and move the pokemon to box 9.then exit the pc and save then go back into the pc and take your pokemon out of box 9 make sure ther are at least 2 pokemon that can battle then go over to the closest lady talk to her until it asks you to save the just shut the game off turn it back on and you will have a pokemon in your party and in your pc!! happy cloning!!
    How to Katch Latiaos EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First you have to meet latios first. (a masterball will help more but any ball is OK.) Then Make a srecret base somewhere around foretree city. Look up latios in ur pokedex. If he is near you go and catch him. But if he is far away go into ur base then go out into the route. He will change routes. keep on doing this until he is close to u. i hope this will help. If u need any help E-mail me
    Mass clone items WITHOUT mass cloning Pokemon!
    OK, I swear, this saves me more than half of the time it takes than manually cloning Pokémon with held items.

    The process is almost the same, but there is a BIG difference at the mass-resetting.

    This is most effective when you already start with 5 clones.

    P.)Battle Frontier, Battle Tower
    1.)Get the 5 Pokémon you want to attach the items with.
    2.)Deposit them onto the PC at any box.
    4.)Now save the game.
    5.)Instead of withdrawing the Pokémon, use the MOVE ITEMS function and take all the items from the Pokémons with the items.
    6.)Talk to the right-most Battle Tower lady.
    7.)"I must save the game. Is that okay?" when this message pops up, say YES.
    8.)It will lag for 3 seconds.
    9.)"Would you like to save the game?" will appear. DON'T PRESS ANYTHING AT THIS POINT (Except if you know the soft-reset trick), AND RESTART THE GAME/TURN OFF-ON THE GBA.
    10.)Now the items you cloned should be both at your bag AND at the Pokémon in the box holding it.

    See the difference? Let's see how much TIME IT SAVES IN MASS ITEM CLONING!

    11.)After the game is loaded once more, if you want to mass clone, approach the PC.
    12.)Use the MOVE ITEMS function and once again take the items from the Pokémon holding it.
    13.)Talk to the right-most Battle Tower lady.
    14.)"I must save the game. Is that okay?" when this message pops up, say YES.
    15.)It will lag for 3 seconds.
    16.)"Would you like to save the game?" will appear. DON'T PRESS ANYTHING AT THIS POINT (Except if you know the soft-reset trick), AND RESTART THE GAME/TURN OFF-ON THE GBA.
    17.)Same thing will happen.


    Differences which make it a faster item cloning method!:
    -You do not need to save everytime you clone.
    -You do not need to mass RELEASE all excess Pokémon cloned.

    18.)Once you are done cloning everything, now's the time to save your game.

    Heh. I swear this works. If you only are fetching for the items and NOT for the Pokémon, use this instead.

    It only took me 10 minutes to get 99x3 Rare Candies using this method. Try it!