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Menu Passwords

On the main menu, choose continue and enter this password
PasswordWhat it does
Shell FishSpongebob in Fairy World
Sea CrabSpongebob in Ghost Zone
Castle BucketSpongebob in Bikini Bottom
Spade PantsSpongebob in Retroville
Fish WaterSponge Bob 100% enables all skills
Monkey VineTak 100% enables all skills
Portal DeviceDanny 100% enables all skills
Star VortexJimmy 100% enables all skills
Cosmo TurnerTimmy 100% enables all skills
Rhino Canyonopens a new world and allows you to unlock another player
dreams wishto have 60% complete on timmy turner
Haunt RayDanny Phantom in Ghost Zone
scary portaldannie in fairy world
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: joaquin on August 23, 2008