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Monster Rancher Advance 2 Cheats

Monster Rancher Advance 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Get Gitan
To get Gitan just get your monster to rank A, play the tournamest to win the Blk Spear, when you win combine any two monsters and put the spear as the item; say hello to Gitan!
How To Get a Ninja
To get a ninja you have to be rank S. When you get the invitation and they send you to mount Malkt where you have to go find a ninja thing these are the directions: up, left, left, left, up. After fining it you should get another invatation and then you will fight the opponent. If you win you get a ninja book and you are able to revive a ninja and a zuum.


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Get Ragnarok
To get Ragnarok you gotta use a type of Pixie named Angel. One password for it is exodio.That is in lowercase letters. Then eventally Ragnaroks will come. He is very challenging. Once you beat him you can use him. He is a dragon type.
Never tiring Method
Want to train your monster to its max stats? (999 in every stats). Of course you're all know about the relation between the training and the percentage of monster's tireness. There is a way to get your monster to be top-shaped all the time. Its so simple, just save your game, then reload it. Your monster will be more energetic (from tired to a little tired)after about 3 or 4 reloads. That way, you don't have to waste a week just to rest your monster. Happy training!!!
Obtain a Hengar
To get a Hengar you must explore the ruins. You will start coming across parts for a machine. You will give them to the person at the studio and once you collect a few of them she will put the together. Use the parts a combining item to get a Hengar.
Rare Monster Codes
Stream/ 99%POWER
Volcano/ Lava
Talos/ 4=6kJJff
Coqcchi/ ELVIS
Mallowan/ POWERFUL
Graspecter/ Vintow
Mooner/ rvzEIMQU
Torridon/ Sun_Bath
Golizards/ 9677581
Turbroller/ vintow
Kuloro/ He8dge
Galeant/ Myballs
Skeletant/ PSYCHIC
Soulmate Code
Once you get 20 soulmates, there is a letter that is sent to you which gives you a password for a Pickle, a type of Gitan.