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Mega Man Battle Network 3 White Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 3 White cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 3 White cheat codes.


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1000 Barrier
Use the 500Barr Program Advance (Barrier R, Barrier100 R, Barrier 200 R) and either HolyPanel or Sanctuary to form an unbreakable 1000 point barrier.

Bass Easy Delete
There's an easy way to delete Bass of any form (except the one fought immediatley after FlamMan). To do it, you need the following chips:
AreaGrab x3 (any code, I use *)
RockCube x2 (Must be *)
GodStone S
Look familiar? It should. What you do is use the 3 AreaGrabs to arealock him, then use the MomQuake P.A. to take him out. If he has his aura still, don't worry. The first hit will take out his aura, and the rest will delete him.
If u can beat bassGS in a fast time (which is like IMPOSSIBLEx100) u can get the super rare and powerful dark-giga-chip Bass+!
Beating BassGS Tip
I have two tips for beating the strongest of them all (well maybe) BassGS. First is the using of this combo, Geddon 3, which poisons the feild, then Sanctuary, causing him to lose HP as you fight.
Next you can use two program advances. One is Z-Step,(step cros, step cros, step cros[code order]) and that will do about 240 dmg if you hold a when you attack him. That should take off his Life Aura. Then attack him with Master Style program advance to get his life down by 900. (Salamander, Fountain, Bolt, Gaiablade)
Bugged Programs
There are several programs that have bugs, even if they are correctly loaded. They are:
HubBatc: HP is cut in half
BustrMAX: Any chip selected in the Custom Screen is used as soon as you hit OK.

Both of these can be stopped by leveling Bug Style up to level 2 to get the Navi Customizer program BugStop, then installing the program into the Navi Customizer with the program you want to use.
Defeating ProtoMan
Having trouble defeating ProtoMan? All you have to do is toss a prism in the middle of his side of the field. Every time he uses his sonic boom attack, it'll hit the prism and reflect back on him. Continue using prisms until he's defeated.
Easier Bass Delete
Just become some type of Shld Style and level up to get reflect and just reflect all of the shockwaves he throws at you until hes dead.
Easy Alpha
You need to be sheild style 'cuz you'll have a barrier at th start. Oh and this cheat won't work if yer not wood either. First dodge his hand attack when u get a chance twista-fie him. Now his weak-spot should be revealed. use any strong chip ( If have 'em, use gaia blade + slasher, it does 340 damage) after that use gutsman v3 and then flamman then start dodging his attacks after the come back from his laser impact you probely have less than 300hp. If so use barrier 500. hten just do yer thing.
Easy money
After you beat the game go to Secret Area. Then some times the mystery data will be like 6,600 Zenny! Fast and easy money.
Fast Bug Frags
If you don't want to take the time leveling up to get reflect so you can use it to get fast bugfrags, or take the time to fight the longer battles against V3 navis, just go to the ACDC Areas and battle the viruses there. All you have to do is hit the meattaur viruses when there axe is tilted back and the canodumb right when they attack you. For the canodumbs, use a cursesheild as long as you are 3 spaces away from it, including the space your standing on. Hope this helps.
Faster Bugfrags
Level up with a shield style and get the customizer program Reflect. Once gotten go to ACDC and jack into the army tank sitting at the corner which is only there during the alpha senerio. Once inside you can run into 3 viruses. All you need to do is to reflect their attack back at them, and you will get 8 free bugfrags. Continue this, its about 5 times faster, and easier than fighting a V3 Navi.
Get Punk without Cheating
Okay, this requires six things:

2x Game Boy Advance
1x Link Cable
MegaMan Battle Network 3: White
MegaMan Battle Network 3: Blue
RockMan EXE 3: Black

This tends to be a bit harder since you cannot connect Black and White togther, instead, get the Punk chip in Black, send the data either through Trading or Comparing Libraries, then trade the data over to White, you know have the exclusive Punk chip!
Getting Bug Fragments Easily
Can't get 300 bug frags for bass gs to appear? You can get them by going to the v3 forms of metalman or gutsman.

When their HP is low, get a strong chip. Then wait for them to make a move that takes some time (Metalman = metal fist, Gutsman = guts hammer). Use the chip when they're about to use the move; don't wait until they've used it.

When they are defeated, they get knocked backward. There will be a star next to the busting level, usually 10 bug frags.

To get more bug frags, ask Dex or Tamako to battle again, and they accept. Keep using this method to aquire 100s of bug frags.
Grass Style + GrassStg/SetGrass
With a grass style, either set grassstg as your regular chip or have setgrass in the NaviCust. Then, place UnderSht into the NaviCust. You are now theoretically invincible unless:

a. Grass is burned down.
b. Multiple attacks within timespan, (e.g. Wood Style Buster on Number.)
How to get all 7 Stars
#1 Beat Regular Story Mode up to Alpha
#2 Collect all 200 standered chips
#3 Beat BassGS (Must beat Serenade first then put 300 frags in the 10 frag trader)
#4 Beat The Time Trials
#5 Collect all 85 Mega class chips

At this point save and go to your title screen go to continue Hold your d-pad left then hit RRLRLRLL
you will notice all the stars move closer

#6 Beat all of the Omega Navis
#7 Complete the list of Program Advances

After all of this go to the World 3 Base and go into the match agaist Alpha Except he is now Alpha omega with 3000 hp beat him and get AlphaArm Sigma
Make Mega Man Float!!!
To Make Megaman float simply press the "b" Button very fast and it will look like he is floating! Have Fun!
Number Virus
In Secret Area, there are security towers which you can hack into. Viruses called Numbers attack you. Some have 250hp, some have 400, and some have 650hp. You have to beat them in ONE hit.

They'll have numbers on their bodies, which tell you what order to hit them. If two Numbers have the same number on them, use CopyDmg and destroy them!
Secret 3 Number Guards
There is a security program thingy in Secret 3 that has 3 Number things. They must all be defeated at the same time, and have 650 HP each. To defeat them, use the following chips:
GrassStg (any code, but preferably *).SetGreen will also work if you have it or are in ground style.
CopyDmg *
HeatShot J
Heat-V J
HeatSide J
Atk+30 *

To defeat them, change the stage to grass using GrassStge (if you have SetGreen, you can ignore this), use CopyDmg on the Number on the top row, then use the HeatSprd P.A. with the Atk+30 before the cursor disappears. Atk+30 gives the P.A. 330 damage, but the Gras chipsdouble the damage to 660. Because the third one is out of reach of the other two, CopyDmg ensures that it is destroyed as well.
Another way to defeat the security system on the invisible path in secret2 you have to use any metagel type and then place a rockcube on the enemy field directly in the middle then use grass stage then use heat spread on the rock cube.
Slower Battles
If you are in a battle and your enemy seems to be going to fast and you always get hit this is the right tip.
In a batle keep on pausing it realy fast and un pausing it realy fast and its like slow motion.
Hope it gives you the extra edge.
Spin Dark
To Get Spin Dark Goto Undernet 3 Go to The First Pole And Press A. A Programer Should BE There And Give you It
Track Elewasp Virus!
Are you annoyed about trying to delete the elewasp viruses? They keep disappearing, then reappearing. Well, what I found out is if you hit them with a Zap Ring or anything that stuns them, they don't just stay there, they still move, but you can see them all the time. Hope this helps you delete those annoying viruses.


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Action Replay Codes
Master Code - Must Be Activated.


Infinite HP


Use 30 Giga Chips


Max Bug Frag

More Number Man machine codes
The following codes were obtained by buying lots of chocolates at the Yoka Metroline station for 500 Zenny in the White version of the game. These codes can be input at the Number Man like machine at Higsby's shop to win the lottery. You do not really win money, but you do win programs for your Navi Customizer and also some rare chips. However, you can only enter these codes once.Item Code
HiCannon * 21247895
Tsunami * 88543997
Salamander * 65497812
Daifunsui * 88543997
Thunderbolt * 54390805
Gaia Blade * 33157825
Untrap 46823480
Mr. Famous' wristband 90690648