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Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Gameshark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue cheat codes.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Command codes

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megaman battle network3 blue game shark
[M] Must Be On
Infinite HP
Maximum HP
Infinite Zenny
Full Custom Guage
Hyper Mode
No Random Battles
Have 99 Regular MB
Have 9999 Bug Pieces
Allow 30 MegaChips in Folder
Allow 30 GigaChips in Folder
Max Attack
Max Rapid
Max Charge
Max Weapon Level
Buster Max Charged
Buster does Max Damage
Delete Enemies [Press Select]
10 Chips In-Battle
Chips Deal 5000 Damage
Cheap Chip Trader
Delete Time at 0:00
Rank S***
Easy Button Tests
Have all Subchips
Quick Level Gain
Have Navi Customizer
All Navi Blocks Compressed

Complete Library+
Part 1
Part 2

Style Equipped:
Elec Guts
Heat Guts
Aqua Guts
Wood Guts
Elec Cust
Heat Cust
Aqua Cust
Wood Cust
Elec Team
Heat Team
Aqua Team
Wood Team
Elec Shld
Heat Shld
Aqua Shld
Wood Shld
Elec Ground
Heat Ground
Aqua Ground
Wood Ground
Elec Shdw
Heat Shdw
Aqua Shdw
Wood Shdw
Elec Bug
Heat Bug
Aqua Bug
Wood Bug

Equipped Navi Programs
Air Shoes
Shinobi Dash
Press Program
Humor Sense
Black Mind
Aim Fish
Oil Body
Battery Mode
Jungle Land
Rush Support
Beat Support
Tango Support
Custom 1
Change Energy
Quick Gauge
Under Shirt
Buster Max
Bug Stopper
MegaFolder 1
GigaFolder 1
Dark License
Super Armor
Shadow Shoes
Float Shoes
Break Buster
Break Charge
Custom 2

Set Metal
Set Green
Set Ice
Set Magma
Set Sand
Set Holy
MegaFolder 2
Dark License

Have Navi Cust Blocks:
Super Armor
Break Buster
Kawarimi Magic
Break Charge
Set Green
Set Ice
Set Lava
Set Sand
Set Metal
Set Holy
Custom#1 (Y)
Custom#1 (B)
Custom#2 (B)
MegaFolder#1 (P)
MegaFolder#1 (G)
MegaFolder#2 (G)
Shadow Shoes
Float Shoes
Shinobi Dash
Oil Body
Aim Fish
Battery Mode
Jungle Land
Air Shoes
Under Shirt
Quick Gauge
Rush Support
Beat Program
Tango Support
Weapon+1 (W)
Weapon+1 (P)
Weapon+1 (Y)
HP+100 (W)
HP+100 (P)
HP+100 (Y)
HP+200 (W)
HP+200 (P)
HP+200 (Y)
HP+300 (W)
HP+300 (P)
HP+300 (Y)
HP+500 (W)
HP+500 (P)
HP+500 (Y)
RegMB+5 (W)
RegMB+5 (P)
RegMB+5 (Y)
Attack+1 (W)
Attack+1 (P)
Attack+1 (Y)
Rapid+1 (W)
Rapid+1 (P)
Rapid+1 (Y)
Charge+1 (W)
Charge+1 (P)
Charge+1 (Y)
Bug Stopper
Humor Sense
Buster Max
Saito Patch
Dark Licence

Virus Breeding:
Have all Viruses
Infinite Food
Max Attack: Mettaur
Max Attack: Bunny
Max Attack: Swordy
Max Attack: Spikey
Max Attack: Mushy
Max Attack: Jelly
Max Attack: KillerEye
Max Attack: Momogra
Max Attack: Scuttlest
FF54B51C92A3 Max HP

Infinite Zenny

All Sub Chips

No Random Battles

Library Complete

All P.A. Notes

All Key Items

Chips Do 9999 Damage

Max Attack

Max Charge

here ya go my pall

Max HP

Infinite Zenny

All Sub Chips

No Random Battles

Library Complete

All P.A. Notes

All Key Items

Chips Do 9999 Damage

Max Attack

Max Charge

here ya go my pall

Max HP

Infinite Zenny

All Sub Chips

No Random Battles

Library Complete

All P.A. Notes

All Key Items

Chips Do 9999 Damage

Max Attack

Max Charge
Submitted by: zeriah on January 17, 2009

Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Unlockables

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Unlockable Weapons
easy bug style
UnlockableHow to unlock
bug styleerror with sneakrun program makes you run into more viruses
invincablegrass style + grass stage
invincable almostdark aura + sanctuary
deadlytriple area grab grass stage meteors 4 fire +30 on grass style
antimagic modcodel3kjgueo
Submitted by: anonymous on September 22, 2012

Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Tips

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A way to get chips easy
This is a easy way to get lots of Battlechips without the chip order at higsbys.

First get a lavastage chip and preset it (PM me if you don't know how)now go to an area where there are viruses that move around on the ground and have HP 1-150 (For best results) and use lavastage which should kill the viruses fast giving you a good rank. (this also helps with battling the alpha/beta navis as well)
Submitted by: GamedudeV5 on February 17, 2004
All the Modcodes I could find.
Here are some Modcodes I found in the game. If anyone can find any more not on this list, please e-mail me(go to my profile).
Submitted by: Michael ******* (Taisho) on October 24, 2003
Best Chip
When you search for the lion computer or the demon computer, 1 of them takes you to Undernet 2 and there will be a bug trader in there (dont bother trying to explore the area)
He will sell the GigaChip called FoldrBack
this chip makes your used chips comeback in BATTLE so if you use a lot of chips this is your choice.
Submitted by: Chopper on December 18, 2008
Boss chips
I found many bosses in the regular net. If you defeat them u will get there chips.this is all on the net!!

1. Flashman-near the acdc square port to the right.
2.Beastman-in scilab1. you go to the path near the station and follow the path till the first turn.
3.Bubbleman-in yoka near the bugfrag trader on the lower right section then turn up.

Level 2 bosses you have to find randomly in places.

1.Flashman2-is in acdc 2
2.Beastman2-in lans doghouse, you must have a sneak run.
3.Bubbleman2-is in beach 1.
Submitted by: Megamaster on November 01, 2005
Bug Frags the Easy Way
It is recommended that you have Heat-Sheild Style it will be much easier. Guts Style is also good.

Go to ACDC1 and kill Mettaurs and Canodumbs right as they are about to attack. If you do this once in a battle you will get one bug frags, doing it twice will get you three and three time will get you eight bug frags.

To kill them it is recommended that you use the Flamethrower megabuster that Guts style has.

1. Line up three panels away from the virus you want to counter-attack

2. (Mettaur) as soon as the virus raises its axe, shoot your flamethrower, it should hit it as soon as it is about to hit the ground.

2. (Canodumb) when the purple target is one panel ahead of you use your Flamethrower. You will lose ten damage if you don't have a shield on.
Submitted by: Tycrazy710 on April 23, 2009
Compression Codes
To use these, you need the ModTools, just hold Select when the cursor is over the program,
WHICH MUST BE on the list. Then input the codes...

Program | Compression Code

Air Shoes | Up, B, B, Down, A, R
AntiDamage | L, Left, R, A, Right, Down
Battery | Right, R, Right, R, L, Left
Beat | A, Down, A, A, R, A
Black Mind | Right, Left, Right, Down, R, Down
Block | Down, B, Up, Down, A, Left
Break Buster | R, A, B, Down, L, L
Break Charge | B, A, Left, L, Up, B
Bug Stop | B, Down, Up, B, Down, B
Buster MAX | Down, A, R, R, L, Left, Left
Collect | B, Down, Right, R, Right, Right
Custom 1 | Right, Right, Right, Up, Left, B
Custom 2 | A, Down, Up, Down, R, Down
Dark License | R, L, R, Down, Left, B, R
Fast Gauge | B, Down, A, R, Left, R
Fish | L, R, Down Up, Left, Right
Float Shoes | Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, L
Hub Batch | B, Left, A, Down, Down, Up, L
Humor | Up, R, A, Left, Right, Right
Giga Folder 1 | L, Down, A, Down, R, B, Up
Jungle | A, R, Left, B, B, A
Mega Folder 1 | Right, R, Down, R, L, Left
Mega Folder 2 | A, R, Down, Down, Right, Left
Oil Body | Up, Right, A, A, R, Up
Reflect | B, Up, A, Left, Left, B
Rush | L, A, Down, B, B, B
Set Green | Down, R, R, Down, B, Left
Set Ice | A, Up, A, Up, Left, R
Set Lava | B, Right, Right, B, R, A
Set Sand | Left, A, A, B, Up, Left
Set Metal | B, R, Right, Right, L, L
Set Holy | A, B, R, R, Left, R
Shadow Shoes | Up, Left, Right, L, Up, R
Shield | Left, Right, Down, R, Down, R
Sneak Run | R, L, B, Down, Down, Down
Super Armor | Up, Right, Up, R, Up, Down
Tango | A, Down, Left, L, L, R
Under Shot | Left, Up, B, L, Left, Up
Submitted by: Mega XZ on July 03, 2004
Defeating ProtoMan
Having trouble defeating ProtoMan? All you have to do is toss a prism in the middle of his side of the field. Every time he uses his sonic boom attack, it'll hit the prism and reflect back on him. Continue using prisms until he's defeated.
Submitted by: Chaos Swordsman on July 21, 2005
Defeating some of the Serenade Time Trials navis
You have to defeat these navis in the time trials under the time limit with the extra folder:

Flashman(500hp): You have to defeat him in under 10 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Beastman{700hp): You have to defeat him in under 30 seconds using ant extra folder you want to

Bubbleman(800hp): You have to defeat him in under 40 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Desertman(1200hp): You have to defeat him in under 45 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Plantman(1300hp): You have to defeat him in under 40 seconds using any extra you want to

Flamman(1400hp): You have to defeat him in under 40 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Drillman(900hp): You have to defeat him in under 45 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Gutsman(700hp): You have to defeat him in under 15 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Metalman(800hp): You have to defeat him in under 20 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Kingman(1000hp): You have to defeat him in under 40 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Bowlman(1300hp): You have to defeat him in under 45 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Protoman(1300hp): You have to defeat him in under 45 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Darkman(1600hp): You have to defeat him in under 45 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Japanman(1800hp): You have to defeat him in under 40 seconds using any extra folder you want to

Here's the part that I'm going to tell you how to defeat SOME of the time trial navis:

Flashman: It's best to have Woodguts style for Flashman since when you have a Guts style,you could fire your Megabuster faster and you have to defeat him in under 10 seconds and your grass-type power attack does double damage to electric-type in our case you would be the wood-type and Flashman would be the electric-type.So get an extra folder that has alot of grass-type chips to defeat Flashman.

Beastman: It doesn't really matter what style change you have as long as your style change is a fire-type and does alot of damage.I used the Famousfolder which is located at the DNN studio.It's good to use Lavastage for Beastman cause he goes on lots of panels and since your style change is a fire-type, your panels will also change into lava but you won't get hurt since you're a fire-type and Beastman sometimes comes in your area to scratch you but you just dodge it and he will get hurt from one of your panels so he won't be able to touch you!

Bubbleman: As long as you have an electric-type style change which does alot of damage it'll be easier since electric-type does double-damage to water-type in our case you would be the electric-type and Bubbleman would be the water-type.So get an extra folder that has alot of electric-type chips,such as N1-folderB which is located in Hades Isle.

Desertman: My suggestion is that you should have Heatteam style for defeating Desertman because your power shot could shoot through the walls that protects Desertman and also attack him at the same time!I used the Famousfolder to defeat Desertman. Plantman: I used Heatteam style to defeat Plantman.Since my powershot does 50 damage, it'll do double damage to Plantman making my powershot to Plantman worth 100 damage since Plantman is a grass-type,he takes double damage from fire-type chips and attacks.I also used the Famousfolder to defeat Plantman but do NOT use Grass stage then Plantman would regain hp!Use a Lava stage on Plantman making each panel worth 100 damage for Plantman making it a total maximum of 900 damage take over half of Plantman's hp!Or you could use the Hadesfolder since it has more fire-type chips but I used the Famous folder cause it's easier for me.

Gutsman: It doesn't really matter what style change you have as long as it does alot of damage.I once again,used the Famousfolder.Use Lava stage as long as you have a fire-type style change for extra damage.

For Metalman,Kingman and Bowlman I just used the Famousfolder since it has more stronger chips than the other folders.Even though I didn't set a new record for Protoman yet,I also used Lava stage since he also comes on your panels too like Beastman.But have a fire-type style change for this.

Can anyone pleeaassse tell me an easier way to defeat Protoman,Darkman and Japanman?I tried the ways that the other cheats said how to but it was too hard for me!!!Thank you sooooo much!!!

Submitted by: bob on August 03, 2006
Dont Waste Money
At Yoka when you get the lotto numbers, save infront of the machine in Yoka station, grab a peice of paper and a pencil and buy a whole bunch of candy bars. Make sure to write each lotto number you get on the piece of paper.

When you run out of money, turn off the game and turn it back on; you should be infront of the machine again and with all of your money but, since you wrote the lotto numbers down on the paper, you won't forget them when you get to the numberman machine and after all of that you still have all of your money.
Submitted by: belowzero on July 25, 2004
Easier Alpha Battle
NOTE: This requires you to be a wood style. I recommend the wood shield style.

First you want to make sure that you have gaia-blade, a strong chip like slasher or salamander, the chips for P.A. mom-quake (2x Rockcube * and godstone) and a folderback. Use your wood twister to open up his little guarded area. Next you want to use your gaia-blade (of course with your strong chip behind it). By now you should have lowered his HP to somewhere around 1700-1500. Now use your trusty P.A. Mom-quake and then use your folderbak chip and start all over.
Submitted by: AlphaOmega on July 06, 2010
Easy Alpha and Bass battles
An easy way is to have a lot of RndmMetr and Fire+30's (to add to the RndmMetr's) because they almost always hit him. They also work great to take out Bass's aura from the previous battle.
Submitted by: flyingninja77 on September 08, 2011
easy bug frags
go to yoka inn armour case before beating japanman v2 and there will be only metaur1 and 2 and just kill them with their pickaxe in air and you get 3-8 bugfags each time with no annoying viruses to bother

again this only works if you didnt beat japanman v2
Submitted by: gr1mmjovv on April 23, 2009
Easy chips
When you need some chips get a friend who is farther than you or beaten the game.Use a link cable and go to "See libary" and when its done your friends chip libary will show some chips that you dont have.Then after the see libary trick go to Higsby's shop and "Order chips" then you can get chips that you never seen or got.I got Aura and Bass GS from my friend from doing this but it cost lot of zenny IF you are getting strong chips.
Submitted by: Gotenks503 on August 21, 2003
Easy Way to Beat Alpha & Other Navis
First, you have to be wood style. Then have undershot on your NaviCustomizer. Have grassstage as your regular chip. Use it and every time you get down to one HP, you will gain more and more HP; so you are almost invincible when you recover, because you never die (almost never). Also use lavastage when you are heat style. It takes 50 damage each time a virus steps on it.
Submitted by: flareman23 on July 06, 2004
Easy way to beat Bass GS
Place a Prism in the middle of Bass GS's side of the field when you battle him in Secret 3 after you beat Serenade and have put 300 bugfrags in the trader, which is also in Secret 3.

When Bass GS attacks, his attacks do 300+ damage, breaking his LifeAura and doing additional damage. If you want to make sure his attacks hit the Prism and himself, try AreaGrab. This is especially useful when he unleashes multiple blasts, hitting the Prism and KILLING HIMSELF in the process.
Submitted by: 8420 on March 22, 2004
Easy way to get bug style
to get bug style you must fight with a bugged navi. the easiest way i found was to go to navi custom and enter the modcode for reflect which is sk13eo1m ( the numbers are those weird symbols ). the code has you fight with one less chip though but the rewards are awesome. When an enemy attacks press b and <. if it was timed correctly the enemy takes 100 points of damage while you take none! P.S does not work on breaker attacks like hammer and heavy. if there are any questions just email me and i can help you out.
Submitted by: Chaos610 on July 16, 2008
Fight Omega Navis
After you earn the first five stars (not the mega class chips) press RRLRLRLL while holding left to fight omega navis.
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on November 01, 2003
Firendly Omega Viruses
After you have defeated all of the friendly viruses which has been sent to the virus breeder all you have obtained all of the virus chips{This also means that you defeated BOTH of the scuttlest families)you can be able to fight each of their bosses a.k.a.each of their omega versions but you must also give each species 100 bugfrags(I don't mean that you have to give EACH of the viruses 100 bugfrags!)ex.for meteurs,you have to give them a total of 100 bugfrags for all 3 of them in anyway you would want to.After giving 100 bugfrags,Megaman would say somethig like,'These viruses seem full already...Want to try giving it to a different one?'After that,talk to the program that takes care of the virus you just feeded.The program will congratulate you then give you a hint on how to find their boss/omega version.(I forgot what the hints were exactly were but I tell you where they're located.)Remember that you can only fight the omega viruses AFTER doing ALL the things I wrote before here!

Meteur Omega:
You can find Meteur omega inside the blackboard in Lan's school in ACDC and the blackboard is located in Lan's classroom,5A.

Bunny Omega:
You can find Bunny omega inside the bed on the 2nd floor of the Seaside hospital where Yai and Dr.Hikari was hospitalized.

Spikey Omega:
You can find Spikey omega inside the Panda Zoo computer in Zoo Area 2 somewhere at a dead end near Zoo Area 3.

Swordy Omega:
You can find Spikey omega inside the small pathway right next to the panda cage where there is a hidden jackpoint.

Mushy Omega:
You can find Mushy omega inside the hospital panel on the 3rd floor and it is the panel next to the emergency exit.As soon as you jack in to it,walk around the square where you jacked in.

Jelly Omega:
You can find Jelly omega inside the lion's head which is located at the Yoka inn mudbath.

Killereye Omega:
You can find Killereye omega inside a hidden jackpoint next to the virus lab which is located in Scilab next to the wall of the entrance.

Momogra Omega:
You can find Momogra omega in Yoka Area 1,where you fought Bubbleman.

Scuttlest Omega:
You can find Scuttlest omega in the WWW base next to the boat ther is a wall with a hidden jackpoint.
Submitted by: bob on August 29, 2006
Folder Problem
if you want to defeat someone really badly just equip your best chips in 1 folder( at least have 200 hp chips and between 100-300, also have antidmage, 1 prism, 1 air shoes, at least 2 viruses familly, 1 zeus hammer, an aura or life aura or dark aura(optional), 1 foldrbak (must have!!!), 1 of the Rolls chips(best 1 is Roll v3), any protoman chip, 1 fast or slow gauge(optional), 1 magnum(optional), and varsword and cust sword.)
i hope it helps you,
...if you wanna know the best folder use mine
(god i write too much...)
1 Aqua,1 Electric,1 Bambo,1 Custom,1 and 1 Var swords.
2 Big Waves.(optional)
Magnums 2 and 3.(optional)
2 prisms(optional)
2 120 Recovery(must have!!!!)
3 200 Recovery(must have!!!)
1 300(must have!!!)
1 FstGauge(must have!!!!)
1 air shoes(must have!!!)
1 Mettaur(optional)
1 spikey(optional)
1 Scuttlst(must have!!!)
1 MetlStge(at least use holy panels)
1 AntiDmg(must have!!!)
1 ZeusHamr(must have!!!)
1 Aura or LifeAura(must have!!!)
1 Roll V3(must have!!!)
1 Protoman(must have!!!, and use any volume)
1 FoldrBak(definetly have this 1!!!!)
Submitted by: MightyChopper on January 15, 2009
Friendly viruses
Mettaur: ACDC 1 past the skull door.

Bunny: Job 19.

Spikey: Demon Comp directly north of where you enter.

Swordy: Undernet 1 in the blue section's second dead-end.

Jelly: Beach 2 to the left of the Undernet entrance.

Mushy: Sci Lab 2 to the left of the Sci Lab Square entrance, in the tiny square.

Momogra: Zoo Comp 4 where you battled Beastman.

Killereye: Principal's PC 1 near the entrance to Principals PC 2.
Submitted by: ss vegta on February 11, 2006
Get all 200 chips
To fight Serenade, you must have all 200 chips in your library. To get more chips fight gutsman and kill him right before he is about to attack you to get 10 bug frags. Now go to secret 3 and use the bug frag trader to get rare chips. You can also trade chips with a friend to get new ones.
Submitted by: The Killer Bee on February 26, 2005
Get Punk without Cheating
Okay, this requires five things:

2x Game Boy Advance
1x Link Cable
MegaMan Battle Network 3: Blue
RockMan EXE 3: Black

First, play Black until you can get the Punk chip (you need the Mr. Famous Wristband) then put Blue in the other GBA and load it up, go to "Comm", and hit either Trade Chips or See Library, you then can buy or tarde Punk P over to your English version!
Submitted by: CrystalLaser on July 07, 2006
GutsMan V4 and BugFrags
Note: to work this properly, you'll need to be Wood Team Style, and you must have mastered Custom Style.
When you're at the WWW base near Dex, you can get a lot of GutsMan V4 chips and BugFrags by killing him with this easy trick. Have GaiaSword * and Bass+ X in your folder. Add some more powerful attacks like Canballs and Salamander *. Add Custom+1 and Custom+2 into your NaviCustomizer (FastGauge also helps), and use this ModCode to fix the error: UTIXM1LA. Dodge GutsMan while hurting him, and when he gets in the front row, hit him with GaiaSword (combined with lots of strong chips) to counter him. If you beat him within 20 seconds (which you almost always do), GutsMan V4 is yours, and so are 10 BugFrags.
Submitted by: flyingninja77 on September 08, 2011
How to EARN a Life aura
I know a way that you can earn a Life aura without buying, trading or finding it. Equip the navicust program collect and go to secret 3.Run around the big area where the bug trader machine is located.If you get a battle against the scuttlest viruses, no other viruses with it, then just delete them and when they show you what chip you're going to get,99% it will be a Life aura!P.S.Life aura is a mega class chip!So that means that you're getting a mega class chip from a virus only!!!
Submitted by: bob on July 08, 2006
How to get mega-class chips from navis
To get a V4 battlechip from a navi,defeat him inbetween 0-20 seconds with a level S (You MUST have any teamstyle to get a V4 chip this way otherwise you'll get a V3 chip instead)

To get a V3 battlechip from a navi,defeat him inbetween 20-30 seconds with a level S

To get a V2 chip from a navi,defeat him inbetween 30-40 seconds with a level S

To get a V1 chp from a navi,defeat him in over 40 seconds wth any level

NOTE:You MUST have the navicust program collect. (Which is located in the hidden computer in the WWW base on a wall near the boat)Install it and it'll make you get more chip data from your opponents so no matter how you battled your opponent, as long as you defeated him,you'll get some sort of chip from it.
Submitted by: bob on August 11, 2006
How to get the hammer
You know those monoliths in the Secret area that you need a hammer for but you don't know where the hammer is? Here's how. 1st, defeat Flameman's ghost{Or,as known as Flameman v3} which is either in Undernet 4 OR 5 somewhere at a dead end. When you defeated his ghost, go to Yoka 1. Try running around Yoka 1 and you might randomly meet Flameman v3. To make it easier, I equiped a navi customizer program called Oilbody which will attract fire-type viruses. After you're done fighting Flameman v2 and Flameman v3, go to Undernet 6 and now you can be able to unlock Flameman's security cube. Then, go ahead where there's an arrow pointing to Undernet 7. If you're in Undernet 7, there will be a Spikey virus asking for 50 bugfrags so make sure that you have 50 bugfrags to give to the Spikey. After you gave the bugfrags, the Spikey will let you go through the passageway that it was blocking. When you get there, there will be a blue mystery data. That is the hammer. Oh, yeah. When you smash those monoliths, there will be lots of viruses to battle afterwards and you'll be that much closer to fishting Serenade...
Submitted by: bob on July 06, 2006
How to obtain all 7 stars!!
#1 Beat Regular Story Mode up to Alpha
#2 Collect all 200 standered chips
#3 Beat BassGS (Must beat Serenade first then put 300 frags in the 10 frag trader)
#4 Beat The Time Trials
#5 Collect all 85 Mega class chips (You need to trade with someone who has the other version of the game)

At this point save and go to your title screen go to continue Hold your d-pad left then hit RRLRLRLL
you will notice all the stars move closer

#6 Beat all of the Omega Navis
#7 Complete the list of Program Advances

After all of this go to the World 3 Base and go into the match agaist Alpha Except he is now Alpha omega with 3000 hp beat him and get AlphaArm Sigma
Submitted by: tj77 on August 12, 2003
how to open the doors in the secret areas
for the door in secret area 1 that leads to area 2, have atleast 140 different battle chips in your standard chip library. for the door that is blocking a blue mystery data, find the four people who ask you quizes. 2 are at yoka, one at the hospital, and 1 at hades isle. for the door in secret area 2, you must collect one gigaclass chip. to do this, collect 200 bug frags and jack into the gargoyle at hades. use the teleporter and it will take you to the undernet. trade 200 bugfrags for folderbak and then you can open the door. for the first door you see in secret area 3, you must collect every virus family except the skuttle and skuttlest family. (the dudes wit the lifeauras) to open the door at the top of the steps, you must finish your standard chip library. (you will no you have finished it by either checking your library and seeing 200/200 or you can check by seeing if you have 2 stars)
be warned, behind this door is the underking serenade...
Submitted by: Zackbagodounuts on July 08, 2003
How to open those ANNOYING security cubes!
Security cubes can be sooo annoying especially when you don't have a card to open them! But I have some good news people! I know how to open them!Here's how you can open them!

Flashman's cube:
Defeat Flashman v2 at a dead end near the ACDC square and defeat Flashman v3 at ACDC where he randomly appears

Beastman's cube:
Defeat Beastman v2 at a dead end in Scilab 1 and defeat Beastman v3 in Lan's doghouse{It's better to use Sneakrun} where he randomly appears

Bubbleman's cube:
Defeat Bubbleman v2 in Yoka 1 beside the bug frag trader and defeat Bubbleman v3 in Beach 1 where he randomly appears

Desertman's cube:
Defeat Desertman v2 in Beach 1 near the entrance to the hospital where there's a small area with a dead end and defeat Desertman v3 in the Yoka inn t.v. where he randomly appears

Plantman's cube:
Defeat Plantman v2 somewhere in Undernet 4 at a dead end and Plantman v3 in hospital computer 3 where he randomly appears

Flameman's cube:
Defeat Flameman v2 either in Undernet 4 OR 5 at a dead end and defeat Flameman v3 in Yoka 1{It's better to equip the Oilbody program} where he randomly appears

Drillman's cube:
Defeat Drillman v2 in Undernet 6 behind the net dealer and defeat Drillman v3 in Hades Isle where he randomly appears

I don't know if they have security cubes for Darkman and Japanman, But I'll tell you where you can find their v2's and v3's, just in case.

Defeat Darkman v2 in Secret net 1 at a dead end{You'll need the hammer to smash the monolithes to find the dead end} nad defeat Darkman v3 in Undernet 6 where he randomly appears

Defeat Japanman v2 in Secret net 2 at the top floor{You'll need to get past through the security statues} and defeat Japanman v3 in the Yoka inn armor case where he randomly appears

Hope that'll help you with opening thoes security cubes!
Submitted by: bob on July 06, 2006
how to use the nobeam series
have you almost smashed ur gameboy advance or SP because nobeam1 2 or 3 didnt do squat? well thats because u didnt use it right. but ur thinkin (but there was a panel behind me that would hurt me!) well thats not what it means. there must be either a rock or ice cube behind you when you go to use the nobeam series. here is an example of what the field would look like:
*- rock or ice cube
m- megamans possition
p-other panels
e-enemy virus (i jus wanna spice up my diagram)

p p p p p p
* m p p e p
p p p p p p

so if u were in a position like that, nobeam would work.
Submitted by: Zackbagodounuts on July 08, 2003
Immunity from all
first you need any type of wood style and grass stage battle chip plus undershirt navi program (it also helps if ya have +10 reg for grass stage)
first play grass stage then when they hurt you bad you go down to one and back up (wood power when on grass) then just blast em ( make sure ya have lots o'chips cause i used this on king man first and desertman and ran out both times)
Submitted by: meanman280@yahoo.ca on April 13, 2004
Japan man V3
If you want to find japan man V3 then go to yoka and jack in to the ARMOR and use sneak run
Submitted by: supreme king on May 28, 2006
japanmans backup
when fighting japanman he will call for backup. when the little things come they take panels. but if you shoot them with your buster be for they hit your squar they will explode.
Submitted by: Super_Shadow_X on August 08, 2006
Kill Bass(Forte) EXTREMELY Easily.
Bass's(Forte's) aura is obviously the most annoying part of the battle. So, how does one get rid of the aura without wasting a chip? It's easy in Blue version (sorry White owners). The last level of the Shadow Style gives you the Anti-Damage NaviCust program. Equip it and get used to the action (<- and B). When fighting Bass(Forte), use this on almost any of his attacks, and it will instantly destroy his Aura. I don't even use chips for Bass(Forte) any more, just keep Anti-Damage-ing. He'll go down really easily. Shadow Style RULES!!!! The timing's trickier for Alpha(Proto), but the same principle applies. I don't know if this works on Bass(Forte) GS though, I've never gotten that far.
(By the way, that e-mail address is not mine.)
Submitted by: Hitokiri Sephira on May 03, 2004
Lightning,Salamander, Fountain, and Gaia Sword battle chips
To use you need two have these styles
Elec style: Lighting battlechip
Heat style: Salamander battlechip
Aqua style: Fountain battlechip
Wood style: Gaia Sword battlechip
Submitted by: ss vegta on February 11, 2006
Make shield style your friend.
The shield style(to me) is the best style in Mega Man BN3. It make not make you invincible, but it helps you a lot.If you have reflect, instal it in your navi cust.Master using reflect and every battle should be easy. Time it right and it will heal you. This makes fighting bosses a sinch!Especialy fighting Alpha.You can't reflect his arms,but you can reflect his machine gun. This is the fun part.As soon as Alpha attacks with his machine gun, get anywhere in the middle row and don't move but insted keep pressing back(D-pad)and B to activate reflect and send everything back at him! This should also expose his core as well. The damage depends on how many times you were able to reflect the machine gun fire. If done correctly,Alpha should lose around 400hp everytime you reflect the machine gun fire at him.If you are a pro at reflecting, you should be able to time the reflection right and heal yourself making you sorta invinsable! Don't forget that reflect can be used against any boss. The only exception is Bowlman and Desertman, you need something to protect yourself(i recomend lifeAura it saved my life many times). Have fun
Submitted by: Latino mix on June 29, 2006
More Bug Frags
Go some where there are alot of mettaur viruses. when it raises its weapon and streches up destroy it. You will get a bugfrag for each one you do this to.
Submitted by: Super_Shadow_X on August 08, 2006
Numberman Machine Codes
All the codes for the Numberman Machine in Higsby's shop. All these codes can only be used once:

01697824 CopyDmg *
03284579 HeroSwrd P
15789208 AirShot3 *
21247895 HiCannon *
31549798 Spreader *
33157825 GaiaBlde *
50098263 Muramasa M
54390805 Thndrblt *
63997824 VarSword F
65497812 Salamndr *
76889120 StpCross S
88543997 Tsunami *
95913876 GtStrght S
19878934 SetSand
23415891 AirShoes
24586483 SneakRun
41465278 WpnLV +1
67918452 QuickGge
11002540 SpinBlue
28274283 SpinGrn
72563938 SpinRed
77955025 SpinWht
90690648 Mr. Famous' wristband
05088930 Untrap
24586483 SneakRun
35331089 Unlocker
46823480 Untrap
56892168 FullEnrg
57789423 MiniEnrg
86508964 MiniEnrg
87824510 LockEnmy
99826471 FullEnrg
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on November 01, 2003
PERMENANTLY repairing those panels
I know battling Gutsman is sooooooooo easy but, to make it more easier, you can PERMENMANTLY stop him from smashing your panels! It's easy! Just make Metalstage as your regular chip every time you're going to battle Gutsman. When the battle starts, the 1st chip that you should is the Metalstage. Now he can't be able to break your panels! PERMENANTLY!
Submitted by: anonymous on July 06, 2006
Quiz Kids and Masters
You probably run into some quiz people every once in a while. Here are the whereabouts of them:

  • Quiz kid #1: Yoka hotel hallway

  • Quiz kid #2: Hospital floor 3

  • Quiz Old Guy #1: Behind Yoka hotel and behind the rock at the bath to open secret area 1.

  • Quiz Old Guy #2 - At the top of the mountain at Hades Isle.

    Note: For Quiz Old Guy #2 you must beat the game.
  • Submitted by: flareman23 on July 06, 2004
    secret area one
    i know how to destroy those statues....get zeushammer and use it... after you destroy it click on the blue thingy to get 5,000,00
    Submitted by: naruto dude on June 01, 2007
    Security statues in Secret area 1
    Here's a way to get rid of those security statues in Secret area 1.You'll need to have at least over 1000HP, a Zeus Hammer{250 DAMAGE}, a Barrier 200, 1 Folderback and 3 Anti-damages. When the battle starts, make sure that you MUST chose your BARRIER 200 1st! DO NOT CHOSE ANY OTHER BATTLECHIP! Now that you have your Barrier, DO NOT try to attack ANY of the statues especially the ones that does NOT say no.1 cause if you do attack, their Err-Del attack will take 1000 of your HP away! Next, chose the Anti-damage and activate it. Then use the Zeus Hammer and the no.1 statue will be deleted.{The statues have 250HP each}Now that you've attacked the other two at the same the same time, they'll use their err-del attack but, they activated your Anti-damage attack so you won't get hurt. The Barrier is there just in case if anything goes wrong. Just use the Folderback Giga-chip and all the chips will be restored. Just keep on repeating these steps until all of the statues are destroyed. Remember, this is ONLY for SECRET AREA 1!
    Submitted by: bob on July 06, 2006
    Serenade time trails
    After you have beaten BassGS, notice that there new navis in the secret areas, if you beat them all under the time given you will get 1 star and the Dark Aura which repels damages bellow 300 and here is the part where you will really hate, you must use your Extra folder to beat them. The best folder to use is N1 Folder C. Here is the stretagy, there are 4 3 panel outs, 3 snakes, 2 area grabs, 1 repair, wood+30 and attack+10. First use the 2 area grabs (not on the enemy) and quickly use the 4 3 panel outs and use the snakes (on the last snake use the wood+30 and attack+10). This will knock out most of the enemies. For the navis, Sandman, Drillman, Bubbleman, Kingman, Gutsman and Protoman. Use the folders N1 folder A, Apprentice folder and Famous folder. The strategy for these folders depends on what chip you get. The best Navi Customizers are Hubatch, FastGauge, if you don't have the Hubatch pragram you can get it in Secret area 3, go to the place where the bugfrag trader is and near the place where you got the sanctury chip, just try to go from the upper side and walk on an invisible path that leads to a monolith with 20 battles, behind it is Hubatch. The best style for the time trails is Wood Bug Style, to get bug style you must fight while bugged in the Navi Customizer (dont use navi chips,invisible chips, barrier chips and Don't use more than one chip) for 100 battles. Goodluck with the time trails.
    Submitted by: Megaman World on August 15, 2003
    Simple and easy way to kill Serenade!
    I found an easy way to kill serenade first get three antidmg doesn't matter what letters they have except for one,it should be an "M" then get an antinvi M and a muramasa M first use the two antidmg (not the "M") when he does the attack that he makes an explosion and some of the floors cracks let him hit you (with the chips being used one at a time) so you'll give him a 300 attack per antidmg and the last antdmg use the program advance (Antidmg M,Antinvi M,Muramasa M) that will automatically kill him and if you get the perfect pickin the beginning give you an "S" Rank.
    Submitted by: emerl chao on June 08, 2006
    Simple Chips
    When link battling with a friend on the Medium or Hard levels get a 10 or and S. Sometimes you can get a new chip and your opponent won't loose one. This is also a way to get Delta Ray Edge.
    Submitted by: orez on April 07, 2005
    Stop Drillman V3's Multidrill Attack
    When battling Drillman v3 he uses an attack that sends drills all over the place but you can stop this by finding the hole he is standing in and using a battle chip on him this will stop the drills and damage him unfortunately the drills go faster than I can move so be quick!
    Submitted by: Cole Farrand on April 12, 2010
    Styles, easy way to get
    Shadow Style use Invis Battle chip
    Custom Style use alot of Battle chips
    Team style use Navi chips
    Shield Style use Recovery and Defensive chips.
    Guts Style use your Mega Buster
    Ground Style use chips that will change the battlefield
    Bug style (HARD TO GET) Have a bug
    Submitted by: ss vegta on February 11, 2006
    Super Sensor 3
    First, have Ice Stage * as you Regular chip, use Ice Stage and then set up Sensro 3, it hits about 5 times doing 120 damage, but with Ice Stage it will 260 each time, 5 x 260 = 1300 with two chips. Use other Elec Chips whle Sensor 3 is keeping the enemy in one place
    Submitted by: CrystalLaser on July 18, 2006
    V2 navis
    Flashman V2: ACDC 3 by the dead-end near the ACDC Square entrance
    Beastman V2: SciLab 1 in the bottom part where you first enter, turn right then straight up
    Bubbleman V2: Yoka 1 by Bug Dealer, on small dead-end walkway
    Desertman V2: Beach 1 to the right part of the Hospital Comp
    Plantman V2: Undernet 4 to the right part of the tower, near the warp point
    Drillman V2: Undernet 6 behind the Net Dealer
    Darkman V2: Secret Net 1 past the Monolith, turn right to the dead-end
    Japanman V2: Secret Net 2 past the Securtity Crystal on the top floor
    Flashman V3: Random encounters in ACDC 2
    Beastman V3: Random encounters in Lan's Doughouse.
    Submitted by: ss vegta on February 11, 2006

    Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Cheats

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    1000 HP Code
    Here is a HP password to get using the mod tools when there is no error. press select when the navicust is running and enter :

    HP+1000: CNJDU2EM Causes a glitch that panels
    to turn to poison after you walk on them
    Submitted by: Darkeyes41 on November 08, 2003
    HP+ 350 Mod code
    Use the following code to get 350 free HP without a program. This must be entered every time you RUN the navicust.

    HP+350 Mod code

    Submitted by: Chaos Swordsman on October 16, 2003