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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA) Cheats

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.

Command codes

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Sub-zero Fatality
Sub-Zero fatality: Up,Up,A - on back of the enemy


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hit and run
well if your going against someone who you cant beat....my advice is to hit and run.......go up to your opponent hit him bout 3 times then run away by pressing down and left on the arrow key.................

Easter eggs

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Easy Money
in test your might raise the strength of the hit to the maximum of the bar. You will get a perfect then it will go FANTISTICO! and you will win a bonus of 1000 koins.

Get free test your might from the krypt in coffin AE when you have enough koins buy it and keep getting perfects, until youve got about 30,000 koins you can then buy everything from the krypt.


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25,000 Koins
To enable this code, enter KWIKKASH as your name.
New Characters
To get the following characters you must ....

Kitana :- Defeat 'Arcade' on the 'Very Easy' Difficulty.

Sub-Zero : Defeate 'Arcade' on the 'Easy' Difficulty.

Kano :- Defeat 'Arcade' on the 'Normal' Difficulty.


Quan Chi :- Buy Koffin AI (4500 coins) in the Krypt.

Shang Tsung :- Buy Koffin FF (7500 coins) in the Krypt.

Shang Tsung Morphing Codes
Shang Tsung can morph into a different chracter giving him their move set. Below is a list of various characters which he can morph into.

Morph Shang Tsung into:

Down, Down, L - Frost

Forward, Forward, L - Jax

Down, Away, L - Kenshi

Down, Up, L - Kitana

Forward, Away, L - Kung Lao

Up, Up, L - Li Mei

Away, Forward, Left - Quan Chi

Away, Away, L - Scorpion

Down, Forward, L - Sonya

Up, Down, L - Sub-Zero


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Various Character Fatality Codes
Frost fatality:
Press Down, Down, A.

Jax fatality:
Press Up, Up, A.

Kano fatality:
Press Away, Away, Forward, A.

Kenshi fatality:
Press Down, Down, B.

Kitana fatality:
Press Down, Up, A.

Kung Lao fatality:
Press Forward, Away, B.

Li Mei fatality:
Press Down, Up, A.

Quan Chi fatality:
Press Away, Away, A.

Scorpion fatality:
Press Forward, Away, A.

Shang Tsung fatality:
Press Up, Down, Up, A.

Sub Zero fatality:
Press Up, Up, A while on your enemies back.