Metroid: Zero Mission Cheats

Metroid: Zero Mission cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Metroid: Zero Mission cheat codes.


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back to exploded lands
After getting your suit back in chozo ruins, go to the glass tunnel that seperates chozo rins from the space pirate mother ship, (You need 3 power bombs,) place a power bomb. After the glass shaters, fall in the area no accesible, and head left. Place a power bomb at that wall. Head through the now open tunnel, and continue on until you come to a yellow door. Open the door with a power bomb. You'll be in crateria. now all the areas you've been to before, (crateria, kraid, ridley, norfair brinstar, even tourian) will all be how you left them. (This cheat for those of you who are wondering how to get that power bomb expansion in crateria.)(I still haven't found it, though.)
Black Pirate freeze

IF the balck pirate doesnt see you and you blast him very quick, he wont move or shoot.
IF he is climbing up a wall (and you are at the top) and you shoot down at him when he is almost at the top, he will freeze and shoot in the opposite direction, leaving you free from harm.
Timing is essential.
Defeat Kraid Easily
Go defeat Ridely first to get some super missles.
When you face Kraid, kill him with your super missles. With this, you can kill him under 4 seconds!
Early Sequence Breaking.
Near the very begining of the game, when going to collect the long beam, you can instead go straight for the first missile upgrade. Go to the door that you would normally need the long beam to access, and go on top of that particullar rock formation. Shoot downwards to reveal hidden breakable blocks that will let you access the door and continue throughout the game without the long beam!

It's not particullarly useful, but if you feel like using short range beam shots for the rest of the game go ahead!
Get screw attack early
Before you fight ridely, go to the area under the entrance to the screw attack. At the left end, aim up and fire missles. Keep doing this while jumpin and all the blocks will be gone.
Now, wall jump and open the door to go get the screw attack.
Getting out of Chozodia
Get the powersuit and the power bomb. Go to the area with the glass tube. Use your power bomb and it will break. Go down and use your power bomb again. Search the area and use a power bomb when you come across with a yellow door. you are now out of chozodia.
More powerful Mecha Ridley
Gather 100% of all of the items and power-ups, and the final boss of the game, Mecha Ridley, will be much more difficult to beat.

Normally, it would take 6 super missiles, or 30 regular missiles to destoy it. But when you gather all the powerups, it will take 3X's as many. So instead of 6 Super Missiles, or 30 Regular would take 18 Super Missiles or 90 Regular Missiles.
morphball spine shark (must have jump ball)
ok you run until you activate your speed booster and then crouch and then go in to morph ball if you did it right you will be flashing then you push jump and you will then have about 2 seconds to pic a direction you will fly in that direction. (any direction but down)
Open Fusion Gallery
To open up the Metroid Fusion gallery, choose the Link Mode and link with another system with Metroid Fusion.
Technique: Extended Wall Jump
After peforming a wall jump (detailed in the tip entitled "Technique: Wall Jump") press the directional pad back toward the wall and peform another wall jump (by tapping back to the opposite direction and pressing jump). This will allow you to scale vertical surfaces after practice.
Technique: Spineshark
While Samus has a speed boost (after running interrupted for a short distance), tap down on the directional pad. Her suit will flash as if it were in a speed boost, but you will be free to walk normally. You now have a few seconds to move around. To initiate the Spineshark, press the A button. Samus will leap into the air and fly in a fixed direction using the stored energy from the speed boost. You can choose a direction by tapping it after pressing A.

Samus will not be harmed during a Spineshark and will be able to break blocks that can only be broken by a speed boost. This is useful for breaking through certain areas quicker.
Technique: Wall Jump
To perform a jump off a wall, spin jump into a flat wall (hold a direction down as you jump or press A during the jump). Tap to the opposite direction of the wall and press A to peform another jump. Samus will kick off the wall, giving you a higher jump distance.
Unlock Gallery
To unlock the Gallery, complete the main game once. Different images will be added as you complete the game with different ending percentages and completion times.
Unlock Harder Difficulty
To unlock the Hard Mode, complete the main game once. This will then give you the option to start a new game on a harder difficulty.
Unlock Original "Metroid"
To unlock the original Metroid game (of which the game is very loosly based on), complete the main game once.
Unlock Sound Test
To unlock the Sound Test, complete the game on hard mode.
Wall Jump
It is possible to wall jump, with one wall! As soon as you jump off, push the d-pad back into the wall and you can wall jump off it again.


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Alternate Endings.
All endings
In order to unlock and view all the endings, you must do the following.Unlockable How to Unlock

Samus at a bar in a red top and shorts Beat the game under 2 hours and 100% in Normal.

Samus in a red top and shorts, walking around a city Beat the game over 2 hours and 100% in Normal or Hard.

Samus in full armor sitting on a rock Beat the game in Easy or in over 4 hours and above 15% in Normal or Hard.

Samus in just her blue jumpsuit Beat the game under 2 hours and above 15% in Normal and Hard.

Samus over looking a city in a red top and shorts Beat the game under 2 hours and 100% in Hard.

Samus sitting near a window in a red top and shorts Beat the game below 15% in Normal.

Samus standing in full armor, with a close of her face without it in the background Beat the game below 15% in Hard.

Samus without her helmet looking at the sunset Beat the game around 3 hours and above 15% in Normal or Hard.

Right,what you gotta do is go into morph ball and lay a bomb and just before the bomb blows lay another and when you come down off the first the second springs you back up and timing is essential then when you are in the air every time a bomb blows lay another and slowly but surely you can reach major high places and ledges with ease and it is not difficult to get used to.
Mother Brain
Instead of jumping between platforms to shoot at mother brain try to stay as near the right edge of the right platform this way any hits you take can ricochet you off the wall and back onto the platform so you can do some serious damage and the mother brain battle time is decreased rapidly.

NOTE this is best done in easy mode with a lot of health and is mainly for speed not technique. If you are trying this battle in hard mode then this tactic is NOT for you.
Sequence Break: Screw Attack
Now, this may seem obvious, but not too many people realise it can be done. Okay, after you get the high jump, go down one level lower than the floor where you get the screw attack. You must have at least five missiles with you. Now go to where you would normally use the speed booster to break through the floor to reach the screw attack. Go to the far right of that room ( by the door ) and aim upwards. Now fire some missiles, and the blocks will be destroyed, opening the path to the screw attack. Now go get it.

Congrats, you've just made the rest of the game 70% easier!
Super Samus
First, go to the passwords screen and enter the password Justin Bailey ------ ------ to become Samus with wave beam, long beam, ball, bombs, alot of missles, and alot of health and samus will also wear her bikini.