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How to beat Ridley

On this fight never use ice missles or anything like that.ONLY use your charge shot. you will find that it takes more health out of him.
Verified by: EY3 Submitted by: Roger Hajare on December 20, 2004

see samus without suit

You don't have to finish with 50%items under 2 hours. Just start it over and go through it as fast as you can and only pick up the missle, powerbomb, and energy tanks that wont take long. As long as you beat it under 2 hours then you should have it.
Verified by: gustavocb, antonyocasio Submitted by: †ßlá¢kƒáñgéð†Wølƒ† on January 19, 2004


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All Endings

Under 2 hours with 100% - Samus with suit off, standing up with a clear image of her to the left. Best Appearance

Under 2 hours, under 100% - Samus with suit off, leaning up a ledge with head leaned back.

Over 2 hours, 100% - Samus with suit off, in a city.

Over 2 hours, under 4 hours, under 100% - Samus with helmet off.

Over 4 hours, under 100% - Nothing Special. Worst Appearance.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: rezegen on August 20, 2006

Charged shot does a lot more damage glitch

This is really easy to do. It requires the charged power and at least 1 missile. When you are holding a charged shot, instead of letting go of the B, press down on R while still holding B. This will not use up a missile but will do more damage.
Verified by: KiCKingYourA-hoL, kawkika Submitted by: sniper [-]=2063-0494-7757 on July 11, 2008


Verified by: swampert618, KiCKingYourA-hoL Submitted by: FAF on November 02, 2002


Screw attack into one of those larva things that turn tall and viney and then you will apear to the side of it. Then you will be invincible.
Verified by: trillopat, KiCKingYourA-hoL Submitted by: Alfordnicolas on January 29, 2008

Metroid Fusion/Metroid Prime Cheats

Cheats: 2
Items Requird:
1 GameCube
1 Gameboy Advance
1 Connection Wire
1 Completed Metroid Fusion Game
1 Completed Metroid Prime Game

Fusion suit in Prime-Have a completed Metroid Prime game and a metroid fusion game,connect them and you can play metroid prime with the fusion suit.
Original Metroid-Have a completed Metroid Fusion game and a metroid prime game,connect the and you can play the original metroid.
Verified by: Turok Son of Stone, cheatheadVIII Submitted by: TUMOG on January 08, 2003

Secret Message

To see the secret message, you must defeat Nightmare in Sector 5 (ARC) and return to a Navigation Room WITHOUT getting the Diffusion Missile upgrade. A conversation between you, Adam and the Secret Guy will commence.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: rezegen on August 20, 2006


when you gain speed for the speed booster press down then hold up,right,or left then hit A Quickly.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Lil-Twister on June 06, 2003

Speed Boost Slam

After you beat Serris and get the Speed Boost, run until it starts up, stop, press down, and either: Right(or left) + A or Up + A, if you go to the right or left it will look like Samus is doing a football tackle. If you do up Samus will look like an upward flying bullet. You gotta do this quick though or the boost will end.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Shadow Soul on November 25, 2006

Unlock Samus without her suit

Finish the game with a time under 6:30 and all items (100%) to see Samus Aran without the suit, wearing something similar to a bathing suit.
Or finish the game in under 2:00 with at least 50% of the items.
Verified by: tnewebmaster, lsh6760 Submitted by: Arnkowitz on January 08, 2003