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Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats

Mega Man Zero 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Gameshark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Zero 2 cheat codes.

Mega Man Zero 2 Tips

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boss order, Trust me, It HELPS!!
Pheniox Magnion, Polar... The bear thing, Hyleg Ourbeckle, Anchorus, Burble hekelot, Sage Harpuia, Leviathan, and fefnir(Not because he's hard, but because his level is a nightmare.)
Submitted by: Sender of botan on February 23, 2004
Forms and EX Skills
(basic info courtesy of Greg Sepelak)

Forms are aquired by meeting certain conditions during a new mission (you cannot acquire them by returning from the Trans Server). Only one can be activated at a time, and may be the key to overcoming a lot of obstacles ahead. "If you meet the goals for more than one Form you have not achieved already, you will get the form that comes first on this list."

Energy Form
Pick up 25 Life Energy items in a mission.
Power: ***
Defense: **
Speed: *
Description: Life Energy and Energy Crystals appear more often. However, you cannot perform combo slashes.

X Form
Destroy 50 enemies with the Buster Gun
Power: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Description: The speed and power of the Buster Gun is increased, but you cannot perform combo slashes.

Defense Form
Destroy 20 enemies with the charged-up Shield Boomerang.
Power: *
Defense: ****
Speed: **
Description: Zero takes only half damage from enemy attacks.

Erase Form
Deflect 30 enemy projectiles with the Shield Boomerang
Power: **
Defense: ***
Speed: **
Description: You can destroy enemy projectiles using the Z-Saber or Shield Boomerang. No combo slashes.

Active Form
Destroy 20 enemies with a Z-Saber dashing slash.
Power: **
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Description: Perform the spinning slash when jumping or dashing, but no combo slashes.

Power Form
Pull 30 objects (enemies, blocks, or items) with the Chain Rod.
Power: ****
Defense: **
Speed: *
Decription: Greater range with Z-Saber slashes, but no combo attacks.

Rise Form
Destroy 20 enemies with a jumping slash.
Power: **
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Description: Z-Saber combos (third slash) ends in an upwards slice.

Proto Form
Beat the game.
Power: ****
Defense: *
Speed: **
Description: Higher attack power, but you can't charge your weapons (except for Shield Boomerang) or use combo slashes.

Ultimate Form
Obtain, evolve, and use up EVERY Cyber Elf. Use only the remaining Elf in the mission you complete to obtain this Form.
Power: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Decription: Instantly used charged attacks by using control pad movements before hitting the Attack button.
-Buster Level 1 : Down, Down-Right, Right
-Buster Level 2 : Down, Down-Right, Right, Down, Down-right, Right
Z-Saber : Right, Right-Down, Down
Chain Rod : Right, Down, Down-Right
Shield Boomerang: Down, Down-right, Right

[EX Skills]
When you defeat a boss while you have an A or S Ranking, you can obtain special moves from that boss called EX Skills. Unlike Forms, you can activate as many EX Skills as you want at a time. EX Skills (except for the Filter Shield) have power equivalent to a charged attack. However, you only have one shot at each EX Skill. Miss one, and it's gone forever--at least, until you beat the game and you get to replay your adventure with all your acquired Forms, EX Skills, Elves, and Elf effects.

Laser Shot
Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle (Mission 2) **Mission 1 is the one you automaticall begin with
Effect: Charged Buster shots become piercing laser shots. No Elements.

Triple Shot
Boss: Poler Kamrous (Mission 3)
Effect: Charged Ice Buster shots split into spread-shot ice arrows when they hit enemies.

Spark Shot
Boss: Panter Flauclaws (Mission 4)
Effect: Charged Electric Buster shots split into two vertical shots (one up, one down) when they hit an enemy.

Boss: Phoenix Magnion (Mission 5)
Effect: Press Up on the control pad and use the Z-Saber to do a powerful rising slash. Combine it with the Fire Element Chip.

Boss: Kuwagust Anchus (Mission 7)
Effect: Dash and use the Z-Saber to perform a powerful forward thrust that can be combined with the ThunDer Chip.

Energy Chain
Boss: Burble Hekelot
Effect: Use the Chain Rod on an enemy, but without pulling them towards you, hold the Attack button down--the Rod will drain away at their life energy and use it to heal you or refill your SubTank.

Sharp Edge
Boss: Fairy Leviathan (Mission 9)
Effect: Using the Z-Saber, press Down while jumping and use the Z-Saber to do a downwards stab that can be combined with the Ice Chip.

Boss: Sage Harpuria (Mission 10)
Effect: While standing, press down and use the Z-Saber to hurl a powerful energy wave. No Element.

Blast Shot
Boss: Fighting Fefnir (Mission 11)
Effect: Charged Flame Buster shots explode when they hit enemies or walls to do extra damage.

Filter Shield
Boss: Rainbow Devil Mk.II (Mission 12)
Effect: When facing against enemies that fire projectiles, get in close and bring up the Shield Boomerang just before their shots hit you. The shots will turn into Energy Crystals.
Submitted by: anonymous on January 24, 2004

Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats

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Elemental Chips and Ex-Abiltities
You can use certain Elemental Chips with Zero's Ex-Abilities. You don't need to charge up the Z-Sabor (exept for the Z-Buster).

Fire Chip:
Press Up + Attack (similar to Zero's X4 move)
Charged Buster (sparks are left after hiting the enemy)

Ice Chip
Press Down + Attack in mid-Air (another of Zero's X4 moves)
Charged Buster (turns into 3 rays; X3's Sting Chameleon)

Lightning Chip
Press Dash + Attack (a lightning sword spierce through an enemy)
Charged Buster (a ball of electricity)
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 18, 2003
Gallery Mode
Successfully beat Hard Mode then highlight New Game. Press and Hold Select, L and A. You should here a sound if you entered it correctly.
Submitted by: RpgGuru on August 20, 2003
Hard Mode
Successfully beat the game, then highlight New Game and hold L and A, you should here a noise if you entered it correctly.
Submitted by: RpgGuru on August 20, 2003
Hard mode
If your curios about how to get hard mode then here you go.After beating the game then hold L when you hit NEWGAME

Submitted by: wesler on March 26, 2007
Using the Wip
Not only can the Wip reach far items, but it can also move some heavy cubes and perform a swinging move. Hold B while in the air, and when it grapples into something, press Left or Right to swing. Release B to let go of the Wip.
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 18, 2003
Zero's Other Forms
Perform these tasks in a level to unlock Zero's other forms:Unlockable How to Unlock
Active Form Kill 20 enemies with the Z-Saber while dashing
Defense Form Kill 20 enemies with the Shield Boomerang
Energy Form Grab 25 Life Capsules
Erase Form Ricochet 30 shots from enemies with the Shield Boomerang
Power Form Pull anything 30 times with the Chain Rod
Proto Form Complete the game
Rise Form Kill 10 enemies with the Z-Saber
Ultimate Form Use every Cyber Elf
X Form Kill 50 enemies with Buster Gun
Submitted by: battleboy645 on April 12, 2005