Mega Man Zero Cheats

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Mega Man Zero Tips

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Easy Mode
You can get a slightly easier game. If you finish the game and save after the credits, you can begin a new game with all of your old equipment, though they won't be leveled up yet. This means you can start with the upgrades from cyber elves in effect, like double life gauge and protection from spikes.
Submitted by: battleboy645 on April 12, 2005
easy weapons level up
ok to level up your weapons easy you can use the trans surver to go back to the place you start in with the funny spider web things all you have to do is sit infront of it and kill the spider things as they come out

also you can go to the place with the towers that keep coming back and kill them
Submitted by: dark zealot on March 24, 2004
Get Shield Boomerang
Once you've beaten (or aborted) all missions except for the last two, go to the basement of the Resistance base and talk to the same guy who gave you the Triple Rod. He'll now give you the Shield Boomerang.
Submitted by: Q22 on September 02, 2004
Get the Triple Rod
After you complete the "Retrieve Data" mission, go to the basement inside the Resistance base and enter the first door you see. Talk to the person inside to get the Triple Rod.
Submitted by: Q22 on September 02, 2004
Get The Z Saber
After Ciel gets caught by the Golem, go follow her to start a boss battle. After about a minute, Zero will curse and you'll see the the computer activate and give you the Z Saber.
Submitted by: Q22 on September 02, 2004
Start with all Elves
Beat Hard mode with an A or S ranking and save. Now start a new game using this saved game to begin with all elves.
Submitted by: Q22 on September 02, 2004

Mega Man Zero Cheats

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Easier way to get Jackson
Simply collect and power-up every cyber elf without using any in normal mode and beat the game once. After you continue from your old save, you'll get Jackson.
Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 17, 2003
Hard mode?
Wondering how to get hard mode? Heres how, Beat the game then they will give you a caption that states;To access hard mode hold the L button.

Submitted by: wesler on March 26, 2007
New modes
There are modes in this game that you can achieve after doing some stuff.I will explain

Hard Mode:To get this mode defeat the the game once and let the credits roll and finish.After its done it will ask you to save Data.Save on an unused file.After this it will go to the main screen.Hold the L shoulder button while choosing New Game.

Ultimate Mode:To get this beat the game two times,get the Jackson elf,and recieve an A ranking at the end of Hard Mode.Then hold the R shoulder button while choosing New Game.
Submitted by: ShadowZero on October 10, 2002
Skip the Credits
After completing the game and saving when the game prompts you to do so, hold A when the credits appear when you complete the game any other time. Note: You must have at least one save with a ''1'' or higher to the right of your total play time.
Submitted by: battleboy645 on April 12, 2005