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Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge Cheats

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge cheat codes.


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Enter the following into the revelant fields in the passcode page
Fight ChaudName: CHAU Code: 93(clover)5-WXNH-9MWT-(star)VX8-DY7M-88H0
Fight DexName: DEX Code: FD(star)3-3JW1-PS(star)V-(diamond)01(diamond)-(heart)6R(clubs)-1J32
Fight KaiName: KAI Code: M(star)SP-3(heart)(diamond)C-6KGQ-(heart)9FM-X0N(heart)-M(diamond)P1
Fight LanName: LAN Code: NG75-H5RF-R0MN-440N-2QX(club symbol)-X341
Fight MaryName: MARY Code: CX4(star)-1G(spade)9-5JKL-S(clubs)GD-3L5B-90Z1
Fight MaylName: MAYL Code: 8NT8-JZFL-3Q9D-7RPX-T(diamond)CH-JX51
Get HubStyl ChipName: LAN Code: 5(star)4H-B81R-(star)KKZ-P15X-ZS5B-(club)XK0


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Data Chip Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
Data chip 1Talk to Higsby 20 times
Data chip 2Complete Ajina Free battle
Data chip 3Complete S Class
Data chip 4Complete 128 Tournament
Secret Tournaments
UnlockableHow to unlock
Class X (Shadow Tournament)Complete Class S (Master Tournament)
Class Y (Ashura Tournament)Complete Class X
Class Z (Chaos Tournament)Complete class Y
Yami Net Area (Survival)Complete Class Z
Tournament Unlockables
UnlockableHow to unlock
AnubisComplete Tournament 16
BigBombComplete Tournament 16
DblSnsrComplete Tournament 16
FireRatComplete Tournament 16
FrntSnsrComplete Tournament 16
Recov200Complete Tournament 16
TimeBom3Complete Tournament 16
UnderShtComplete Tournament 16
AntiElecComplete Tournament 32
AntiFireComplete Tournament 32
AntiWatrComplete Tournament 32
DropDownComplete Tournament 32
GeyserComplete Tournament 32
GodStoneComplete Tournament 32
LavaDrgnComplete Tournament 32
OldWoodComplete Tournament 32
Aqua+40Complete Tournament 64
Atk+30Complete Tournament 64
Elec+40Complete Tournament 64
Fire+40Complete Tournament 64
Kunai3Complete Tournament 64
Navi+40 (rare)Complete Tournament 64
Wood+40Complete Tournament 64
AquaCustComplete Tournament 128
BlckHoleComplete Tournament 128
ElecTeamComplete Tournament 128
HeatGutsComplete Tournament 128
PopupComplete Tournament 128
WoodShldComplete Tournament 128


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Forte GS Chip
Beat Forte GS in the Yami Net Area tournament and the Forte GS chip is yours.
good deck
place your two best chips in the front of your deck so one will always be chosen (unless they have been deleted). for the next row put your 3 2nd favorite and etc, etc. in your slot in, put healing or a shield. works very well <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Bass GS
Navcode to battle BassGS

Name ACE

code DQBSPd 1Y*RTK SX6d2Q KK5c51

Saito Style Chip
In the tournament, enter your name as NE-tsu-TO. Now enter M9L1-24TZ-OQNU-MFZL-A6SY-HSA1 as a tournament.