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Mega Man & Bass Cheats

Mega Man & Bass cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man & Bass cheat codes.

Mega Man & Bass Tips

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how to beat cold man
Mega Man:When you enter the room charge you mega buster. Before he makes a I.wall shoot him.Keep on shooting him in till he pushes the i.wall then charge your mega buster and jump over the I.wall then turn around then jump back over the I.wall and when the I.wall disappears shoot hiw with mega buster again and repeat this intill he jumps into the air at you move out of the way whea he lands he will stomp on the ground jump to another spot he will try to freeze you if you keep jumping in different spots his I.wall will break shoot him and then do like you in the beging when he opens his head and makes a cloud then charge your mega buster in till you see the cloud coming after you shoot it then jump over the I.wall and shoot him withthe M.buster and repeat this and you will beat him.
Submitted by: brandon on April 04, 2005

Mega Man & Bass Cheats

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[Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order]
[1.Cold Man]
[2.Burner Man]
[3.Pirate Man]
[4.Ground Man]
[5.Tengu Man]
[6.Magic Man]
[7.Astro Man]
[8.Dynamo Man]
Submitted by: Choud on April 10, 2003
[Hint] Defeating Burner Man:
When Burner Man is either throwing bombs at you or using his Wave Burner, use an Ice Wall. He will slide away. Follow him to see him land on the spikes. Almost one third of his health will be depleted.
Submitted by: Choud on April 10, 2003
Boss Weaknesses and Abilities
to help you on your way of defeating bosses this will help

Cold Man
Weakness-Lightning Bolt
Ability -Ice Wall

Burner Man
Weakness-Ice Wall
Ability -Wave Burner

Pirate Man
Weakness-Wave Burner
Ability -Remote Mine

Ground Man
Weakness-Remote Mine
Ability -Spread Drill

Tengu Man
Weakness-Spread Drill
Ability -Tengu Blade

Magic Man
Weakness-Tengu Blade
Ability-Magic Card

Astro Man
Weakness-Magic Card
Ability -Copy Vision

Dynamo Man
Weakness-Copy Vision
Ability -Lightning Bolt

Face the bosses in that order and it will make the game alot easier
Submitted by: shadowstrike on April 06, 2003
Delete database
Press Select + Start + A + B + L+ R to delete your database.
Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 17, 2003
Recommended Boss order
Defeat the Bosses in the following order: Cold Man, Burner Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Tengu Man, Magic Man, Astro Man, then Dynamo Man. Use your normal weapon for Cold Man, Ice Wall for Burner Man, Web Burner for Pirate Man, Remote Mine for Ground Man, Spread Drill for Tengu Man, Tengu Blade for Magic Man, Magic Card for Astro Man, and use Copy Vision for Dynamo Man.

Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 19, 2003
Use the Mega Buster as Bass:
When playing as Bass, take out one of your special weapons and deplete all of its energy. Once you have run out of energy for that weapon, you will shoot Megaman's Buster shots. Note: You cannot charge your Buster as Megaman does.

Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 19, 2003