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A cool move.

If you missed the Devilbat Slith ( the Fiying Bat with dizzines techniques; I think I spelled it right), only do a full double jump, in the top of your jump, hold down and use de Z Saber. Don't let go down until you land. In the way, Zero will never take out the Z Saber. I discovered it when I tried to slash from the middle Testesta Kerverian (The Big Dog Guy with 3 heads; I think I spelled it right).
Verified by: joel12373 Submitted by: Magnaillusion CM on May 02, 2005

Boss weapon

Some bosses have their weapon weakness as well of the chips used. Here's what I found:

Omega White: No weakness
Blazin' Flizard: S.Boomerang
Childre Inrabitta: Z Saber
Devilbat Shlich(forgive spelling): Recoil rod.
Destask Mantisk: Buster shot.

Anubisius Necromansees: S.Boomerang.
The monkey boy: Recoil rod.
Blizzard Stargof Buffalo(forgive spelling): Z Saber

Glacier le Cactank: Buster shot.
Cubit Foxtar: Recoil rod.
Volteel Biblio: S.Boomerang.
Trestesta Kerverian: Z Saber (try the move on the cheat named "Cool move", it really works!!!).

Golden Omega: Z Saber.
Original Zero body (OmegaZero): Z Saber.
Verified by: zero1580, zero00166 Submitted by: Magnaillusion CM on May 13, 2005


If you press and hold the L button when jumping off the walls, you will jump much faster.
Verified by: MegaFreak 2 Submitted by: Shade the Hedgehog on November 24, 2005

mini games

Fefnir Mini-game complete all missions with 100 points
Harpuia Mini-game use zet zaber from the opening to the end, and finish the game with an S rank
Leviathan Mini-game complete all missions with 100 points
Phantom Mini-game use buster shot from the opening to the end, and finish the game with an S rank
Verified by: Dark_Riku_Zero Submitted by: battleboy645 on September 10, 2004

Where to get extra subtank on hard mode, and a cool move

I think we all know where the first subtank is, so I'm here to reveal where the second one would be.

First, go to Old Residential, unless you've already beaten it (which will just make it easier). Hack 'n slash through the level till you get where the P. Gaurdians hide out in the black windows and throw bombs that explode across the floor to either side. Now, this is very hard to pull off, especially without the double-jump foot chip.

This tech counts towards the cool move you can use in several levels, including bosses.

Charge your recoil rod up to full. To make it easier, equip the auto-charge head chip. jump up to the second-tier of the floor, with the P. Gaurdian that is slightly higher than the other near the ladder. Get some good distance, then dash, double-jump, and press down over the P. gaurdian's head, then release b (or press if you have auto-charge). This is the cool part - the rod will bounce off the gaurdian's head, launching you into a very fast midair-dash. Move as far as you can to the left, and hop up the jutting piece of land. There's your subtank, and you're welcome. My email is there for questions. Have a mega day. XD
Verified by: metrometer Submitted by: --Dark Zsaber-- on December 06, 2007


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Copy X Mini-game

In order to get the Copy X mini-game, you have to beat the game on the hard difficulty. After the ending, it sould say "Copy X Minigame added". Copy X's minigame takes place on a conveyer belt and you have to destroy 3 kinds of chips (fire, ice, and lightning). You just use the boss weaknesses and beating it will be easier. (use ice on lightning chips, use fire on ice chips, and use lightning on fire chips). Hit R or L to change element chips.
Verified by: Dark_Riku_Zero Submitted by: anonymous on December 03, 2005

Get Hard Mode + Black Zero

Beat the game and at the start new game button hold start,select,R,and L then click start new game, it will be on hard mode with a black zero
Verified by: Dark_Riku_Zero, harry1216 Submitted by: Shadow Soul on October 19, 2005

Lots of Cheats

Unlock Ultima Foot Chip
After defeting Cubit Foxtar, Glacier le Cactank, Volteel Biblio and the big dog guy, you will be sent to a level where you fight the baby elves again. Go into cyberspace (the green door) and at the part where you jump on moving platforms with spikes everywhere, go far left and use double jump to jump above the spikes. Enter the door and you will fight Phantom from Megaman Zero 1. You get disk 006 if you win.

Weaknesses of Boses
B. Flizard- Thunder
Childra I.- Fire
Demobat sclitz- Ice
Dethtaz mantisk- none

Hunomachine R- Thunder
Anubis Necromanses V- Ice
Blizerd S.- Fire
Copy X MK 2- none

Cubit Foxtar- Thunder
Glacier le Cactank- Fire
Volteel Biblio- Ice
Big Dog guy- none

Hard Mode
Complete the game once

Ultimate Mode
Complete the game once with all secret disks

Zero-beat the game
Ciel- get an S rank on the last level
Fefinear- get 100 % on all missions
Harpuria- use Z-saber only and get an S rank on the final level
Phantom- Use only buster shot and get an S rank on the final level
Verified by: dragonman88, Dark_Riku_Zero Submitted by: anonymous on January 22, 2005