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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel cheat codes.


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beat NebulaGray.
To beat NebulaGray you must install airshoes. NebulaGray will crack the panels with his head attack. If you dodge it you can break the panels and you can fly. Also his flames out of the panels won't work. His weak spot is the blue fire. And be careful of the flying hands and the DarkChips. The position where you are determines what it is. Good luck.
Beating Champy/ChampyEX
when facing Champy/ChampyEX get 3 sq. ahead of Champy(1 sq. up/down). then throw a BLK Bomb as soon as you're lined up with him. he will punch you making you losev 10HP, but, when he goes back to his original space he will hit the bomb and if there are any other enimies, they'll blow up with Champy.You'll prbally get FirePunch1Q witch does 60 damage to you're opponent(or 70 if you're opponent is wood-type, like cactikill)
Boktai 2 Crossover Battle Mode
With attaching the Wireless Adapter before the Title Screen appears. Under Continue you will get Crossover Battle Mode.With this mode you can face Shademan and link up Wirelessly to Boktai 2 to see who the fastest is to beat Shademan using the EXE 5 and Boktai 2 System.Requires Two Wireless Adapters.
Buster Level SIX!
If you have your buster attack level on 5 and use a buster up in battle your buster level will go up to six for the remainder of the fight. Great for souls becasuse their charge attacks depend on your buster level.
Dark Chip Locations
Here are the locations of the Dark Chips:

Dark Sword Z: Old Man in front of SciLab
Dark Tornado T: Guy in upper part of mine
Dark Circle R: Chiper Maker Comp
Dark Meter F: Girl in front of ship
Dark Thunder M: Mr. Quiz in front of SciLab
Dark Recover H: End Area 2, Heel Navi
Dark Sonic E: Guy behind Higsby's
Dark Invis *: NT: 68799876
Dark Plus *: Undernet 1 BMD
Dark Lance W: Quiz Master on dock
Dark Drill D: End Area 1, Heel Navi
Dark Wide T: Scilab 4 girl Navi

Please note each time you use one of these you will lose 1 HP and MegaMan will become darker, once he is completely dark, he will go berserk in battle before instantly getting deleted
Defeating Batty Viruses
The Batty virus floats up and down on one panel. When they're in the air, you can't attack them. However, there is a way to damage them without even touching them.

First of all, use a Wind or AirShot chip to push them to the back row. Then, place a RockCube in the same row as the Batty you want to delete. Finally, use an AirShot to push the RockCube to the same panel as the Batty. When the virus comes down, it will hit the RockCube and take 200 damage.
Defeating fire-type viruses
For anybody having trouble defeating fire-type viruses, here's a good way to weaken them. All you have to do is use OceanSeed from the middle panel of your area to turn the opponent's entire area into ocean panels. Fire-type viruses and navis lose HP while on an ocean panel, and with nowhere to go except an ocean panel, they'll continue to lose HP until the battle is over or the panels revert back to normal.
Defeating Nebula Grey
In order to beat Nebula Grey you have to hit his flame that is surrond him, best is used dark lance and turn into dark Tomahawkman and use dark lances if the dark power is in maxiumum use it. don't worry if you miss no dark megaman to come out and get ya
Defeating NebulaGrey
When fighting NebulaGrey you cannot use Dark Chips. Instead use them to perform Soul Unison use ShadowMans Dark Invisible charge shot to do a lot of damage to Grey but dont charge for too long or you will lose it. If you want to keep it don't go into you Custom Screen. That is how I beat NebulaGrey. Also pack your folder with Summon Chips to set traps while in Colonel Soul, this is very effective
Emotion Glitch
Note: Only for people who can't counter or just wants it for double damage. (This combo is bad for Soul Unison, since anxious lasts long)

Simple, just glitch the navicust program "Humor".
Or here is an alternative, you can glitch up "Chivalry" a.k.a. "Dandyism".

This will give you one of the most helpful (and unhelpful) navicust glitch in the game (since many people don't know it). It is called and emotion glitch. The pros are that megaman's emotion changes constantly in battle. This includes time freezing, though not custom menu.
Megaman's emotion will change to any of the following: Normal, Anxious (bad), Full Synchro, and Angry(it's not bad because you don't take damage). Keep in mind that Full Synchro and Angry mode lasts a lot less longer than Normal and Anxious. Anxious lasts the longest of them all (this is the con if you were wondering).
This navicust glitch is a gamble so its your choice, should you get lucky, you will finish the battle quick, if not, then it'll probably go to Full Sync or Angry mode so it's not so bad.
murkland secret missions and bosses
Once you finish this game and have got more than 100 standard chips you are able to go to Murkland

This is only accesible by undernet 2 by asking a golden program in the nebula areas you are to fight all the bosses in liberate missions again in this order
1) shademan
2) cloudman
another golden program but you need this time 140 standard chips to gain access
and the final bosswill be nebula grey but enhanced
lets say this is your first playthrough
the grey in the story has 2000 hp while the enhanced throne king of chaos has 2500 each time the story grey is upgraded so is the other
the prize for this is the metrknuckle K chip
Navi Locations
Here are all the Navi Locations, ProtoMan and Colonel

MagnetMan/KnightMan Alpha: Oran 1
MagnetMan/KnightMan Beta & Omega: ACDC 1
MagnetMan/KnightMan DS: Nebula Area 6
GyroMan/ShadowMan Alpha: SciLab 2
GyroMan/ShadowMan Beta & Omega: Oran 1
GyroMan/ShadowMan DS: Nebula Area 6
NapalmMan/TomahawkMan Alpha: End 1
NapalmMan/TomahawkMan Beta & Omega: SciLab 4
NapalmMan/TomahawkMan DS: Nebula Area 6
SearchMan/NumberMan Alpha: End 4
SearchMan/NumberMan Beta & Omega: End 2
SearchMan/NumberMan DS: Nebula Area 6
Meddy/ToadMan Alpha: Undernet 3
Meddy/ToadMan Beta & Omega: End 4
Meddy/ToadMan DS: Nebula Area 6
Dark ProtoMan/Dark Colonel (No Alpha Version: Liberation 6 Boss)
ProtoMan/Colonel Beta & Omega: Undernet 3
ProtoMan/Colonel DS: Nebula Area 6
BlizzardMan Alpha: Factory Comp. 1 Boss
BlizzardMan Beta & Omega: ACDC 3
ShadeMan Alpha: Factory Comp 2 Boss
ShadeMan Beta & Omega: Oran 3
CloudMan Alpha: Factory Comp 3 Boss
CloudMan Beta & Omega: SciLab 3
CosmoMan Alpha: Factory Comp 4 Boss
CosmoMan Beta & Omega: Undernet 4
GridMan Alpha & Beta: Oran Mines
GridMan Omega: Oran 2
LarkMan Alpha & Beta: Undernet 1 via End 4
LarkMan Omega: Undernet 2
Nebula Gray Alpha & Beta: Chaos Lord: Nebula Area 6
Nebula Gray Omega: Soul Server Comp. w/ All 7 symbols
Bass V1: Chaos Lord: Nebula Area 6
Bass Omega: Nebula Area 6
Dark MegaMan Omega: Chaos Lord: Nebula Area 6

Unlock Alpha by defeating the 1st Version
Unlock Beta by defeating the Alpha
Unlock Omega by defeating the Beta

Bass automatically bypasses the Alpha and Beta versions.
Beat the V1 of Bass to unlock the Omega

Defeat Dark Protoman/Colonel to unlock the Beta
All playable Navis in the Game except Megaman SP can use DS chips.
Quick Zennys
If you need zennys, here's a quick way to get them.

1. Equip AutoRun and Millions
2. Open both Nebula Holes (1 will do though)
3. Go to SciLab2 via SciLab HP
4. Collect both GMD in SciLab2
5. Repeat

Once you know the route, you should be able to get both GMD in SciLab2 without any virus battles. You can get up to 30,000 zennys in half an hour this way.
Roll SP - more damage
If you have Holy Panels in your area, Roll SP will absorb them. However, her power is boosted by 5 for each Holy Panel you absorb.
Save Icons
Save Icons that go on top of the Title Screen for what you have accomplished in your saved game. Unlockable How to Unlock
Colonel's Icon Beat Nebula Gray.
Dark Complete Collect All 12 Dark Chips
Forte's Icon Beat Forte SP/Forte XX after Beating Lord of Chaos ForteV3 in Nebula Hole Area 6 (Forte SP/XX Comes up as a Random Encounter)
Giga Complete Collect All 6 Giga Chips
Mega Complete Collect All 60 Mega Chips
P.A. Complete Use All 30 Program Advances
Standard Complete Collect All 180 Standard Chips
If you ever use Shadowman. When your about TO GET HIT press the left+B button to use antidamge without
using the power charge . You know how helpful antidamge is right then with out charging or using the battle chip you can use antidamge but only with
SHADOWMAN . Trust me its very helpful.It might not work all the time.
Since so many people ask...
The engine room code is 11922911.
Slow Cactkill
Are the Cactkill going too fast for you?Well here's a way to make them slow down,go into knightsoul,and when they deatach their heads hit them with the Royal Wrecking Ball(Knightsoul Charged Shot)and they will be confused,if they are confused then the next time they roll their heads it will be as slow as the V1 speed!You also could confuse them some other way but this is the way I know!
Note:This only works on V2,V2EX,V3,V3EX Cackill versions
The fourth rock crusher machine marks the spot...
You will see the vision burst close to the rock conveyor when you jack in the drillcomp4.. Just go to the rock conveyor then turn to the right then press A... and tadaaah!! you will get to the oran area in the time phrase of 11 years ago..you will see gow and blizman in there!!!
Tomahawk Man Dead Easy
To Easily Beat Tomakawk Man, Go to the Dark Knight Soul and use Dark Drill in the Middle Row and it can do up to 600 Damage eack time so he can be Defeated in 3-5 uses!
Zoktai Trader chances
Heres the odds of you getting certain chips from the Zoktai Trader:

10 Points:

Pulsar 1: 3/16
Pulsar 2: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 1: 3/16
Gun Del Sol 2: 3/16
ShadeMan: 3/16
Django: 2/16
20 Points:

Pulsar 1: 2/16
Pulsar 2: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 1: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 2: 2/16
ShadeMan: 2/16
ShadeMan DS: 4/16
Django: 2/16
30 Points:

Pulsar 2: 2/16
Pulsar 3: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 2: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 3: 2/16
Black Wing: 2/16
ShadeMan SP: 1/16
ShadeMan DS: 2/16
Django SP: 1/16
Django DS: 2/16
50 Points:

Pulsar 3: 2/16
Gun Del Sol 3: 2/16
Black Wing: 2/16
ShadeMan SP: 2/16
Django SP: 2/16
Django DS: 2/16
Otenko: 2/16
Gun Del Sol EX: 2/16

Getting about 300 Points and keep trading in 50 points is a GREAT way to get the nice prized chips, specially aim for Django SP and Gun Del Sol EX. if you want the rare chips more then the common, use more points!


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Chip codes
Entering a button command will an enhancement to certain chips when used.Code Effect
Z-Saber (Press Left+ B) 4th slash is added to combo
Gyroman/SP/DS (Hold L+R) All bombs are dropped on one enemy
Colonel's secret
When using Colonel, press the B button and the left button to swing sword in the opposite direction.
Instant HP Recovery
If you're having trouble keeping your HP up, then this will help you out tremendously. Talk to a golden program in any area of the net that lets you go through a liberation again. When you start the liberation, you'll be at your maximum HP. Simply retreat immediately after you start to resume normal gameplay with your HP fully restored.
Navi Customizer Programs - Compression Codes
To enter these codes, have the desired Navi Customizer Program highlighted in the Navi Customizer screen. Hold the Right (-> button on the D-Pad, then enter the 10 button code (Composed of different combinations of the buttons A, B, L and R) for that NCP to compress it.
Once compressed, the Navi Customizer Program's size will be reduced by one block, or square. Only non-textured programs can be compressed (AutoRun cannot be compressed either), and inputting the code again will decompress it.Code Effect
BLBABLBBAA Compresses AirShoes
LLLRRBARBL Compresses AttackMAX
AABRABRLLR Compresses BatteryMode
ABBRAABRBR Compresses BeatSupport
BARABRLRRA Compresses BodyPack
BABLABRLRB Compresses BugStopper
LLRARLBLAR Compresses BusterPack
ALAARBRBAR Compresses ChargeMAX
BRALARBAAB Compresses Collect
AARLBABALB Compresses Custom 1
BARLLRALBR Compresses Custom 2
RRBBRBRBAA Compresses Dandyism
RLABBARALR Compresses FirstBarrier
ALLBRLAAAL Compresses FloatShoes
RRLBLLARBL Compresses GigaFolder1
BBRALBLARR Compresses GigaVirus
ABLARABLRL Compresses HumourSense
BABALRARAA Compresses I'm Fish
LRLABLBBLA Compresses Jungle Land
RBBARBRARB Compresses KawarimiMagic
BBABBRRLAR Compresses MegaFolder 1
AABLARBLAA Compresses MegaVirus
RLRARRLLLR Compresses Millionare
LBRARLABLB Compresses Oil Body
RARLLRRABA Compresses RapidMAX
LLRBLLAALB Compresses Reflect
RBLRBRLLRL Compresses RushSupport
ALRABLRALR Compresses SaitoBatch
RLRLRBBRAB Compresses SelfRecovery
ABARALRBBA Compresses Shield
RLLALLBABB Compresses ShinobiDash
RABRALLRBA Compresses SuperArmor
LBLABLABAL Compresses TangoSupport
ARBBRLRALA Compresses UnderShirt
RRBBRBRBAA Compresses Chivalry
NeoVari Button codes
Here are the codes for the MegaChip NeoVari. These button codes change the form of the attack, and while inputting these commands, you must hold down the A button.

CrossSwrd Slash: Down, Right, Up
Double LifeSrd Slash: Up, B, Down, B, Up, B
Super Sonic Boom: Left, B, Right, B
Numberman codes
Go to the numberman machine in Higsby's shop when it is placed there and enter the passwords to get your prize.Code Effect
35607360 Anti Elec *
73877466 Anti Fire *
05068930 Anti Navi V
10386794 Anti Sword R
25465278 Anti Water *
10133670 Anti Wood *
63231870 Attack MAX (Yellow NCP)
79877132 BeatSupport NCP
30112002 BodyPack NCP
80246758 BusterPack NCP
15595587 Custom 2
07765623 Custom Bolt 3 G
68799876 Dark Invis *
91098051 DjangoSP D
12118790 Full Energy
90914896 Full Energy
35321321 Gun Del Sol 3 O
90630807 HP +200 (Pink NCP)
45654128 HP+400 NCP
31084443 HP+50 NCP
29789661 Lock Enemy
12117890 Mini Energy
48958798 Noise Storm S
18746897 Recovery-300 Y
09609807 Rush Support
09609807 RushSupport NCP
64892292 Shinobi Dash
28256341 SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP)
12541883 Spin Blue
78987728 Spin Green
30356451 Spin Red
48958798 Static S
54288793 TangoSupport NCP
28706568 Unlocker
64664560 Unlocker
73978713 Unlocker
00798216 Untrap
SearchMan Special Effect
SearchMan's chip also has a special chip effect in this game. Press A and B at the same time when using his chip to destroy all battlechips the opponent may have in their possession.
ShadeMn SP/DS Extra Effects
ShadeMan's SP and DS chip can have a status effect other than flinching, depending on the command you input. While performing these button commands, the A button must be held down.

Confuse opponent(s): Down, Down/Left, Left+A
Paralyze opponent(s): Down, Down/Right, Right+A
VarSwrd code: FightSword Slash
When you have VarSwrd selected press [A] and quickly enter this code.

Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right

This works only on the VarSwrd chip.
VarSwrd code: LifeSword slash
When you have VarSwrd selected press [A] and quickley enter this code.

Down, Left, Up, Right, Down

This works only on the VarSwrd chip.
VarSwrd code: Longsword slash
When you have VarSwrd selected press [A] and quickly enter this code.

Down, Right-Down, Right

This works only on the VarSwrd chip.
VarSwrd code: SonicBoom
When you have VarSwrd selected press [A] and quickly enter this code.

Left, B, Right, B

This works only on the VarSwrd chip.
VarSwrd code: Widesword slash
When you have VarSwrd selected press [A] and quickly enter this code.

Up, Right, Down

This works only on the VarSwrd chip.