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Easy Win

When battling in a robattle if you want to win easily and don't wanna earn lots of exp. then target all your shots to the leader which is at the top of your opponents side of the field.
Verified by: DhiemzXjapan, hamezahhafiz Submitted by: shadow on July 31, 2006

good metaparts

if you've beaten the game and found the ninja park.Use the WINGS OF WIND in your vehicles section and go back to the ninja park you will then be landed next to a house that you can't get in by walking. go in and beat the old man three times to get some sweet metaparts.which henry A.K.A phantom renagade beat him when they were younger.WARNING you get no metaparts for the rally.
Verified by: mengkom, metabe Submitted by: cheat master!! on January 02, 2007

Honking Horn

When riding on a Mini S. Wheel, push R and you will hear a horn honk if your sound is up.
Verified by: DhiemzXjapan Submitted by: Deucalion on October 29, 2005


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Delete file and test sound

In the Main title screen press start + select to test the sound and dlete your own fle.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Tim Harbor on November 14, 2005