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Phone Numbers

The phone souvenir, i got some of the phone numbers! check!
PasswordWhat it does
4123Do Some Hints
0099Love Call <3
8324Gives you another number.
1212Dice Numbers
4182Do another Hint for you
9467Useless 2
7946Gives you another number.
2569Gives you another number.
8324Gives you another number.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: lu9 on May 11, 2010


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Different Titles at Title Screen

If you spin the GBA at the title screen for a while, it will change the word "Twisted!" to words like "Twirped!" or "Tweeder!"
Verified by: Spellcaster9301, MegaSuperab Submitted by: flaming_stylus36 on June 27, 2005